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Top marks


Ive got three new releases to share today that should fill your Fall collection up a little bit. Above is the Bridget dress from Alien Gizmo. Fantastic detailing on the front and a really unusual neckline. Lots of colours in this and of course a fatpack if you cant decide! Maitreya, Slink and TMP plus standard mesh sizes included.


Gorgeous dress from ArisAris called Ethereal, fringed front and sweet floral details on the scooped neckline. This comes with a colour changing hud too – eight colours I seem to recall. Mesh bodies catered for as well as standard mesh sizes.


Another fabulous outfit from Stars Fashion on promotion for a few days. This is called Harumi and you get the fantasico thigh high boots, shorts and top. There is a Hud with options for each piece including the belt. Now the fits are endless , they are: Maitreya,Slink,Venus,Tonic, and standard sizes – phew! I went for all the same colour but you can really personalise to your hearts content. $99L is the deal, Id grab it while its hot.

Stars Fashion

Alien Gizmo


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Decisions decisions ($50 offer!)

Easterling Daisy dress NEW!

Easterling has some newness going on that I want to share ! Above is the Daisy dress, sweet little strapless flirty piece. The daisy chain belt really sets it off a treat. Perfect to take you through Spring into summer, whats really impressive is that it comes with a HUD. If you’ve bought from this store before, it wont surprise you to know just how many versions of this dress you get for your cash.

Easterling Daisy dress HUD


Tadah! Lacey , plain,various colour set, plus you can also change the belt – brilliant. Plenty of sizes for mesh bodies, plus the usual standard. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body and its an absolutely perfect fit.

Easterling tank & skirt - NEW

If you liked the skirt I blogged the other day “Marzia”, the  coordinating tank top “Lisa” is now out – yay! Once again a fantastic fit, the included HUD allows you to maximise its flexibility.

easterling tank hud

Voila! As we head into (hopefully) warmer weather this nifty item will be sooper handy-dandy.

Easterling Tube dress NEW - inc HUD with 4 styles & 23 variats!

This is the offer piece, the Elle Tube dress, if you buy this from the market place store (and ONLY the market place) it’s just $50L ! Cute as a button and check out the HUD that comes with it…

Easterling tube dress HUD

A.mazing huh? Four styles – Sporty, Simple,Dainty & Sensual – all for the price of one single dress. Plenty of excitement with the more sheer options and the lacey bits, then dead casual if you opt for the sporty look. Mesh body sizes included, plus standard – you really can’t go wrong with $50L.

Easterling Market place ($50L offer)

Easterling store

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Time for Spring

Neve shifty dress Geo NEW!

Well hubbidyhubba, its gloriously sunny here in good ole England – bit chilly but so so SO bright , I think Spring is sprung! Right on the button Neve has released some fabalicious spring time pieces. Above I’m wearing the shifty dress – you get four colours of it in the pack and there are various packs with different patterns and tones. As usual this item is a perfect fit Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. This pattern “geo” was my instant fav and the colours are really just so springy & fresh. What I noticed straight away is that the turtle neck actually fits, I find they often don’t on other brands and that drives me nutsss. The back gently dips lower from the halter revealing a little touch of back porn.

Neve buttons skirt & bound top NEW!

The button skirt you might recall from last year, its been revamped with added features and fits for mesh bodies. I noted that you can handily switch the very last button off – so you know – those poses with your legs slightly open or apart now do not stretch that last button yay! You can also remove the waistband via the HUD – one of those little Neve elves has been hiding under my bed and listening to me whingeing on about needing this I reckon. The top is new, it’s called “bound” various patterns in this, some very vibrant , others more muted like this one . Each pack comes with four colour options – great value and as usual these items perfectly fit Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya and the Standard Sizes XXS – M. Thanks Neve team ❤

Neve store

Neve market place

Neve blog (for all info on releases,colours etc)

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coldLogic has a warm heart

coldLogic leone ivory - skirt, top and belt NEW!!

Well chickens, Autumn is really closing in on us here in England and in real life I’ve been eyeing sweaters and anything thats in orangey browny colours with excitement. coldLogic have just released a ginormous Autumn collection, seriously it mahooosive! Something for everyone, sleek to woolie pullies. Above is one of my favourite outfits of the whole collection, it’s called “leone” and comprises of a sweater with shirt detail underneath, a soft flared long skirt and a belt. The detailing on this is just superb, grab a demo and take a look, no kidding. The folds on the arms make you feel like you could run your fingers over the softness, I bet its made of Angora in the designers mind huh? I tried various poses to see if the skirt would stretch out and nope, looked great as I moved , sat and lolled around.Lots of colour choices available and of course those whopping big quantum packs that make it such a great deal.

coldLogic NEW!!

Onto some sophisticated pants named “fortier”… these can look super smart or, combine them with one of the ainsley cropped sweaters for a more casual style. As usual you get two choices of hem length which is handy dandy. The darling jumper is slightly raised at the front to bare a little bit of midriff, completed with a slashed neckline and long sleeves, I adore it. Multiple tones in both so do check the store .

coldLogicTorres chocolate & berry shirt and skirt NEW!!

