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When you can’t see me. (10Ld Gift).

Sometimes an outfit is so good but because I can’t use one of my mesh bodies I just alpha myself out as I’d hate for you to miss a great outfit.

Purple is not my colour but as soon as I saw that beachy sand wave pattern I had to get it and since I was already in the TeleportHub Group, 10Lds, it cost me nothing extra.

It’s in the Masoon shop, bottom shelf. The Masoom group does cost to join and for 50Lds there are some very tasty clothes.


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Just a few. (Freebie(sss)).

Faith got to Promagic first I got to REED first and I’m happy I did.

As always the more I look at this picture the more I suspect that top is a reblog but the shorts are not. The shorts actually come with their own top but since that didn’t fit me I teamed it up with this white one for what I think is a great summer look.

Don’t worry there is actually other gifts as well as a brand new top/short combo which is going to be a lovely suprise for you.

In the main entrance, you will see the 3 lucky boards and the wall of group gifts are just to your left, in the same build, not in the next build….sounds complicated but it’s not as you will see what I mean when you go there.


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UPDATE: To follow.(Freebie(ss)).

A quick(ish) post as it’s late and I’m starving. Cold Laundry is a new shop to me. I spotted some really interesting designs for sale and was suprised to see that the VIP Group is free and the gifts are excellent quality.

I will say I really did want to show you the tops more than this sporty outfit but I couldn’t for the usual reason.

Once I have FED MY FACE I will be logging back in and checking the Cold Laundry shop out a bit more, maybe try on a demo just in case the blouse I’m looking at will fit me, and then checking out the other shops on this platform.

PS. The “Update” is the shoes, they were freebies and they are excellent with a fat hud so I will als check out that shop to see if they’re still out for us.

UPDATE: You’re going to have to wait for the info on the sneakers as yes they are still FREE but I’m pretty sure there are some NEW gifts in the XXXX shop so thats my next post.

Cold Laundry.

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No Alpha needed lol. (15ld Hunt prize(ssssss)).

The shop “Beyond” has a spring hunt going on and as always with a “paid for hunt” outside of the shop is a big board with a picture of the prizes and what they’re called.

Each prize is only 15Lds and you’re looking for flowers. The clothes/flowers aren’t numbered it’s the name of the outfit you’re looking for.

I picked this one, Andrea, as I’d found the demo of it on the wall with the full priced options so I suspect that if you want to try a demo on then just look on the wall for the full priced options and you can try the demo first.

Sme outfits also come with a few extra options such as in this case a plain or patterened option as well as a hud which allows you to change the colour of the ribbons and that underskirt.

As you can see I’ve still not managed to work on my beach area so now I’ve found this excellent hunt I can do a little bit more.


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It’s a struggle. (Freebie(sss)).

Sorry I hate doing too many pictures where I’ve had to alpha out my body but I came across this dress from “Small Shop” and I wanted to be the one to show you it.

So here I am in all my Alpha’d out glory as sadly it’s only for a Lara classic/Petite fits. I suspect even Faith wouldn’t have been able to model it for you which is a shame as if I could you would have seen that yes it’s very sheer but there is enough opaqueness to just about get away with wearing it, just don’t go to a PG sim lol.

There are 2 other items of cothing both sheer, plus some glasses and a pair of shoes.

Small Shop

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Back in 15. (Freebie).

I read somewhere that if you just do 15 minutes a day in your garden then by the end of the week you will have worked at least 1.5 hours with ease, so now the frost has gone and the sun is getting a bit stronger I’m hauling on my boots and off out to sweep up some mess, prune a plant or two and then scurry back in for a coffee with a clear conscience.

This outfit comes from Praire and I like this pose as it shows off the detailing on the side of this cropped top. Pants are just as good and can be worn as a separate item they also both come with a hud of I think six colours.


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Be a VIP. (Freebie(s)).

I love it when I see a stylish shop with stylish gifts and then the VIP group turns out to be free.

I almost missed the group gifts in the Rowne shop as they’re tucked away, turn right and they’re on the back of the “events” board, and there are actually quite a few gifts there. Some bold red dresses, a skirt, glasses etc and in the picture I’m wearing this smart high fashion two-piece, the bag and although you can’t see them I am wearing a simple pair of court shoes from this shop as they with the hud you get with them make for a great pair of goto shoes, I already owned them which is how I went over to Rownes.

Sorry, the headdress isn’t a freebie, I will check it out and if it is then you know I will do an update.