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Break time. (Freebie(sss)).

Real Life for me has been super busy and yet super boring at the same time so I took a quick break to grab a RL coffee and as you can see an SL coffee and this new freebie top.

It comes from Amias and even though they’ve snuck their logo on the top I forgive the as it’s a lovely quality gift. It has a nice boxy style and a neat hood at the back. You get a “his ‘n’ her” option…his is full length.

Now I’ve been back to grab the landmark I’m tempted to do a “Reblog” of some of the other gifts as even though they have been blogged I think it’s time to dust them off as they too are quality.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Who me? (Freebie(ss)).

Virtual Diva has new group gifts out for us and I don’t think this is new but new to me. I just so happened to love the skirt and as it’s a seperate it means it’s a keeper. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the top though and that bright zingy red/orange colour will go well with jeans, shorts or even just a bikini bottom…thinking outside of the box again.

Plenty of fits and happily for me the SLink HG fit fit my SLink P body perfectly so since I didn’t have to change into my HG body to show you this outfit this is the one I’m showing you.

There are other gifts inc what I believe is a brand new one and they’re more classy/sexy than this bold shade.

PS. Just before you go inside for the group gifts on the wall to your left are gifts for other free/cheap groups but I didn’t spot anything new and to your right are some lucky boards.

Virtual Diva.

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Two for Free.(Freebies).

I had to strip off for both of these dresses not only because of the fit but because both of them have some serious boob/nip flashing so for the sake of a PG post I’m blanked out.

This dress is a free for all gift from the Moon Amour shop.

It also has a hint of sheerness. You could rummage in your invent and find a cropped top to cover up the boobies as that exagerated skirt is a joy or just wear it as it is. Comes in a lot of fits as well inc flat chested one for any male AV.

BTW if you’re tempted to join the Moon Amour group, only 55Lds, you will see on the board with the pictures of the freebies one picture is marked as old group gifts, make sure to pick those up as well.

I’m not 100% sure if this dress has been cut low enough to nip flash or was that simply because it didn’t have an SLink fit for me to try it on. As always since it costs nothing to try go try it out for yourself.

The Flamingoes group is another one with a small joining fee but this dress is a Fab Free group gift.

Moon Amour.


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I ain’t mad at it! (Freebie(ss) & 25Ld Mina Gacha Hair).

A random drop in took me to a shop called “YM shop” where there is a big wall of group gifts. Some old, some older and some nope and also some ooo’s.

This dress comes in 2 parts the ruffle and dress plus a decent sized hud of really nice colours. I also spotted shoes and hair which I hadn’t tried on when I first did this post but now I’ve tried them I’m editing this post as they too are not bad. The shoes are really ankle boots with an interesting design and although the hair isn’t “Mina” quality lol it’s not bad at all.

Make sure to check out the Casper vend boards as well, I notice you do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

YM Shop.

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Blessed Relief. (Freebie(sss)).

I started out my time in SL with a random LM which to my suprise took me to the Wellmade shop which is pretty “Wellknown”(sic) by all of us for its plentiful gifts and this bathing suit is the new one.

It is a two-piece which is handy, definately has a sequin look to it and a hud of different colours and comes in plenty of fits so I should be excited but I was hoping for a nice frock or shoes lol. Nah I’m kidding because I could have shown you a “frock” or two as there is a whole room of gifts for both the WellMade group as well as others free/cheap ones.

As for the “blessed relief” we’ve had a bit of a break from the blasting sun in RL which for me personally has been much needed.

PS. Thats a Mina hat/hair just in case you’re after a classy summer look.

UPDATE: I’ve had a stroll around and if you walk or take the TP to the outlet section there is a “game room” with some lucky boards and I’m just about to check out the discounts.


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Nope, Nope, Nope, Oooo Yes! (Freebie(sss)) UPDATED for Russkaya 10Ld Group Gifts.

As always since there was a busy little crowd in the Euthanasia shop I suspect these excellent freebies have been blogged somewhere by someone and now it’s my turn lol.

I couldn’t find my pixelation tab so I’ve had to star out my foo foo as yes Maitreya/Legacy only. I could have shown you the other excellent jacket as that actually fitted me well but it was this one with the strapping on the arm and back also that sleeve pocket which I really wanted to show you. All of the gifts seem to come with a fatpack of colours, this jacket has been slightly muted in the picture but it has a wonderful light metallic sheen to it and it was hard to chose which colour options I liked best so I stuck with the one it comes in.

I think there are a total of 5 group gifts in the Euthanasia shop and I think on another wall is some gifts for men. I will check as not only am I going back inworld to LM grab I’m also going to check out the poses and the rest of the shop.

So I logged back into LM grab and check out the other group gift board which turns out to be for the Russkaya shop. I don’t have time to model thise group gifts but I did join as it only costs 10Lds and as you can see from this picture I think that is a cheap price for some great clothing.

These are all the VIP Gifts, only 10Lds to join and I am looking forward to logging in later and trying them all on.


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Show some PRIDE. (Freebies).

I’ve not done many of the events, special offers, sales in celebration of “Pride” so when I went to the “Pride at home” event it looks like I made the right choice as the gifts are plenty and quality gifts.

The backdrop is a The Bearded Guy gift (151 prims) and the bathing suit should look familar as it’s the Blueberry bathing suit from a couple of posts ago with a Pride colour palette.

I spotted a lot more so as always when I log back in I will have a nice saunter around in my new cossie and pick up the rest of the gifts.

I also spotted the SOS stall which stands for “Survivors of Suicide” which is both wonderful that people have survive such a traumatic time in their lives but desperately sad that they found themselves in that position in the first place. I did make a donation, just a small one as that was all I basically had but it’s not the amount you donate its the fact you donated that can mean as much.

@Pride at Home.