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Bad Taste!(Freebies).

This hanging pose is just one of the tasteless gifts from “June Trenkins”  BUT it is all intended in good old-fashioned Halloween gruesomeness,  You get 3 hanging poses, wearable rope, and 3 tied to the cross poses, wearable cross, and I do believe the poses without the props.

I have to admit the twisted part of me thinks this will be a GREAT freak out people prop, as wearing it you hover just as shown, you can FOLLOW people! Can you imagine others just casually minding their own business doing what they like to do in SL and there you are GLIDING BEHIND THEM!  Or just go shopping and as you’re hovering there if anyone asks what you’re doing you can just say “OH, just hanging about” BOOM BOOM!

Can you see me?  I betcha can’t but if you look closely as closely as if you were looking for a nip slip you might just be able to see my fingers wiggling between the boards and my “help me” note.  An imaginative and wearable pose.  As with the noose, you could just pop into a shop/event etc somewhere where other AV’s are and quickly pop this on and disappear under the ground leaving only the planks and your wriggling fingers and see how many people just walk over you LOL.

There are some more wearables and I remember a rather interesting cauldron for just 10Lds that I might just check out again when I’m LM grabbing.

June Trenkins


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Its getting hot in here (freebies)

Beautiful sunny day here – too early for thinking about pools & bikinis? Nahhh ! June Trenkins has this snazzy wearable paddling pool out for free in her market place store – and I LOVE wearables. Just add it et voila – you’re lounging – touch the butterfly and its wings flap – sweet.

Sorted myself out with a free bikini thanks to Babey – group is free to join, and the gift is right inside the store entrance. This is traditional layers & mesh body appliers – dead simple to wear and ever so pretty. You get two Spring time colours – pink and green.

Babey Store

Free wearable pool

Kirin poses (for paper plane prop- not free)

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Free for you

Clawtooth FREE hair (3 shades included)

Always so happy to receive a gift, especially a free one ! Clawtooth have this sweet hair-do out for the next few days, it comes in three shades. Lovely ! Totally wearable style for the summer and fits my Catwa mesh head a treat. Also, two brand new finger lickin styles are on offer with a 50% reduction! Head over and don’t miss out.

June Trenkins freebie - Clawtooth FREE hair!

I found this pressie from June Trenkins on the market place, you all know I adore a wearable item, brilliant for when you want to go AFK or BRB or or or just anytime ! The clouds actually come in pure white, but its modify so I fiddled with mine (naturally) No unpacking required, just wear it et voila you’re swinging in the clouds.

Free cloud swing

Clawtooth FREE hair & offer

All clothing by Neve


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Fun and Free

Soft Ice

I know it’s rude of you to stand with your back to people but I wanted to show off the details on the back of the dress (front is shown in second photo).  Now that I have blown most of my monthly SL budget I’m on the hunt on some great freebies or cheapies and I’ve started on a roll.

Dress comes from u.f.o, stands for ur favorite one, which is a shop I think I may have blogged before but I didn’t want to look around too much because I knew that upstairs are the cutest mesh frilly bikinis I’ve seen and I would cave in and buy them  but even though they are reasonably priced I need to keep a hand on my Lindens but at the end of the month those cuties are mine.  Till then this lovely dress is their Free to join Group Gift. A simple mesh dress but with some lovely detailing which makes it more than the standard freebie.  Some good-looking gifties on the LBs as well and some are for group members and some are not.

Stall SoftI can already hear the squealing off Faith but when she finds out this is a wearable she will go into over drive.  It’s a good thing it is a wearable because it’s a massive prim allowance (yup I rezzed it on land to see how many and then promptly forgot) but with all the detail it’s no wonder it’s so many but of course as a wearable that doesn’t matter.  What makes it even nicer is a really excellent AO.  A simple one of you sorting and serving but it’s smooth and understated.  Some lovely freebies on her MP as well as items for sale.


Krafties MP

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one to eight

Bubblez New dress with HUD  June Trenkins free make a necklace pose & free jellybean necklace

The little fairy at Bubblez has been working her  fingers to the bare bone with new releases this week…I wanted to share one of them with you that I just adore. This mesh dress is called Kiri…totes sweet and just purrfect for Spring. Flirty ruffled hemline…and a range of beautiful patterns and colours to suit your every mood! Bubblez new mesh dress eight patterns in one dress !

Yes girls this little frock has a secret..a HUD that means you get EIGHT looks in one item…gotta lurve that right?! At the moment I’m favouring the grey striped look, earlier I wore it with leggings and heels and chose the plain black one…soooo many options ! Thanks milolicious ❤

My pose is a freebie by June Trenkins, and it animates you to thread and make a beaded necklace…cute! My jelly bean necklace is also another free gift from June, take a look at her store , there’s some fabulous full perm kits to get crafty with.


June Trenkins market place store


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Easter Treats

June Trenkins- wearable cart - FREE!

Found a couple of lovely Easter Treats on the market place from June Trenkins…I just love wearable items…and this little cart is one of them. Super detail with all the bottles of what looks like beer inside…and a great pose !

June Trenkins wearable Easter Egg - Free!

For Easter grab yourself this darling wearable Egg..its also from June and is totally free …such a wealth of pretty details, can you see the bunny over my shoulder?!

[HUIT] R2 Free Skin

One more before I head out to work this morning…[HUIT] R2 sent out a notice last night about this skin I’m wearing…its out instore as a free gift..not sure for how long so dash and grab it ASAP. It’s quite a delicate skin tone but not overly pale, gorgeous facial features. My outfit in these photos is from the new Spring range at coldLogic, vale sweater and walsh capri pants…havent taken these two items off since I received them…to-die-for !

June Trenkins market place store



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I love wearables !


Oh I do so love wearable items..and my heart goes pittypatter when I find some awesome ones..*squeee* I found this wearable Easter cake on the market place from June Trenkins…pretty huh? Great pose…and very well made , cost 0L !

Id been looking for ages for a low prim dolls house for our little girls room…joy of joy..June made a wearable zero prims used hurrah! Incredibly made..with so much detail..this was just 1L…

and thennn I spied thisss…if you have a hankering to be a grocer..heres your chance..a wearable store ! I was blown away by the amount of work on this piece…so much to see…and all sorts of candy, fruit etc on it, again just 1L…thanks June ..

June Trenkins on the market place