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Free For Wednesday!

Stealthic FREE hair, Decision FREE dress & Jacket, Pure Poison $5L boots

Oh quite the haul last night – Stealthic announced a new group gift for us above “Adore” – the group is free to join btw. You get a fatpack of allll the colours, plus a Hud for the ribbon and optional bangs – nice ! My dress & jacket is by Decision, I had popped over to buy the $25L Tuesday offer but got distracted by the large amount of free gifts (group is free to join). Now the cool thing is there were actually couples outfits and also a lot of items just for the guys yay! So get your gents to check it out. I grabbed this Michelle outfit, its two pieces and comes with a nice Hud of colours.

Stealthic FREE hair, Decision FREE dress & jacket, Pure Poison boots $5L

Above you can see my $5L boots by Pure Poison, a market place find. Huge Hud of colours for the main boot and also contrasting tones for the heel cap (I haven’t used it) A total keeper for me.

Happy Wednesday ❤

Pure Poison Boots

Stealthic hair


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Free gifts @ The Miix

FREE gifts @ The Miix

Lots of free gifts at the latest round of The Miix Event ! Just join the group (its free) and locate the gift poster on the ground floor. Click each item you would like to receive et voila. I’m not a huge fan of cow print but even I was won over by the cuddly cow and milkshake ! I nabbed the top, skirt, shoes and wearables BUT there are a few more bits of the outfit such a sun glasses (I thought I had them but nope DOH) and jewellery. The BIG plus is there is also a complete outfit for the guys woohoo! All of the items being given are by Furtacor – thanks !

The Miix Event

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Free – I’m So Cute!

Fat Pack Free Group Gift

I don’t usually go for this cutsey style but I really like it ! Head over to Seniha and join the group – then check out the vast amount of group gifts! Its free to join , which is good as I am a pauper currently in SL (poooooor me). This is the “Miriam” skirt and top – you get a fatpack of colours which is pretty cool. Fits for: Legacy, Maitreya, Maitreya Petite & Legacy perky.


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Finally ! (All free)

FREE outfit shoes, pants, top & jacket

I’ve wanted to share this outfit with you for FIVE days – but I was missing one item and I waited for hourssss for it to come up on the unlucky (for me) boards at Paper Sparrow. You don’t need to join the group to have a pop on the lucky boards which is rather cool . The jacket, top, pants & shoes all come as fat packs, I had to wait for my *F* to come up for each piece , as you can see it was SO worth it ! While you’re there you can also scoop up $50L worth of free credit and if you do join the group there is a group gift outfit down stairs at reception (the boards are up the stairs and to the right).

Paper Sparrow

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Weekend Sales – Which Am I doing? (freebie)

Complete free outfit with shoes & hat by Fatal Fashion @ Energy Weekend Price

Ahoy ! Totally loving my free complete outfit from Fatal Fashion – its just one of the free gifts this week in the Energy Weekend Price sale ! Just wear your Energy tag(its free to join) et voila ! I’m a bit late to the party today so I might see you around at the various sales – say hi !

Here’s my to do list for the weekend – Happy shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale (If you love Scarlet Creative you are going to be SO happy this week – I bought the telephone box with secret skybox!!)

30L Saturday (I bought the boots at Patty CK – dead pleased with them)


Energy Weekend Price

Happy Weekend Sale

Wanderlust Weekend

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Halloween For Free

FREE Dress, mask, hat & shoes

I popped over to The Free Dove as I recalled last year there was a whole table of Halloween outfits laid out for free. So if you want to dress up or down head over and take a peek at all the goodies ! I found this stunning dress by Stars which comes with a Hud for the dress, hat, shoes and broom (not shown) Just gorgeous if you want a more dressy costume to go to the party in. The mask is also free and is by Melt – on the same table.

FREE outfit @ The Free Dove

Also this cute outfit from Tastic-Kassy (Angel Pink) – skirt, bustier and jacket super cute ! Both have a ton of mesh body and classic fits included, just join the Free Dove group and click away, the Halloween table is in the far right hand corner – thanks Free Dove !

The Free Dove

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Weekend Sales & Freebies

Patty CK Fashion Free !

Energy Weekend Price is here ! I nabbed the free gift from Patty CK Fashion above, brilliant outfit that comes with a Hud with further colours and patterns PLUS a cute pair of tip toe sneakers – so summery!

Patty CK Fashion complete outfit $30L !

I also picked up this outfit for just $30L whilst I was there – its an all-in-one type of thing that comes with a Hud giving oodles of tones for the belt, jeans and top – brilliant ! I will list all the sales Im going to be doing below – see you in the crowds ❤

Patty CK Fashion

The Saturday Sale

Energy Weekend Price – use my LM for Patty CK as their is incorrect.



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