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No need for pixelation. (Freebie).

You will see this hair again because just as I was finishing off some photos of freebies from a different shop I found out that Coco Design has a new group gift out for us and this hair also suits this bold red dress really well so I’m sticking with it.

I should have chosen a pose with the arms more outstretched to show off the sleeves better but I do know you will be TPing over there in a rush so you will see them for yourself soon. Don’t forget that all of the group gifts are kept out for us and there is everything from shoes to jumpers and although some now do come only in limited fits they’re as quality now as then and worth a try on.

As for the title, I’m gonna have to use the pixelation tool if I want to show you the other gifts from a different shop unless the pictures are really bad and I need to do them again.

Coco Design.

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Hoarding. (Freebie(sss)).

Off-line and the other shops sharing the same shopping mall have all put their weekend offers in the same area which is a good idea…I ignored them all and went into the actual Off-Line shop and wow ALL NEW GROUP GIFTS!

OK not actually all new as one outfit I do remember from a long time ago called “First Lady” which is just excellent so even if this has been dragged out of the back of an SL closet somewhere I’m really pleased.

And yet out of everything, about 16 new gifts, this is all I’m going to show you. In the end, there was so much but I decided to just leave them as surprises. So if you TP’d to one place today make it Off-Line.

BTW These are for the free group but I have seen there is now a paid-for group which on the surface at 999Lds may seem very pricey but if you check out the details you may just find for you it’s perfect.

PS…all fatpacks.


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Now I’m dressed. (Freebie(ssss)).

This one is hard as I can see there are new gifts on the gift wall at the Off-Line Shop but it’s hard to know which ones are new and which ones have already been blogged. The things I am sure are new I didn’t want to show you, a lovely sheer bodysuit, thong and boots so you’re getting this outfit instead.

There are a lot of gifts at the Off-Line shop but in three different areas.

The LM takes you to a central courtyard, turn right and there is the Off-line shop. Literally, as you walk into the entrance is a wall of the same outfit, top, skirt & boots in different bold colours and you can pick and choose which colours you like…or take the whole lot.

Then to the right of the reception desk is where you will see a wall of gifts and this has some new ones.

Turn a bit righter(sic) and at the bottom of the stairs is yet more group gifts and one of them is such a classy blouse that it was the “keeper” for me when I first picked it up.

Again a lot of these gifts have already been blogged but deffo some new ones plus to someone, they’re all new.

PS. Mens gifts are also on that gift wall so grab a male AV or send him the link so he can get himself some goodies.


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I got lippy! (Freebie(ss)& a little spendy).

I was bored so I went to the Designer Showcase Event and this bodysuit is just one of the many gifts you will find on each stand, in this case off the Ghee stand.

Love the colour, seams, wrinkles and the thumb strap just not loving the butterfly, personal taste only. I must remember to visit the Ghee shop as I’m sure I’d picked another gift up from them not too long ago.

A nice mix of gifts from what I could see but it was when I got to the Cazimi stand that I got “spendy”.

For an SL hoarder when it comes to my folder of lipstick and nails I have very little really. I just find it hard to get a shade that I love and that fits my lip shape and in this case, I loved both the colours and the fit of the Diamond EvoX palette so I was happy to pay I think it was about 250Lds mark. The stand does have a gift for us of lipstick as well which I wasn’t as keen on as I was for this paid-for lippy.

The Designer Showcase Event.

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Wasting time. (Freebie(s)).

I’m 99% sure this is a NEW gift from Poonish. The little gold reindeer next to it suggest it’s a Christmas gift for us.

I have a confession though as this gift comes with a quality fur stole and the picture I took of me wearing it was total rubbish so I’m going to leave that as a surprise for you.

This dress is super pretty and pretty intricate as those pink dots are actually small sequins. A lovely delicate frill and I can assure you that I am wearing panties, maybe I should have chosen a different colour to show that a bit more lol. A nice hud of colours for dress, sequins, panties and the fur stole.

BTW One of the other gifts I do remember showing you before is the “Heart Bicolour crop top” gift. It really is just a jumper and I wasn’t keen on the colours in the picture so it was lucky that it also comes with a hud and the colour combo I’ve chosen to wear is much more to my taste so it’s been a keeper since I first did a post about it.

Poonish. (New Location, so use my LM)

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The only snow I approve of. (Freebie).

It’s been a long time since I’ve had my SL sh*t together enough to actually make my home snowy outside.

This a really nice and simple post for this sweater which is the most recent group gift from the Coco Design shop. I don’t need to say much more as I think we’ve all been there and grabbed all the goodies.

Coco Design.

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Keepsies. (FREE 500ld Belle Epoque Shop Credit & Gifties & FLF Bouquet).

It’s true, Belle Epoque has set its group fee to “0” and has put out a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

And as you can see there are those excellent group gifts to the right so it doesn’t really get better or more generous.

This is shop credit so I can’t pass it on and will be forced (LOL) to spend it on myself.

There is a time limit which is till the 26th and I’m not sure if that’s the latest date to get the gift or to spend the gift.

I’m adding this update just to show off what I got and also mention that there is a couple of costumes for men.

This dress is what I decided to buy. I’m glad I did an invent search as I was almost going to buy something I already owned. I still have some credit left so I may return at a later date and see if I can add to it to buy another dress.

I also treat myself to an FLF offer which is the bouquet. I may not wear many wearables but I’m a sucker for bouquets and headdresses. This is from the Ariskea shop and I picked the more orangy colour. You not only get this wearable version which holds its pose as you walk you also get a decor version which I’ve not rezzed so I’m assuming it will be pretty low as the Ariskea shop doe stunning decor for low prims.

Belle Epoque.

FLF Pictues & LM’s.