Something that is often lacking in a Fall collection, is heavier but sleek dresses and skirt/shirt combo’s. Never fear coldLogic has you covered, but not too much ! This is “torres” a skirt and shirt combo. I just loved this berry and chocolate set. Both pieces are separates so imagine if you bought the whopping pack and the changes you could make ! The skirt features a really unusual shape at the front and has a sort of almost knitted appearance to the fabric, self striped. Of course the blouse fits like a dream…dont they always?! More colours to drool over in store !

coldLogic Bresche ivory and black NEW!!

If you’re looking for the classic sweater dress, here it is. A few varying designs on this wardrobe staple, this is “bresche” and I chose to share it with you in the cream and black version – other tones available in store.

coldLogic kitaen shirt and skirt NEW!!

Last up for this two-part epic is this two piece ensemble named “kitaen”. Gawd I so love this burnt orange colour, right on the money for Fall. Tailored shirt with deep cuffs and long sleeves, coupled with this tulip inspired skirt-over-a-skirt kinda deal. It’s so different from anything I’ve seen so far in the Fall releases. Sizing wise I could have gone a notch smaller on the skirt, but I prefer it a teeny smidge larger , like so. Of course you can play around with sizes and your shape to get whatever effect you like, demos are also freely on offer in store or on the market place. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

Stay tuned for part deux !

coldLogic mainstore location

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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FaMESHed !

hurrah hurrah hurrah! A new round of FaMESHed  has begun…absolutely adore this event as it has all the cool and happenin designers in it…all my favs *squeeee*, soooooo (insert breathless pant here) I can show you one of the edibubble colours of the selection for FaMESHed  by coldLogic..of course I plumped for pink…but but but there’s heaps more options if you’re not a pink-a-holic like moi…the swift top & shorts are super refreshing and tweakably cute..I epsecially love love the top…its a blouson style…so it looks like its got casual folds of knitted fabric around your middly bits…and also has a stripey insert underneath with a halter neck & tie…as always…you buy this…youve got quality..coldLogic items always always are top notch…and perfectly executed… shorts & tops are sold separately so you can mix & match like crazzzzylegs….thank you coldLogic team ❤

Steve is wearing the FaMESHed  gift for guys (free join group) I don’t know much about menswear but..I know what I like..and I like this. It’s by Kauna, I hadn’t heard of them before – but Steve sure got a wee bit excited when he saw this out… Deep burgundy shade…and looks purrrfect on …grab it up guys !

Dont fret pets..there’s also a gift out for you, and boy-oh-boy are we getting spoilt…this amazing zebra stripe maxi dress is by Valentina E. Couture…and is your gift for this round of FaMESHed  ! Just right for a long stroll along the beach…or dress it up for the evening…its mesh and theres plenty of choice on sizing…


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Beaten to the Junction

Oh I see Faith has beaten me to the punch of showing the latest new releases from T Junction. Well since I’m already here I might as well show mine as well!

As Faith already mentioned, T Junction shirts are just so cool. They are so well made, awesome colours and the slogans never fail to make me smile. Some of them are indeed very ‘roood’ but a little rudeness now and then makes things fun in my opinion.

Don’t believe everything you read on these shirts (when I’m wearing them, at least) but do believe that they are wicked because they are. Shirts for every mood and at L$75 they are a bargain.

Get the gear here: T Junction


Every girl needs a Prince Charming…right?

I’m so thrilled to be able to show you  the newest releases from swaffette Firefly  @ SF Design. Steve is wearing “Prince Charming”,which is based upon Prince Williams  Irish Guard uniform. Complete with Order of the Garter blue sash, RAF Wings and Jubilee medal.The uniform includes gloves, cap & shoes (stop swooning and keep up !) I’m sure you’ll agree he looks rather dashing…attention to detail (as usual) is high,and Steve certainly enjoyed swanning about in this outfit…unbelievably this whole look costs just 500L.

I got to dress up also, and alongside our very own Prince I wore the simply adorable Morelia Wedding Gown in Ivory, a show stopper for only 600L. I’m showing the “everything on” version,train,layers,veil and somewhere underneath a pair of divine matching shoes.The creamy heavy silk is richly embroidered (much like Kates gown on the big day )Layers upon layers of detailing and the sweetest bodice & cuffs…want to know this gowns secret? hmm shall I tell you…*ponders*.. long as you promise not to tell a SOUL ! It also doubles up as your honeymoon outfit..isnt that just fabulous??!!  A shorter version is included and as with the wedding gown its self there are different styles to play around with …I SO wish I could do this with my SL wedding dress,sadly no one had this brilliant idea in 2007 booo…

So we have our Prince & Princess…what about the bridesmaids? Solved..with the 3 shade range of the Morelia Gown’s (also double up as evening gowns for those not thinking about weddings) Each dress comes complete with the sweetest matching shoes & flower for your hair,plus varying ways to wear, with or without the mid ruffles..and resizer scripts to get that perfect fit (not that I had to fiddle about at all yay!) I adore this delicate blue…of course you’re wondering if it has a sister version hmm?..

Of course it does…and this is what you come to expect and love about a quality store such as SF Design…each of the colours in the Morelia Gown range has a short version included..makes it very versatile, such hard working additions to your collection. Naturally I fell in love with this dainty pink tone ! Each colour is 500L…a steal .

Head over to the High Society section to find these new releases, and I warn you..try not to stare too hard at the models in the guys section, I was rooted to the spot for ages !

Go get Royal : SF Design