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Just a reminder. (Subscribers Gift(sss)).

I just wanted to remind people to pop into Mangula’s. The note I have does mention that the subscribers gifts were updated back in Feb and since there are some things I don’t recognise it means I’ve not visited since then.

So freaking generous, I’m only showing you this token dress which actually comes out of a fatpack of this dress, bodysuit, top and even shoes. There are a few fat packs of shop quality clothing and some shoes.

Even if nothing is new to you keep the LM to mind as I’m pretty sure anyone who doesn’t know about these gifts or are new to SL would be grateful for the heads up.

PS. These are subscribers gifts so no group needed and the subscribers board is behind the reception desk.


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I’m trapped! (Freebies).

Yet another glorious day outside and I’m stuck indoors waiting for Mr Delivery Man!

Nice simple and quick, the paper.sparrow group is free to join till the end of the month. I love this bathing suit and also the very fruity top which obv I’m not showing you. There are other gifts for other free groups.

Then I remembered and checked and yes Faith did a post about the free hunt gifts from Paper.Sparrow at the Free Dove shop. I will put the link to her post and I’d really suggest you check it out as the gifts are so good even I am tempted to do it before time runs out.


Faith’s Post for Freebies.

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No choice. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to the “Madness Price Event” because one of my fav sellers, B-Made, has a discounted offer out which I wanted to check and as usual grab the goodies.

This dress,which is on the Brillancia stall, was quite a suprise. It’s a “classic design” and yet with the use of lightly sparkling/satin texture it really stands out. The main dress is also sheer because of the You get a hud of colours and the skirt can be worn seperately.

PS. Yes the photo was taken at this angle as I had to use my Legacy body which means “that neckline”.

Madness Price Event.

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Guess what? (Freebie(sss)).

I should have dropped Faith a note so she could have modelled this dress on her Maitreya body but since I wanted to be the one to show you this really good gift I just Alpha’d my SLink bod and TaDa!

All that detail to attention with the fold, creased and texturing not to mention the way the skirt is almost tutu in style what a shame it doesn’t fit me.

This and another dress which I would also have loved to show you came from the Saki Event. Not a massive event and on each stall is a little pile of cardboard boxes which contain the gifts and this dress is from the “DM” stall.

Saki Event.

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Mixing it up. (Freebie(ssssssssss)).

Now that it’s calmed down I went to the “The Mix Event” as I knew there are freebiesssssssss to be had and it’s always much nicer to wander around lag free.

I’m still working my way through the big fat folder of gifts as each stall at this event has one out for. A real nice mix of clothes, some shoes, jewellery and make-up etc. This dress is from the Blonde Queen stall. If you look closely you may just be able to make out that fine knit line to it. It is more bluey than greeny as shown in this picture.

Although for me most things will be binned I’m putting the LM’s to one side so I can spend even more relaxing time checking out the shops that have had a stall and a gift out for us.

PS. This is The Mix Events anniversary which is why there are so many goodies and we have till the 20th to pick them up.

The Mix Event.

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1 poof, 2 poof, 3 poof. (Freebie(sss)).

I’ve had a nice productive day “adulting” and then when I manage to get inworld I did some random old LM hopping and scored big time as I consider this dress to be a KEEPER!

To think I almost missed it as well because the other group gifts in the Velour shop are mainly make-up and skins and those are the big pictures and it was only when I scanned the smaller ones under them that I spotted there are some clothes and this dress. I just love it and you not only get a fat pack of colours, black, red, green, pink etc you get a length option so thats short, med, long or as I like to think of it, 1 poof, 2 poof, 3 poof length.

I’ve only had a little look around the Velour shop and spotted some very nice bargains in the sales room and decided to log out leaving my AV in the pose room so when I get back inworld tomorrow I can have a nice look around the whole shop.


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The look of love. (Freebie).

This freebie cardie/top combo looks pretty familiar esp the cardie so this is probably a reblog but just in case it’s not here it is.

Each can be worn as seperates and each come with it’s own hud of colours and can be worn as seperates.

If you’re wondering about my little friend. I have a fat pack of bunnies which I bought from HPMD, so sorry not free, and in this pack you have a whole selection of both static and animesh bunnies and a couple of wearables. These bunnies are beyond adorable! The way they twitch their little noes, move their ears and hop are just so realistic they’re facinating to watch.

Mow. (It’s the gift on the desk).