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Nope. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the dress.

It is a “nope” day, nope to work, nope to housework, nope to any unnecessary moving at all! I am lucky that I can make that choice so for those of you who have had to slog to work on a hot packed bus, or car and are now stuck in a workplace with little or no aircon I do feel for you.

As for the freebie, it’s the dress.

Just a random TP find and it’s from the “Your time” shop.

I had started to style it with a pair of prim gloves, handbag, hat and it’s begging for a belt because as nice as it is I think it lends itself to some more styling. It does come in most mesh body fits as well.

I do remember another gift on the board outside the 3 Your Style shops….yes it’s one of those oversized bell-shaped gowns. This gift and that one are on boards outside the shop entrances….easy to see when you get there.

Your Time. (Shopping Mall?).

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A happy accident. (10Ld & Freebies).

New shop new gifts. Technofolk is not a shop I’ve visited before even though they have one of the weekend special offers ie 60Ld Weekend I just stumbled into it using an old LM.

Some excellent dark/unisex and edgy clothing.

The cargo pants I’m wearing are one of the free group gifts, there are some boots a sports top etc but I decided to pay the 10Lds to get this jacket and I wasn’t disappointed. The small hud only changes the design on the sleeve.

Technofolk & Traume

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Dollarbies on the MP’s. (Dollarbies).

I was bored and since I’m poor instead of logging into eBay I logged into the Marketplace instead and Voila…

The top and skirt are two separate dollarbies from the Casadel shop. You only get them in this blue shade and I ain’t mad at it! Just in case you’re not sure you can get the Demo to try out first.

Some interesting uses of belts and strips of leather in a lot of their designs.

PS. Thats not a deformed boobie, it’s the way the top has been designed lol.

Casadel. (Marketplace Only).

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Lazy post/Lazy Day. (Free credit).

Yet another generous 300Lds worth of free shop credit. You have to be a subscriber to get it and as a subscriber, I know that this free credit pops up quite a lot.

The reason I’m just showing you the boards is that when you click on them you then have to choose which out of the four shops listed, Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptation and C&S you want to spend your credit in. Since the shops are all in the same place I’ve just put the one link which should take you to the shared plaza area.

I just have to show off what I got using my free credit in the Sweet Temptation shop.

I’m such a sucker for draped boobies.

Much appreciated that you get the whole month to spend the free credit.

Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, C&S( Chic & Shoes).

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Hello and goodbye. (Freebie).

I am pretty sure this top is a new group gift in the Osmia shop.

A nice ruched up front and I do believe it has the same runching at the back and a colour hud.

There are other gifts, previously blogged, inc a really cute bucket hat.

PS. The more I look at those panties the more I want to reblog them so once I’m back inworld I will go and find where they came from and yes they’re still a freebie in the Rouly shop they also come with a hud of colours.


Rouly. (Panties).

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Group gift

FREE Belted pants suit

Yesss! Been wanting a classic black pantsuit…and here it is – for free ❤ It comes with a nice tobacco tone leather belt. This is the new group gift from Varsity, the group is free to join. So many fits it makes my head spin – all the well known ones (even some I don’t know!) You’ll find this to the left as you walk into the store, there is also a gift sweater for the guys.


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A bit of history. (Freebie(ss)).

I hate to say goodbye to this dress but it has to go.

The hessian texture of the fabric and shabby chic rose pattern reminds me of the old American depression era children’s sack dresses. This is where the sacks that were used to store grain were being recycled into clothing for children so the sack manufacturers started to print patterns on the sacks so they would look nicer when recycled into clothing which I love it but it’s still gotta go!

There are other group gifts as well.