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Keepsies. (FREE 500ld Belle Epoque Shop Credit & Gifties & FLF Bouquet).

It’s true, Belle Epoque has set its group fee to “0” and has put out a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

And as you can see there are those excellent group gifts to the right so it doesn’t really get better or more generous.

This is shop credit so I can’t pass it on and will be forced (LOL) to spend it on myself.

There is a time limit which is till the 26th and I’m not sure if that’s the latest date to get the gift or to spend the gift.

I’m adding this update just to show off what I got and also mention that there is a couple of costumes for men.

This dress is what I decided to buy. I’m glad I did an invent search as I was almost going to buy something I already owned. I still have some credit left so I may return at a later date and see if I can add to it to buy another dress.

I also treat myself to an FLF offer which is the bouquet. I may not wear many wearables but I’m a sucker for bouquets and headdresses. This is from the Ariskea shop and I picked the more orangy colour. You not only get this wearable version which holds its pose as you walk you also get a decor version which I’ve not rezzed so I’m assuming it will be pretty low as the Ariskea shop doe stunning decor for low prims.

Belle Epoque.

FLF Pictues & LM’s.

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Out of time and out of luck.(Freebie(s)).

I was hoping before I have to log out that I would be lucky and win at least one of the prizes off a gift board…I didn’t but fortunately, this freebie from Wellmade has made up for that.

It’s Wellmade quality, with excellent lacing on the top and the sides of the shorts. I spotted another new, to me, gift top as well but in the group gift room, we all know there are a lot of gifts for both the Wellmade group and so many other free/cheap groups so it’s always good to keep on popping in to see what’s new.

PS. Once I’ve done with the RL stuff that needs to be done I will plonk myself in front of those lucky boards and if I don’t win anything I may still do a post as it’s also a nice way to clean out your invent and if you do win something then it’s a nice little extra.


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I take no credit. (Freebie(sss).

These shorts did come out in a freebie group post and since they looked so good and I’m desperate to get back outside and enjoy the sun I decided I’d go for it.

(Ignore the top as it’s an old freebie).

I had hoped that out of all the gift bags in the “A breakfast convo” shop there would be a top I could use and yes there are tops, dresses, poses etc and nope I couldn’t use any of those. You do get fatpack of colours and sizes but just not Legacy so I slung one of my own tops on and pulled a pose.

Special mention to this bag! Oooh, lots of detailing and a light sparkle which you can see in this picture. Super nice but since I don’t wear bags and love them as decor I TP’d to a sandbox to rezz it and you can’t it can only be worn.

A Breakfast Convo.

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I’m pished!(Freebie(sssss)).

I don’t often use the inside of my home for photos and now that I’ve taken this one I’ve realised it’s so grey! I’ve been planning on spending some time faffing around with the decor, it’s so relaxing, and I think it’s time to introduce some colour.

That’s not why I’m “pished” it’s because when I logged in to LM grab all of a sudden the Catarsis shop is heaving! I thought my random TP had scored me a fab find and now I suspect it’s gone out in a freebie group notice…MEH!

Never mind the freebies are definitely worth blasting out in all groups. Lots of skirts, dresses, tops, pants etc and all the ones I picked up were fatpacks so there is a lot to pick through.

Then I walked to the shop opposite called Courtyard and although there is a gift for a woman the others, not as many, are for men.

Catarsis & Courtyard.

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One day soon! (Freebie(sss)).

I was pretty sure we were going to get a bit of a heatwave where I live and when/if that happens I’m heading out to the beach. Till then I will have to put up with a dream beach, dream outfit and of course a dream body lol.

Queenz doesn’t just cater for the curvacious but also us skinny minnies and this outfit is their newest gift. It’s a full-length skirt and a decent hud of colours and patterns.

I was going to show you another “new to me” freebie which has a very stylised jacket that I loved but as always I’ve left that as well as all the other group gifts on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.


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It’s sure is “WellMade”. (Freebie(sss)).

Logging off with a winner as it’s a gift from the WellMade shop.

As a gift for Pride Month, this romper comes with a hud of 5 very rainbow colours.

It’s just a quality gift…and that’s it I can now log off with a smile.


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What’s better than a doughnut? (Freebies).

Two doughnuts of course.

The doughnuts are not the freebie it’s really these excellent clothes.

I did think that all I was going to find in the Klubb shop was “wearables” as the Lucky Boards are just full of glasses so I was happy when I spotted that there are four group gifts and two of them are these outfits.

Both of these outfits come as separates and have really nice/decent sized huds.

BTW You do know that if you have a hud that changes both the top and bottom the same colour but you would like to have them different shades, just wear the item you want select the colour then take it back into your invent then put on the other item chose the colour you want for that and then just wear the top out of your invent and voila, two different shades….does that seem clear?

PS. If you do like wearables such as glasses then there really are some nice ones in the Lucky Boards and on my return to LM grab I won a pair so I’m looking forward to trying them out later.