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Boring/bored. (Freebie & Info).

Just a quickie.

Blueberry is celebrating its 8th SL Birthday!  I probably still have some of the Group Gifts from way back then and I know all so well how an excited buzz goes around when there is a new Group Gift out.  Anyhow to celebrate its Birthday it means a few things are going to be coming up over the next couple of weeks but for this week only on their Marketplace shop the older/retired items have been reduced by 50%.

I’ve not looked at these bargains yet but I did pick up this freebie dress I’m wearing as Blueberry does have a couple of freebies/dollarbies on their MP shop.

BTW I was so tempted to leave my backdrop up as this thing is one prim sucking MOFO! and the note Faith would drop me when she’s spotted the sim was down to just 13 prims would have been worth the chuckle…but I’m not that mean lol.

Blueberry.  (Marketplace).

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LaRoo Santa Clyde boots, subscriber free gift

Still waiting for my sister to turn up so I can offload Christmas gifts into her car…BUT…that just means I can quickly tell you about a freeeee pair of deelicious boots !

LaRoo is a newly opened shoe & boot store…lovely place to visit…and if you subscribe , you will receive this scrummy pair of boots as a thank you…not too shabby huh?! Take a look at the other pairs on offer, not a vast selection but I’ve got a feeling there is heaps more to come …I tried a demo of the Aresene boots on whilst I was there…brillliant and a great easy to use HUD…at just 450L I think I might treat myself too a pair.