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No Alpha needed lol. (15ld Hunt prize(ssssss)).

The shop “Beyond” has a spring hunt going on and as always with a “paid for hunt” outside of the shop is a big board with a picture of the prizes and what they’re called.

Each prize is only 15Lds and you’re looking for flowers. The clothes/flowers aren’t numbered it’s the name of the outfit you’re looking for.

I picked this one, Andrea, as I’d found the demo of it on the wall with the full priced options so I suspect that if you want to try a demo on then just look on the wall for the full priced options and you can try the demo first.

Sme outfits also come with a few extra options such as in this case a plain or patterened option as well as a hud which allows you to change the colour of the ribbons and that underskirt.

As you can see I’ve still not managed to work on my beach area so now I’ve found this excellent hunt I can do a little bit more.


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It’s a struggle. (Freebie(sss)).

Sorry I hate doing too many pictures where I’ve had to alpha out my body but I came across this dress from “Small Shop” and I wanted to be the one to show you it.

So here I am in all my Alpha’d out glory as sadly it’s only for a Lara classic/Petite fits. I suspect even Faith wouldn’t have been able to model it for you which is a shame as if I could you would have seen that yes it’s very sheer but there is enough opaqueness to just about get away with wearing it, just don’t go to a PG sim lol.

There are 2 other items of cothing both sheer, plus some glasses and a pair of shoes.

Small Shop

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Back in 15. (Freebie).

I read somewhere that if you just do 15 minutes a day in your garden then by the end of the week you will have worked at least 1.5 hours with ease, so now the frost has gone and the sun is getting a bit stronger I’m hauling on my boots and off out to sweep up some mess, prune a plant or two and then scurry back in for a coffee with a clear conscience.

This outfit comes from Praire and I like this pose as it shows off the detailing on the side of this cropped top. Pants are just as good and can be worn as a separate item they also both come with a hud of I think six colours.


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Be a VIP. (Freebie(s)).

I love it when I see a stylish shop with stylish gifts and then the VIP group turns out to be free.

I almost missed the group gifts in the Rowne shop as they’re tucked away, turn right and they’re on the back of the “events” board, and there are actually quite a few gifts there. Some bold red dresses, a skirt, glasses etc and in the picture I’m wearing this smart high fashion two-piece, the bag and although you can’t see them I am wearing a simple pair of court shoes from this shop as they with the hud you get with them make for a great pair of goto shoes, I already owned them which is how I went over to Rownes.

Sorry, the headdress isn’t a freebie, I will check it out and if it is then you know I will do an update.


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FaMESHed. All sizes are covered. (NEW Mina).

I’ve got this new Mina hair so early the event you get it from isn’t even open…….and now it’s open lol.

I couldn’t find a red bathing suit in my invent as I suspect this hair was named and styled after Pamela Anderson, oh! wait she’s just in the news for marrying again so really that should be Pamela Hayhurst now.

Then I remembered that I’d mentioned in my last post that I would tell you more about this hair so I’m recycling the photo as I think it just shows how much a hair can change the way you look.

This is the shade I most relate to and as always you get the super fat pack of shades, a shade slider, material/non-material option and sizes which includes the “Kupra” which turns out to be one of the more curvaceous shapes as this hair has definitely been designed to curve around your curves. So don’t worry if you’re not a “big lass” as there is a standard fit as well as a petite one.

As always, try the demo out at Mina’s main shop! No matter how good a hair/skin or make-up looks in any picture it’s only when you’re wearing it that you can tell if it works for you or not. I nearly always try the demo on before I get the full version but I am lucky as I have found Mina hairs to be just perfect for me.

Since this event, FaMESHed is opened just today as always link to Mina’s main shop and the Seraphim blog so you can see everything that’s on sale.

BTW, this is her newer design so the hair texturing is finer and the fatpack of shades is even fatter but there are similar styles to this so again as always have a look around her shop and try a few on before you make your mind up….it costs you nothing in the end lol.

Mina’s Main Shop. (Demo).

Seraphim Blog


Spring Spree ::squeeee::

Spring Spree 2011

It’s time for the Spring Spree 2011!!!  There are 23 designers featured at the “spree,” and each of them have 3 items set out.  The 1st item is brand spankin’ NEW at regular price, the 2nd item is made specifically for the fair and is LIMITED to only 100 available, and the 3rd item is FREE!!!  What else could you ask for??  I decided to put a couple items together, sort of a retro pin-up/escort look…who knows I was havin’ a blast outfitting! hehe  Anyways, I won’t ramble on too much about it, head on over there and check it out for yourself 😛

Here is the list of designers featured at the Spring Spree:

mISs rOUx [sKIns and sHApES], .::Divine::., !blkhrt,  Unique Clothing,  ZC Designz,  JD Jewelry,  SE Designz,  Silhouette,  essences,  Calavera  [Acide!]

DnB Designs,  Phresh,  Alli&Ali Designs,  {fright}, Cosmetics  Zibska,  ::SkAnKz Inc::,  LollipopZ,  Concrete Flowers,  *Mayden Couture*,  ::Ci Co::

Embody,  Oceane,  Outfit

 Credits:  Minka hair, purple – Alli&Ali Designs – 0L,   Lace face tattoo – Phresh – 0L,  Marvelous Black n White outfit – Silhouette – 100L

Leather Cross white bracelet – JD Jewelry – 0L , Lime boots – .::Divine::. – 150L

Go get springy: Spring Spree 2011


Spring in Bloom

::Esther Jen:: Mini Top - Mosaic - 100L

Here’s some newness from one of my faaav designers, Esther Jen!  This spring mini top is uber sexy and comes in 4 designs in total.  I loooved the spring colors of this mosaic top, and the detailing of the lacing up the middle is toooo cute!  For only 100L, this top is a must-have for the spring!

::Esther Jen:: Moose Tank Outfit - 150L

Another new release is the Moose Tank Outfit, and goes for 150L.  It comes with these awesome lowrise dark charcoal jeans with rips in just the right places.  Also included are the super cute suspenders and the tank top hitting right around the bellybutton.  Looove that it shows just the right amount of skin, and the moose graphic is adorable!

::Esther Jen:: Wear It Proudly Panties - 100L

Aaaand for us naughty girls out there… 😉  There is a special promotion on the “Wear It Proudly” panty set.  You get 5 pairs of these smexy statement panties for 50% off the original price!  That’s only 100L for 5 pairs!! Definitely must go scoop these up…I’m wearing the “easy” one, and the adorable boy short design makes them super casual enough to strut around the house in!  Make sure you go check out the other statements in the pack 😉

::Esther Jen:: Woodland Creatures *Group Gift*

If you aren’t already a group member, make sure you join!! There’s 2 adorable group gifts available on the desk as you walk in the store!  This one is the Woodland Creatures top, and I just adooore it!  The capsleeves and prim blow tie give it that whimsical feel and is a perfect pair for any jeans or your favorite shorts!

::Esther Jen:: Bloom *Group Gift*

Anddd this is the other group gift available!  Bloom is a great color for the spring, featuring the delightful hues of plum. It comes with the capri pants in plum and the mauve LOW cut tank top.  The best part is the prim flowers down the torso…what a fabulous added detail for spring!!  Another spring must-have I should say!! 😀  Again…don’t forget to join the group for the latest info, releases, and group gifts!

Taxi for ::Esther Jen::