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Crossed & Banned – Not Me!

New lush round of Tres Chic has opened and golly gosh – I am SO loving the items from Neve ! The crossed top and Banned skirt are really fresh for Spring – should see you into the summer too. Positively tons of options in the packs, you can also fiddle around with the edging of the top and the laces on the skirt to get yourself a really unique look.

You all knowwww how much I love pink – and stripes – so I had to show you two of the options !

As you can see different fabrics,patterns and tones can really give a different slant on an item – grab them while their hot – thanks Neve team ❤

Sizes for mesh bodies only*

Tres Chic

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Kissing it.(Freebie(S))

Damn her she’s boogered off and left me all alone….yes I am seriously jealous that Faith is escaping the rat race so I’m going to “Kiss” it this week which means “Keep It Simple Stupid”  So I’ve set myself up this nice little posing area and I’m off hunting for the good stuff.

I know I have those excellent photo rooms and my studio that I could have used but I also have a cunning plan in that for the first time in a long time I’m going to live in the sky and not on the land. I’ve chosen this skybox from my invent.  So I’m hoping to not only to be able to take some nice, and quick, pictures but also to gradually decor this sky box out.

Don’t worry though because I come with FREEBIES.

This simple Ombre skirt is actually only one of the gifts from Entice.  When you rezz inworld to your right in the entrance is one of the Entice Group Gifts, once you’ve joined the Free group you have to pay a Linden and it’s returned to you straight away.  This gift, a dress, is not what I’m showing you.  Walk through to the back of the shop and then out through the courtyard with the pool and into the back Entice shop and on the back wall is 6 Lucky Boards and I can see some new gifts in those LB’s so if you have time to kill then this is the place to do it.  There is also a couple more gift and discounted item but it was this SL frees & Offers (sic) gift which caught my eye.  Just a simple short skirt with a really nice texture and comes in all the mesh fits.


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Promotion !

The Stars Fashion Mall has another special promotion for you this week…a glorious outfit in plummy pink tones called “Vivacity”…darling little mini dress with plaid on the big buckle belt…plussss

….to complete the look a pair of matching  boots ! Love that the plaid accent is carried down to these also..nice and easy to fit…the whole style is yours for just 99L for a limited time.

Vivacity outfit: Stars Fashion Mall

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Daydream Believer

Ohhhhh sweetness ! Arisaris have this melt-in-your-mouth complete outfit out..its called “daydream” and I’m lovin it. The blouse is an extravaganza of tiny multi coloured flowers…rich frilly neckline and pufffy capped sleeves…add to that a shorter than short skirt and high gloss leggings plus a lush bra !

Close up view of the deelightful blouse…it reminds me of tutti frutti icecream..all the different colours and nibbly lil bits…beautiful!  Guys there are plenty of goodies for you at the store,plus a coupla lucky boards and midnight mania’s to slap!  Ohhh and dont forget to join the group (free join) and  snap up all the generous group gifts at the top of the stairs,theres a beautiful satin top this month –  Thanks Ariadna xx

Go get flowery: Arisaris


Polka Dots & Union Jack

Yus I got all patriotic when I saw the latest dollarbie from CandyMetal! Sparkly Union Jack top,denim butt skimming skirt and leggings..all yours for just a single dollar ..

Also a rather interesting newwwww release..Miki is a complete outfit..skirt & top(s)..why the plural? Because because you get threeee versions of the shirt..the naughty one that I’m showing..the nice one..and a tease type ! You also receive two versions of the skirt…short and MAJORLY short,just 120L *grins*-thanks Emychan xx Go check out the store , its chock-a-block with dollarbies,and some real steals…ohhhh almost forgot to show you THIS…

I’ve been saving up my CandMetal…and this dollarbie also hit my inventory last week (apologies for the delay in showing it!) Great LBT with a lowww dipping back with fishnet leggings…the boots are a new release…called “seken” 100l per pair with many colour versions!

Go get Candy: CandyMetal