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I’m heartless. (Freebie).

Another Marketplace find is this coat and I ain’t mad at it.

The reason is I was surprised at how much actually fitted under it without break through so it was easy for me to just put on a nice basic pair of jeans and a cropped top. Of course if you can/do use BOM then that’s not an issue and as always its free for you to try out for yourself.

It does have that “thin” look to it but still some attention to detailing and does make for a nice spring look. The inworld shop, Roslyn, does have a paid for group and some nice stuff but the couple of freebies it has are only on the Marketplace.

PS. The hair is the gift from no-match without the hearts… I’ve added the link to that post as well.


No-match post.

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Chill with me. (Dollarbie).

A quick post as I’ve been really good and had a very productive day so I’ve earned this break before I have to finish my days work.

I picked up this top from the Miss Chelsea Marketplace shop and I’m pretty sure that inworld its a paid for group. A really nice Dollarbie and there is a couple of other ones for you to check out.

Miss Chelsea. (Marketplace)

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Oh, Dear! (Freebie).

What is wrong with my miserable face! I guess it’s now bored of Valentine outfits but this one is pretty different with the roses attached to the bodice.

Limited in fits, only Reborn and Kupra Bimbo but it’s a good fit even for my Legacy. You do get 2 style options, this one has the long sheer skirt bottom and you can wear it without.

I’m glad I checked as this is FREE inworld so I’ve changed this post.


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The girl did good. (Dollarbie).

Look at what Naughty Glimmer found for me on the Marketplace.

I didn’t pay that much attention to the details as I know the shop and assumed/hoped it was going to be quality and it is.

Some lovely colours in the hud.

I now wish I’d lightened the picture as this is a lovely chocolate brown.

As always big thanks for the heads up, I may sometimes not follow up as it may already have been shown or Faith is planning on showing it etc but always appreciate any link..esp in note form.

Promagic. (Marketplace).

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Sunglasses are a must. (Dollarbie).

Sorry, it’s another marketplace find and I may just have a third one to show you later or tomorrow if it’s not available inworld.

As for this dress, it’s very neon, each of the 11 colours in the hud is pretty neon or in some colours very latex shiny.

The funny thing is it says “(BRIGHTNESS OF TEXTURES ISSUE HAS BEING FIXED!)” blimey if this is the toned-down version I can’t imagine how bright the original ones were. I think for some people who either like to stand out or go clubbing etc inworld this is the dress for them as people will see you in a crowd of AV’s lol.

I should have and will do when I log back inworld check out if and how they change in different windlight settings…yes and believe it or not especially in the darker windlight settings its even more neon all you’d need is a couple of glow sticks and you’re ready to rave.

Pixel Life.

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It costs nothing to try. (Freebie).

I wasn’t finding much inworld so I started to scroll through the Marketplace and found this freebie from the Renbrand shop.

You do get a skirt and pantie set as well as this jacket in black what you don’t get is any other than the Meshbody fit. So those aren’t wearable and yet the jacket it’s actually a pretty darn good git and I suspect it will fit other mesh bodies as well. Since it’s a freebie it “costs nothing to try”.

I can see a link to an inworld shop so I will be checking that out when I log in and will put the LM to this post then.

Renbrand. (Marketplace).

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Thank you, whoever. (Freebie).

I can’t for the life of me work out who send me the link for this Marketplace gift…but cheers I owe you as they have turned out to be the best freebies of the day.

I didn’t read the small print of the product description and assumed you only got both items in the black shade and it was only when I put it on that I spotted that if you join the free group it opens all the shades in the hud and now I’ve grabbed the Marketplace link I can see its actually in the description as well.

The joggers also have a panty layer which I took off.

When picking shades out of a hud I usually stick to the pink/neutral shades because I think most people will be more interested but I personally love the other green/orange and esp the brown options.

The “22store” literally only has two gifts in their marketplace shop. I’ve run out of SL time so when I log back inworld tomorrow I’m going to see if there is an inworld shop.

22Store. (Marketplace).