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Right on cue

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick

Autumn in England is being really weird, one minute lashing down with rain, the next brilliant sunshine and I’m only strutting about in a t-shirt ! I dither each morning not really knowing what to wear, and right on cue along comes coldLogic with some ideal dresses ! Above is “durling”, plenty of choice on colours for this but I gravitated to the sultry staple of granite & black of course. The belt is a separate part and also comes in the full range of sizes – nice touch! YES, I’m still fooling about with the new KoKoLoReS lip colours, this is bright copper if memory serves me well (which it doesn’t often).

coldLogic NEW!

I took this photo, then noticed  how snooty I look ! I wasnt going for the sneer but more serene? Oh well, ignore me and soak up the frock. This is “zach” and wonderful collection of deep rich tones for it. The floral hem is so feminine and the draped sleeves add some extra glam appeal. This also comes in a plainer style called “royer”.

coldLogic NEW! KoKoLoReS lipstick & tote bag !

Last up is “zane”, the classic sweater dress with an add on belt (comes in brown and black for added versatility). This isn’t a chunky snuggly knit, more sleek and soft and clingy. You could get away with this on a night out avec some bling, or flats for the day, it’s a personal fav and will get a lotta wear from me through to next spring. Demos are free and all up on the market place to save your trotters. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

I’m also wearing the KoKoLoReS pumpkin bold version of the new lip creme andddddd my new KoKoLoReS stag bag , which I can’t seem to put down at the moment !

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog (for all info)

KoKoLoReS store


Poised has Poisies

Poised Tribal

I’m just dancing arounddd in the sunbeams…cause Poised has new stuffage hooray! It’s a limited offer for four complete looks…or buy each seperately..above is the “Tribal” which I’m getting some serious summer vibes from. The cool crisp white pants are just gorgeous, I wore them all day yesterday! The top is cropped short with a hippy chick fringe around your midriff.

Poised Supermodel

The next look is more urban..sleek tight black pants, lowwww bra under a tight silver cut off tee…very chique!

Poised Pinup

I loved this frock…cheeky double layered skirt with a high waist, teamed with a polka dot bustier. Classic grey & black shades means its great for day or evening…

Poised Vogue

Last one up is called Vogue…sassy tiny white skirt matched up with a plunging v neckline top..

The reallllly awesome thing about these? They can all be split up, mix & matched…If you have the pack of all four outfits (a great bargain at just 500L) you’ve got your wardrobe sorted..change around the tops , the pants, the skirts…voila! You can also buy each out on its own for a mere 150L …

psssst Dont forget there is currently an Easter Egg hunt going on at the Poised mall…lots of the creators have items out for you to find !

Go get posies : Poised

Credits: Hair by Truth, all poses by Diesel works,bracelet by Dahlinks,Easter necklace 1L HERE


[Entre Mares]

Entre Mares Cindy 10L

Occasionally you put on a frock that really makes you *gasp* and here it is..for me anyway. I heard that this new-to-me store Entre Mares had an unusual dress for sale and I headed on over to check it out. Just 10L for this stunning design, the colour is zingy and bright, a real head turner. Not quite pink, not quite red…almost raspberry…I absolutely fell in love.

Entre Mares Yvonne 10L

Also by the reception desk instore I found this striking little number,also just 10L. Yvonne is a flouncy creation, the skirt tumbles around your thighs as you move, the bodice has shiny crisscrossed straps over your midriff and is daringly low-cut over your breasts. This is definitely a store I need to take  some time to explore , I have a feeling it holds lots of surprises.

Go get coutured: Entre Mares

Credits: hair “rush” by Lelutka suscribo gift in all shades,skin curio ,necklace by virtual impressions all poses by hate me eat me


Bunny girl

.Ange. Pink Bunny 165L

Easter is almost upon us the season of bunnies & copious chocolate consumption yummie. Ange Jacobus showed me her darrrling Bunny outfit today and it stole my heart. Softest shade of candy pink, fluffy cotton tail sits perkily on your tushie,the sweetest pair of bunnie ears ,proper bow tie adorns your throat, enough? Nooope…theres also a dreamy pink pair of heels to go with it! This classic bunny outfit is all yours for just 165L..get grabbby! Buy inworld or on the market place here:

.Ange. Spring Blue Tank Set 95L

Just in time for the spring break is this cutie-pie shorts set. I’m a bit picky when it comes to shorts and can’t bear those ones that go all strange at the crotch…you know? No worries with these from Ange they sit perfectly and are superbly detailed around the seams & edges. The spring bright top is a real winner, with it floral decked hem and happy-smiley colours. The body prim is so well crafted I didn’t have to fiddle one little bit phew! Available instore or on the marketplace here:

.Ange. Group Gift for April

*blinkblinkblink* suchhh a zingy lemon outfit! Yessss it’s a group gift from Ange hurrah! Gawd I just adore bright bright yellow..its makes me feel all juicy & sunbeamy. Hurry along and collect your gift today, thank you Ange !

Go get juicy: Ange


All glammed up for an affair

Glam Affair Janess top,Inverness pants 10L each

Girls & guys come out to play, get your butts over to Glam Affair today! (ooo that rythmes) Yesss indeedy they have heaps of newness, and most everything is not only top-notch but also just 10L ! I’m a pink freak so the above cobbled together outfit was right up my alley..the pants come with optional prim cuffs or wear plain (I edited mine to sit inside my boots) Isn the bustier top devine? Its come in an array of colours , as do the pants,each only 10l.

Glam Affair A&A Mine dress 10L

I couldn’t resist the acid green of this outfit, comes complete with gloves,tights & belt, other shades also available, 10L

Glam Affair Aventura dress 10L

YES! more could I pass this by? Delicate colouring..fantastic details…

Glam Affair Bayonne dress 10L

Just adored this little number, other colours available..just perfect for the milder weather 10L

Theres squoooodles of gear to see, when you land head over to the main building and go upstairs. One side is for guys (all 10L also) and the other side for girls. Theres plenty there from evening wear, to casual, hairs AND skins..took a look at a few while I was wandering..look verrrry pretty !

Go getooodles: Glam Affair

For the curious: bag & jewelery all by chuculet (very inexpensive 1-10L) Hair by Curio,poses by Marukin & olive juice


Evergreen & Liriope

Dont you just lurrrve finding new-to-you stores? I was re-wandering around the precious ones sim (as I can’t sleep) and stumbled across Evergreen & Liriope. Evergreen does verrrry pretty girly type attire…and I snagged the October group gift while I was there to show you a little flavour of their design..

Evergreen October gift & Liriope NYK hair

The dress is delectabubble…floaty…rather boho…love the plum tones of the fabric..I was thinking of thick winter wooly tights and boots…warmer weather it would look sweet with flats or sandals…versatile ! (and yes-that is my Berries Inc bag- old gift-and I’m not gonna be parted from it everrrr !)

Click on the photo and take a close look at that hair…isnt it just uber pretty? I’m always such a stick in the mud with hair. I get used to certain *brands* and don’t even look elsewhere…but..I saw this in Liriope …tried the demo and fell in love ❤ at 150L per colour pack it’s not expensive (3 tones per pack) and the hair has a very subtle sheen to it, like you’ve used a reallly good conditioner …they also have guys hair…and a few more for the girlies…go check it out and snaffle up some demos…!


Liriope (main store-hair is upstairs)