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More than bubblegum pink! (Freebie).

Not sure how long the Yomi shop hasn’t had an inworld shop but it has one now and as a reopening gift it has 2 freebies out for us.

The picture I saw of this hair is what I would call “Bubblegum pink” so I was totally surprised that you get a full fat pack of some excellent shades!  From this very natural brown shade to one of my fav

When I first put this hair on it was way too small for my noggin however it was easy to edit it using the hud given although as you can see from this angle I should have either removed my hairbase completely or found one, if I have one, that would match.

Well impressed with this free Group Gift, quality free hair is so hard so it’s a nice start to the week to get this.

PS.  I made this sim setting, although it’s a bit too blue for my liking it just goes to show you how windlight on its own can make your AV look it’s best.



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I have soooo many issues but FREEBIES are not one of them.

SL is playing up for me so I’m just going to sit here and SULK! but of course look simply FABULOUS doing it.


This hair is a Freebie from Cheveaux and although it’s a small shop leaning towards hair for child AVs there is enough hair for us Big Uns esp if you like young and cute hair.  There was a small selection of freebies so as always if you don’t like this one you might like another one.

Also because I click everything I spotted that the perfume bottles on the shelf are freebies as well and will make lovely decor items.


Check out yet another amazing gift from the Cynful Clothing & Co shop.  Honestly, it’s a keeper for me, I’m even going to suggest to Faith that she pops over to grab herself this good.  Although I’ve edited the piccie a bit it’s 100% quality texturing, coloring and if I remember correctly a fit for all mesh bods and nonmesh bods.

Add to the super generous Group Gifts is the very lucky lucky chairs which come packed with even more shop quality clothes.  A great place to stand and work through your notes or have a good chin wag with an SL friend.

OK, I’ve finished sulking and I’m hoping the SL issues I’ve been having will have sorted themselves out.

Cheveux(New LM)

Cynful Clothing & Co

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Free for you

Clawtooth FREE hair (3 shades included)

Always so happy to receive a gift, especially a free one ! Clawtooth have this sweet hair-do out for the next few days, it comes in three shades. Lovely ! Totally wearable style for the summer and fits my Catwa mesh head a treat. Also, two brand new finger lickin styles are on offer with a 50% reduction! Head over and don’t miss out.

June Trenkins freebie - Clawtooth FREE hair!

I found this pressie from June Trenkins on the market place, you all know I adore a wearable item, brilliant for when you want to go AFK or BRB or or or just anytime ! The clouds actually come in pure white, but its modify so I fiddled with mine (naturally) No unpacking required, just wear it et voila you’re swinging in the clouds.

Free cloud swing

Clawtooth FREE hair & offer

All clothing by Neve


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So much Free Hair it hurts

Free Hair

So I finally managed to get into the Hair Fair, bought the few I wanted and couldn’t wait for and then picked up a gazillion gifts! I’ve only opened a few boxes up so far so I thought I show you the ones that will be keepers for moi. Above are the three free hair do’s from [e] – yes three ! All colours included – all sweet and pretty and totally free.

FREE hair Lamb Bernice

I also collected this one called Bernice from Lamb, I actually owned this already, it’s a dead handy bob style that’s always in fashion – all colours included.

FREE hair Calico Quinn

Calico surprised me with this neat little number – I think it could almost be unisex? To be honest the event, despite being laid out perfectly was an absolute nightmare to get around, I had to wait at each sim crossing to try to barge my way in – each one was full to capacity. It really would be worth waiting till you visit for a few more days.


Hair Fair sims: