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31 Free Gifts !

31 FREE Gifts Hunt

Head over to Havoc and do their hunt – there are 31 free gifts to find and I really love all the ones I’ve unpacked (so far) From shoes, lingerie to dresses, workout gear – something for everyone! You need to join the group and its free, then roam through the store and outside – the outside is SO beautifully decorated for winter !

Happy Hunting ❤


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Fun fits. (Freebie(s)).

The Apricot Paws shop provides clothes and accessories mainly for the alternative shapes in SL such as furries. Sometimes though these shops can have hidden treasures for us “standards” and this blouse is a prime example of it.

This is the copy I’ve had in my invent from the first time I blogged it as it’s just so good. You get a more cropped version as well as a hud just for the tie. Lots of normal fits as well.

I had to pull a basic pose as these shorts didn’t come in a Legacy fit and the Maitreya was ok just not as good as I’d have hoped.

A very “Beetlejuice” theme to this look. The interesting bit is I’m still wearing the “stand-alone” shorts but you can add the leg parts on as well. Excellent texturing with a leather feel to them.

Just for fun these wearable “Chompy Warmers”

To find these and other gifts then head to the back of the shop BUT veer right and check out a coat for sale. I’ve had a demo of that coat in my invent for as long as I’ve had that purple blouse. It’s just a fab coat, fits of all sizes, reasonably priced etc so make sure to check that and the whole shop out.

PS. On the floor near the wall of group, gifts are a couple of boxes which contain older gifts. So far what I’ve unpacked has been interesting but unwearable for me. Still fun to unpack and work your way through.

Apricot Paws.

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Surprise it’s Monday. (Freebie(s)).

There are two main surprises, one being this isn’t a Black Fri or even a Cyber Mon gift and I’ve also left more outfits for you to discover.

I’m not too happy with this picture, I did end up giving it a boost in editing mainly to hide the boring backdrop, going to be trashing that. All I can say is it’s Monday and I have a feeling it’s going to be a three-coffee morning as I don’t have any “oomph”. So I’m happy to bring you this really good outfit and leave the rest of the gifts as a surprise and now I can log off and get that much-needed third cup of coffee.

PS. One of the dresses called Brenda comes with a with it as it makes it either shinier or one of them makes it blacker.

PPS. A couple of mens gifts as well.


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I have a list. (Freebie).

Last year Nadja made a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the shops that have Black Friday offers and I swear she must have the patience of a Saint because she included LM’s, what they sell plus the details of the sale basically everything which blows my mind.

The only thing is I’m a Cheap B* so I just want the free/cheap(er) stuff but this list has so many shops I’ve forgotten to visit in a long time and so I’m looking forward to visiting them over the next few weeks. The only thing I can suggest to you is just going to your favourite shop and see if they have a sale on first and then check your group notices for any info.

Blackstone is on her list as it does have some clothes at a discount it also has this freebie for us.

I spotted the lovely lacy sleeves straight away which has given this “classic” style dress an extra design notch. This is free because it’s an “MGSN” gift which stands for “Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News”. The Blackstone shop does have its own group and for the 50Ld price tag, some really nice outfits however limited in fits so if you’re tempted make sure to check the sizing out first.

Blackstone Shop.

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Causing Havoc. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit, RUSH).

Fortunately the issues SL was having with logins have passed and now I can show you my goodies…and I don’t mean my Perkies.

The top is a group gift from the Mym shop. A nice simple cropped top, with some boob-defining wrinkles and a hud of 4 shades and I’m now wishing I’d chosen the red colour. I was also lucky to win the lucky chair gift which I’m not showing you as there is only 1 chair and I only really do lucky chair/board prizes when there are a lot of them, nice gifts and a high turn over.

Everyone knows I don’t often show off accessories but with the Havoc shop gifts, it’s a different matter. The waist bag is a reblog and it does say “Updated” but I’m not sure what the update is as it’s pretty darn good in any case, I’m wearing the original one I have as a keeper. The “Bat bag” is cute and but it was the “tool bag” in my right hand that got me excited.

I’m pretty sure there are new gifts and all are accessories and for the most part, they come with big huds and a really nice touch is you get very low-primmed rezzable versions.

I spotted the snow outside of the Havoc shop and what looks like a market, it is the weekend and other special offers, I then decided to check out the Roslyn shop as it shares the same shopping area.

I joined the free group and grab just one of the bags as I’ve done enough accessories for the day but fortunately, I also decided to check the shop out properly as it’s not one I’ve visited often and look what I found…yeah it’s SHOPPING TIME BABY! Unfortunately, I believe we only have till the 17th to get the credit and I will check to see if there is a use-by date as well and also add the LM as I’ve just tacked this bit onto this post as I’d hate for people to miss this.

The small print says that the store credit doesn’t expire but the group returns to a paid one after the 17th. So don’t delay and grab it today…urgh I rhymed!

And another UPDATE, as I’m wandering around the Roslyn shop I’ve spotted even more shelves of group gifts the accessories are on the wall to the left as you’re facing the reception desk while on the back of the wall behind the reception desk are clothes…a decent amount and I’ve grabbed them all. They look “shop quality” so I’m going to have a nice time spending the free credit and then unpacking everything.


Mym Store.


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Staying home. (S@bbia Freebie).

I decided in the end not to buy that island/cave home as it was just too overpowering. Not that I have much to complain about as I’m loving my little island home.

Freebie is, of course, this S@bbia dress and for once this does come in different fits even though it’s a forgiving style that would fit most shapes.

It has a lovely fine knit texture to it and those folds, wrinkles and big hem it’s just lovely.

I will say that Jury Gothly is so good at these regular group gifts but if you have time then check out the rest of her shop, it has a lot to offer those who just want to look that bit different from the rest. Also for me, I wear her boots/shoes nearly all the time, even now although I cut them out I’m wearing a pair of S@bbia shoes. There is also a couple of Lucky Boards and one of those emm puzzle board prize giver..


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Giving up. (Freebies/Cheapie/Borky).

Not sure what’s up with SL as I’m struggling to take off/put things on so I’m just using the 2 pictures I’m happy with.

Appetite is a shop I’ve blogged about before and that includes the skirt I’m wearing.

This is a better picture, the skirt has split sides with a nice waved edge and I think there is a heart shape on the bum. You may also remember another gift of black/white shorts which were pretty good as well. The top is new and even though I’m not keen on slogan tops in this case I forgive it.

You do have to join the Appetite group and for some of the gifts pay 1Ld which is refunded and the rest are still 0Lds.

Faith’s last post was for a dating app and if you’re more social in SL then you will find on the same shopping mall/platform an excellent nightclub and skating ring, which is where I bought the skates from (10Lds) and they do come with a skating AO.

Pay Attention: I will say it’s a lovely bold place and you may also just miss the entrance to the Appetite shop, follow that white arrow. Plus the gifts are on the wall to your right at the bottom of the first set of stairs. Just look at the evil Pumpkin to your left then look to your right for the goodies.

Appetite,SK8 & Baam.