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Getting Flirty, Again. UPDATE! (Freebie(sss)).

I read every comments left on a post which is why I saw the one from Ivy and the clever girl discovered that you need to click on the handle of the gift bag and not the main part of it.

UPDATE: I think its been fixed!

I logged inworld to grab the LM and I was going to drop the seller a note to ask if she could reset it and as a last minute test I clicked on the gift bag and got the goodies, clicked again to check and got the goodies again and then clicked for the third and last time and yup got the goodies. Brill, its rare for me to contact sellers if their gifts are borking as I hate bothering busy people asking for them to sort out their freebies but in this case since there are so many gifts and so many good gifts it was a shame for people to miss out however it looks like its been fixed which I much appreciate.

Just in case you want to try it, then here is where the free gifts are, the VIP ones are over the reception desk.

The 4 other gift bags also have freebies in and I believe you pay “0” for those and its the big middle one that has 34 gifts in and just in case I was having a brain fart if clicking on the main part of the gift bag doesn’t work then do what Ivy did and click the handle.


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Be inspired. (Freebies).

I have to admit that in RL my Mum and I used to go to the newly built posh estates and wander around the show homes pretending we weren’t as poor as dirt and could actually afford to pay for one of them.

That’s what the B&B (A Builders & Bloggers Collaboration Event) reminds me of. You have a selection of small single roomed builds that have been tastefully decorated to show off not just the furniture designs but also the skill of the bloggers who I think decorated each room…there is a note which I didn’t get but I did get the link to their blog so you can see what I’m talking about.

I didn’t think there was any gifts and I only spotted them when I returned to the middle of this small area to get the LM so I was very pleased.

I’d like to show you more of the gifts than just this chair however the “Clang of Doom” rang out warning me that I had to leave our sim as it was restarting so the rest of the gifts will be a surprise for all of us.

B&B. (A Builders and Bloggers Collaboration).

B&B. Blog.

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Naughty or Nice? Cheap or Free?

I went to the Nutmeg shop and as always it didn’t fail.

First the FREE.

What a pretty little spread and I love how the quail eggs have been added which means you can have this out all year round and not just at Easter or Spring time.

I must show you a close-up.

Look at the cracked egg, such attention to detail, and again for FREE.

That means the rug has to be the cheapie, it’s the 60Ld Happy Weekend offer. It’s just what I’m after and it even comes with a hud of light and natural patterns. You also get a small and large size, although I don’t think the large is very large just larger than the small size lol.

I also didn’t know that you also get Adult/PG or AO-free options. Just hop on the TP to take you to the demo.

PS. Don’t panic if you do take the TP to the rug demo as it seems to be in a very grey space…turn around and it’s there. Also close by the LM is all the older Group Gifts as well as one from last month which I don’t know if Faith blogged.


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Artist Worthy.(Dollarbie).

This a quick post to start off a lazy spring Sunday.

This small vase of Lily of the Valley is a hunt gift in the The Artist Shed shop.

There are two hunts going on and you can see the prizes and also get hunt hints at the top of the shop stairs….byeeee.

PS. Don’t forget the free corndogs under the reception desk..they’re cute.

The Artist Shed.

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There is a lot going on. (Freebies, Dollarbies, 50% Sale & Reblog(?)).

Since this post has a bit of everything I will try to break it down or you can just scroll to the end where I put the LM’s I will also put the concise details.


This is a reblog but for me after a miserable winter just seeing the first signs of spring in RL is warming me up and it also acted as a reminder of this little plant from the Kazza Marketplace shop.

This little plant pot looks bigger in the picture than it really is and is actually a pretty old gift. Amazing quality and detailing which shows how when somethings done right it can really stand the test of time. Only 1 prim as well!


Just like the little plant pot, I think this is an old gift from the Kazza Marketplace shop. Again stunning detailing and comes with a pose but unbelievably only 6 prims rezzed. You do only get one non-copy verson for you to keep or pass it on to a loved one…keeping mine!


This comes from the Decision shop and I do know I’ve blogged about this shop before but this dress, maybe, maybe not new? What I will say is go on over, go look for yourself and if you have a male friend/partner or AV drag them along as I actually think the men’s gifts are better than the women’s and a lot of the outfits come in a matching “his ‘n’ her” set…blurgh! LOL.


Yes, I am doing FREE earrings and most people know that I usually don’t do accessories but again these very pretty floral earrings from the Sigma shop are just so nice I had to get them. I know you can’t see them too well but you too will be impressed.

50% SALE.

The earrings also give me an excuse to get you over to the shopping sim the Sigma shop is on as the shops there have a 50% sale going on for just this week only. I do believe you pay full price and then the 50% is refunded…yes thats right as I’ve checked. The other shops are Mosquito’s Way and Ecru Couture.

UPDATE: The 50% sale ends tomorrow the 23rd.

Kazza. (Plant pot, bouquet, Marketplace Dollarbies).

Decision. (Dress and many more outfits & men’s wear).

Sigma, Mosquito’s Way & Ecru Couture. (Earrings come from the Sigma shop).

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All empty. (Freebie(s)).

Yup, all I’m showing you is a pile of empty gift boxes.

These are actually a gift from the Cococat shop. You get a selection of different piles that are great for either decoration in your home or as a backdrop in photos.

There are gifts, but only one outfit and that is in limited fits, fun to wear through and the rest are wearables. Gonna leave those as a surprise.

PS. No group needed, just click and collect.


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Silly me, freebie.

When I first rezzed this gift my first thought was “why is there a wax seal included?” then I changed the angle of my camera and the “wax seal” is, in fact, a naughty toy.

Before I headed on over to the Backbone inworld shop I decided to check out the marketplace shop which is where you will find this gift.

4 Prims in total, all linked, and no I didn’t click on it to see if I was sent a surprise…I keep my SL vanilla lol.

UPDATE: There are some free gifts in the inworld shop, mainly kawaii models to stand on your shelf. These are to be found in the room facing the reception desk.

Backbone. (Marketplace).

Backbone. (Inworld).