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How many calories in a doughnut? (Group gifts)

I surely must’ve burnt enough calories to stuff my face with these doughnuts – right? Hows your New Year resolutions going my little Peas! I’m actually doing ok with mine , but always room for improvement. Found this rather spiffy workout gear at Mutiny in Heaven, group gift $1L to join. You get the whole look, slouchy cardigan, crop top and leggings – loadsa fits inc.

This sweet dress was also a group gift. For some reason I couldn’t find a group join board, so I looked up the owners profile, found the group and joined that way (!Mutiny in Heaven). The gift boards are right behind you when you land.

Mutiny in Heaven

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Get fit with me for FREE.

I finally binned the last “nope” and my hopes for finding anything decent to show you but just as I was going to log out and check the Marketplace  a note came through for this simple outfit and as it happens it’s from the Marketplace in any case.

Actually, I was so excited to finally get my greasy mitts on something decent that in my rush to take some piccies I’ve not put on the full outfit.

All I have basically missed out is the shirt and I’m just wearing the sports bra and shorts,  the shirt is pink but you get a black and pink option for the sports bra and just gray for the shorts. Good for a nice sporty look or just a bedtime outfit.  You get 2 system layers for non mesh bods and SLink/Omega for the Mesh Bods.

There is an inworld shop and if I have time tomorrow I will check it out.

Oi Bae

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She’s outta control

Look what Faith did!


You turn your back on her at your peril! I think someone is itching for it be closer to Christmas and just wanted to get a start on the sim.  Since I got the order to go around and smack all the Autumnal plants with menus and change them to Winter I ran out of time to show you the super cute Marketplace finds I had lined up but I will definitely show you them if not later today then tomorrow for sure as they’re too damned cute to miss.

Till then check out another gym set.


As someone who does go to the gym I have to confess I do have to stop buying gym clothes or even just drooling over them, how many pairs of leggings n sports tops do you really need? Please banish any thoughts of me being slim n trim I am the woman who once debated wearing Spanx to her yoga lesson to stop the belly sag in some of the more contorted poses!  If I could look a fraction as good as my AV in this skimpy little number I too would go jogging in the snow.

This is a very nice new gift from Orchid, comes with the system layer and Appliers.  You do have to join the group and pay a linden but it’s sent right back to you.  Word of caution though as there is 2 prices, 50Ld and 1Ld and I’m going to assume the 50Ld is for non group members but since joining the group is free then you may as well join and get it for free.


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My poor sorry A** (Freebie).

OH Lord I survived Spin Cycling, but only just.  I’ve spent the last 48 hours walking like a cowboy and with each painful step making moaning noises like a Zombie out of the Walking Dead.

So I gave SL a miss yesterday…OK I spent the best part of the day prone on my bed moaning to everyone who came close to me lol.

So this morning I logged in and sorted out my notes/notices and spotted this simple goodie.  Just the top this time.  You get 5 standard mesh sizes and 5 mesh body sizes so a fit for all shapes and sizes.


Eyelure isn’t a big shop so I decided to have a little wander around and what did I find? some excellent sports/gym clothes.  Suitable for those who play sports in SL or just want to pose like a Gym Bunny. I did grab some demos and then binned them without even trying them on as I just know I would be tempted.


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I want to make you sweat!!!!

Hate it love it we all should do it and I for one also have a love hate relationship with exercise but Thank GOD for you tube.  You tube is not only for watching Maru (if you don’t know who Maru is then your missing out) or some excellent chefs or crafts or even watching people do prat falls and on and on it’s a mind field of fantastic exercise programs (and healthy diet ideas) which lets you pick and chose what suits your needs and your capabilities.  To keep myself relatively ungross I have compiled 3 sets one of which is all the stretching, relaxing program’s for when I feel lazy but stiff and tense the other to get the heart beating and the sweat pouring (I’m not a pretty sight doing that one) and a third set for muscle toning and between all three I pick and chose as the mood fits me. So don’t waste your money on any exercise DVD or stupid kit check out You Tube and find what suits you.  OK lecture over.

SportIn this whole picture there is only 2 things you need in SL or RL and thats the Yoga Mat, keeps you clean on dirty floors and adds a layer of padding, and good exercise clothes.  When you put them on your half way there to being hyped up and ready for action.  Unlike RL these clothes aren’t just reasonably priced but they’re FREE.  A lovely gift from Sakide but as far as I can tell is only available at the “Perfect wardrobe”.  When you rezz don’t leave the shop just walk to the right because in this shop is there is not only some low priced offerings but also this gym outfit (other colours available if you want to pay).  There is another few freebies there inc some shorts with the Phat Ass Applier but I will NEVER get a Phat Ass in SL or even RL if I can help it however if thats your thing then go grab those Phat Assed pants.

I’ve inc Sakides main shop LM because there is a load of lovely LBs on the first floor which are open to all to touch and they seem to change on a regular basis so I scored 2 items just as I was stood there typing this.

Perfect Wardrobe

Sakide Mainshop