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I’ve been busy.(Freebie).

I’m back, tbh I was only away for one night but I had to do some RL work catch up to do before I could log in. When I finally got inworld I ended up TPing all over the place and yet it was a link to a marketplace shop that gave me the freebie I was most happiest with.

It does come with a “starter hud” and I know I changed the shade of the socks but my SL time ran out so I don’t know how many shades you actually get.

The boots can be worn without the socks as well so you may have some jeans that can be tucked into them.

Riders, Western, Breedables and Builders Products.

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OH NO! So much temptation! (Dollarbie).

This Dollarbie is going to end up costing me a lot of money.

Basically on my hunt for freebies/cheapies I spotted a metal can being used as decor in a shop and it piqued my interest so a quick click showed me it’s from a shop called Unflat Stuff.

(Edit) I haven’t/won’t be buying that I bough this and when I’d unpacked it and saw how good quality it is, and only 1 prim, I TP’d to the inworld shop and wished I hadn’t. It’s a bit like visiting TK Maxx in that you come across hidden treasures for such a reasonable price that even a Cheap B* like me caves in and so far I’ve bought from the inworld shop a wheel barrow, a pan set and a wood bucket and from the marketplace shop a planter and jug of flowers. tempted.

The reason I bought from both the inworld and marketplace shop is that although they sell a lot of the same thing I think there are more items for sale in the marketplace shop than inworld also different styles. There are 2 different wheelbarrows for sale on the marketplace shop but the inworld shop has a totally different styled one and I loved that one as it is so retro.

So basically make sure to check out both the marketplace shop as well as the inworld shop before you decided if you want to buy anything.

PS. There are also a few other cheapies on the marketplace shop as well.

Unflat (Marketplace).

Unflat Stuff (Inworld).

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Uno Dos Tres. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a lazy post as I have blogged the N-Uno marketplace shop in the past, a couple of times probably, so I already knew what to expect when I picked up some of the Dollarbies.

There are a total of 121 Dollarbies, a lot of them are the same item just in different colours. This dollarbie outfit I’m wearing consists of the jeans, sleeveless shirt and there is also an over the shoulder sweater.

They do come in the old fits, ie xs,s,m,l etc and I’ve found the s fit was perfect for me. Even though they’re cheap you can try the demo out if you want.

If you want to check out the inworld shop then use my link and not the one from the MP. There are group gifts in the N-Uno shop which is a paid for group and at a glance I suspect it’s maybe Maitrya only but please check. Also where you land is a TP which takes you to another N-Uno shop and I believe there are group gifts in there as well.

N-Uno (Marketplace).

N-Uno. Shop 1

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My ride is here. (10Ld Bike).

My last post was the gift from 777 Motors in celebration of Pride Month and I try to remember to check out their marketplace shop just in case there are other gifts etc and thats where I found this “Sandstorm, Apocalyptic Desert Tourer” for just 10Lds.

Pretty well detailed and yet only 15 prims which means you can park this bad boy in front of your home/garage without it eating up your prims.

The listing says that this was updated on the 19,6.2019. Looks like you get everything you’d expect in a much more expensive bike pack such as camera and driver hud. The one thing I was confused by was the 2 bikes as they were both identical and yet one is named “track” and then I took this picture.

Yup with this bike you leave track marks, which of course do fade as you travel.

Very ridable although it has helped that I went to one of the MANY “The Wastelands” sims to have a drive.

The Wastelands is/is not a roleplay sim. Basically you can play here but just keep a few rules in mind, ie NO weapons unless they’re the ones provided by the wastelands rp game, no nudity so keep yer floppies covered, no sex, clean your sh*t up, don’t bother others and on and on just the common decent rules you’d expect which will make not just others but your own SL lifes a bit nicer.

OH and you don’t even have to get dressed up in RP clothes as they’re well aware that people use the sims for photos/backdrops etc and honestly no one minds at all.

777 Motors Marketplace Shop.

The Wastelands Maps.

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How low can you go?(Dollarbie).

I must remember when I log back inworld to get some lovely colourful plants placed on my land till then check out the ones on my pants.

I’ve had these jeans in my invent blog folder for quite some time and yet I’m pretty sure I’ve not shown you them.

You do get a lot of fits and a hud of colours/patterns. Of course what may stand out for most of us is that very low/unzipped look. For me with my Pumec skin there is nothing showing so my blushes are saved.

Only on the Suisui marketplace shop.


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I knew it! (Mina’s FLF offer and Dollarbie).

Blimey where is the time going! It’s already past 3pm, in the UK, and I still haven’t finished my work but it’s time for a coffee break so I did a quick log in as I knew I had this dollarbie outfit from the marketplace to show you.

I don’t know how I missed that Mina has an FLF (Fifty Linden Offer) on! If I hadn’t decided to just pop over I would have missed being able to show Brianna to you.

You get a style hud which changes the side the fringe is swept over to. You can’t really see them because I’ve not taken a picture close enough to show you the (UK) clips or (American) bobby pins which hold that swept fringe in place which is a nice subtle touch.

As always try the demo but a quality hair with a fatpack of shades for 50Ld its a steal.

As for the outfit the more I look at it the more I suspect it’s a reblog. Not sure if it was Faith or I which has shown you this pant/top set but it does no harm to show it, again? You get a lot of fits, comes as separates and have a lovely soft velvet texture to me.

I knew it, I just had to double check and I wasn’t wrong as this Mina hair doesn’t have a picture/LM on the seraphim blog. You will see a little “mia” which of course stands for “Missing in action” and occasionally a shop/event doesn’t get their picture in in time for it to go on the blog so I’m dead chuffed my “pop in” to Mina’s has paid off.

UPDATE: Ha, Faith always says I don’t read her posts, whispers she’s right but I do scroll past the pictures which is why this looked familar as Faith blogged it just last week lol.

E.D.D.A (Marketplace).


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I’m on the MP. (Dollarbie).

I don’t think there are any inworld group gift so I checked the Little Fox’s marketplace shop and found these Dollarbies..

A big hud of 20 excellent shades as well as plenty of feet fits a top quality gift.

The Little Fox group only costs 10Lds to join, I’m sure it was more than that, so fingers crossed I’ve missed any inworld gift’s. To make sure I haven’t I’ve left my AV stood so when I log back in I can have a proper look around not only this shop but also the rest of the shops on this sim.

Little Fox. (Marketplace).

Little Fox. (Inworld).