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Virtual Tourist – Wander around (Dollarbie outfit & hair)

Starting out on my day trip around Whispering Windz with a fab outfit from Jelly Roll, all dollarbies including the baseball cap and hair ! Each piece has a Hud with colour and pattern options – that should bring a smile to your face ❤

Whispering Windz (I usually avoid places or stores that use a Z instead of an S – but hey ho!) has lots on offer to entertain you – from a log flume ride, rope climbing, hot air balloon, boat rides and more. I really enjoyed climbing through the trees on the ropes and walk ways, the log flume was just brill – nice long journey and great scenery.

As you arrive by the log flume you will notice a white post that acts as a teleporter to all the destinations. Click and choose where you want to go and the URL appears in your local chat – click that and off you go. I was unable to find the race track though!

Whispering Windz

Jelly Roll market place store

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All in one Freebie

D!va has been pretty quiet of late but I spotted them at an event a few weeks back, bought the new style and earmarked them to scope out later. So chuffed I remembered and popped over there – new store, new layout and new gifts ! As you enter the store there is a large pillar behind the desk with a free group gift, peek around to the other side and you will find a few more. This is the 50,000 group members gift (free to join) and you get a beautiful gown and a hair-do . The gown is tremendously beautiful, I am not a gown wearer but if I was ! No mesh body sizes , but the medium suited my Maitreya body perfectly – there is a pouffey fluffy layer which I forgot to wear also – oops!

The hair that comes along for the ride is amazing – both items are named “iris”. Four ways to wear it and a fat pack of colours to boot. An absolute keeper for me – thanks D!va ❤


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Showing off. (Freebie(s)).

As mentioned in my last post there is a FREE Gift Card or rather Store Credit worth 300Lds on offer in 4 fashion shops, Sweet Temptation, Vaxer, Gaall and Chic & Shoes.

I’d already picked up a couple of demos in the Sweet Temptation shop but before I made my mind up I decided to check out the other shops and I got as far as the Gaall entrance when I spotted this jacket(on the wall to your left).

You get a big hud of colours and either keep it the all over one colour or colour the different bits ie belt, collar, lower part etc.  It also comes in plenty of fits and some basic panties if you wanted to wear it more as a dress.  The attention to detailing is top quality and it is for sale at 299Lds but of course since I chose to get my credit with the Gaall shop it was totally free.

I’ll put the link to the Gaall shop but the other 3 of them are all in the same area so make sure to check them all out before you choose which shop you’d like to have your credit with.

PS.  I believe this is an offer for Subscribers only so obviously make sure you subscribe.

UPDATE: Because I forgot to blab on about the hair!

I have blogged this hair before but as I was throwing this look together I came across it, dusted it off and it’s just such a fine hair and we all know how hard it is to get decent free hair.  So I quickly TP’d and yes the Lamb group is still free and this hair is still out.  It comes with a big fatpack of excellent colours as well.



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Sparks Bangs Again(Freebie(s)).

Sparks sent me a note which was a reminder to check out a shop I know well called Yumyum OR DP Yumyum or Barbery Yumyum…I can never work out but what I do know is that the “DP” stands for Double Paradox which is also the name of the free group you join the grab the goodies.

This scarf hair was a gift from a massive hair fair from a few years ago, I still remember the thrill of grabbing all the goodies inc this one but I’m not sure if this is a recent addition to the other Freebies in the shop and it’s a good now as then.

As you can see the scarf is excellent and if by chance you don’t like it one click of the hud and it’s gone, another couple of clicks will allow you to change the colour and fit of the hair.  As it happens without the scarf the hair has a lot going on at the back, a thick pinned up plait.

This is the same hair but you may notice a change and that’s the addition of “bangs” or as we call it a fringe.

Yup, a free fringe hairpiece.  I did try it on with a few of my hats and didn’t find one that I was happy with enough to do a close-up picture, what I did find was a whole folder of hats that should have been binned years ago as they most certainly have not aged well.  So I just popped it on with this hair as it does allow me to show you that you can match it up with the whole colour palette.

There are other FREE Hairs but I have shown them to you before so I will leave them for you to check out.

I absolutely love the hair in this shop, it’s young, flyaway, light, delicate etc so try it out and there is also a discount section plus although this is mainly a hair shop it has a small selection of planting for your home which like the hair is delicate.

PS.  On my return visit to LM grab, I also grabbed the lemon pair of earrings as I loved them…I will probably never wear them but you never know.

DP Yumyum

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Pick ‘n’ Mix.(Freebies).

What a random collection of freebies picked up from the FaMESHed event.

Shoes, fab, cropped jumper, fab, shiny shorts, fab, hair, fab and chair…fab!  What isn’t fab is nothing colour/design matched, so I just threw the lot on and pulled a rare seating pose.

As said in the title these are to be found at the new FaMESHed event, I didn’t see many gifts, standard boxes stood next to the stalls, but I may have missed more. What I did see was a few things I’m interested in purchasing and I got some LM’s for places to check out.

PS.  All of these gifts are from some of the BIG SL shops.


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Free Hair, Free Dress

Couldnt resist another visit to the Shop & Hop event now the crowds have died down a bit. I *think* I was in the Tinseled sim when I found both of these items – uhm dont shoot me if its not right ! Take your time to mooch around you’ll find them ! The fantastic Tux inspired dress is from Bella Moda a-new-to-me store. Huge selection of fits included plus a pair of  mule style shoes (not a keeper for me) two necklaces, one of which I’m wearing and a coochie cover. I really really love it – so much so that I headed right over to the inworld store and scoped it out. Shame, it was not my kinda gear – at all. You might like it so take a peek anyway. The hair is by Elikatira and was also free, 2 ways of wearing via the hud and a VERY generous fat pack of colours – keeper ❤


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Free as a bird

I’ve been looking around for a few glam outfits for Valentines day – and really found some great gear for free! Started off on the market place and grabbed yet another copy of this free hair fat pack by BonBon – blogged it before and will prolly blog it again –  its SO cute. Then headed to The Free Dove, joined the free group and saw this stunning dress / lingerie by Kaithleens – most mesh body fits included and a hud to change the inner panels and thong.

Snapped up some super lip glosses by Shiny stuffs at The Free Dove too – Catwa and other mesh heads available in this, really totally lovely on – deffo a keeper. (Im wearing them in all the pics)

Back to the market place for this romper by MH unique design just $5L , comes with a Hud with approx 6 other colours included – mesh body fits.

Last but definately not least is this complete outfit from The Free Dove – with shoes, earrings , skirt and top. My favourite actually – I’ve gone off all the red VDay stuff *faints* – this lush black fabric and heart cut outs is just perfect. Fatal fashion is a new store to me so I will definately be checking their inworld store out. Mesh body fits galore ! The hair is free by ASO – blogged before but still such a great style, comes with a fatpack of colours too.

The Free Dove

ASO hair

BonBon hair

MH romper