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Bag lady. (5Ld Bag).

I got lots of bags or rather the same bag but lots of different colours/patterns so you get 6 plain, 6 patterns and 6 for the straps and the small one in front is the resizable one which I’ve shrunk a bit.

Really pleased with this find as it not only came with a simple and effective hand hold pose rezzed as decor only 1 prims! At those prims and with the colour palettes you get you could rezz a whole room full of these things.

BTW just in case you haven’t worked it out to get a mixed selection of the colours/patterns you simply rezz a bag change it then take it back into your invent, rezz another copy change that to whatever shade you want and then take it back into your invent, then rezz another copy etc…then you should have the different colours/patterns in your invent and you just rezz them in all to make a very nice display.

UMbreLLa. (Marketplace).

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I got spendy.

As I was unpacking gifts from a previous event I came across one from a shop I’d not visited in years and one TP later it ended up costing me 280Lds which was a small price to pay for this shower.

It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

A combination of those old tiles and interesting new pipes make it stand out, some great washing AO and only 5 prims. I think this will look as good outside and it will inside.

It was the dimple in the stall that got me in the end and instead of just earmarking it for a return visit purchase I bought it then and there. Obviously, I got the PG version and there is an adult one available for a few Lindens more…not checked out that menu lol.

The Sources shop is full of really interesting unique designs pieces for the home, garden and beach which I know doesn’t sound that different from many other shops until you see the items for sale. Lots and lots of very “Adult” items which are oddly classy as well as blushingly cheeky. I’m not into “Adult” anything but I’d not judge anyone for having a piece of this furniture in their home as it shows a level of individuality as well as cheekiness.

BTW both shops at the LM are Sources shops, one has more of the cheeky/sexy furniture and the other one has I think 4 floors in total inc 2 mezzanine levels on either side. check out all 4 floors as you may think there is just 2.

I’ve put the link to the shops Flickr page so you can see a lot more of what I’m talking about.


Sources, Flickr.

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My Treat.(Freebie).

Sadly the gift at Kopi hasn’t changed in years, happily it’s a good now as the first day it was set out for us.

Because this free for all gift is in an odd place, up on the wall, I thought I’d take a picture showing you it and the backpack.

One click and a resizer menu pos up so I was able to make it fit my AV better. Rezzed, at this reduced size, it was 13 prims so you could if you wanted to make it an item of decor.

The Kopi range is just so detailed. You can see in the distance a set of shelves/hanging space which I have always wanted but it’s definitely full of masculine clothing as I’d have bought it and used it in my home.

The one thing I’m going to treat myself to is a stunning artist set. The detailing is outstanding and so are the lack of prims. If you want to check it out then it’s in the other side of the shop. So once I’ve reduced my invent and gone through all my arty stuff I’m going to reward myself with that artist suitcase/easel set.

PS. Take a walk up those stairs for some very interesting Gacha’s and in fact I think the whole sim is full of interesting randomness.


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Info only.(Mention of Freebies).

NOT Free but for doggie lovers such a heartwarming scene.

I just love this little scene and if it wasn’t for the fact CATS WIN AND DOGS SUCK I’d buy it. At only 350Ld and 31 prims I think not only is that a fair price but such reasonable prims for so much details means you can plonk this on even a small patch of land.

This is very much an animal and prebuilt landscapes shop Best of all from my run around the sim most of these little scenes have animals in them, the Sunflower garden was my fav.

There is a lot of single animals you can buy, everything from bears to fish and it’s spread over I suspect the whole sim.

PS. Almost forgot the “freebies”. The group is free to join and there are 6 gifts out, all with cute animals but also all very Christmas themed and since I’m culling my invent I didn’t get any of them. There seems to be 2 main areas and 1 doesn’t have the Group Gift but you will find the area with the Group gifts close by if the LM I’ve given you doesn’t take you direct to the gifts.


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Free and look at me.

These are the new gifts from Hisa.

I squealed ever so slightly in RL as before the latest lockdown I’d managed to pick up an oversized teapot with the intentions of using it in a similar way.

