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My Bad.(Free Hair).

I picked this free Group Gift up this morning from the Firelight shop.

It was the pretty wreath that caught my eye and a really nice touch is that it’s separate from this gift hair which is a lovely touch.   “My bad” was simply that I thought this hair comes only in the “Busty” size but once I’d taken my picture and was LM grabbing I spotted that the other hair is for normal boobies.  So big or small titties it should fit.  There are other Free hairs inc a men’s hair.


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Happy Feet.(Freebies, SLink only).

I already own these Flatties and blogged them but that was a long time ago and now because I ditched the foot shaper they came with I’ve not been able to get them to fit.

So I popped over to Aso to see if they’re still out and yup they are.  The shoes are the delivery method so rezz a pair and then unpack them and if you would like to use them as decor then they’re only 1 prim each pair.

Aso is not a big shop but it’s packed with, yes yet again I have to use the word “unique” but the clothing and accessories in this shop aren’t to be found anywhere else.

Sorry, only SLink but there is no reason for you not to try them in any case.  There are other gifts in the Aso shop but they’re the small things which need close-ups and you know I hate close-ups.


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Check out my “Bonbons”.(Freebies).

An old and new set of freeness.

The hair, as far as I know, is a new freebie from the Bonbon shop. You get a massive colour hud selection and even one for the scrunchie which you can also remove.  To get this freebie you have to join the “Fab Free in SL” there is another free for all hair but I do remember blogging that.

The Bonbon group isn’t free but once you see the gifts for that group you may think the 99Ld joining fee is worth it.

The bodysuit is definitely a reblog but at the time I blogged it I didn’t have the right mesh body and now I do here it is, again.  A really fantastic gift from Osmia and the addition of a colour hud means that even though I couldn’t wear this I had actually kept it as I must have known one day I’d cave in and buy a SLink HG bod.  My next post will be about the new Mina hair and in that post I will be wearing one of the other gifts from Osmia just to show it off.


Osmia(Group gifts are outside of the shop, so turn around and they’re behind you).

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The shop is called “Barberyumyum” but the group you join is called “Double Paradox” which you will probably know that by now as they have freebies out which I have blogged.

Free hair esp free quality hair is so hard to find add to that, in this case, a free fatpack of colours is a boon.

Barberyumyum makes lovely young and wispy hair but I didn’t go there for hair.  The shop is small and at first, you may think all the greenery is just for decor but Barberyumyum also has a small number of plants for sale, mainly sim and garden decor, not potted plants and that’s why I popped over in the first place but before I return to buy I’m just going to check to make sure I’ve not already bought these plants as I suspect I have.


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I’m Horney.(Freebie).

Shut up! I can use clickbait if I want to, lol.

I’m not really sure why I decided to pose with a dead bird I think I was influenced by the amazing Pendle sim I was on.

I’ll make it quick, free hair from Tram.  Only in gray but the cute little horns are a seperate GG and with them you get a big colour hud so you can blend them in with any hair.  There are 3 other gifts, earrings, a long hair and the BESTEST scarf but thats already been blogged.

If you’re wondering the frock is a Valentina E Gacha win.  It’s so Jane Eyre and delightful but I made a boo boo because I did try the demo on so I knew it was a Maitreya fit only, Woo Hoo, but I forgot to check the back and the neckline at the back is pretty low and I can’t get it to work as well with my SLink fit as I would like.  I may keep it I may not but it’s only 50Lds a pop so no great loss.


The Epiphany Gacha Event

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Found it.(Freebies).

If you want short, cute, edgy and unisex hair then head to Dura.

What a difference a hair makes, same face, same skin, same clothing but I think the hair can change the way you and of course others see you.  I don’t know how many “Dura” hairs I have and I don’t know how many I will have once I’ve worked my way through them to see which are keepers and which need to be retired but this hair is a 2018 Group Gift and I don’t have a hair like this so it’s a keeper.  The other GG I picked up is a very good beanie hair, again perfect for both sexes.  There are 2 more GG’s one is a hairbase and the other is……can’t remember lol so it’s a “surprise” lol.  A nice little hud of the basic shades.


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Be a sweet D!va for FREE.

I’m on a roll in SL just binning stuff which is how I ended up at D!va getting more stuff lol.

I found my “D!va” folder which was packed with very old Group Gifts and paid for hair so once I’d made the really hard decision that even though they were as good today as the day I got them if I haven’t worn them in years they need to go and go they did.

So to make myself feel better I TPed to D!va and the group is still Free to join and this hair is, at least to me, a new group gift.  Just lovely, you get a big fat pack of colour huds and although you cannot change the shade of the flower you can take it off but I think it’s a lovely finishing touch and that cream/off-white shade is a good match for a lot of outfits.

This is on the wall above the reception desk but if you look on the other side there are 2 of the older Group Gifts which I just happened to have binned.  The “Bambi” was the one that hurt the most but again I had to accept I wouldn’t really wear it so the fact that these are old should not put you off as quality lasts.


So I logged back inworld and I had left my AV at D!va’s and as I’m looking at the picture they have used of this hair I realised I’d missed something.  So it turns out you CAN change the colour of the flower AND you can wear this hair with that ponytail or remove it and have a loose bun in its place and so nice has gotten even nicer.