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Finally it’s Christmas@Ricielli… (15Ld Gifts).

I’ve been in and out of Ricielli waiting for the paid-for hunt to change from Halloween to Christmas and it’s finally happened.

This time around because it’s the Christmas one you have 2 boxes to chose from, copy or trans.  For obvious reasons I chose the copy box as sadly for me, the SLink P fits aren’t inc in the fit lists and as I’m working my way through my invent anything that is non-copy and trans is being boxed up so I can regift things and that inc the shorts but screw you I’m keeping the cardie!

We will all know this “hunt” and how the board shows pictures, fits etc and each item is only a piddling 15Lds and a brilliant variety of clothing all in Ricielli quality.

PS.  No demos available, you don’t really need them, but I think often the full-priced versions are in the shop so you could walk around and see if you can find them to try a demo on if you want.


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Fun and Free

Soft Ice

I know it’s rude of you to stand with your back to people but I wanted to show off the details on the back of the dress (front is shown in second photo).  Now that I have blown most of my monthly SL budget I’m on the hunt on some great freebies or cheapies and I’ve started on a roll.

Dress comes from u.f.o, stands for ur favorite one, which is a shop I think I may have blogged before but I didn’t want to look around too much because I knew that upstairs are the cutest mesh frilly bikinis I’ve seen and I would cave in and buy them  but even though they are reasonably priced I need to keep a hand on my Lindens but at the end of the month those cuties are mine.  Till then this lovely dress is their Free to join Group Gift. A simple mesh dress but with some lovely detailing which makes it more than the standard freebie.  Some good-looking gifties on the LBs as well and some are for group members and some are not.

Stall SoftI can already hear the squealing off Faith but when she finds out this is a wearable she will go into over drive.  It’s a good thing it is a wearable because it’s a massive prim allowance (yup I rezzed it on land to see how many and then promptly forgot) but with all the detail it’s no wonder it’s so many but of course as a wearable that doesn’t matter.  What makes it even nicer is a really excellent AO.  A simple one of you sorting and serving but it’s smooth and understated.  Some lovely freebies on her MP as well as items for sale.


Krafties MP

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Kissing it (non mesh)

Kiss stands for “Keep it simple stupid” and nothing could be simpler than this cardie.  Non mesh, wrap over with prim collar, cuffs, hand covers finished off with lovely detailed buckles at the hip.  This shop is so full of “kiss” good basic clothes, great colours, great selection, great prices, great hair, great boots and shoes so much so that I’ve gone and bought even more just standing here doing this write up and best of all sooo NON MESH and yet looks so meshy!
Kudos to Darling Monday because she has done something that I wish  other shops would do in that she has DEMOS for all of her stuff even though it is non mesh! I think this is a winner because if the display and the price doesn’t tempt you then once you pop the demo on and you can see how good it looks on then you will be tempted.

Ane make sure you take a walk outdoors!  This sim is shared with another large shop called Decco but the rest of the sim is a lovely, desolate, rocky beachy, grassy place.  So even thought this is a shopping sim you can also happily loiter here for a while and enjoy the atmosphere.