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OH FFS! (Hunt&Freebies).

ARGH! Thanks to the heads up from one of our readers I hauled my AV ass over to Apple Fall as there is a Hunt going on.  You very simply grab the Hud at the LM, wear it and go hunting for 10 golden apples and the Hud counts all the Apples you’ve found and once you have all 10 the button changes colour and you click it to receive your prize/prizes(?) but that’s all in the note in any case.

I took these pictures in the actual Apple Fall shop because as much as I LOVE the Apple Fall brand I hate the shop layout, to me, it’s not user-friendly and so to try to explain where they are would just complicate things and the LAG was a nightmare even though the sim was pretty quiet but because you can see where they’re placed then it will be easier for you to find them.

These coffee pots are all set for 0Lds and so is the orange coloured one on the autumnal themed dining table.  Before you move away from them check out the sofa next to the table as on the floor is a rather nice candlestick set also set to 0Lds.

This was the last gift I spotted before I decided to give up for the moment, this magnifying glass is on the table in the next room along from the coffee pot one.

So it looks like the WHOLE of SL seems to be having a sim restart, the Apple Fall sim sent out the warning then when I tried to TP home I found out our home is also restarting so I TPed over to a Sandbox and guess what, a RESTART and so by that time since I already had the Apple Fall LM I logged out of the madness that is SL at the moment.

PS I’m pretty sure these have been blogged before but they’re totally worth a reblog as not everyone will have been around at that time plus it means I can tell you about the Hunt going on.

Apple Fall

It’s Mahoosive! (Complete Advent Calendar List).

I will admit that I never really paid much attention to the Teleporthub group before because I never really noticed them but once I’d joined the group a while ago now it’s been one of my “go to” groups for not just the heads up for GG’s but for their own GG’s which a lot of shops have running at the same time.  So this turned into a great group to be a member of and all it costs is just 10Lds.

So I checked my notices from Teleporthub first thing this morning and Holy Moley someone has been working so hard they deserve an extra big and expensive pressie off Santa because on their blog is a comprehensive list of so many if not ALL of the shops with Advent calendars.  You don’t just get a list you get the LMs and details of if you have to join the shop group or not and how much etc.

I literally just chose one at random, “Home Wimsey Sim” which I do believe has a selection of gifts in 1 area but from 10 different shops and although most seem to be decor items since there are blue boxes for men it looks like there are his “n” her fashions.  This tree which is really big is today’s giftie and I do believe that the old ones are kept open for a couple of days before they’re packed away.

So not just a big fat wet sloppy kiss to the shops who are giving so generously but also Teleporthub because quite frankly I would have missed almost all of these events.

UPDATE.  I’m like a pig in a massive mud puddle, just having fun TPing here, there and everywhere.  I just wanted to suggest that you open your Mini Map as some of the places have their Advent Calendars away from the landing spot.  So in those cases often you just have to follow the beam or see where all the other AV’s are standing.

Teleporthub Blog

I can’t not!(Freebies).

I’ve only just done a freebie post of the gifts from La Galleria but another notice came through, slap that sub-board trust me you won’t regret it, and although I recognised a couple of the freebies a couple I didn’t.

Anyhow it’s basically an excuse to revisit La Galleria.

I’m 99% sure I’ve shown you the pumpkin display on the cart but at 10 prims for some it can be too many but that pumpkin with the twigs/flowers on the chair is only 2 prims which anyone can make room for.  There is more pumpkin gifts a nice one I didn’t recognise which is just pumpkins with corn on the cobs etc a rack of plates etc.

You must slap the sub-board and check the “history” for yourself becuse you can get the old notices and see what it is you’re looking for as although these and some of the other gifts are easy to spot a lot of them as used as decor items in the rooms just at the LM..

So another quickie before I log off and go EAT SOME CARBS!

La Galleria

Never gets old(Freebies).

Over the years a shop called La Galleria has put out some really lovely decor item’s and I think that I’ve probably gotten them all and still have them, but I have to confess I’ve never really spent much time wandering around the shop or rather the sim and it’s about time I did.

First the freebie(s) and yes this is an old one, created in 2014, BUT as you can see still total quality and only 2 prims.

There are quite a few Autumnal gifts out and although you do have to look for them they’re just close to the landing spot and a lot of them are used as decor items in the show homes.  So there is this, a cornucopia, a branch with leaves dangling off them plus a little pumpkin patch which is also a really good decor item.  Slap the sub-board because this is how I keep updated on the goodies and as I said the gifts are just dotted around and when you put your pointer on them you can see they’re priced at just 0Lds.

When I go back in-world I’m going to have a nice morning roaming what looks like 4 sims of builds and furniture.  I won’t lie the builds and decor items aren’t to my taste but then my taste sometimes is well dodgy LOL.  These builds are undoubtedly superb quality and have a unique style to them, I could be wrong but they’re what someone like me in the UK would think of as being “Southern America” or “middle America” in style.  They’re also what I call “idiot” proof in that you can buy everything from rugs to full houses and everything is in the same style and not everyone is like Faith and I in that we’re constantly fiddling with our homes and sim till we get what sings to our hearts and so you can just get everything you need and the most you have to do is rezz and move it into place.

