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Oops, the walk of shame.(Freebie).

This happens often when I TP over to a place I want to use as a background only to find it’s not there anymore, the sim has gone or as in this case it’s now a private home.  Normally I’d TP out right away but since it was empty of both people and furniture I just pulled a pose.

I also made a mistake in that I thought the boots were brown, they’re the freebies, but it turns out they’re a deep purple.

I did take a close up of the details but its a rotten picture and since we all know that the quality of the Group Gifts from Mosquito’s way I figured I could get away with it. So there are zips and lacing and crinkles and wrinkles which make this yet another quality freebie.

Mosquito’s Way NEW Landmark.

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His ‘n’ Hers FREEBIES.

I’m like a snake because the colder I am the less I can move but now I’ve warmed up it’s time to move and do some work, drat.

A nice pair of freebies.  Both styles of boots come with a nice hud of colours and although I labelled this post as “his n hers” those workman boots ARE mod so although they fitted my feet when I get back in I think I will tweak them so they fit better.  It’s nice to find a decent mens gift for a change as I know one of our readers/friend is a man so MOZ this one is for you and of course anyone who has a partner/friend or even an Alt.

You get them from a shop called Steelhead Outfitters and there are other random gifts.

Steelhead Outfitters

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Pretty in purple.(Freebie).

Goooooood Morning Tue…and yes I have had my 2 cups of coffee and I might go completely cray cray and have a third cup but thinking about it maybe some food would be better.

This is why I don’t like sitting poses but I’m still using this picture.  A full outfit from Prism and it’s a “new Year Hunt” hunt prize and by “it” I mean boots, shorts and jumper and not only a full outfit but ALL of the fits any AV would need!  Great quality as well.

What you’re looking for is a red question mark, just follow the arrows on the floor.

PS.  Check out the Prism group gifts as well.

New Year Hunt Blog for Hints & Pictures

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No Sh*ts Given.(Freebies)

Can I just say that happiness is the small things like your rescue cat trusting you enough to curl up on your lap, insert silly happy face here, it’s only slightly marred by the fact I need to pee so bad it hurts and my leg has gone numb.

Ness Market is a mix of things, it’s a blog a full perm shop and a clothes shop and even though I knew these boots were Maitreya only I still decided to pick them up because as you can see they make for me a great decor item.

1 Prim each so woo hoo but of course, you Maitreya gorls(sic) can not only wear these but since you can make copies then wear em and rezz em.

Just before I TPed home I decided to grab the dress next to it not thinking it would have my fit in it but it does and ooo very nice indeed.

Just like the undies, I did a post about I’m loving the ruby red colour.  Even though this has a Christmassy theme to it it’s less in your face and a more anytime you want wearable look about it.  A classic design with great texturing and attention has been paid to the finishing, so you have the wrinkles and crinkles and seams where you swear you can see the stitches lol.

There is a total of 4 gifts on the wall outside of the Ness Market Shop and I’m just about to check out the other shops on this small shopping platform.


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Read my mind. UPDATE!

One of our lovely readers and someone on my friend’s list, which is a very small and selective list, sent me this thought bubble, she’s a clever girl.

The message is just a REMINDER for me to remind you to go to Reign and join not only while it’s free but now I’ve had time to unpack ALL of the Group Gifts I say GO GO GO NOW.

I would also suggest you remain in the Reign group not only because at some stage it will go back to a paid for group but now I’ve also opened the old Advent Calendar gifts and seen some really nice/interesting and generous gifts it’s one of the shops I will be visiting when they put out this year’s Advent Calendar.


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Take a break, sit down and chillax.(Freebies).

Woah, just like everyone else I popped over to Reign because till Saturday it’s group is FREE to join.  I’m not sure how much it is when it’s full priced but free is free.  So I joined the crowd and just grabbed all of the Group Gifts and don’t ignore the Advent “coal” Bags as they’re not for Christmas Future but were for the Christmas past lol.

So basically I now have a full folder of shoes to work through.  The advent calendars are going to be a surprise as there is no picture to show you what’s inside and I did open one which contains wearable class mugs of eggnog or hot chocolate but the other Group Gifts do have pictures on the boxes of what they contain and they look really gooooooood.  A nice mix of shoes, pointy ones, flat ones, knee length boots and these.

SQUEEEEE, they even have bunny tails!

Since I’ve only opened the one box I can only go with what this one contained but these ones come in all fits and a really big hud, they look so adorable in the pink or lighter beige.  So if these are an example of what you can expect then we’re all in for a treat because I’m going to log off and return with a fully belly and a big mug of coffee and sit down and work my way through all the boxes I picked up.

I do believe there is also a 50% sale going on as well but the place was too packed for me to get a really good look around.

PS.  Stay in the group because if they had an Advent Calendar out last year then there is a good chance they’re going to do the same this year.


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Getting inspired. (Freebie).

One day Mosquito’s way is going to change from a free group to a paid for one as the gifts are so shop quality even I’d pay to join and I’m as MEAN as the day is long.

As always just such a great gift.  Plus there are 4 Lucky boards and you get I believe 4 mesh feet fits, but you can see they will fit any foot.

And that’s it, do I get an award for not waffling on?

Mosquito’s Way