You get 2 different styles, a teapot and a cast iron pan and with or without snow.

Hisa is, of course, a shop close to my SL heart now as I absolutely love my Hisa house I always pop into the shop as you can also TP from the LM, it’s the poster on the shop window, and see any new builds in progress.

This is an UPDATE to a post from yesterday about the Little Foxes shop. I just wanted to show you what I got for my, almost, free shop credit.

A deceptively simple sweater but the colour is excellent and the roll neck is done so well. The seams are crisp, honestly no matter how many plain sweaters you have you still need this one and obviously there are many other colour options to chose from.

Sadly my preferred mesh fit isn’t used in this shop which is a shame as there were 2 other tops I’d have loved esp since a lot of them have that “nip” look to them which I actually like as just like wrinkles and folds a hint of nip adds to the realism.

PS. The shop credit is still out but again I’d RUSH now as I can’t imagine it being out for much longer.

Hisa. (Gift is outside the shop).

Little Foxes.(400Ld Shop Credit for 10Lds).

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Looking forward. (Super Bargain).

Outside of the Black Swan shop it’s been landscaped very nicely and I spotted some Calla Lillies which I adored and at 1prim a shrub I wanted them.

A quick search and I found that the shop they come from “Fairy Green Fairy” which is only on the Marketplace. Since I’d seen the example of the flowers inworld and it turns out these are included in a fatpack of flowers for only 59Lds I didn’t hesitate to pick them up.

The lillies in the front are what I was after and everything else has turned out to be a big bonus.

I’ve already packed away my RL Christmas Deccies and I’m already itching to return my sim back to it’s origional lovely greeness with splashes of colour.

Some of the flowers are bold to the point of cartoonish, which is exactly what was intended.

Some I may never use such as this eye watering luminous one, I’m still keeping it though.

You get 10 packs of different plants and each pack contains many versions of that plant so in total you get 120 different plants…and shrubs. I forgot to take a picture of the shrubs but they too are bold in colours rather than shrubby shrubs.

I also picked up a premade home and landscaped demo home called the Bordeaux Manor. I’m going to assume it comes in a rezzer. The demo costs 3Ld which is neither here nor there and although I would have wished for longer than the 10mins you get to check the build out properly I’m looking forward to rezzing it and having a good look around.

Fairy Green Fairy. (Marketplace only).

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I’m a winner! (Auction Board Prize & Mention of Freebie).

TBH I knew I’d win the “Avalon” prize from the Two Moon Gardens Auction board as I’ve bid and won previous prizes and so I suspect it’s been rigged to sell the item at 152Lds. I’m NOT “throwing shade” as the prizes in these boards are worth so much more that what you “bid” on.

So this is what I “bidded” for and yup you get it ALL!

House, ponds, bridge, tree’s, boats, grass, rocks etc and you can see it in the inworld shop which is where I took these pictures.

I think the prims are about 280(ish) which is why I’ve not rezzed my copy as we don’t have enough free prims. When you see everything you get and the quality the prims are actually very reasonable. All you would need is a few extra prims to furnish the inside of the home and that’s it.

Speaking of the home I’ve never really looked inside and so I was really pleased with the inside. Really nicely done, a great curved set of stairs to the upper floor and if it wasn’t for the fact I love my own homes I’d live in this one it’s that good.

Since I know the TMG range well I know that all their builds come in very user-friendly rezzers and are copy/MOD! I’m hoping to be able to strip it back to just the 3 frozen ponds and rocks anything else such as plants/trees will be nice. What I do know is I’m going to have a most pleasant/relaxing time slurping coffee and tearing this build apart.

As for freebies, there is a much smaller simple winter scene for couples. There are 3 levels to the TMG shop, the first is where you find this Auction board and other things but take the TP to platform 2 & 3 for extra lucky boards.

BTW don’t let such a large build put you off as you will find a scene small enough for a tiny plot of land to big builds.

Two Moon Garden

Avalon, the build.