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It’s a secret. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the bag.

I have a tendency to avoid big events, at least until they’re quiet and the “Big Girl” event is definately quiet now which is why I was able to saunter through it and score this “hidden” gift.

Exc quality, plenty of fits and a 12 colour hud.

This is on the Havoc stand and there is nothing to indicate that this waist bag is an actual gift as it’s not in a gift box. There isn’t even a sign to say it’s a gift I just did a random price check and voila!

I think the LM will take you to the Havoc stand and if not then you will be stood between the Big Girl event and the American Bazaar shop. When you go into the event, veer right and the Havoc stall is next to the large lady statue. It’s the small picture of the bag you click on.

Havoc@Big Girl Event.

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Is it me???. (Freebie & Mention of Freebies/Cheapies).

Ignore the boots and jumper as these are old purchases of mine which means the skirt is the freebie.

It’s a lovely chocolate brown colour with a leather look to it. It comes in a lot of old and new mesh fits. Still excellent quality and dare I say it has a lovely autumnal look to it. In the same area there is the same skirt but in a green shade and I believe the third gift was a “stay at home” dress.

This is when SL started to get funny on me as I struggled to join/unjoin groups, TPing and some items weren’t sent to my invent.

Chances are they will turn up when I next log in so I will just tell you where to get the skirt but also the other area where there are more group gifts/lucky board and a big outlet department. attention.

To find this skirt when you enter the GeMyles shop veer to your right through the arched doorway and then just up the stairs to your left. To find the other group gifts/lucky boards and outlet dept then veer to the arched doorway to the left and then up the stairs.

There is a TP at the LM if you want to hop on that but it won’t take you to where this skirt is.

PS. If you do go it’s easy to see what I mean and if the missing item does turn up I will probably do another post about it.

GeMyles & MH Couture.

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Too much. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to a very retro event called “The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt”. Lots of stalls and lots of gifts, I don’t know if when they say “Hunt” that they mean when you click on some of the gift boxes you have to answer a question. I grabbed 5 boxes before I TP’d out and since none of them came with a question to answer I’m not sure how simple/hard they are. I’m going to have to return at a later date but if you have some free time and I do know some of the other events running are super packed then you can’t go wrong wandering around this event.

This outfit didn’t come from the event, I found a small Emerald Courture satelite shop at the event and decided since it had been a while since I was last there to check out the main shop and scored not just this two-piece but some other gifts.

This is a “Fantastic Monday” group gift however I think I just paid “0Ld’s” and thats all. You may miss it because it’s just a little white gift box next to the Fantastic Monday poster and I only bought it as I was curious as to what it was so it was a nice suprise how good it turned out to be.

The shop has updated itself since I was last there which is nice to see. Fortunately all the freebies/group gifts/lucky chairs and special offers are still grouped together in the room to your left as you go inside so it’s easy to find it all.

PS. There are a few hunts going on at the Emerald Couture and I just had to get the “The ice cream cone” hunt gift so check them out as well.

The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event.

Emerald Couture.

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3 Shades of Summer.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve actually chosen the wrong background for this outfit from Entice. The silkiness, bow and ruffle all scream elegant lounge wear not beach wear. I think it was the bright colour palette of 3 shades of yellow which made me think of a summers day.

You get a decent pack of fits and the bonus of them being separates.

BTW Don’t be a goober like me, I spend ages in the gift/discount room upstairs where I may have won a couple of Lucky Board prizes but couldn’t see the main prize of this new group gift and thats because it’s downstairs on the wall next to the reception desk.


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The face says it all. (New(?) Event & Freebie(ss)).

Looks like I’m wearing my best blank doll face lol. It’s too late to log back in and take a new picture so I’m going with this one…cos I still look pretty.

The “Posh Event” has started and will go on till the, I think, the 23rd. Is this a new event? So much happens in SL and I’m more often than not late to the party so this event could have been running for months but for me it’s new lol. It’s a nice sized event and I did spot a few of the stalls with freebies.

What I didn’t spot was Landmarks! That annoys me! I am someone who often walks away from a sale/event etc with nothing but the landmarks of shops at these events that I want to check out their main shop and since many stalls don’t have a LM giver I also end up grabbing the demos so I can pop them into a folder as places to visit at a later date. If I was an SL seller I’d insist that my inworld/marketplace shop has a landmark that is easy for people to grab.

Yeah it’s a Monday and I am very much in a monday moodie so I’m off out to get some fresh air, blow away the cobwebs and return refreshed and ready to face a new week.

Posh Event.

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Going in! (Freebie(sss).

Wow first TP of the day and I won big time.

Sorry I cannot for the life of me remember if someone gave me the link to the Lunar shop or I just random TP’d to it but what I do know is that the group is free ONLY for a limited time so go NOW as this outfit of shorts, top and jacket (seperates) plus the other two gifts are simply fab!

I’ve left my AV stood exactly where I took this photo as I intend on having a really good look inside the Lunar shop, thats also where the gifts are, and also the matching shop on the other side but as some of you may have noticed my SLing time has been a bit limited for the past few weeks. This is only because RL has been super busy in a good way. I am hoping that in about a weeks time it will have calmed down to I can SL just a bit more as it’s my way of relaxing.


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Pot Luck. (Freebie(sss)).

A long time ago I did a post about some most interesting designs from a shop called Hitogata and I still have those pieces of clothing so when I’d decided it was time to reblog them I couldn’t find the shop. Sadly I assumed it had bitten the dust and how wrong was I because in my random TPing yesterday I stumbled upon the shop now at a new location. Although I do suspect since there isn’t actually anything for sale it’s either reopening, slowly, or just there for the gifts.

New location and NEW Freebies. I am sad that a couple of the old freebies aren’t included but happy for the new stuff.

There is a gift box, buy for 0Ld, and inside the big box is a lot of little boxes and inside these little boxes are some pretty unique and stand out from the crowd designs.

Sadly because at the moment my SLing time is very limited I had to pick and choose the items I wanted to show you so I plumped for this nurses dress and this more futuristic rabbit bodysuit?

Not everything is this OTT, there are some very pretty panties and tops, some accessories and just fun outfits! A coat so bold in its bright colours you know people will cam onto you, an off the shoulder dress with a hint of Baby Jane to it or a simple off the shoulder/oversized man’s shirt for a woman…and a couple of menswear outfits as well. .

UPDATE: Whoop Whoop and more Whooping as when I logged back into LM grab I spotted that there are in fact 2 boxes, both set to 0Lds and these come from the 2020 box and I’m hoping that when I get some free time to unpack the second box it has the older freebies that I was going to reblog.