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Freak Hunt (& Freebie).

Hunt useIt’s fortunate that this is item is Tran (non copy) as OhLaLa isn’t a shop most men would find themselves in unless in this case they were doing the Cirque Du Freak Hunt or their GFs have dragged them there or if you know a man in your life then for 5Lds you can send him a treat.  What you’re looking for is a mask like object. Clues are given but mine is “it’s hot in here”.  plenty of Lucky Chair but only women’s stuff.

bonesThis is my date for Halloween, Fred Bones. You’ve seen the Cirque Du Freaks offering for the boys and this is for the girls.  A mesh dress with an over sized bow which you can move up or down to uncover as much booby as you dare.  It also comes with a Lola Tango Applier and a few tattoo layers of bloodiness (I’m wearing a Halloween skin so the grey skin, cut on chest and dark shading around the eyes are all the skin but the rest of the bloodiness is the gift) and of course the mouth knife.  This is just 5Lds but if you’re really short for cash then check out the table in the entrance hall because Elise Onmura  has placed out 2 free gifts both of which are boots. I’m wearing the purple pair in this picture (I know you can’t really see them) and the other appears to be shorter black ones but I’ve not had a chance to try them on,  Very nice boots and even though they have ribbons on them it was easy to edit them down just a little bit to fit my legs.  Don’t forget the Lucky Chairs as well.  I’ve blogged OhLaLa before because she’s got some bargain priced stuff in her shop and everything I go there I end up buying or winning something more.