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I have my moments! (New Nutmeg Gift).

This is the new Nutmeg gift, a very rustic table and stool set. I’m not showing you the stools as tbh I’ve had so many rezzing issues over the past few days I wasn’t really expecting the table to rezz fully texture so when it did I didn’t push my luck and just did a quick click. The stools are of the same rustic style and you get a PG and Adult version.

This is just one of the many top-quality gifts on the palette in the Nutmeg entrance but look close by as there is a delivery bike loaded with older and quality gifts.


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Boring! (Freebie(s)).

My next random TP was to a sex island so I quicky TP’d out and ended up at the Raven Bell shop.

There are a few gifts on the wall, of some shapes, unisexed hair and this…swirl.

Yeah I know not the most exciting picture ever. It is nice, it has a light sparkle and swirls around in a tight corkscrew so would be fab to be placed around a garden feature to make it stand out more.

DON’T ignore this post if this isn’t of any interest as I want to get you to visit the Raven Bell shop to try out one of the Demo hairs.

This hair, called Skye, is very long, dragging across the floor long hair. Even though I have no intention of buying it as I will never use it I did have great fun playing with the style hud that comes with it. That hud allows you to change the way the hair lies, flows and blows so standing up, sitting down, swimming etc you can change it. So for those who like a very dramatic hair I’d hate for you to miss this one just because I’m not going to buy it.

I might just buy the pack of hair addons for wearing with hats. I’ve grabbed the demo so I will be trying these hair patches with some of my fav hats to see if I should buy the pack.

Raven Bell.

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From sad to glad.(Planet 9 Freebiesssssss, Decor, Jewelry, clothes etc).

Thankfully the Planet 9 event is nice and quiet which means I was able to get all of the gifts. I did try to count how many gifts there are but “ain’t nobody got time for that” as there are just so many.

Lots of the gifts don’t indicate whats inside so I’m leaving them as a suprise for later however the few items of clothing I did see I couldn’t model for you. So instead here is a coffin.

This is a gift from Nomad and any home owner knows the Nomad brand. A nice mix of colours, two version this upright and a lying on the ground option and a power cord for an extra touch of detail and all for just 1prim.

So it’s nice and as you can see from this picture it casts a nice glow which got me thinking…

…BAM, yeah, change your windlight and amp up the dramatic effect. Dot these around your garden, put them on the roof of your home and enjoy the way the light reflects off other decor.

I just changed it to midnight and then snapped. Since its only 1 prim I’m leaving it where it is so when I get back inworld I’m going to have a play with the settings just for fun.

I will also work my way through all of the other gifts, I suspect there is easily over 100 of them and they are from quality shops. I can see though that there is a lot of accessories ie earrings, wearables, make up etc so I personally won’t be keeping most things but I do keep the landmarks of a lot of the shops such as the ones I’ve not visited for a while or more often a shop who’s name I don’t recognise.

UPDATE: I just had to log in to give it a try so here is my Zen garden with the coffins dotted about.

I took this picture just in the basic “Sunset” windlight option but when I cycled through all of the windlight settings I enjoyed how much of an effect it had on the way they looked. BTW can you see the bottom right corner, yup thats an itty bitty coffin which as it was shrunk seemed to give off a much stronger glow so a perfect tabletop/mantlepiece decor item.

Planet 29

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From Sparka to me to you. (Freebie(sss).

Nothing in this first picture is free….apart from the Gift Boards of course lol.

I knew there was something special going on at the Trompe Loeil shop but totally forgot about it till Sparta dropped a note and I went running.

The reason I’m showing you this part of the shop is so you know where to look for the second lot of gift boards. The first set of three gift boards are at the shop entrance and easy to find unlike this second lot so when you TP in, turn to your left and you should now find it easy to find those two gift boards which are packed with old Christmas gacha’ prizes.

