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Whats new @ The Free Dove

Spotted this rather cool leather jacket and sweater combo @ The Free Dove yesterday. Its by Asteria and you get eight variations of it. Standard mesh sizes – I had to go for the large over my Maitreya body. I also grabbed the Alantori “Shirley” hair, I wasn’t sure about initially as it felt a bit “clunky”? So I added some bangs from Tram – et voila – not perfect colour matching I know but out of ultra graphics its fine. You need to join The Free Dove group to claim your items – it is free to join.

The Free Dove

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Sprint along to Uber & Dollarbie hair !

Last call for summer shorts set ! These two pieces from Neve @ Uber are just deliciously pretty. The Chase top and Sprint shorts are perfect for the current season. The shorts and top come in a choice of four packs with four versions included per pack. I went with the “Love” set – because who doesn’t need a little more love in their world huh? Thanks Neve team ❤ I fished out this hair from JellyRoll to complete the look – “Giselle” great cap and long locks – $1L for a fatpack ! You also get a Hud for the wording on the cap, lots of choices.


JellyRoll hair

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Freebie & a Promo

Aris Aris have a new instore promotion and its this dress “Promise”. Beautiful longer length dress with a deep side slit on one side.

With just one touch of the Hud you can turn it into a shorter dress or a Midi length – et voila ! Three looks for one dress ❤

The Hud is fantastic with a heap of fabrics and patterns, plains to choose from. If you buy this on the market place its going to set you back $249L but if you head to the main store its on offer for just $99L orrrrr $89L if you’re a group member wearing your tag ! My hair is from Navy & Copper – I’m really enjoying their hair releases lately, join the group (I seem to recall its free) and you can grab this plus a couple of others as gifts.


Navy & Copper

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Flex with me.(Freebies & Mention of freebies).

In this case, it’s the hair only.

I tried, tried and tried soooo many times to get a decent picture of this flexi hair and I just couldn’t so, in the end, I’ve just pulled a ballet pose and gone for it and you’re going to have to just try them out for yourself.

“Shi” sent me the details of the Free hair at the Fabrixquare shop and don’t let the thought of flexi put you off getting the freebies or checking this shop out. Fabrixquare is using flexi to create new and unique styles which really does make you stand out from the crowd.  I only wish the demo’s for the hair, or at least the demo’s I picked up, come with the full-colour palette and not just black as the colours used are just as big and as bold as the style of the hair and I’d have liked to have seen them on me.

What you also can’t see is a tattoo on my shoulder blade. I got a nice message from a lady called Julie Dallas about her Tattoo shop. As you all know when it comes to things like jewellery and tattoos I just don’t do em but I’ve actually been looking for a particular one and since I’d nothing to lose I hopped on over and nope she doesn’t have the sort of tattoo I’m after. She does have some nice pretty tattoos at very reasonable prices and of course freebies so check her shop out.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing my Lelutka bald base but those whispy baby hairs are also in a gift pack plus think of using a couple of the freebies as “addons” to hair you may already have.

Fabrixquare & Punklist

Juliette Tattoo

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Welcome Home.(10Ld Hair Hunt Prize).

One of the reasons you get a lot of beach photos is that I’ve made my beach “Home” spot. In RL I’m not a “bikini babe” I don’t roast myself to a nice shade of mahogany brown on the beach, I am a saunterer, a book reader, a watcher of waves(and people), a loner and I love it and in about two weeks time to save my sanity that is exactly what I’m planning on doing, even if it’s just for a day.

OK, Enough waxing lyrical.  The hair is a WOH6 hunt gift and costs 10Lds and it’s so easy to find the sun I’m not going to give you a hint.  You get a LOT of huds options way too many to list.

As for the clothes I’m wearing I’m going to save that, as it’s a reblog, for my next post as I have a super gift for my next post.

Rama Salon

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Beached Bunny Hunt 10

You know you’re old in SL terms when you can recall the Beached Bunny hunt 1 ! Beached Bunny Hunt 10 is on until the 31st July. Lots of lovely summery offerings to be found and just $1L per prize. Hair is from EscalateD nice packs of tones and a style Hud included. Bikini is from LoveLace Designs -comes in just pink – but that’s fine for moi as I adore PINK ! Good selection of mesh body fits come in the box. I had a little problem with finding the Maitreya top, so rezzed the unpacking Hud and opened it the old fashioned way – et voila ! Link below to the blog for a list of all participating stores and prize photos .

The Beached Bunny Hunt 10 Blog

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Worth the squeeze. (Special Offer & Mention of Freebies).

A notice has come out from Scandalize and Beyond that, both shops have a 300Ld gift shop credit for group members.

I think we all know the Scandalize shop and group that costs 100Ld to join.  What you may not know if you’re not already in the group is that there are NEW Group Gifts and NEW Lucky Board prizes. Although I am wearing one of the gifts I decided to just show you one of my pussy cats, a gacha win, because like my AV it is CUTE.

And remember to also visit the Beyond shop for its 300Ld Group Credit and that Group only costs 20Lds. Since it’s on the same shopping sim as Scandalize I couldn’t get in to grab that so that’s something to look forward to.

MENTION of Free hair!  A shop called Olive has a whole wall of Lucky Boards in the entrance and since I won one of the hairs it means that although the Olive group does cost the Lucky Boards are open for everyone, no I’m not wearing the hair I won as it just didn’t suit me but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suit you.

PS. Forgot to mention that Scandalize has a FREE “Stay at home group” gift and there is a pair of thigh-high boots for only 20Lds which are for another group I think it’s called “Whimsey Original” but the Group Invite is right next to it.

UPDATE:  Check out my next post for a FREE 300Ld Shop credit post.