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Lost in my invent! (Freebie(s)).

These are the NEW Momento Group Gift and they’re just perfect so much so I have quite a similar styled pair in RL so as you can imaging I did grin a bit when I spotted them.

You get 2 colours, black and dark brown.

What is “Lost in my invent” is one of the previous Group Gifts which are not unsimilar to these in that they have a “chunky” style but not “CHUNKY” if you know what I mean.  I did bother picking those other gifts up because I know I still have them but of course you can never find what you want when you want it but as always if you didn’t get those and the other Group Gifts when they were first blogged then this is the time to get em.

There is also a sale going on at the Momento shop but this is only for the fat packs.


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Freebies Part 2.

Fab, Fab, Fab.

Mangula has yet another FREEBIE out for us and you don’t even have to be in the group you just have to be a subber!

In this picture, I’m wearing 3 of the 6 items which make up this FATPACK!  You get panties, top, dress, bodysuit, socks and shoes and a BIG colour hud for each item.

Lots of fits but oddly enough not any SLink ones, although the HD fit is as good as an SLink fit so I’m not sure if it’s just been mislabelled or what.

I could have by using the hud changed these boots to match the outfit, ie pink, but I wanted to use a more practical colour as I’m going to wear these with jeans, shorts etc.

So what a great start to the day from some very generous shops/owners/designers/creators.

PS.  Most of us know the Mangula shop well, so you know that all the gifts are in a corner of the shop, this NEW freebie is on the “gift” side.


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I dare yoy. (Freebie(s)).

La Perla has a wall of free to join group gifts and that’s where you will find these thigh-high boots.

The editing has made them more of a buttery yellow rather than the soft beige they are. I don’t know if I’ve shown you these before but I’m 100% know I’ve shown you the block-heeled silver shoes as I’m sure they’re still in my invent.

If you’re intending on being a bit of a beach babe then check out the scuba suit.  You have to join a different, still free, group and you get a his ‘n’ her set plus a surfboard.  I have blogged these before and even though they’re in the old mesh fits they’re still pretty good.

As for the “Dare”, there are two cabinets with old hunt prizes priced at mainly 10Lds but some are 15Ld, I didn’t check them all.  Sometimes when you go into “edit” then “content” you can see what’s in a box but not in this case and since I’m giving myself a strict budget to stick to this month since I’ve splurged too much already I walked away but you might want to have a “Lucky dip” and see if you could score yourself a sweet deal.

La Perla

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There is no shame! (Freebies).

Admit it people who have owned Crocs love Crocs.  I too am a closet Croc lover, sadly I caved into public pressure and the sniggers of my loved ones and my Crocs hit the bin years ago, I still miss them.

Of course, SL is different and if we can walk around as a furry/doll/hamster/baby or 7 feet tall with tits and ass big enough to float a barge then we can wear our Crocs with pride.

These are both a freebie (subscribers gift) and a reblog as these have been set out for us for quite a long time.  You do get a pair for him and her, awwww how cute a couple of Croc wearers lol, and a hud of colours.  The fact that to me there are also some new gifts is my excuse to show you these again.

OH Bugger, ignore the breakthrough.

I thought that these and the other boots I picked up were going to be for men only but nope you get both M & F fits.  The ones I’m wearing are the female ones, obviously, and they’re still a bit oversized for me.  I can’t edit out that breakthrough but if I had spotted it then I would have just removed my feet as these aren’t made for a specific foot shape.  There is an easy to use Hud and I ticked the “bright” option because that way you see the detailing better. Before I logged out I had a quick try of the hud to change the size and a simple tweak made them a much nicer size for my feet.

The other boots are bigger and chunkier and they too look better with the “bright” on.  There was also some sunglasses and gloves on offer in the Gift room.

The reason I went over to the A&D shop was the notice that there is a new outlet section, at least I think that’s what the notice said, so I went over to check that out.  Most items in that section seem to be priced at 50Lds but they’re also mainly men’s clothes, yes there are women’s fashions but just not that much as the A&D shop is mainly for men’s wear.

The subscriber’s board is at the LM and to find the other Freebies/Outlet Dept it might be easier to hop on the TP board.

A&D Clothing

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When is a rose not a rose? (10Ld Group Gifts).

When it’s a delivery box.

Not only are these, single, roses so freaking pretty each one you find contains a Belle Epoque gift inside.

We all know these “Hunts” ie the big picture board with the picture and number of each prize as they usually come with a prize tag, albeit a small price tag so imagine my surprise when each and every hunt prize is FREE for Group Members and we all know that the Belle Epoque Group costs only 10Lds so for that tiny joining fee there are 15 hidden roses for you to find.

I’d only earmarked 3 items to buy so to find out I could grab the lot was such a nice feeling.

I deleted the picture I’d taken as it was not good and since I was already at the Belle Epoque shop grabbing the LM I decided to just use the sim and sim setting to show you the clothing in a much nicer light…I’m also being photobombed by that Flamingo, I’d never noticed before that they do move.

Now OK, the one issue is that the Belle Epoque range is only for Maitreya, boo hiss boo, but as you can see from this dress and the pretty boots there are things which will fit other mesh shapes so I grabbed them ALL!!!  When I log back in I’m going to have a most pleasant time unpacking the other unopened boxes.

BTW not today but at the end of the month, I may throw in the towel and go for the Legacy Mesh Body.  They have a new small “titty” one out and I love it.  I’d kill to have small titties in RL, big-boobed girls will know exactly why I want pert tits!  Since the Legacy Alpha hud has a much finer alphering(sic) options I’m hoping that I can buy more from shops like Belle that run limited mesh fits.

Belle Epoque.

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Getting Sassy.(Freebie & 10Ld Gift).

I’ve been to a couple of the big events going on in SL and Oh Boy my computer is complaining and on a “go-slow” process.

Just before I decided to throw the towel in I found this Kawaii dress in the Sass shop.  It’s a TeleportHub gift, so only the 10Ld joining fee.  You get a 2 option hud, this pink version and a pastel purple one.  I love the pattern on the skirt and wish the whole dress was that pattern only.

Then I remembered these Mosquito’s Way boots which are their newest Group Gifts and couldn’t think of anything more perfect to go with this outfit.

Ok, I did forget to turn around and take a picture of the front but I think you can see that all the details are in the back which leaves the front nice and simple.

The TeleportHub Group Gift is on the wall next to the door in the Sass shop and the New Mosquito’s Way Group Gift is on the wall next to the desk but also if you check the wall to your left as you go into the Mosquito’s shop then that’s where the older gifts are and on the other side is the Lucky Chairs.

Mosquito’s Way 


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I had better be FIRST! (Freebies).

Finally one of my fav shops has come out with their new Group Gift and you will know that I’m talking about S@bbia.

I’m relieved to see that although this is a Valentine gift it’s not OTT with the smooshy stuff so apart from those few hearts on the sleeves this is an anytime oversized hoodie.

You also get shoes which oddly enough in no way matches the Kawaii style of the hoodie.

Not ideal for the outfit they came with but ideal for jeans, shorts, emo etc

As always just so pleased with these gifts, I may bin the hoodie as I know I have one similar that I paid for but those shoes are keepers.