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Saturday Dress up – for FREE!

If you’ve never been to The Free Dove – gird your loins and hurry on down, it seems (to me at least) that there has been some rummaging – new things! I actually picked up a whole ton of gear – I’m showing you the edited highlights. Don’t fret if you’ve not dipped your toe into the mesh body market yet – there is plenty for traditional avatars also. Join the group to collect your items (its free to join) and then go click happy! Shoes, hair, clothes, tattoos, make up, mani & pedi’s, jewellery, plus a section (albeit a smaller one) for the guys yay! Above I have outfits from Petry Model, 1 Hundred, Kathleens, and Fatal Fashion.

The Free Dove

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Free for All

I’m always popping over to The Free Dove – it’s an awesome resource of freeness ! I found this fabulous outfit there from Hilly Hallan, complete outfit or seperates included plusssss  mahoosive Hud with a squillion more colours and textures!

Sizes are standard and I found the medium worked perfectly over my Slink Physique body. I’ve shown the bag from Fashiowl before – but it’s so good I’m using it again. You’ll find it on the wall at the store – you get four bags with different poses.

I snapped up this simple yet sweet jeans & top combo by Sassitude – Great fit and I know I will use the jeans often – totally free ! Mesh body & standard fits included.

You need to join the Free Dove group to snag the goodies – its free to join .

Free Dove

Hair by Ink “Naive”

Fashiowl bag

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Free & Cheap !

When I was over at The Free Dove the other day I joined the group – just so I could stay uptodate. Got a notice through today and they actually also have a website! Checked it out and found something Id either over looked or it wasn’t there. This complete outfit is by Finale Couture. You get a shedload of standard sizes of the tunic top, leggings (black and white) plus a pair of really nifty shoes for Slink feet.

Decided to scope out the Finale Couture mainstore and scored with this sweet dress and Slink shoes, just $20L each. Big choice of colours also! There are lucky chairs but set for the group only – which has a join fee of $100L – might be worth checking out, the rest of the store had some totally delicious pieces!

Free Dove

Free Dove Blog

Finale Couture

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Complete outfit & hair- free!


I’ve always loved a trawl through Free Dove, I popped over earlier and it looks like there are new thingsss! I snapped up this outfit by Hilly Haalan. You get the boots (no mesh feet required), leggings & the snuggly sweater. You will also find a totally cute shoulder bag and sunglasses in the box. No mesh body sizes but I found the small fitted my Slink Physique body perfectly. My hair is by Tameless, also free and you get a roots pack included.

Free Dove

Hilly Haalan


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Free for All



I was beautifully surprised yesterday, I had popped over to Free Dove as I do every coupla months. Spotted this gorgy outfit from Stars Fashion! I havent noticed it before so I assume its new’ish? Anywayyy if you’re not in the know about Free Dove listen up . Its been in Second Life since foreverrrrr and is rub by  Palomma Casanova. Everything is free, hair, fashion, jewellery (for guys & girls). Over the last year its been revamped and re stocked – go take a look, if you got a few spare pennies – donate them<3. Sooooo the outfit comprises of a cute shorty dress and a pair of shooz. Hud has colour change for shoes and dress, fittings are for Slink and standard avatar, shooz are for Slink. Thanks Free Dove !

The Free Dove

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Hipster Fair - EnvyMe - collabor88 Poppycock & half deer

Loped over to the Hipster Fair this morning and snapped up this oh-so-sweet little outfit by EnvyMe. Whooooo can resist the Pug! Other animals available – but really – Pug! In the box there are various mesh body sizes, plus standard mesh sizes, princely sum of just $135L. My camera is by poppycock & halfdeer, currently out on sale at collabor88 in a pack with plenty of poses – you can even change the camera textures – love it ❤

Hipster Fair - Free dress with bolero - Free Dove Vavian FREE shoes

Look around at the Hipster Fair, most designers have gifts out for you ! I grabbed a few and decided to show you this sweet dress & bolero by Gypsy Chic. My shoes are also free, I found them at The Free Dove yesterday (I’m always rummaging around there!) these are by Vavian and very lovely they are too.

The Hipster Fair


The Free Dove

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Free as a dove

If you think The Free Dove is just for newbs..think again…I headed over there last week to mooch and came away with a few choice items that I was really chuffed with… It’s a great way to explore designers wares before splurging your cash as everything is free of charge…. The outfit above is from top designer Indyra..I actually bought this when it was new in the store a year or so ago…and I still love it now ! This is the tan version…ethnic looking belt with a long fluted hem skirt and long sleeve tunic style top. Easy to wear and gives you an idea about Indyra’s amazing quality.

I also snapped up this leisure suit from Apple May. Gawd I can recall when this store opened and I spent most of my hard earned cash there everyyyyyy day ! Its huge now and going strong, great skins and clothing plus much more ! The free outfit is a denim look pair of jeggings that have cuffed ankles…and the sweetest little embroidered tank..I think its cute enough to get away with wearing out & about !

Go take a peek at The Free Dove, guys there are heaps of items for you also. Gone are the bad old days of it all being a bit of a jumble…its pretty much laid out in categories now…you wont leave empty handed.

The free dove