PS Slap the sub and get the latest note which lists the gifts.

La Galleria 

Uniqueness comes with a price tag!

I have a folder in my invent and in it I slip in the landmarks of shops that have something I want to buy but didn’t at the time, it may be it was a piece of furniture, hair etc anything which made me go “ooooh” but I either didn’t have the money or the need for it at the time and this new to me shop is deffo in my “Buy” folder.

I actually only bought this Gacha win as an excuse to tell you about this shop and at 50Lds a try I was happy I won this.

The shop is called Les Sources and I had spotted one of their designs in another shop, a Pumpkin seat on the wall, and I decided to pop over and I’m glad I didn’t just buy the first thing that made me go “oooh” because over the 3 floors there are several pieces which I’m tempted to return to buy  at later date.

As you will see the next lot of photos are taken in the shop, set in my Nams setting, as again I’ve just not decided which one I will buy but this one so far is in the lead.  A fat scrunchy, pillowy hanging chair.

This double seater is the next on my wish list.  What it is is that we’re planning on changing our sim from Autumn to Winter a bit earlier than normal which means I get to rezz a new house, which makes me chuckle with glee, and I don’t know if I will choose one from the shamefully massive selection I already have or I will use it as an excuse to go hunting for more homes and until I’ve decided I don’t want to buy much more furniture.  I know I already have a lot of the Scarlet Creative houses and this sort of furniture is just perfect for that style.

I seemed to have gone for the greys and muted colours but there is a whole mix of colour palettes to choose from and also PG or Adult versions.

I did check out the solo poses and they like the furniture are pretty unique.  Some nice simple sit poses and then the “interesting” ones LOL. Heaven knows if the simple sit poses make you go “that’s different” then I can only imagine the “adult” ones will be even more different lol.

The mainshop is 3 floors of temptingness and I’ve only shown you a small selection of whats there, there are rugs and lights and I have to mention 2 other items which I’ve not taken pictures of and that’s on the first floor is a bed which is just a super long padded pillow, obviously it’s more than just that but you again have to see it to be able to see it in all it’s glory and upstairs is a tap on the wall which did seem to be out of place but it comes with a menu and an exc AO for hair washing, just filling etc

The last picture is in a room outside of the main entrance and in there are the Halloween decor and the initial wall pumpkin seat. Prices and prims for such quality are more than reasonable, I think most things are 500Lds and under.

PS. When you TP over you are in a room and on the floor is the TP to the shop but if you have time to kill it looks like the sim outside of this room is open for everyone to enjoy and although I just had a quick cam around it looks like a lovely place to take some piccies HINT HINT!

Les Sources


Monday Meh!(Freebie).

Don’t talk to me, it’s 10.26am and I’ve only just finished my first cup of coffee! Trust me until the second cup hits my bloodstream NO ONE LIKES ME!

Fortunately, I’d found this cutie last night and I’m just starting my second cup so by the time I click “Publish” I will be back to my sweet-natured self.

The one thing about quality gifts is that people have a tendency to keep them and it acts as a reminder for your shop, so when I came across an old quality gift from CJ Creations I decided to pop over and see if it was still there as I don’t mind reblogging items when they’re perfect for the season etc the old gift is not there but this new one is.

It’s a dog, obviously, sitting in an umbrella, again obviously, and it’s full of plants and pumpkins again obviously (remember no one likes me till my second cup!).  OK, you might just spot the puppy on the Mums head but the one on her back is out of sight.  This also comes with that sprinkling of leaves.  I believe it is about 6 prims and you know that if it was editable I would have torn it apart.  It does have a resizing menu though so you can make it a bit bigger/smaller.

Be warned I had to keep that little voice in my head saying “you don’t need more landscaping stuff” as I checked out the shop.  Although you can buy individual items such as patches of grass, trees etc this is one of the shops which have a lot of those premade little landscaping scenes.  Really exc esp for those who don’t have the time or eye to create their own little patch of Heaven, just slap yer Lindens down and it’s sorted.

This gift is to be found at the back of the greenhouse and this is a FREE for all gift so you just buy it for 0Lindens.

PS. My second cup has hit the spot and now I’m as sweet as pie, don’t laugh Faith!

CJ Creations

Timely reminder.(Freebies@Redeux).

First, let me just make it clear that the warehouse I’m showing you is NOT a freebie or a cheapie.  I personally get a bit frustrated when someone posts a picture in a freebie Flickr group only to find that it’s the tiny little pinkie ring and not the stunning outfit, hair, shoes etc they’re wearing so I like to make it clear before I start, so the building is not a freebie but you may just need it!You will find me for the next hour and a half in this warehouse because I returned to the Redeux event and OH Dear! I’ve picked up not just all of the gifts but there are so many superb bargains and I’ve spent all my Lindens! I even ran out of money before I got to the Gacha’s which I suppose is a good thing as just the freebies alone I snagged will take forever to unpack and sort out. I’ve not unpacked anything yet but I can see that it’s going to be good stuff.

As for the stuff I’ve bought most of those only cost me 25-35Lds and the most expensive was a selection of wrinkled rugs for 50lds.

So hurry up and check this event out you won’t regret it.