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I’m sorry, it’s another cheeky MP offer. (5Ld Top).

I really wasn’t going to do another Marketplace offer today at least but I have a problem in that when I find something great I have zero patience and I want to show it to you straight away so instead of saving this for a post tomorrow here it is.

A simple strapped top and yet look at the oh-so cheeky lace insert which hides nothing. There is a black version and both are a non-cheeky 5Lds.

There are some other 5Lds offers and you may recognise the “Zoi, Overalls” as I have blogged them previously. I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Flirt Group isn’t free…and since I’m not sure I’m going to give you the inworld link so you can check it out for yourself because I ain’t moving from where I took this photo. Faith has nicely landscaped her half on the field my half on the other hand is rezzed random junk and even worse basic building prims! So it’s time I got my act together and landscaped my half. A nice way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon.

Flirt. (Marketplace).

Flirt. (Inworld).

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Received. (Marketplace Dollarbie).

I decided to work through my “received” folder which means to get these you will have to go onto the Marketplace.

Although I’ve had these for quite a while I don’t think I have shown them to you before.

You get a big hud which allows you to change all the bits of them and umm that’s it lol. Honestly, they’re just really good and if you’re after this style of shoe…quality!

I forgot to add there are Dollarbies dresses as well which look really good.

Bel Fiore. (Marketplace).

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Last one from the MP. (Dollarbie).

I think I already have this dress in my invent but I couldn’t be bothered to check and so paid another Linden to have a new one sent to me.

I always think the quality of an item is how well a black shade looks and although I have edited this photo you can see there is some shading and different texturing being used to create a nice effect. The picture used by the seller is true to what you get. There is also a small hud of colours as well.

The is a small/teeny/tiny issue in that you do need to use the alpha to hide your nips and if you look closely you can just about make out the gap but it’s nothing and in fact, I thought the Legacy was actually This outfit only comes in a Legacy/Legacy Perky and Reborn shape.

PS. There is an inworld shop so that is where I will be visiting next and if by chance it’s free in there I will do an update.

Absence. (Marketplace).

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Last one then I’m gone. (Freebie).

Time to log off SL and enjoy RL but just before I did I cleaned out my notes/notices and trashed some shoes and old freebies and found this one from Asteria.

One TP later and I was a bit disappointed as in the inworld shop it’s one of the many group gifts and that does have a price tag, 100Lds. Sometimes though I remember to check the Marketplace and guess what? FREE in the MP.

As for this dress, I cannot remember when it was first put out as a freebie but it was a LONG time ago and yet it has stood the test of time. A 10-colour hud, inc the belt and panties.

I’m not going to put the inworld shop LM for 2 reasons, I’m not inworld so I don’t have it plus as I’ve said it’s only free on the Marketplace shop. I do suggest you do check out the inworld shop and the paid-for group does have some really nice gifts.

Asteria. (Marketplace).

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I’m broken. (Marketplace Dollarbies).

As you can see there are some black dots on the top which is where the mesh has meshed together. It’s very small and not a big thing esp since this is a really good Dollarbie. I especially loved the two-tone blue and I’m always a sucker for ruffles.

Plenty of fits and the Legacy one is good for my perkies.

Then I picked up another Dollarbie from the same shop except this time it’s the rug I’m standing on. The ValArt shop seems to have a random selection of items in it.

Very pleased with it, a simple rug with folds etc. I won’t be keeping it as I just have way too many and I want to trash at least 300 more items out of my invent today.

It also allowed me to show off these Dollarbie shoes from the Le’La shop. I have no idea if they have been blogged before but here they are now. You only get 2 fits, Maitreya/Belleza and with my Legacy feet deformer they’re a perfect fit. A nice hud of colours as well.

ValArt. (Marketplace, top & rug).

Le’La. (Marketplace Shoes).

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I do it all for you. (Dollarbie).

I got an email from Second Life as it’s my Rezz day. Sadly no gifts, no free Lindens, not even wearable slice of birthday cake. What I did get was some Stats.

So here is what I have “Achieved in the past year”

My region visited 1,521, average resident 87.

My teleports 6,794, average resident 220 teleports.

My days longest streak 98 days, average resident 3 days.

Yeah what can I say except I do it all for you…ok ok I have a bit of an addiction. Since I’ve been TPing here and there since I got these stats you can add a few more on them lol.

I didn’t have to TP for this as I found it on the marketplace and I’m so pleased I did as the picture used show the more fuller figured ladies when in fact it has something for all shapes…just check the picture for your fit.

Not only does this make a great outfit on its own it’s also a two-piece. That bra/top will go perfectly with the sweater from my last post.

You get a decent hud for both the top and shorts, plus the top comes in a sheer version which I’m wearing.

Before I left I swiped a balloon…I love balloons.

This is in the “Caishen’s marketplace shop. It’s time for my addicted SL behind to log off so I’ve not actually checked out the inworld shop so I’m giving you the link and you may just find it for free..but no promises.

Caishen. (Marketplace).

Caishen. (Inworld).

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Is this new to you too? (10Ld Marketplace Top).

I decided to search the SL Marketplace for a new or cheap enough item and of course I ended up looking at the (sYs) shop. I have found many a decent bargain from this shop over the years and I yet I’m not sure if I’ve shown you this vested shirt combo.

It doesn’t come in my Legacy body so I tried on all the sizes and was pretty happy with the fit and I don’t even mind that bit of breakthrough as it does happen sometimes.

In each pack, you get 2 colour shirts/vest combo’s and the shirts on their own.

If these aren’t the colour you like there are many other options from pink to tartan and each pack only 10Lds. You can also try the free demo on as well before you make your mind up. As it happens I’ve added the demo of what looks like the vest from this design and it’s only 5Lds so if the demo looks good on my Legacy body for that small amount I might just pick it up.

(sYs). (Marketplace).