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I cracked it. (Freebie(ss) for him & her).

I wasn’t going to do any of the many Halloween hunts till I saw the gifts from the Asteroid shop and got suckered in.

I’m wearing 4 of the free items as well as a new Mina hair but I will do a proper post on the hair soon as I’ve only just got it.

I enjoyed this hunt as it was hard enough to make you work for the prizes but easy enough that in the end even I managed to find all 8 of them. I won’t give you any clues as each prize contains the clue for the next item but I will say that not all of them are in the shop.

It was also nice that there are some male gifts as well and there is a poster for the L’Homme Group Gift of a very nice mans jacket.


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I saw the light, but not much else. (Group Gift(s) & Free Hunt).

As of yet I have no new clothes to show you, although I am tempted to do a reblog.

Then I found this hunt going on at the Harshland shop/sim and as someone who always loves a bit of decor or landscaping I was off to check it out.

The hunt is called “End of summer hunt” and there are 15 old Gacha prizes dotted around the sim. What you’re looking for is a gold coin. I’m going to have a look and see if I can find a cheat sheet, ie some hints, as this is a full sim hunt and I could do with some hints.

This lamp is not a hunt prize it’s one of the group gifts and since you have to be in the, free, group to do the hunt check this and the other group gifts out before you start the hunt.


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Beep Beep.(Freebies(ssss)Men Only Hunt)

I’ve been waiting for this hunt to start as although it is very male orientated there are so many gifts which are unisexed or for home and gardne and I’m sure I’ve seen a few “his ‘n’ her” gifts. Plus how many of us have a random male AV picked up on our travels who needs to be tarted up for, in this case, no money so this hunt is a perfect way to stock up some excellent quality gifts.

You must join the MOH group and then get the hud, both can be done at the same LM. As usual the TP allows you to TP direct to each shop and will also give you a hint and it’s a little bird you’re looking for.

This is the gift from the Jey’s shop which I remember visiting not long ago as it’s an interestingly designed shape. Not a very big shop at the moment and with the aid of the hint it was easy to find this drivable car and you also get a black version.

I’ve put the link to the Flair for Events blog as it has all the info, LM’s you need it also has pictures of the gifts. I do feel slightly bad doing this hunt as men aren’t on the whole as lucky as females in SL in the sense of gifts/freebie but the goodies are just too good to ignore.

PS. I did notice as you click through the hud you get the full map popping up which is a bit annoying however you can click the menu and pick the option to stop the map popping up and you get the link in your chat box instead.

PPS Whatever is happening when links are given it’s blinking annoying but at least they still work.

Get yer hud here.

Jey’s get yer car here.

Flair for Events MOH Hunt get yer piccies here.

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It’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. (10Ld table & Hunt Info).

The cart sale outside of the “The Artist’s Shed” still isn’t up and running and it’s such a regular event so it’s a reminder to us that we don’t know whats going on with people in RL when they can’t do the regular things they do in SL… you know what I mean?

As always when I went into the The Artist’s Shed shop I ended up walking away with a little extra decor item and a couple of freebies which I’m not gonna show you. This table wasn’t free or a hunt item as it costs 10Lds.

At only 2 prims and a lovely weather worn look to it I’m pretty sure I can find a place for it on my sim.

There is from what I could see only one hunt going on in the shop and it’s because it’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. What you’re looking for is a gift box and there is an easy hint for you to find it. BTW they have been blogged before but under the desk is some huggable corndogs which also make great decor items as well.

The hunt that is going on is a “Purple Sloth Productions” so I checked out their headquaters where I picked up a “Purple sloth hangy thing” which is a cute wearable although from a distance it does look as though I have a dead mouse dangling from my fingers lol. The headquaters are in the middle of a small shopping mall and although the shops do seemed to be very child themed in what they sell sometimes you can find a great decor/fun item in these places. I certainly will be checking them out when I log back in.

The Artist’s Shed.

Purple Sloth Productions.

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Not everything is a lemon. (Freebie(sss)).

Finally the MIIX Event and hunt has calmed down and in fact I was the only one there. So it was nice to be able to saunter and really check out the items for sale. As expected the things I liked wouldn’t fit me so I walked away with just a load of freebies, demos and LM’s as I will be visiting a few of the main shops who have stalls at this event.

OH NO! I’ve forgotten which stall I picked this one piece off, I will add an update when I manage to log back in as it’s only fair. You get matching shoes and a hud of colour options so pretty sweet.

The MIIX is just the right size of event, big enough to have a lot of variety of items and small enough to not over whelm you. What you’re looking for is a slice of lemon but a lot of stalls don’t have their gift in the lemon it’s just in a gift box on the stand.

I suspect I had rezzing issues as although it seemed to be fully rezzed I’m sure there was a lot missing which means I’ve missed a lot of the gifts so I will return.

MIIX Event & Hunt.

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It’s time to poop ‘n’ scoop.(Free Hunt).

It’s time for some mindless wandering around the sewers of Second Life.

What you’re looking for is this adorable little poop, just look at that face and those legs!

This is a sim wide hunt of endless sewers so unlike me I’d reccomend you open your minimap and work the hunt in a grid.

You do have items dotted around such as these dead ladies so you can use them to track where you have been.

I must say I actually really enjoyed it and now I’ve seen from the blog link how many gifts I’ve missed I will be returning esp since we have till the 31st to do it all.

As for the gifts here are just 2 of them.

This is actually a pretty big plant, in an old paint tin, you can’t mod it to make it smaller as it messes up the mesh but its nice to have a more statement sized plant esp when it’s still only 1prim.

I just had to show you this as it is just creepy. I spotted in the smallish amount of gifts I found a nice mix of tattoo’s, decor, some clothing etc.

There is also a sale going on, this is all in celebration of the “SL Syndicate’s 3rd Anniversary”. The sale is at their main headquarters so I will be visiting there soon. I’m putting the link to the Second Life Syndicate Blog where you will not only find the links to both LM’s you can also see the shops involved and now many poops they have out for us.

Second Life Syndicate Blog. (Landmark for hunt & Sale).

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So bad! (Lucky Board, Free Hunt & Sale).

By now you will have seen all over SL blogs and inworld notices that Lagom have a FREE HUNT going on. 20 pretty pink flowers have been hidden all over the shop, and I suspect if you use the TP door to the childrens department there will be some in there as well.

In this picture there is a mix of lucky board wins, hunt items and something I’ve bought for myself.

The paid for item is that stack of boxes and bags with a laptop on top called “shopaholics desk” which is most appropriate. There is a sale going on as well since I didn’t know if the prices you pay are the reduced price or you got a refund on purchase I decided to buy this as I thought it would make a nice prop/backdrop for a picture so I paid 100Lds and didn’t get a refund of any sort which suggests that anything in the sale has had it’s price changed to reflect that.

The Lucky board win is the actual skybox I took these pictures in and I also won a lovely fatpack of garlands, you can just about make out the leaves and in the pack there are also feathers and I think snow ones. I think all of the Lucky Boards have new gifts in them so well worth lingering for a while.

As for the hunt items, I found only 6 out of the 20 items and I’m looking forward to finding the remaining 14. The messy blanket, the papier mache style whale, those baubles on the floor and the larger pink speakers and not shown are some excellent make up brush decor set.

This wearable “not today blanket” was a fun suprise. It’s quite a good reflection on how I’m going to spend the rest of my day, tucked up on the setting SLing.