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10th time unlucky. (10ld Gift & Mention of Freebie(s)).

How many of us have been trying to get into the Blueberry shop! Even trying to cam in from one of the camming sims has been impossible. As I was checking the sim again to see if I could squeeze in someone mentioned in Group Chat about it would be a good idea to check the Blueberry Marketplace shop so you can see and try the demos on therefor saving yourself a lot of time, stress and lag if and when you do get into the Blueberry shop.

So that’s how I ended up on the MP looking at Blueberry clothes and that’s how I got this No Cabide 10Ld offer lol.

I don’t know if I have or have not shown you this top/skirt combo, fab detailing, lots of movement and a massive hud for only 10Lds!

I have blogged a lot of the excellent 10Ld Marketplace offers for both No Cabide and next door is the DM shop which you may recognise the name of as I’ve scored some tasty items from that shop so since you’re there check it out and also check out the 30Ld little sporty set on the wall to your left as you go in…it’s got me tempted.

No Cabide. (Marketplace only for this dress).

No Cabide. (Inworld for Freebies/special offer)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Am I the only one! (Freebie).

I seem to be having a bit of an issue attaching stuff and since I didn’t want to waste any more SLing time I’m using this picture.

This outfit is a freebie from the UniK marches event.

I’m heading back there right now, not because there are a load of freebies, in fact, I think this is the only one but there looks to be a whole load of interesting thing for sale.

Since I’ve edited the picture I will tell you that the bottom half is very pink and that top half is sparkly.

UniK(It’s a busy place so walk towards the little robot and the big balls and it’s on the info board at the end, easy to see once you get there).

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I won’t be back.(Freebie)

The only reason is that about 90% of what’s on sale at the Tres Chic event is clothing and that’s not what I’m shopping for at this moment.

So I stuck my nose into this event, grabbed the freebie and made myself invisible just so I can show you this little outfit.

It comes only in a Maitreya and Legacy fit but you do get it as 3 separate items, the top, skirt and you can just see the panties.

I may not be buying anything from this event but I’ve spotted some shops I’ve not visited in quite a while and as for this outfit, it’s a “Rust Republic” outfit and the name to me isn’t very familiar so when I log in, put back on my hands, body and head and then some clothes, Rust Republic will be the next place I visit and once there I might just remember it.

Tres Chic Event

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SQUEEEE! (Freebie).

I relabel my photos to make them easier to find and I usually use the shop or event name that they came from but occasionally I find something so damned good I relabel it “SQUEEEEE” as that is the sound I make in my head when I find something as fine as this freebie.

I always check the FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) list on the Seraphim blog and I spotted a really nice looking casual “Waffle Homewear” outfit from a shop I’ve not visited in yonks.  It was so nice I decided to pop over and grab the demo and even though you only get two fits, Maitreya and Legacy, the Legacy fit was actually decent enough for me to really think about returning later to buy it.

But I wonder how many people who have also been tempted by the FLF offer will notice that on the wall on the other side of the door is this FREE Group Gift!   It’s delightful, such a lovely colour, superb texturing and with those folds and seams, this is what I call “shop quality” and you can’t get better than that.  This too is only a Maitreya/Legacy fit but I had no issues with that.

You can join the Free Inworld Group but when you click on the poster it gives you the Marketplace link so either way you have to get it off the Marketplaces.  I also thought that you get 2 colours, this lovely minty one and a red one but since there is only 1 freebie on the Marketplace I don’t know if you get the darker one just inworld or whatever.  One thing for sure I will return to maybe buy the “waffle” outfit and I will try again to see if the red version of this is a freebie or not..does not matter as this gift on its own is sooooooo good…GET IT!

UPDATE: I just had to log in and the U.F.O shop is still heaving but I had to know if you also get the red version of this dress and YUP you do! Click on the blue dress and you get the Marketplace link but click on the red dress and it’s sent to you….double score!

U.F.O (Marketplace)

U.F.O (Inworld)

Seraphim Blog FLF List, pictures and LM’s.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I’ve finally smeshed it. (Freebies).

Sometimes “Natures Candy” just doesn’t do it and at this moment I’d kill for some chocolate instead of the apple I had to have.

The jeans are an SL frees & offers gift they also come with a nice matching sweater but since you have to go to Smesh to get these I decided I’d use one of the Smesh Group Gifts as the top instead of the sweater.

You will have seen this jacket before, I didn’t even need to rejoin the smesh group as this is one of my “keepers”.  I just love the retro feel of it and so it’s been tucked away in my invent waiting for a chance for me to dust it off and use/reblog it again.

Just inside the door on the wall to your left is where you find the SL frees & offers gift as well as a few other gifts but for this jacket and other smesh gifts you will have to head straight ahead into the shop for those.


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Not well known. (Freebies).

I used to go to the “The Designer Circle” event all the time as my fave body shape seller, pre-mesh of course, used to have a stall there and I always grabbed the special offer she would have out.  So it’s been a long time since I visited this event but I’m sure it didn’t/doesn’t usually have freeness but this has also changed.

Sooo Wheeee a FREEBIE!! Actually, the whole outfit is free.

As soon as it rezzed this has turned out to be totally blog-worthy.  Just look at the fine pattern on the cross over cardie and the addition of skirt and boots which can be worn as separates is really nice.

I for the life of me cannot remember the stall this came off but it’s not a massive event and I’m sure you will not only find it but I got more than this freebie I got a few LM’s to check out so once I’ve got a bit more time I’m going to log in and check those out and will update this post with the name of the shop this gift is from.

UPDATE: It’s a gift off the Apple Heart Inc stall.

The Designer Circle

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OH What a day….and it’s only started! (Freebie).

A super quick post as I’m getting Hangy for breakfast and since it’s almost 11am I have every right to be HANGRY!

Fantastic Freebie from the “Makeover Room” event.  You get a really good scarf but I think it distracts a bit from this knitted wintery look.

THAT’S IT!!! (I’ll be back when I’m less HANGRY!)

The Makeover Room