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Looks who’s coming for dinner! (Halloween Specials)

FloweryThe black and white wings which I’ve always had represent the good and bad in all people.  Personally I like the black side.  I got a load of stuff from Follow Us rezzed it and ignored it because I had seen that Laurent83 Waco has set up his ghastly decor items in The Barn so I just pulled up a seat and took a few snaps.  When you rezz it’s just in the room off to the left of the entrance.  Although we don’t do Halloween in the UK we’re starting to appreciate the excuse for dressing up and a good party so if your celebrate Halloween in RL then you can do the same in SL.  A fully set out table with Halloween cake, wine, great poses and menu options in the plates.

Flower1After a busy day of Trick or Treating you can rest your cloven hooves on your matching living room suite the sofa and coffee table are only 50Lds for both and the fireplace is the same.  As usual the poses inc a reading and smoking one, shown.  In the fireplace there are ribs waiting to be burned and the top of the fireplace is set out like an altar.

Reading useFound this as I wandered around The Barn I’m drinking the potion but this has some really good and unique poses you can read tarot cars or look into a crystal ball.  Some items are in the Gachas and some can be bought by clicking the pictures.  If you’re on a limited budget and want something for outside decor then there is a classic garden bench in black with cobwebs, pumpkins and an unfriendly Raven watching your every move for only 10Lds.

NolaroidBut  this was the shocker!!!  I’ve always said Follow Us definitely has a male/uni sexed/unfussy style which a lot of people appreciate so to rezz something which was almost  kitsch was a pleasant surprise.  A lovely simple country cottage style table with colouring to match.  I literally rezzed this and took a practice snap just using the light setting of the sim at that time and look at it!  Although ignore the rocking chair at the back it’s only the 4 matching chairs which are inc but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t add others.

Food use

Some lovely delish food in the plate menu, but remember it’s the plate mat you click.

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