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Free Boots

FREE Boots

Ah yes we all love free gifts and if you trot over to Hilly Halaan you’re going to find a treasure trove of gifts. Just join the group (its free) and click away to your hearts content. I grabbed all these boots while I was there, really nice. The gift building is set away from the main store all on its own.

Hilly Halaan

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Free For Wednesday!

Stealthic FREE hair, Decision FREE dress & Jacket, Pure Poison $5L boots

Oh quite the haul last night – Stealthic announced a new group gift for us above “Adore” – the group is free to join btw. You get a fatpack of allll the colours, plus a Hud for the ribbon and optional bangs – nice ! My dress & jacket is by Decision, I had popped over to buy the $25L Tuesday offer but got distracted by the large amount of free gifts (group is free to join). Now the cool thing is there were actually couples outfits and also a lot of items just for the guys yay! So get your gents to check it out. I grabbed this Michelle outfit, its two pieces and comes with a nice Hud of colours.

Stealthic FREE hair, Decision FREE dress & jacket, Pure Poison boots $5L

Above you can see my $5L boots by Pure Poison, a market place find. Huge Hud of colours for the main boot and also contrasting tones for the heel cap (I haven’t used it) A total keeper for me.

Happy Wednesday ❤

Pure Poison Boots

Stealthic hair


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Cheap, Free & Happy. (99Ld & Freebie(Updated)).

I knew I had some Tiffany Gift Cards which I’m pretty sure are subscribers gifts that are ranomly sent out as I’m not in the group and yet when I searched the shop I couldn’t see a subscribers board. Have a look for yourself and also remember to check your invent for any gift cards you may have and forgotten about.

Since the gift cards I have are non-trans I treated myself to what I first thought was just the jeans and only on unpacking did I realise it also included a strappy top and the puffer jacket and all for 99Lds.

The icing on the cake is each item is a seperate and you get a BIG fat assed hud of colours for everything!

This is to be found in the main entrance with some other discounted items. Since I still have 2 gift cards left I will be checking those out but I did do a quick price check as I was looking for the Sub board and there are some really nice clothes at some really nice prices in the shop.

There are also group gifts, one group is free and the other is emmm sorry I can’t remember. Both groups do come with gifts and the paid for group gives you a decent discount on your purchases.

Special mention to the boots which I was going to do a post on their own it was just handy that they make a reasonable match for this outfit. They’re from the La Perla shop. The group is free and there is a very sexy Easter Bunny look. I think most if not all of these gifts have been blogged before.

UPDATE: Just in case you miss it one of our readers, Genna has kindly let us know that the Subscribers box is right there where you TP into Tiffany Design, just look to your left. Click and get the free outfit, previously blogged, but as I’ve said you do get random gift cards which is always most appreciated.

Tiffany Design.

La Perla. (Upstairs).

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Have a Rummage – All Free

Free Boots Free outfit

Helped myself to a few more items from The Free Dove this evening – Id been looking for some ankle boots without buckles that wont poke through jeans etc..- tadah! These boots are perfect ! Free from Le’La with a Hud of colours. My jumpsuit & jacket are by Furtacor – great range of sizes and a Hud with a ton of colours, these are separate items so you can wear them alone or together – nice ! Just join the Free Dove group (its free) and help yourself. Lots of new items !

Happy Shopping ❤

The Free Dove

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Free Boots For Monday

Free fat pack boots

Happy Monday ! Zan posted about some lovely stockings & shoes a few days ago from Pure Poison . I had gone to grab them and spotted that for a limited time there are also a few pairs of dollarbie boots ! All of them come in a fatpack with colour options for multiple parts – snap them up ! Fits for:  Isis, Freya, Maitreya, and Slink Hourglass

Left to right

Emma Boots

Scarlett Boots

Feli Boots

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Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt

Free dress & Boots

I did a couple of the stores in the Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt this morning (Prizes are $0L – $5L) – loved the gifts I found ! Above is the dress, scarf & boots from Telsiope’s Couture, lots of mesh body fits for the dress & boots. Dress comes with a Hud giving heaps of colour & fabric options – this camel suede is just delicious!

Free Boots

I headed to Mosquitos Way next and snapped up these gorgeous “Darcy” boots. Plenty of mesh body fits included. They actually go really well with the dress featured above ! Three pairs of shoes at this store all for $0L.

Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt Blog & Hints with gallery.

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Free For All

FREE complete outfit with boots

I noticed this complete free outfit at Angel Pink – its stunning! You get everything I am wearing (apart from the hair which is by Kuni “Boo”) So skirt, t-shirt with Hud for more designs, fishnet socks, leg bracer, bento nails and boots. You will find this on the reverse of the reception wall, just join the free group et voila. There is another wall of dollarbies across the room too. Fits for: Lara, Freya, Hourglass, Ebody & Kupra

Happy Friday ❤

Angel Pink