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Happy Sweet Sixteen Amanda!

FREE Chair & Musical side table

Happy sixteenth rez day to Amanda @ Dench Designs ! To celebrate she has placed out an extra special gift for us all of this stylish chair that has male, female poses and a texture option menu (3Li) and a adorable side table with dancing couple in a dainty birdcage – its musical too ! Plays two songs and is only 5Li – just join the group (its free) and you will find this right inside the store entrance.

Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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UPDATED! MMM Christmas Gifting Hunt – The Good and the Not So good!

Hunt gift Complete Lounge set $10L

In this hunt I found this huge complete lounge set, 2 x sofas , 2 x side tables, plant, wall unit, lamp and some wall pictures (not shown) and a fireplace love it ! However that’s not all, for your $10L you also get each prize in a transferable version so you can give it to a friend – pretty cool huh?

Hunt Gift Complete Lounge set !

Each piece was pretty low’ish prim and of course its not hard linked so you can use as much or as little as you wish. Now the downside ! There is not hunt blog or web site (if you find it let me know, I searched and searched!) Sooo you have no idea which stores are in the event. Its one of those “landmark in the gift box to the next store” type deals. Which is fine BUT if one store doesn’t place the next stores landmark in their box – that’s it, end of the hunt ! That’s exactly what happened to me, there I was trotting happily around and then no landmark – Argggghhh. I did contact the store owner, who despite being online did not reply – maybe he was busy, who knows. Anyway great idea about the transferable items – great price @ $10L – but a list of participants might be a better idea than relying on people to add the next stop ! You are looking for a rainbow coloured gift box btw.

Why Not for the above items

NOTE: The Hunt organiser has contacted me and kindly given the links to ALL the hunt participants ! Thank you so much ❤ Please see the comments on this post for the links and happy Hunting ❤

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Free Gifts @ The Holiday Of Horrors

Free Fireplace 4Li, and gift boxes 1Li

The Holiday of Horrors event is right up Zans street ! I took a good look around and even I found some things I liked – great stuff and really different from the usual Holiday fodder. In the centre of the lower area you’ll find a large Christmas tree and underneath are several gifts for you to take – no group join required. Loved this set from Raindale – Fireplace 8 prims, and two sets of gift boxes – 1 prim each. The fire gives off a lovely comforting crackle.

Free decor

I also liked this candle set by 3rdEye and a plush boney goat (one standing one sitting inc) from Astrium.

Not all the gifts are decor – there were back packs, eyes, hair bows etc also.

Happy Shopping ❤

Holiday of Horrors Evcnt

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Free Gifts – Happy Anniversary Access

FREE Dress

Lots of gifts at the latest round of Access , plus of course some fantastic shopping as always. Join the Access group (its free) and click away on the sweet little gift boxes. Dress above is free from LeEnfantTerrible, it comes in a Legacy fit BUT I found it fitted my Maitreya body just fine with a few alphas used.

Free gifts Tentacio & Kraftwork

Kraftwork have this bar clutter out as a gift – love it! Just 3Li, would make any table or bar look proper spiffy. Two items as gifts from Tentacio, the desk clutter 3Li and the make up 1Li , absolutely adorable and so useful.

Free Ice cream Light YD

Best light EVER! This is the gift from Your Dreams – so awesome and quite large its is mod so you can change that quite easily, at the large size its only 4Li – I have to find a place for it at home ! Loads more to see, oodles of gifts – thanks Access ❤

Access Event

Cam Sim 1

Cam Sim 2

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Everything is Free !

FREE couch 6Li Adult, Free Cat planter 3Li

I had a message from one of our readers yesterday and I was SO pleased ! I have blogged this store before but it keeps moving around and I couldn’t find it *shakes fist*. Anywayyyy its the Upcycled store and my goodness it has a bit of everything and its all free. I grabbed this sofa , you get tons of different colours and its PG & Adult – only 6Li! Cute poses for singles, couples and adult. My little kitty cat planter was also free (3Li) and comes in a multitude of plants. There are also full perm items, clothing, jewellery plus of course home & garden.

Happy Shopping ❤

Upcycled @ Panda Bay

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Interesting Free Find – 3Li Sky home with Furniture

Free Hud

I was out and about yesterday, looking for something interesting and possibly free to play with – when I came across this find at the ReAct store. You’ll find this is available from the teleport board at the landing place – no group to join just grab it. Wear the Hud as above. There are several buttons, an AO, dances, facial animations (I couldn’t get these to work with my mesh head) Then there is the green house symbol.


You will get options to rez items ! The sky home is an amazing 3Li and it super lovely, very modern with one room which would be easy to split up into different zones.

FREE Low land impact furniture

You can rez the furniture from the same menu. Couch, bed, dining table & tub – lots of PG animations included. Each has its own menu with varying colour themes to choose from – all of them are low Land impact too. I really loved the dining table – so many options for décor, meals, colours etc .You can remove everything via the Hud or keep items out alone or together – your choice !

ReAct Store

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Red White & Blue Hunt

Free Hunt Items !

I did a little of this hunt today and already I’ve found four items! The hunt is at the Chic Buildings store and you’re looking for a red, white & blue box – they are quite large so not too difficult to locate. I found this shelving unit 1Li, directors chair 1Li, rug 4Li, and décor pile 1Li. Lovely that most of the prizes are 1Li – and cost zero lindens ❤

ChiC Buildings