The three boards at the front door of the main shop have fatpacks of side tables and tables which are the same design but different shades. The third gift is a fatpack of lamps each a different style and the handful I did rezz also have an on off and the light they cast is so good.

I’d forgotten I’d rezzed one of the Christmas gifts in this picture.

So thats the rest of my lazy day sorted, going to get a coffee and then work my way through all the lovely and much appreciated goodies.t.

Trompe Loeil.

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Free Beer. (Freebie).

Sorry no clothes but I have beer.

This is a gift from the 8f8 shop but is a L’Homme group gift. Look at the detailing. I’ve forgot to click on it to see if you’re sent a wearable but if it doesn’t who cares when it looks this good.

This is a bit of a hidden gift so I’m going to show you where to get it. Look at this second picture and you can see the L’Homme poster and the lighter poster stuck to it is the gift.

The LM will take you to the middle of the Black Kite Sim so just turn left as the floating platorms of the 8f8 shop are in the corner.

If you’ve never visited the 8f8 shop then you have missed a photo opportunity as most of the sim is a watery wonderland with random small builds, props and flattering lighting which makes it easy for anyone to take a great picture.

I’m tempted to join the actual 8f8 group as even though it has a price tag, I think it’s 199Lds some of the group gifts which are scattered around so you have to look closely for them are so pretty. The newest one is the most delicate buttercups I have ever seen.

8f8 (Black Kite Sim).

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Old friends, old gifts.(Freebie(ss)).

Next stop on my list was Vespertine and I saw all the free group gifts inc a window frame I’ve had/loved for a long time and totally forgot to check their gacha’s!

You can just about see the wire and lights which are framing my window. It comes in a fatpack of different lights/decor items and thats the same for that star light hanging in front. Each item is just 2 prims and are super pretty.

There are lots of pumpkins and some old and updated versions of the same thing so you may have the old version but not the new…doesn’t matter as yet again it’s so relaxing to work your way through it all and sort it out into neat little folders for your invent to eat up.

This is also a reblog but I’d forgotten how damned cute it is.

Just adorable, the glazed look is a glass dome over this little scene. Again I think only 2 prims and yet the detailing is excellent. This is the Customer Appreciation gift.

When I get back inworld I will be checking for any gacha’s and if they’ve been discounted. I don’t think that will be the case so don’t be suprised if there isn’t an update to this post. I think a lot of sellers haven’t either got the message or have decided not to discount their gacha’s which is actually fair enough. I think many of us, and I include myself in this, forget that behind the shops/creators/designers/sellers are people trying to make money to support themselves. So as much as a love a discount/freebie etc I don’t expect it….mind you if there are gacha’s and they have been reduced I will be going bat sh*t crazy clicking on them as I love the Vespertine range lol.


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Too much. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to a very retro event called “The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt”. Lots of stalls and lots of gifts, I don’t know if when they say “Hunt” that they mean when you click on some of the gift boxes you have to answer a question. I grabbed 5 boxes before I TP’d out and since none of them came with a question to answer I’m not sure how simple/hard they are. I’m going to have to return at a later date but if you have some free time and I do know some of the other events running are super packed then you can’t go wrong wandering around this event.

This outfit didn’t come from the event, I found a small Emerald Courture satelite shop at the event and decided since it had been a while since I was last there to check out the main shop and scored not just this two-piece but some other gifts.

This is a “Fantastic Monday” group gift however I think I just paid “0Ld’s” and thats all. You may miss it because it’s just a little white gift box next to the Fantastic Monday poster and I only bought it as I was curious as to what it was so it was a nice suprise how good it turned out to be.

The shop has updated itself since I was last there which is nice to see. Fortunately all the freebies/group gifts/lucky chairs and special offers are still grouped together in the room to your left as you go inside so it’s easy to find it all.

PS. There are a few hunts going on at the Emerald Couture and I just had to get the “The ice cream cone” hunt gift so check them out as well.

The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event.

Emerald Couture.