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Pucker up girls.(Dollarbies).

I squeezed in-world again and decided to check out one of the places one of our regular readers had dropped me a hint about and WOW I’m so pleased I did but first a BIG FAT WET FRENCH KISS to ImproLibra Silverstar for the heads up about the “Blessed Relief” landscaping finds and the sloppy kiss this time goes to Kiylee.

That’s Moi casting my Winter magic over our sim in this so freakingly purty dress from Yasum.

Truth be known when I TPed over to Yasum I remember this place well and it wasn’t long ago that I did a post about the Freebies you can get there but a lot if not all of these freebies are, how can I say it? a blast from the past! If you want to know what sort of clothes were available in SL for a long time then the Freebie room in Yasum is full of this stuff.  Just before I TPed out I rechecked Kiylee’s note and she mentioned a “VIP room” and so I hopped back on the TP, that’s how you move around, and yup there it is.  You do have to wander around to find it but the main shop is rather nice looking and I will be sneaking back in future to use it as a backdrop to some pictures.

There isn’t much in the VIP room but the group is still free to join and everything just costs 1 Linden.  This dress, like a couple of other of the Dollarbies, comes with a pretty big Hud which will take it from pure white to witchy black and lots of little adaptations as well,  you can change the front panel, the buckles, even the locket etc

If you don’t want to grab much else get the headscarf.  Yes, even after XXX amount of years in SL I still don’t have “hat hair” and with mesh hair now being the norm and hard to edit I basically don’t often bother with headscarves which is a damned shame because I did buy the headscarf and it’s gorgeous esp the pink satin shade but I can’t show it to you.  There is a coat and pants set both of which seem to come in his “n” her versions and a very interesting couple of textures in the coat Hud along with the standard shades.

Yasum Design, (use The Force or as we call it the TP to the different depts).

From one Nerd to another.(Freebie).

I was already rocking a “nerdy girl” look when the notice came through for what I think is another “nerdy girl” look.

My poor face looks just like I do in RL when I’m doing my accounts lol.  Just a simple one-piece dress with all the fits and a nice (6 or 8) textured Hud.  Plus, and yes I’ve just remembered, you get a wearable fun Turkey shaped bag with or without pose.

Special mention about the hair.  I’m soooo soooo lucky that I get my hair free but even luckier because there is NO pressure to promote it, Mina likes meee lol.  I put this brand new hair on, which I do believe was from the recent Hairology event, but I didn’t rock it!  So I didn’t blog it and then when putting this look together I just knew this hair was perfect.  My mistake was I didn’t check the “options” tab in the Hud and that sweet flick of hair across the cheek just ramped up the cute factor!  You only get the 2 options in this case, but of course, a massive colour palette, flick on or flick off and I say “flick on” for sure lol.  I popped over to Mina’s to see if this hair is now available in her mainshop and couldn’t spot it but if I just missed it or she hasn’t put it out yet I’m sure it will be soon.

UPDATE.  I just had to recheck and “Hannah” is available in the Mina’s mainshop and I’m looking at it right at this moment.  I also have to say that looking at the picture Mina has used for this hair I too wished I’d tried the 2 tone colour as it’s very rock chick…so from nerdy to rock chick in just a change of colour lol.  Obviously, try the demo for yourself.  You will find it with the new items on the wall to your right as you walk into the shop.  Standard pricing…..Debby Harry…thats it thats what this hair reminds me of.  I’ve been stood here looking at Mina’s picture and it’s been niggling me like mad as to what this hair reminds me of and it’s Debby Harry (you may need to google that name).

PS. There is also a Teleport Hub gift which I also grabbed but my invent ate it up and then I ran out of time to go back and get another copy.  Costs only 10Lds to join that group and you do get your money worth back in spades and in fact I’ve just spotted a stunning little decor item which I will be grabbing soon.

Sevyn East

Mina’s Mainshop

Faith restored @ S@bbia.(Freebie).

Moan, moan, moan, moan….

…now I’ve finished moaning here is my morning prize.  S@bbia yet again is offer a damned decent free to join GG.  1 size fits all and it’s made my morning.  There is 2 lucky boards and a puzzle board and I will be going back to LM grab but the old Group gifts should still be there on the wall to your right in the entrance.


I’m out of Prism.(Freebie).

Just what I was looking for.

It turns out my hair and makeup and even the shoes, although you can’t see them, from my previous picture still go with this more sedate look. This dress also comes in just the standard mesh fits and I have to say that although it has that “rounded shoulder” look to it to me this is more by design than just the use of a more basic template.

I had actually spent some time putting a few accessories with this outfit to make a complete look, ie a handbag, bow on the crown of my hair, pearls and then I lost interest in accessorising because I have so little patience to find just the right items so I gave up but I think you can see that add a little hand/clutch bag, a few pearls and although I don’t own a suitable hat for this a nice prim n proper hat and you have a ladylike look for NOTHING! cos that’s how much it costs to join the Prism group.


