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Crush Free. (Freebie(s)).

I finally got to go to the Cosmopolitan Event as now it’s calmed down and it’s been worth the wait as check out this cute combo.

I hate it! I really do as it’s such a quality item in both the mesh, colour and texturing so how can I not keep it! So yeah another “keeper” to stuff in my invent.

BTW I’m not ignoring the other free dress on the easel on the other side of the entrance door. I zoomed in on it and it’s a black, sequined classy dress which would grace any invent but I decided to just go with the pink and leave that one as a nice surprise.


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Too good for us. (Men Only Freebie).

I have decided that on my travels when I come across a quality men’s gift I will do a post about it and here is a men’s only gift.

As you can see a lot of quality in the detailing. These also come with a small hud of texture options.

I think they are a previous hunt gift and are now out in the Ohemo shop as a group gift. To find them and there are some free items of women/unisexed jewellery to find them just look on the side of the staircase.

PS. There is also some gifts in the entrance and also so jewellery for both sexes.


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Perfect timing. (Freebie).

Where has this week gone? I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

It’s not been the best morning for freebie hunting till my very last stop which is the Saul shop. I do not know why I clicked that gift box on the hand behind me but I did and I scored this cropped fuzzy sweater and I now I can finally log off as it’s made me a happy little bunny and I can now get some RL work done.

Orange is my colour for sure and that light fuzzy effect is top quality. As you can see from the box this looks like it was a gift at a previous Uber event so you may have it or like me didn’t go to that event or missed it the first time around. Just buy it for 0Ld.

The Seul group is free to join. I’ve not had time to check the shop out for any group gifts so there may be more treasures to be had as I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged gifts from here before.


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Back to boring. (Freebie).

I’m looking forward to a day of boring routine and since Tuesday is one of my busiest days it was handys that the first notice I opened was for the gift at this month The Make Over Event.

A lovely deep burgundy red. I didn’t check but 99.99% of the dresses seem to be from the Entice shop so this is a quality gift.

It’s also a timely reminder for me to check out the Entice shop as well as maybe treat myself to some of my fav SL makeup (Alaskametro) before all the basic Lelutka range is withdrawn.

Till then I have to log off, do some RL work and then I will be back later hunting down more goodies.

The Make-Over Room.

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House Cleaning. (Freebie(ss)).

I used to watch that hoarder shows where the hoarder would hold a single item and debate for ages as to whether they should keep it or bin it and I’m exactly like that with SL shoes and homes. So far today I’ve binned about three houses out of the hundreds I own and it just took a ridiculous amount of time to make my mind up.

So say goodbye to the house in the background as it’s now gone and say hello to this top.

This grey/blue top is lovely, the cups have a slight drape to them. It’s pretty unique for a freebie but then it does come from the Smesh shop.

There are other group gifts and I do recognise a couple of them from previous posts, and they still look great, so some nice stuff is to be had.

PS. I wish I had seen the legwarmers when I first visited…go get them.


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Feeling Cynful. (Freebie).

I must say my freebie hunting today was a bit of a washout so I retreated to Faiths platform and settle down and do some invent cleaning only to come across a top I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen before. This means, of course, I had to TP over to the Cynful shop just to see if it was/is a group gift and as you can see from this picture the top wasn’t there and it was something even better….this dress.

You get two colours this gold and a red version. Sexy, classy with top-class sequin texturing. This is a perfect party dress.

I don’t know how long this gift has been out as yeah I was running out of SL time so don’t wait. Join the group and go grab it from the poster over the reception desk.


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I’ve got my Ho Ho Ho on. (Freebie).

The last gift has been purchased, the last tub of double cream has been crammed into an overfilled fridge and yes we have enough parsnips and farty sprouts to last us a couple of weeks so now I can get my Ho Ho Ho on both in SL and RL. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the Shop n Hop event and grab all the goodies.

Naturally, this picture includes a freebie and chances are you’ve seen it as any new gift from Coco hits the freebie groups faster than the speed of light.

This one comes in two shades, this bold red and a soft grey. Cocoro Lemon has managed to get a very realistic floof to the texturing.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of gifts at Coco Design.

Coco Design.