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September Hunt @ The Free Dove

Free Outfit

There is a new hunt @ The Free Dove – two designers are participating Devine Style & GGVG. I only had time to scope out Devine Style and started out at the main store – five gifts are at the main store and five more are at The Free Dove (Same for GGVG) Loved this shorts & cardigan set I found, you get this version and a striped version – there were so many mesh body fits and standard mesh fits included !

Devine Style gifts

Above is the key for all the prizes and all are totally free. As you can see the one I am showing is number nine. Hit up the board at the Free Dove for all the info! (You will need to join the Free Dove group and the Devine Style group to get your gifts – both are free. You need to find a blue & pink set of macaroons)

The Free Dove

Devine Style

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Changing Of The Season @ The Free Dove

Free jumpsuit & Fur jacket @ The Free Dove

I visited The Free Dove this morning and noticed a few new items. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource there with SO many awesome designers ! Keep your eyes peeled as I think there might be more new pieces as Autumn continues and we go into winter. Anyway I picked up this two piece set from Luxe Paris. You get this classic neutral beige jumpsuit, it looks equally lovely worn alone, plus a furry cape/jacket. The amount of sizes included is vast ! Just join The Free Dove group (its free) and click away to your hearts content.

The Free Dove

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Two Free Outfits For Sunday

Free pants & Top @ The Free Dove

Last week I did the Free Dove Hunt which was brilliant ! I do like to pop over to there at least once a week to see if anything new has rocked up – et voila I found the above outfit from YoUnique, you get the pants & top in a ton of mesh body fits. Love the slogan on the vest “Let Your Light Shine” so cute !

Free outfit with Shoes @ The Free Dove

Then I lucked in with this complete outfit from Monomania. Huge amount of mesh body fits in the pack, you get the jeans, top and separate fishnet arm pieces plus a really cool pair of heels! If your new to The Free Dove just head over and join the group – then click away on the items to your hearts content – its all free ! If you cant find a group join board just click on an item and the group- join is in the main chat box.

The Free Dove

Poses by Lyrium

Hair by Lamb “Gloss”

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Two Hunts !

Hunt Gift FREE @ Bens Beauty

Two designers are in the Free Dove hunt again ! Bens Beauty & WellMade. Ten gifts are hidden at the Free Dove, Five gifts are hidden in each store. Grab a notecard from the banner at the entrance of the Free Dove for all the info, it tells you what you’re looking for and where you need to look. Above is one of the gifts I found at Bens Beauty – so juicy & fresh! You do need to join the Free Dove group and the two store groups to get your gifts – all are free to join.

The Free Dove

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Its All Going Swimmingly (Free)

Free Swimsuit & floral headpiece

I thought I had time to complete the hunt that’s happening at Lurve & The Free Dove – but all I had time for was to grab this gorgeous swimsuit & floral headpiece ! So glad I did as its simply beautiful. The headpiece has a resizer in it so you can get a perfect fit. Just join the group which is free and you’ll find this right on the reception desk as you enter the store.


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Shiny Stuffs Excite Me ! (some free items)

Shiny Stuffs lip balm gift & gliter tshirt pack

After doing the Free Dove Hunt (see my post a few down from this) I scooted over to the main store again of Shiny Stuffs. Yay! They still have catwa appliers, I’m always getting sad as most new cosmetics are for the HD head or BOM which I loathe. I did buy a full price palette of honey lip glosses – too pretty to leave behind ! I also took advantage of all the freebies on the upper floor. Huge selection of makeup, lipsticks, face glitter etc and no group to join – just click and grab.

Shiny Stuffs face glitter free

The free face sparkles come in gold or silver with two versions of each. I’m wearing the silver type above, along with one of the free lippies.

Shiny Stuffs sprakle Tee £150.

The sparkle tees were £150 and you get this hud with twelve designs, its the same tee as the hunt prize essentially but SPARKLY !

Shiny Stuffs Free Tee hud

Here is the Hud for the free tees, lovely collection of designs. Also check out Shiny Stuffs on the market place, use the filter to see “lowest price” and you will find all the discounted items. I bought a set of ten tinted lip balms for just $25 – chuffed ❤

Shiny Stuffs main store

The Free Dove (hunt)

Shiny Stuffs market place store

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Monomania ! Freebie

Free complete outfit from Monomania

When I was at The Free Dove yesterday hunting, I spied this new-to-me complete outfit from Monomania on offer. Its kind of washed out faded denim with a hint of moss colour. Just join the Free Dove group (its free) and click on the outfit, I seem to recall its near the centre of the room. You get the boots (mid foot) skirt, jacket and lanyard necklace, mesh body fits.

The Free Dove