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Don’t panic, I’m still a Cheap B*. (Freebies).

I should be asleep but then again I should be rich and thin and that ain’t happening either!

So I did my most fav thing and old LM hopped until I ended up at the DUK store. I almost TP’d away as it is a men’s wear shop but we too can have male Alts we need to dress esp since Lelutka is also gifting us with excellent male mesh heads. So I went looking and found clothes for women and a rather good men’s gift as well.

You will see 3 gift posters but some contain more than what is shown on the picture so just grab all 3 of them and start unpacking and sorting through some tops, leggings, skirts etc and some do come with really good colour huds.

Just like RL, I did spot a couple of flaws that I will not point out. These gifts are quality gifts and I think the flaws are just small oversights. Since everything is free then you just try stuff on and have fun.

UPDATE: Because I’m now regretting not taking a picture of the oversized/off the shoulder coat. It doesn’t come with the dress as shown in the shop poster but it can be styled over many clothes. Although intended for women it also looks like it would be a stylish male fit but now it’s well past my bedtime I have to log off.

DUK. (Turn right and they’re on the wall next to the black statue.)

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A mixed bag. (Freebie(ss)).

I have RL work to do so I was happy to find before I logged off a table full of gifts in the Jasmine Clothing shop.

Although there is a gift for the free Jasmine Clothing group from the quick clicks on the random boxes showed that they are gifts for different free groups. So if you’re willing to join and then unjoin you can pick up quite a few things. This dress was in the first box I opened, sorry I’ve forgotten the group it belongs to, and because it’s pretty nice and my fit I went for it.

Jasmine Clothing.

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Read my thigh. (100s of Freebies).

I must admit I can’t remember if a post has been done about Promagics STUFFED FREEBIE ROOM! I’m pretty sure that we will have done a post but I’m also pretty sure there is a whole load of new stuff that I’ve not seen before.

TBH it was a bit overwhelming as to how many gifts there are so I literally slapped on the first outfit that I could use as Promagic doesn’t do SLink fits as standard and I will sort out the rest later.

There is such a mix of clothing from dresses, shoes, pants, kawaii outfits, accessories and a LOT of them are fat packs. Not only are they generous in the number of gifts but all are shop quality. So in a way, I am pleased about the lack of SLink P as it means I don’t have another hoard of clothing to add to my already bloated invent.

To get to the goodies don’t go straight into the shop as there is a large poster on the outside wall which is the TP to the group gift room. Once you’ve grabbed them all then head on back to the main shop as there is a new subscribers gift, some weekend special offers and what got me to Promagic was a pair of laced-up boots for only 99Lds and everything is to be found just in the main entrance room.

Promagic & Gaury. (The LM takes you to a shared TP, one to Promagic and the other to Gaury)

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Free again.(Freebie(sss)).

The Legindaire group is FREE again, mind you when it did cost to join it was worth it because of all the gifts and discount.

This dress made me go “oooo”. It’s the way it drapes over my boobies, the light frilling of the edge, the draping etc. A nice small colour hud. I’m pretty sure this shade isn’t sheer but it feels sheer on you.

I did spot what I think are new gifts as well as some I’ve previously blogged. A lot of the gifts are full outfits as well.

I did think I’d TP’d to the wrong shop as at the LM is a backdrop of a trending Netflix series but the shop is there and once you’ve checked out all the discounted boards outside the shop turn to your left and thats where most of the group gifts and discounted outfits. Make sure to check the main shop as well as there are other group gifts in the main shop.


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I needed this. (Freebie(ss) & Free Shop Credit).

Until I find a great freebie I feel restless. It’s not helped that today a lot of sims, inc ours, have been down. So to find not just this dress but other freebies and shop credit was just a great way to sign off what had been a very stressy RL day.

This old dusty rose pattern reminds me so much of old sofa material. I’ve had outfits in the past with a similar texture/pattern and guess what…I just love it! I wasn’t expecting it to fit as well as it does because it’s a Maitreya only but it’s bloddy decent fit which means it’s a “keeper” for me. There is a pink version as well which I will try out when I log back in later.

There are other free group gifts I think about 6 or 7 which I will have a proper look at as my eyes were just drawn to this dress. Then I spotted a gift box on the desk and guess what? Pay 1Ld and get 100Ld’s worth of shop credit. Sorry as usualy I forgot to check to see if the 1Ld is returned.

I’d already had a quick look around the shop but now I have some credit I will return as there were some pants I’d liked and maybe if I can add to my credit a cropped top that looked interesting.


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Break time. (Freebie(sss)).

Real Life for me has been super busy and yet super boring at the same time so I took a quick break to grab a RL coffee and as you can see an SL coffee and this new freebie top.

It comes from Amias and even though they’ve snuck their logo on the top I forgive the as it’s a lovely quality gift. It has a nice boxy style and a neat hood at the back. You get a “his ‘n’ her” option…his is full length.

Now I’ve been back to grab the landmark I’m tempted to do a “Reblog” of some of the other gifts as even though they have been blogged I think it’s time to dust them off as they too are quality.


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Who me? (Freebie(ss)).

Virtual Diva has new group gifts out for us and I don’t think this is new but new to me. I just so happened to love the skirt and as it’s a seperate it means it’s a keeper. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the top though and that bright zingy red/orange colour will go well with jeans, shorts or even just a bikini bottom…thinking outside of the box again.

Plenty of fits and happily for me the SLink HG fit fit my SLink P body perfectly so since I didn’t have to change into my HG body to show you this outfit this is the one I’m showing you.

There are other gifts inc what I believe is a brand new one and they’re more classy/sexy than this bold shade.

PS. Just before you go inside for the group gifts on the wall to your left are gifts for other free/cheap groups but I didn’t spot anything new and to your right are some lucky boards.

Virtual Diva.