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Saturday Sale and Peace Out

Last minute shopping at The Saturday Sale then I’m off to my forest retreat for a whole week of relaxing ! I snapped up this sweet hair do from Lamb called “Thieves like us”, just $75L per colour pack, slid into my new Neve “afraid” sweater and ever-present “Tomboy” pants – and that’s it ready to go !

Have a lovely week little PEAS ❤


Tres Chic – Afraid sweater

Neve store – Tomboy pants

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Back off B*tch it’s MINE! (50Ld Limited Offer).

Faith and I try not to double post so often we drop each other a note as to what we’ve picked up if we suspect the other will also have spotted it and the title of the post is almost the exact same words I IMed to Faith when I logged in and saw she was inworld so I could get this beautiful and stylish coat FIRST!

Grab the demo first as it only comes in the 1 fit but as you can see it’s a one style fits all.

It comes with a cute little pair of matching shorts are which are adorable but they do break through the jacket texture at the back, trust me it’s a just a small thing and I don’t mind a little bit of breakthrough at all, nothing is perfect all the time even in SL.  What makes this jacket stand out is the way the arms are positioned.  I’m not using any pose and the hands in the pocket is the way the jacket/jumper have been styled.  It simply means you have to Alpha out your arms and take off your hands but how cool does this look?

And with only a 50Ld price tag it’s my “oooh” of the day.  The only problem I had was which colour to buy because there is every shade from black to pastel and in the end, I decided to keep with a more seasonal texture.

BUT be quick as this is the “The Saturday Sale” offer and I have a feeling that Belle Epoque is one of those shops that remove the offer as soon as the offer time period is over.

Belle Epoque

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I know, I know! (50ld Bargain).

If you haven’t gotten those Free Ugg boots that I mentioned in my “OH GOOD GRIEF” post then go get them as they’re marvelous, I will actually put the Hilly Haalan LM in so you don’t even need to read my post and the hint is something like “I can hear water”. If you do go to the Hilly shop then check out the row of deals as there are some quality items at very reasonable prices and that skater outfit for only 99Lds is still tempting me.

These, however, only cost me 50Lds and are the “The Saturday Sale” offer from KC Courture.  Why do I need another pair of Uggs?  If your asking that question then you’re obviously a man lol.  No actually although the Hilly Haalan one is superb and you get so many options, ie sock, liner etc these ones are short Uggs and come with a really BIG colour Hud option that allows you to change the main body, the stitching etc and for only 50Lds I can see myself using these a lot.

This is on the board outside of the shop and you can get a demo to try but I didn’t even bother as I knew they would be good.  The KC Couture group does cost 25Lds to join but check out the group gifts, inside of course, and you will see it’s worth it.

KC Couture 

Hilly Haalan (For the Free Hunt Uggs)


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Halloween ready ! Free gift <3

Yippeeeee it surely must be time to begin thinking about Halloween right? Well Amanda Dench agrees as she has placed her Halloween themed group gift out wooo! It’s a belter – and seriously creepy, loads of effects that rez (including my two guests above), there is food, a séance and more ! Great fun – no group fee to join. Thanks Amanda ❤

My dress is from No Cabide – Just $5L will bag you this frothy little party look – it comes in a multitude of mesh body fits plus a Hud with six colours. My shooooz are from the Saturday Sale , you will need to join the group and grab the note card for a full list of participating stores – some amazing items and all reduced for the day. These shoes are by Reign, fat pack for just $75L, you get the flat version and the tippy toe, which I adore and a great fat Hud with SO many colours to choose from.

Dench Designs

Saturday Sale info

No Cabide dress