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When the working day is over. (Freebie).

I still can’t resist logging into SL even if it’s just to check my regular shops and Voila, a NEW S@bbia gift.

Ignore the random bowl of flowers, it’s a pose/prop I’ve been dying to use for ages.

This outfit comes in 2 parts, the skirt and oversized blouse. Looking forward to logging back inworld tomorrow to try that top out over jeans.


Blogging SL

OH! It’s Tuesday! (Freebie).

It’s been a better and more RL productive day today, even though my AV is snarling in this picture lol.

I got myself over to the “WIP” Event which is nice and quite so once I’ve done this post, then worked my way through the 25Ld Tue list I will be returning to see whats for sale.

This is the Group Gift, it’s right next to the LM. Once you’ve joined the WIP Group then you click the picture of the dress and not the 2 gift box images.

If you’re curious then the backdrop is the newest Minimal Group Gift. It does cost 250Ld to join and of course I’m already in the group as you do get some great backdrops/props.

And the hair is of course a Mina. This isn’t the only blindfolded one, the other is a nice cropped hair and she does have other styles with a bit of “kink” to them if you want to tart up a halloween costume.

WIP Event.



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Look at ME!!! (Freebies).

It’s my jeans andd top that you need to “look at” as they’re FREEBIES from a shop called “Look at me”.

I’m so pleased to find something fresh and new which these 2 items are.  A lovely blush colour and can be worn as separates.

I did only a quick run round the shop as I was running out of SL time but I could see some nice stuff, some new designs and colours which were very I logged out quickly.

Look at me.

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I’m missing something!(Freebie(s)).

I decided just to use the house on the hill at Mina’s shop as a backdrop but looking at the number of visitors there has to be something going on?  So I will check that out and see if there is a special offer or something.

Till then it’s an oldie and still a goodie. Although this dress only comes in a Maitreya fit it’s actually pretty darn decent even on my SLink.

I’ve just been old LM checking so a lot of people will recognise this “Sorumin” gift dress.  Sadly it looks like the owners of Sorumin are having script issues so the shop is basically shut for sales however this dress and a few other gifts are in the little shed on the same platform as Sorumin and Yokai and Artko.

PS. I checked about Mina and I can’t see if there is anything special, maybe people are just treating themselves to a new hair do lol.

Sorumin & Yokai etc

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Took my “dog” to the beach (Free)

I cant really recall why I was wandering around the area of Uni Boutique – but hey ho – I spied their Stay at Home board and nabbed this little free outfit ! So I took “my dog” to the beach and snapped a few piccies. You get the whole look, the jeans and boots are one piece – which is kinda nifty as you don’t have to mess around with layers and pokey outy bits.  Plus the soft look sweater over a shirt. A ton of mesh body fits included.

Then look who popped in and snuggled up to me while I was editing the photo ! Its a rare blog appearance for my other half Player ❤ As he was wearing a colour that sort of blended in with me – I let him get in shot – yummy man that I adore ! We spent the next two hours doing silly things at a freebie store we hadnt been too since around 2007 – post about that later !

Uni Boutique

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Running back to B-Made. (Freebies).

I’ve had another very busy/productive day and Oh Boy my poor feet but at least yet another easy peasy post which is great as I still have to get back to work.

I’ve just done a post about the 50Ld fatpack offer from B-Made and now there is a Halloween set out for us for FREE, you do have to pay 1Ld and it’s returned.  I do believe you will have to be in the B-Made group which is of course free.  The Halloween set has everything from pumpkins to a bloody chainsaw.

To get them don’t go where the sign is pointing, you can check those gifts out afterwards, just look on the ground for the BIG Energy sign and follow that.  They’re pretty close by.

As for the outfit, S@bbia of course.  It’s the 3rd gift now out for us and the boots I’m wearing are also from there.



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25Ld Tue. (FREEBIE).

Yeah, yeah I know I should be gone but I’m now getting a slightly later train so naturally as an SL addict I logged in for an extra hour and to work my way through the 25Ld Tue Hud and look what I found on my first stop.

I did a post not too long ago about a very similar skirt, I wonder if it was from this shop?  I don’t really have time to check out my old post but what I can say for sure is that this is FREE, you do have to join the 25Ld Tue Group to get it, just click the gift and you get the invite and then you can grab this gift.

I really do have to log off so this is just a guess as this is a 25Ld Tue gift and as you can see it’s to celebrate it’s second year which also suggests to me that along the way there maybe more Freebies.

Paper Sparrow.