Be QUICK as a Fox(es).(Freebie).

Save to spend as I say and that means as soon as the notice came out from D.U.S.T about NEW prop rooms I TPed so fast I didn’t bother getting dressed.  Then as I was checking out my new purchase a note came through about a Giftie from Foxes.  The group cost I believe 150Lds to join but either my mistake or as a nice treat this outfit is FREE to buy.

Although this is only in the Lara fit it actually fit my SLink mesh bod much better than usual but there is breakthrough on the neck for me.  I could easily put on a little bow or necklace to cover that up if it bothered me but this actually comes in 2 pieces, the top and bottom and the bottom is a good fit even for my SLink mesh body and it has such a really good pale blue metallic sheen.  I can see it being teamed up with other items from my invent.

My new pose room is super cute and again I’m being converted to them because D.U.S.T make such user-friendly rooms that even though there aren’t demo’s out I have never been disappointed.  There should be Freebie pose rooms but I will double check and so an update to this post as I want to get this really nice freebie posted before those at little Foxes notice they have made a mistake.


OH FFS! (Super Hunt).

If you smoke or drink have one for me, I don’t do either, because between losing half my invent, being a pretty little pink cloud and being trapped in LAG HELL SL for me has been one rather big pain in the rear end.  Invent sorted and I’m back to my usual glorious self and the lag calmed down enough for me to snag this.

So of course at the moment there are so many hunts big and small going on at the moment it really is hard to pick and choose but CHOOSE this one!  It’s the “Once upon a nightmare hunt” and the list of contributors is the “Creme de la Creme” of SL and Caboodle is one of the shops listed and this was my first one to go to.

The shiny leather pants are the hunt gift, super sleek n sexy and you get 2 colours this fantastic copper/ginger and the other is a red, blood red I do believe.  Sadly you only get the 2 fits and although you can’t see it in this pose there is a definite gap at the waistline on the front but a belt or a longer top would cover that up a treat BUT as I was rummaging through my invent muttering like a mad woman I spotted a SLink Physique folder I’ve not really paid much attention to but I do believe it actually is a way of being able to wear non SLink clothes and create your own Alphas for that.  I could be totally wrong as I just glanced at it but it’s something I should check out…if I can find the folder again!

Anyhow, the Hunt prize is free BUT if you have 25Lds to spare then you must join the Caboodle group as there is a row of Lucky Boards at the back of the shop with some excellent gifts and more Group gifts behind the reception desk which inc the top I’m wearing.  This top comes with a Hud and there is also a great skirt both as GG’s as well as in the Lucky Boards that make a set with the top. The wearable Christmas lights I do believe are new and you get his n hers set.  Sorry though the Lucky Boards and this top and other GG’s aren’t new so if you already have them there will be no surprised for you BUT if you don’t have any of the Luckyboard wins HAUL YOUR AV ASS OVER THERE.  Really nice gifts in the boards and also with the Group Gifts.

Back to the Hunt.  What you’re looking for is a little stack of 3 gift boxes and I have the link to all the LMs also another Link to pictures and hints.

PS. In the shops involved in this hunt there is a super handy Hud for you to use this will TP you to each store you want to go to.

PPS. You will see from the second link I’ve given that there is a massive list of shops and not just the few shown in the first link so you’d better free up some time to go huntin’

The Epiphany “Once upon a Nightmare Hunt”.

Once Upon a Nightmare

Be a swan.(freebies).

A Black Swan to be exact as that is the name of the shop I scored some nice freebies from.

This top, although you can see it in this pose, has a nice sheer panel down the front and is very drapey and opened at the back.  Comes with a pair of coochie cutter mesh shorts and as they’re separated they can be worn with other outfits as well.

The stockings are also a giftie but I will be honest and say I was having a bit of an issue with the texturing at the join between my mesh feet and body BUT I’m not going to say what because it’s not a big thing  and there are other appliers in the pack so it may not be an issue for you and because this is still a lovely gift I’m not complaining.

Another gift is this even drapier mesh top.  Unlike the first outfit this top comes just in standard mesh sizes and not mesh body sizes but I found the probably because of the design the S size fit my mesh body perfectly (I just had to alpha the nip out lol) so mesh or no mesh body a nice fit.

The shorts with the skirt bum on them is the last freebie I picked.

There are other Freebies and some nice outfits in the Lucky Chairs which you will find upstairs.  I did linger for a while to see if my initial came up on one of the chairs but someone with the same initial as I turned up and when that happens I always leave as I don’t need to win anything else and would hate to take something from someone else so I’m heading back now to LM grab and have a proper look around the shop.

PS the “issue” with the stockings was due to the windlight setting I used, I’ve just checked.

Black Swan