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Too much. (Freebie(sss)).

I went to a very retro event called “The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt”. Lots of stalls and lots of gifts, I don’t know if when they say “Hunt” that they mean when you click on some of the gift boxes you have to answer a question. I grabbed 5 boxes before I TP’d out and since none of them came with a question to answer I’m not sure how simple/hard they are. I’m going to have to return at a later date but if you have some free time and I do know some of the other events running are super packed then you can’t go wrong wandering around this event.

This outfit didn’t come from the event, I found a small Emerald Courture satelite shop at the event and decided since it had been a while since I was last there to check out the main shop and scored not just this two-piece but some other gifts.

This is a “Fantastic Monday” group gift however I think I just paid “0Ld’s” and thats all. You may miss it because it’s just a little white gift box next to the Fantastic Monday poster and I only bought it as I was curious as to what it was so it was a nice suprise how good it turned out to be.

The shop has updated itself since I was last there which is nice to see. Fortunately all the freebies/group gifts/lucky chairs and special offers are still grouped together in the room to your left as you go inside so it’s easy to find it all.

PS. There are a few hunts going on at the Emerald Couture and I just had to get the “The ice cream cone” hunt gift so check them out as well.

The 60ties Shopping & Treasure Hunt Event.

Emerald Couture.

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2 Extremes. (Freebie(sss)).

I was meandering around a shopping sim and spotted outside of a lot of the shops signposts for the “SLF Anniversary Event” and we all know that next to a Birthday Event an Anniversary one is just as good for goodies.

I’m only showing you two of the gifts from the gift wall next to the LM the rest I will leave as suprises and there is a nice mix of items as well.

I was actually in the Acrid shop, on the shopping sim, admiring a bed before I spoted the notice boards and this is their gift of a 1 prim neon tap. Very interesting and another reminder I need to start cleaning up the clutter on my land.

These shoes do look very familiar to me. I suspect they were a gift from a previous event/offer and of course I could be totally wrong as I did check and I don’t have these and I know I would have kept them.

No shade intended thinking that they might be old gifts dusted off as I always think when a gift is top quality they can put it out/keep it out for as long as they want as that gives everyone a chance to get them. I believe these are from a shop called “Look at me” and the style is familar but not the shop name.

I’m going to give you the 2 LM’s one for the event and the other for the shopping sim so once you’ve saved money on the freebies you can spend money in the shops.

PS. This event is over on the 31st so still a few days left and I will be returning to check it out fully myself when I get back inworld.

SLF Gifts. (Birthday Event).

Veles Shops & Events.(Shopping Sim).

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A rare pose. (Freebie(ssssss)).

How often do I do a simple sit pose? Trust me it’s rare as I just struggle with anything other than a standard, standing pose and looking at the camera. In this case I decided to try my best to sit as I needed to cover up my Foo Foo to make sure this is a PG post lol.

This dress is a gift from the Dubai Event which is celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday which means lots and lots and lots of gifts. I did pick up a few random ones and then this which is the gift from the Nyne shop and I love that yellow/grey combo it’s really good. Lots of fits as well which is good because I did get other clothing from this event which I couldn’t model for you.

Also check out the hair, this is the same hair from my previous post in it’s dry stage. “Rachel” is a lovely smooth hair, with the newer fine texturing etc. Check out my last post for the details about it as it’s both a dry and wet hair.

PS. I did find a really good free hair at the Dubai event from No-match. To me when it comes to skin and hair I think it’s very hard to find free or cheap skin/hair so it’s the one thing that I think you should be prepaired to pay a reasonable amount for but so many people are on a SL/RL budget so I’m always happy when I find a decent free/cheap hair so make sure you go get that hair.

Dubai Event.

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Picture perfect.(Freebies & Mention of Hunt).

I’m having a pleasant Sunday afternoon sim/shop hopping and ended up at a place Faith did a recent post on and thats the “Chic Buildings” shop and she did the “Red, White & Blue Hunt”. I will put the link to her post so you can see some of the prizes you can win.

The LM I had took me to the underground station where there is a TP board to the different departments if you don’t want to TP just walk up the stairs and there all there and so is the gallery of FREE art.

Obviously Chic Aeon is both a lover of both art and SL photography so they have set up this gallery so anyone can treat their home to some artwork. There is a big selection of styles to pick and chose from so I’m pretty sure that everyone could find something to their taste. I grabbed 3 pieces for myself.

PS. It says “non-mod” but click on the painting and you get a resizing menu.

Chic Buildings. (Buy the LM from the LM board).

Red, White & Blue Hunt, Faiths Post.

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OH NO! (Freebie(sss)).

Osima is 4 years old and I believe there is a 50% sale going on…please check though.

This skirt is being used in the poster advertising it’s Birthday and to find it you have to look on the shelf with the other free group gifts…just follow the sign on the floor.

The skirt is another “classic” design so I’m not sure if I’ve blogged it or something very similar. Classic skirts like this are always a good find and with the addition of 28 excellent colours/patterns very handy indeed. Sadly the newer top that is being used in the birthday advert isn’t a group gift so I snagged this one from the shelf above and it too has a nice sized hud.

I know I’ve blogged the top and a couple of the other gifts out before.

As for the background, I’m using it as an excuse to get you over to Vita’s Boudoir.

A lot of you may recognise this shop and for those who don’t you’re in for a treat. Precious Restless is a designer both in RL and SL and her unique take on everything from clothing to full builds stand out for quality and uniqueness. As you can see that pouf is a gift for us.

I am assuming the LM will take you near to where this is but since the whole of the shop is spread over quite an area it will make it much easier to find it by taking this picture of it in the shop.

PS. The “OH NO” is I hate the lipstick I’m wearing but it’s too late to change it.


Vitas Boudoir

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Coffee break. (Freebie).

A lot of TPing here and there, a couple of Gacha prizes, a couple of okayish gifts and a couple of notes to sellers to let them know of a small issue, ie item not set for sale, and I’m done. My computer needs a break and I need a coffee so I will leave you with the newest Apple Fall group gift.

A lovely set of smelly candles, although you will have to use your imagination as to how they smell lol. You get I think 5 different fragrances and a closed and opened option. The little flame on the wick is so realistic and gives off a small soft glow. One click and you can turn it off. Each item is only 1prim.

When I return I will have a real good look around the Apple Fall shop inc the outdoor area and the discount area to see if there is any new hidden item set for 0Lds.

UPDATE: I did spot at least 1 new freebie hidden among the items for sale.

Apple Fall.

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Goodies. (Freebie(sss)).

Careless, the shop not the action, has a lot of goodies out for us.

I remember showing you the glass beach baubles but nothing else from the wall of Group Gifts and I’m pretty sure I would have remembered them.

The gifts are all decor, everything from a full pink Chesterfield set, bed, table, chairs, plants etc. On the other wall are equally has good Lucky Boards and I did win a settee from there.

Not only is everything “shop quality” but some come in fatpacks of colours and you get a PG or Adult option.

This cushion pile is what I went for and you get a hud which allows you to change the pattern on each cushion and yes a PG or Adult version.

UPDATE: I must say now I’ve had time to hop on and try out the poses in both the settee and cushions I am most impressed with them. Obviously I’ve not tried the Adult ones but if the PG ones are anything to go by then I don’t think you will be disapointed.