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Free Credit.(Wear to keep, Rezz to gift).

There is a very good rain effect going on outside(and inside) the Sugar Dolls shop so I took the opportunity to pop on one of my many umbrella’s and took a snap and the rain isn’t showing up in the picture so it does look as though I’m wearing it for no reason lol.

Never mind and as for the reason for my visiting the Sugar Dolls shop? Free credit of course. Since the note said the group has been set to free for a limited time I’d go now and join, grab and then like myself spend some relaxing time mooching around the shop.

Also I will say from my brief visit that there looks to be a lot of shops on this sim so once I’ve had my mooch I will check the sim out. Plus you can’t see it but to my left there is a stall with some discounted(?) items on it…and yes I will be ditching the umbrella.

UPDATE: Just before I was going to use my free credit I decided to double-check and YES if you rezz and then take back the gift card it becomes trans so as much as I could easily have bought some items from the shop it was nice to be able to pass it on. Plus there are group gifts and lucky boards.

Sugar Dolls.

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