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Free Beer. (Freebie).

Sorry no clothes but I have beer.

This is a gift from the 8f8 shop but is a L’Homme group gift. Look at the detailing. I’ve forgot to click on it to see if you’re sent a wearable but if it doesn’t who cares when it looks this good.

This is a bit of a hidden gift so I’m going to show you where to get it. Look at this second picture and you can see the L’Homme poster and the lighter poster stuck to it is the gift.

The LM will take you to the middle of the Black Kite Sim so just turn left as the floating platorms of the 8f8 shop are in the corner.

If you’ve never visited the 8f8 shop then you have missed a photo opportunity as most of the sim is a watery wonderland with random small builds, props and flattering lighting which makes it easy for anyone to take a great picture.

I’m tempted to join the actual 8f8 group as even though it has a price tag, I think it’s 199Lds some of the group gifts which are scattered around so you have to look closely for them are so pretty. The newest one is the most delicate buttercups I have ever seen.

8f8 (Black Kite Sim).

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It’s a keeper. (Free credit).

A shop called Omnia has a 200Ld free gift card for us.

Not that I think you’d miss the sign but I did have to add a picture to this post so this is what you’re looking for.

Sorry it’s non trans, I even rezzed it and took it back into my invent and that didn’t work so when you get it you will have to spend it on yourself…oh the hardship lol.

PS. From my mini map I can see that this is a busy shopping sim so once I head back in I’m off to check the other shops out.


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Skin me for a Dollarbie & Free. (Full Free Male AV Body & Skins).

This was the other heads up from Sparta and TBH this was most certainly a snatch and grab job for me as I’m still in my adorable piggy AV and my SL time is so limited today that I just don’t have the time to unpack and try on this very generous gift of both a full male AV’s, 1 Dollarbie each, and a pack of free skins.

The Signature shop has a very simple layout and so it’s easy to spot the 2 offers on the raised platform opposite each other. I’m pretty sure the writing on each picture of the AV’s says that they’re BOM and Omega ready plus these bodies are updated so easier to fit clothing etc.

To get these free skins just join the L’Homme group.

I’ve updated this as I did manage to get back inworld and try out the body and it’s headless. So not so much a “full” AV as just a male body. I could be missing something about that but not too sure.


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It’s too late! (50% Sale@Muniick&Mention Of Freebie).

If Faith hadn’t mentioned it I’d have missed this big sale is going on at one of my fav home decor shop, Muniick, and I would have been pished!

Actually I wouldn’t have been that mad as I already know I own it all or at least everything I want from this shop.

Off the top of my head at this very moment in my house I have the sewing machine/table with matching seat, a sewing box wall deccoration, retro sideboard and a retro hoover set out. A quick check of my invent shows I have many, many items which I’d totally forgotten about.

As I was LM grabbing I suspect I will return to buy the motorbike as it’s very “unisexed” most reasonable prims and a hud to change the colour…time will tell if I can resist temptation.

As for the freebie there a couple of nice decor items, the planter and pinwheel I have blogged previously but the wood bucket of tomatoes is new.


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Crash, bang, wallop. (Freebie).

Under me is a very nice and easy to drive scooter from 777 Motors or I should say easy for most to ride but as always I just kept on crashing…which can be fun.

It comes with a full interactive menu as well as a position changer which is good as the first time you hop on it you’re hovering over it. It does look as though you can’t save those editied positions but it’s easy and quick to do it each time you want to go for a ride.

You get 2 colours and they’re rezz not wearables.

I sorta know the 777 Motor shop even though I haven’t bought anything from there previously. I think it’s been a case over the years of seeing some quality vehicles for sale at events and admired them but since I have zero skill in riding/driving anything I’m not in the habit of buying these sort of things but you may be interested as I do know some love to sail and drive their way around SL.

PS. This is a free for all gift.

UPDATE: There is a big board nearby where you can join the group, check out the MP shop or join the rezz group which allows you to use the roads that wind around the sim the 777 Motor shop is on.

777 Motors.

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It’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. (10Ld table & Hunt Info).

The cart sale outside of the “The Artist’s Shed” still isn’t up and running and it’s such a regular event so it’s a reminder to us that we don’t know whats going on with people in RL when they can’t do the regular things they do in SL… you know what I mean?

As always when I went into the The Artist’s Shed shop I ended up walking away with a little extra decor item and a couple of freebies which I’m not gonna show you. This table wasn’t free or a hunt item as it costs 10Lds.

At only 2 prims and a lovely weather worn look to it I’m pretty sure I can find a place for it on my sim.

There is from what I could see only one hunt going on in the shop and it’s because it’s “Fonzo’s Birthday”. What you’re looking for is a gift box and there is an easy hint for you to find it. BTW they have been blogged before but under the desk is some huggable corndogs which also make great decor items as well.

The hunt that is going on is a “Purple Sloth Productions” so I checked out their headquaters where I picked up a “Purple sloth hangy thing” which is a cute wearable although from a distance it does look as though I have a dead mouse dangling from my fingers lol. The headquaters are in the middle of a small shopping mall and although the shops do seemed to be very child themed in what they sell sometimes you can find a great decor/fun item in these places. I certainly will be checking them out when I log back in.

The Artist’s Shed.

Purple Sloth Productions.

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It’s an illusion, thinking outside of the box. (Freebie Backdrop).

What a brill gift from Paletto and the L’Homme group.

You get 2 versions this is the one with the better quality light, LOD etc the other has the lower specs but the same quality its just a bit kinder on some peoples graphic cards.

OH Lord I have so many backdrop and a lot of them come from Paletto. Just love them and I understand that for a lot of people a backdrop isn’t very interesting so look at it this way. A backdrop can be rezzed as a tempory playroom for RP or a party or just because you’re bored and you’d like to live in a different type of build. We don’t have to live in a standard “house” so just rezz a room to suit your mood because in SL you can live your life anyway you want.

PS. I got this link through the TeleportHub group and it said get it ASAP…so go now.