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“Love” this. (Freebie(sss).

Shi has done my job for me and found some excellent freebies from the “Love” shop and if she hadn’t dropped me a note about them I will have missed them so Thank You.

Any “heads up” from anyone is really appreciated. I may not in the end blog them as maybe they’ve been blogged before or some other reason but I DO check out every note (NOT Im’s as they are capped).

The “Love” shop was quite busy so I did a quick grab and run and out of the gifts I picked up a tracksuit set, another hair which I haven’t tried on and the dress I’m wearing in this picture which does inc thigh high boots and lastly the hair I’m wearing before I quickly TP’d home to try them on.

This hair is a long bum length, and I did take some pictures but they were blurgh! So you get this simple one from the front as you still get a good idea of what it looks like. The texturing is a nice fine one and the colour palette is pretty big. Added to that are the “addons”. You have a choice of roses or crown or roses and crown or no roses or crown as all it takes is just a couple of clicks to change everything.

And I will say that I preferred the “S” fit but there was a telltale white line down the parting so I changed it to the “M” fit which is pretty good and then I spotted that even though you get 3 preset fits, S,M,L in the style hud you can edit the size just that bit more for the best fit for your head so all it took was a couple of clicks to get a great fit.

LOVE. Hair & Apparel.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Feeling hot, hot, hot. (Freebies).

Short n sweet.

This is just one of the gorgeous freebies from Una and now I’ve logged in to grab the LM I’m sure that there are new gifts as I don’t remember this or the dress I picked up at the same time which means hopefully some surprises for you all.

PS. Just thought I’d add that this and the other gifts seem to come with a colour hud as well which is always a nice extra.

UNA. (On the wall to your left as you go in).