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Read my thigh. (100s of Freebies).

I must admit I can’t remember if a post has been done about Promagics STUFFED FREEBIE ROOM! I’m pretty sure that we will have done a post but I’m also pretty sure there is a whole load of new stuff that I’ve not seen before.

TBH it was a bit overwhelming as to how many gifts there are so I literally slapped on the first outfit that I could use as Promagic doesn’t do SLink fits as standard and I will sort out the rest later.

There is such a mix of clothing from dresses, shoes, pants, kawaii outfits, accessories and a LOT of them are fat packs. Not only are they generous in the number of gifts but all are shop quality. So in a way, I am pleased about the lack of SLink P as it means I don’t have another hoard of clothing to add to my already bloated invent.

To get to the goodies don’t go straight into the shop as there is a large poster on the outside wall which is the TP to the group gift room. Once you’ve grabbed them all then head on back to the main shop as there is a new subscribers gift, some weekend special offers and what got me to Promagic was a pair of laced-up boots for only 99Lds and everything is to be found just in the main entrance room.

Promagic & Gaury. (The LM takes you to a shared TP, one to Promagic and the other to Gaury)