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25L Tuesday – What did I buy?

Couldn’t resist these topiary bats from Simply Shelby! $25L for a set of three, three colour options available, I almost got the black set buttttt Autumnal colours yay! 2Li each and you can resize them to fit wherever you wish. Great deal – take a look at the gallery for all the deals below. Happy Shopping ❤

25L Tuesday Gallery

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Fall for this. (Dollarbie).

I bought the 2 Dollarbies from the Mint Marketplace Shop and that means I have 2 whole Lindens left to spend this month lol.

These are old Dollarbies but still great Dollarbies.  They are I think 5 prims which is ok but they are editable to a certain extent however if you want to reduce the prims just shrink them it will be easier.

The other Dollabie I bought but I’m not showing you is the Easter Peeps Wreath.  Since this is very much an Easter theme I’ve not bothered taking a picture and now I’ve thought about it I wish I had as it would really suit a child’s room or if you just live a super Kawaii SL life then it’s lovely.  It rezzes as a standard size and 3 prims but it to is mod but only in size and shrunk down it not only gets cuter but also lower in prims.

Mint (Marketplace)

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Never gets old(Freebies).

Over the years a shop called La Galleria has put out some really lovely decor item’s and I think that I’ve probably gotten them all and still have them, but I have to confess I’ve never really spent much time wandering around the shop or rather the sim and it’s about time I did.

First the freebie(s) and yes this is an old one, created in 2014, BUT as you can see still total quality and only 2 prims.

There are quite a few Autumnal gifts out and although you do have to look for them they’re just close to the landing spot and a lot of them are used as decor items in the show homes.  So there is this, a cornucopia, a branch with leaves dangling off them plus a little pumpkin patch which is also a really good decor item.  Slap the sub-board because this is how I keep updated on the goodies and as I said the gifts are just dotted around and when you put your pointer on them you can see they’re priced at just 0Lds.

When I go back in-world I’m going to have a nice morning roaming what looks like 4 sims of builds and furniture.  I won’t lie the builds and decor items aren’t to my taste but then my taste sometimes is well dodgy LOL.  These builds are undoubtedly superb quality and have a unique style to them, I could be wrong but they’re what someone like me in the UK would think of as being “Southern America” or “middle America” in style.  They’re also what I call “idiot” proof in that you can buy everything from rugs to full houses and everything is in the same style and not everyone is like Faith and I in that we’re constantly fiddling with our homes and sim till we get what sings to our hearts and so you can just get everything you need and the most you have to do is rezz and move it into place.

PS Slap the sub and get the latest note which lists the gifts.

La Galleria 

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Refusing to “Adult” (Dollarbie).

Nope that’s it I’m refusing to adult today, sod work, sod housework, sod answering the phone, sod wearing a bra, sod answering the door or emails and most definitely sod the gym, today is a day for mooching, pottering and doing sod all and doing it well and of course that also inc coming inworld and just trying to sort out my SL home because at this moment it’s just one big mess with stuff all over the place and you can see some of it in this piccie.

OK, enough rambling and a quickie of a lovely Dollarbie I picked up off the SLmarketplace.


All linked and you can see why, because it spells out the word “Fall” on the jars. ARGH, I’m penny pinching which is hurting because while you’re adding this to your basket check out the Pumpkin wreath and only 1 prim! There is no inworld shop for you to check out the quality but if it’s anything as good as this Dollarbie and at a price tag of just 95Lds so cheap and so good looking.  If you have a few more Lindens and Prims then check out the Harvest wagon as well.  To me, this is all new stuff, new designs, and a new shop for me to keep a beady eye on.

Mint (Marketplace)

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Bedroom fun(Freebie).

Just another little quickie for Sunday.  Basically, usual thing I’m stood on my platform semi-dressed in demos, ass hanging out and bald going through my notes and spotted my first Pumpkin(ish) decor item of the season.


Quite simple and so pretty.  You will find this in the bedroom of the home you will rezz either in or next to.  There is another gift of Autumnal cushions but since I was “semi-dressed in demos, ass hanging out and bald” I TPed in grabbed and hauled bare ass out of there.

Only 3 prims and check out the lovely detail of the little bead above each piece of fruit.


Bye for now.

La Galleria Prefab Homes

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Most certainly NOT a WASH out, (oodles of 10Ld goodies).

Sometimes you go to the “The Wash” event (called “The Wash, Indian Summer Event” this round) and it’s ok esp when you know that most of the items on offer are only a token 10Lds but what little I’ve seen so far it looks like it’s going to be a really GOOD round this time, in fact I only had time to do a tiny part of it and although I’m only showing you these 3 items I also bought myself a necklace and 2 garden decor items.  So once I’ve clicked “publish” I’m heading off back there as I’m itching to see what else there is for me to get my greasy AV paw on.

First this “wiggle” dress from DD Designs.xxxwashshoesdress

Now for a full-length shot, ignore the backdrop I’m trying out ALL the homes in my invent to find an Autumn house for a change to the one I’ve had since spring.


Lovely texture etc and yes only 10Lds BUT there are 2 boxes one with standard mesh sizes and one with mesh bod sizes and if that makes a difference for you then make sure you purchase the right box.

xxxwashshoesThe Wash is also a great place to stock up on shoes as well and the Loordes of London stall never fails and this is also the stall where I picked up the necklace but because it wouldn’t match my outfits I’ve left it off.


Damn, I was looking so good I forgot to turn around and take a piccie from the front LOL.  Never mind you can see the basic design of this dress but check out that macrame frill and sadly you can’t see the nice draped back with a T-bar detail and Yesss 10Lds! I chose this colour but there was a whole choice on the Zanze stall.

Slight and only a slight warning because not everything is 10Lds there is a small amount priced at 50Lds which from what I saw in my brief “swoop in and grab the goodies” visit is mainly for fat packs or full decor sets etc but check the pricing if you’re low on funds.

I’ve managed to get back and did the quickest run round poss and snagged more decor items and shoes and nails what more can a girl want.

The Wash (LM should take you near to the stalls I got my goodies off)

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Pillow Fight (Freeness).

There is no way in Heck we have posted about these pillows before because I know I would have already had them out in my home.  OK RL rushing again but I managed to snag some SLing time and stumbled upon these brilliant and simple pillows/cushions from Trompe Loeil.


They’re so good and make great low prim decor items.  No pose in them but they are copy and mod which means you can , but then again what did I expect from this shop! Free but you will need a single Linden which is refunded back to you. You get the 2 versions, propped up on with a crumpled edge and a laid out flat one but of course they look great in any position.  They come in an off white colour and you can not only copy them but also change the texture which you will have to do yourself in Edit mode and not with any menu in the pillows.

The Vase is also a freebie but from Willow.  I popped into Willow and managed to grab their FLF which I won’t show you because I doubt it’s still there what I will show you it the vase with appropriately little Willow twigs in it.  A nice little freebie for your home.

Ooo as I was LM grabbing I noticed that Willow still has out it’s FLF offer which is a metal pipe with light bulbs, you have to see it to understand what I mean, and there are more Freebies there for you they look like wood plaques.  You will find them and the vase on the table to your right when you enter the shop.  Same with the Tromphe pillows, when you enter the shop turn to your right and there is a stand there.

Tromphe Loeil