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Give me credit. (Free 700Lds Shop Credit).

This photo is as good as it gets as the Beyond shop is beyond heaving…boom boom. I had to TP in and out a few times before the sign you click rezzed enough for me to click it..another..boom boom lol.

Yup a generous 700Lds worth of credit and I’m not sure what the cost of joining the Beyond group normally costs but till the 2nd it’s FREE. Not sure if that cut-off date includes spending the free credit. So hustle on over and get spendy.

PS. Don’t forget there is as far as I can remember group gifts…UPDATE because there are a lot of group gifts and I thought I’d show you just one of them.

Out of the big hud of colours I chose these two.


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Keepsies. (FREE 500ld Belle Epoque Shop Credit & Gifties & FLF Bouquet).

It’s true, Belle Epoque has set its group fee to “0” and has put out a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

And as you can see there are those excellent group gifts to the right so it doesn’t really get better or more generous.

This is shop credit so I can’t pass it on and will be forced (LOL) to spend it on myself.

There is a time limit which is till the 26th and I’m not sure if that’s the latest date to get the gift or to spend the gift.

I’m adding this update just to show off what I got and also mention that there is a couple of costumes for men.

This dress is what I decided to buy. I’m glad I did an invent search as I was almost going to buy something I already owned. I still have some credit left so I may return at a later date and see if I can add to it to buy another dress.

I also treat myself to an FLF offer which is the bouquet. I may not wear many wearables but I’m a sucker for bouquets and headdresses. This is from the Ariskea shop and I picked the more orangy colour. You not only get this wearable version which holds its pose as you walk you also get a decor version which I’ve not rezzed so I’m assuming it will be pretty low as the Ariskea shop doe stunning decor for low prims.

Belle Epoque.

FLF Pictues & LM’s.

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Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. (Free shop Credit).

I wasn’t intending on doing a freebie post today but I don’t know how long this offer will go on and I suspect it will end sooner rather than later.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as the Montemartre sim is very busy so much so that not a lot would rezz for me which is why I have no photo, fortunately, I was able to make out the 300Ld free shop credit board in the Charlotte shop so I joined and grabbed and then TP’d home to wait for it to calm down.

The reason I think this may end soon is that the shops on this shopping sim all seem to have boards up with special offers, discounts and time-limited offers and quite a few have run out of time or the amount that was set for sale so thats why I think this has been running for a while.


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Free to spend. (1000Lds worth of shop credit).

Both the Fake Society and Off-Line shop have a generous 500Lds worth of free shop credit.

As you can imagine the place is heaving so I did my usual point and click and that’s when I spotted the small print on the sign which says we have the whole month to grab and spend! So don’t be like me and wait till the place has calmed down.

BTW, the boards you click to get the credit is in the shops and not this big board in the centre plus there are also group gifts in the shops themselves.

Off-Line & Fake Society.

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I’m a sucker. (Freebie(ish) hair, wearable/decor).

The reason I’ve titled this as “Freebie(ish)” is I’m showing you what I bought using the free credit from my last post also this Mina hair is not the gift but there is a gift Mina hair.

Using my credit I got this wearable/rezzable basket from the Ariskia shop and then spotted a poster for the lovely bouquet which is for sale at the Equal 10 Event. I popped over to the event hoping I could use my shop credit to buy it and was happy that I could.

I just love wearable flowers/bouquets and baskets so for me even though there are many things in the Ariskia shop I could have bought I’m chuffed with these and the basket also comes as a rezzable and only 2 prims which is an added bonus.

As for the hair just look at that swirl of colour and it’s so well blended in. As I have the fatpack it means I can and did play around with so many colour/styles and effects before I decided on this option.

Eefje is another “undercut” hair.

She now has about 3 or 4 of these part-shaved heads and I remember getting the first one and thinking I’d not be too keep on them but I love them. Not only do they fit perfectly over collars I think the shaved and classic combo look is just so good.

Now for the freebie which is an “Uber” gift and Faith has just done a post on that but since Mina has an Uber gift out for us I just have to tell you about it, It’s the same style of hair but only in the pink colour. I say “only” but the pink is swirled with yellow, blue and a hint of green blended in and it’s gorgeous, it reminds me of a “Fruit Salad Chew”. I’ve logged out wearing the hair and I will endeavour to show you it in my next post.


Mina’s Mainshop.

Equal 10 Event.

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Lazy post/Lazy Day. (Free credit).

Yet another generous 300Lds worth of free shop credit. You have to be a subscriber to get it and as a subscriber, I know that this free credit pops up quite a lot.

The reason I’m just showing you the boards is that when you click on them you then have to choose which out of the four shops listed, Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptation and C&S you want to spend your credit in. Since the shops are all in the same place I’ve just put the one link which should take you to the shared plaza area.

I just have to show off what I got using my free credit in the Sweet Temptation shop.

I’m such a sucker for draped boobies.

Much appreciated that you get the whole month to spend the free credit.

Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, C&S( Chic & Shoes).

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Read the details. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit(?)).

Out of the blue, I was sent a 250Lds Shop Credit card from Tiffany Design. Since I’m not in the group I can only assume it’s one of those random gifts for subscribers which always cheers me up. If you go now to slap the sub-board I can’t guarantee you will get it but if any future gift cards are sent out you will be grateful for that slap.

Not a total loss, if you don’t get the 250Lds gift card as when you go into the shop on your left you will see some free group and VIP group gifts and a free 100Ld Gift Card.

This dress is one of the free group gifts and it comes with a big hud of colours and textures, some lovely florals, and matt colours but it’s the metallic ones that really shine…boom boom.

I did try and nope I can’t trans the gift cards which is fine by me as it’s going to be easy to spend it.

As for the VIP Group that costs 500Lds and I do believe the Gift Card for that is 400Lds

UPDATE: To me Tiffany Design was always the place to go for wedding dresses/gowns. When I went back to LM grab I had a quick look in the wedding dress department (small build to your left) and OHMAI! The dress on the stand is not only divine it’s for sale…would people think me weird if I wandered around SL in a wedding dress?

Tiffany Design. (The Sub Board is just there where you TP in and I see that this dress is also a subscriber’s gift as well as inside on the group gift wall.).