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You Never Know What You’ll Find..

Culprit Punkin wearable ride !

So there I was skulking around one of my favourite stores Culprit…and I spied this !! A wearable “Batty Punkin” – ohmygerd I HAD to have it…plenty of colour choices but of course I went with peeenk. Just add it and off you go – if you run you go faster, if you fly you go faster still. If you hold down the left mouse button you barrel roll! The wings flap about and its just a whole lotta fun for just $100L. Have a good poke around the store, there are demos out of all the rideable stuffs…I promise you wont be bored ❤


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Profile Bingo & Freebies

Nothing I enjoy more than a wander around The Black Forest aka TBF . There are sooo many great items for free, or $10L. I hadn’t seen this profile bingo before so bought it for $10L and gave it a go. If you’re like me and love a nosey at peoples profiles this is brilliant ! Just attach the Hud and off you go, ticking off those well known profile staples as you go around Second Life. Once you’ve found one, click the phrase and it will tick itself off with a nice big red dot. Of course I cheated to find out what happens when you get them all ! A sweet little surprise is delivered to you – I wont spoil the fun ! Link below for the market place to grab your bingo and also link for the inworld store to browse – there are also some free full perm items if you fancy fooling around and making something unique or teaching yourself some scripting , building etc.

TBF Bingo Hud

TBF Store

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Boredom Busters

Oh man the boredom bus has sideswiped me today – but not to worry ! I have bought a few games on the cheap to instil the FUN back into my day. Im sure this game is familiar to most of you – Bubble Pop ! “Click the matching bubbles and try to gain a high score with this addictive Bubble Pop solitaire game. It’s 100% mesh and has sound effects, music and sparkly particles.” Who can resist at $10L and just 3Li.

I also nabbed a Mahjong set, you can also buy appliers for this in case you dont want the more trad look. 9Li and just $10L

Something compulsive about matching pairs – my memory is pretty bad – maybe this improves it?! 3Li and only $10L. There are sooo many games in the TBF store that you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy ❤

TBF market place store

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All Animeshed up! (Free)

I’m always a bit late to the party but after Amanda Dench of Dench Designs placed out a free animesh “dancing dad” I was curious! Just download the latest viewer from SL or any other 3rd party viewer that carries animesh et voila – so much FUN! Amanda actually has made a whole band that sings, play instruments and dance – check it out.

I picked up Amanda’s dancing dad – he grooves away ! All animesh seems a bit prim heavy at the moment, hoping that gets lighter as designers get going.

My major purchase was an animesh companion, omg how weird, he really looks like an avatar! He moves, walks when you do, runs with you and sort of paces around behind you – great to take shopping so you don’t get bothered by the “you vant sexors” type of guys 🙂 He cost me $250L well worth it.

I also found a cracking dancing clown on the market place, bit creepy really but super – he cost me $49L. The dancing duck is for free and really cool. All links below – enjoy!

Dancing dad

Dancing duck

Dancing clown


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Well I never, quickie.(Freebies).

I was rummaging in my invent, binning this n that and tucking things away and I came across a folder of plants I previously blogged but in that folder from the same shop was also 2 boxes of “old stuff” and boy am I glad I opened them.

Usually, when stuff is “old” it’s a bit lacking but also they can give you a chuckle however in this box of old stuff I found some very interesting items.I’m just going to show you 1 item and it’s this “Candelabra Wand” and as you can see from my glowing face it’s super bright.  I didn’t rezz a copy to see how many prims it is but laid on a table it will act as a magical lamp or wear it when you’re on a hunt to light your way.  There are 2 other “wands” plus as it happens some Christmassy items TBH I’m just going to leave it to you to unpack have a chuckle, bin what you don’t want but I bet you will keep a few of them.

Don’t worry when you get there and it’s a “Rental Office”.  Lunaria is the name of this rental agency but it’s also a shop so just walk through a couple of rooms and you will find the 2 boxes on the floor in the room which has a lot of Free to join Group Gifts and it’s the plants I’ve previously blogged but there is also clothes and Lucky Boards.

PS. Why the HELL is the whole of the UK blanketed in snow and it don’t even have the slightest dusting of the stuff! I WANT SNOW!


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Don’t PANIC.(Free AV’s).

If I admit that I also watch videos on youtube about SL will I come across as a complete addict?  LOL As it happens I usually have youtube playing in the background as I’m doing something else such as painting and I love watching videos by a lady called “Alicia Chenaux” who does a lot of things in SL such as  unboxing, visiting interesting sims and events etc but damn it’s her soft girlish giggly voice that has me hooked, but she brought something up in her latest video that I’d never thought of even looking at and it’s New Noob Avs’.

Us oldies will hardly remember the “Ruths” we once were when we first entered SL but of course, we do know that the “noob” form was updated since then and it’s been updated a few times but it turns out there are newer forms and here is just a couple of them.

Yup, that’s me in one of the full new Noob AV’s.  You get everything from eyes to bow and arrow and Bento Horsey!

Turns out I could remove the horse and have my AV on her own.  Each AV comes in both sexes so here is the male version.

I don’t know how many new and not so new AVs there are but a nice mix of styles of human and non-human forms.  Obviously as much improved as these new Noob AV’s are, check out the hands lol, they are still a bit more basic than what were used to but still a vast improvement and if you want to check out some RP areas in SL but don’t want to have to splash the cash to change your appearance to fit in I’m sure you will find a new AV to fit.

Now for the “Don’t PANIC” because when you click the menu to change into the AV you want to try out everything is loaded onto you and that means you completely change.  So you lose your eyes, brows, shape, skin etc and of course every add-on you had on so mesh hands, body, feet, hair BUT again don’t panic as it’s just been returned to its folder  in your invent just in the exact same way as if you took off one hair to wear another and the one you took off is now back in its folder ready for the next time you want to wear it.  For me, since I’m forever changing skin, hair etc it’s really only going to take me a couple of minutes to pull myself back together and it shouldn’t take you much longer.

So if you want to listen to a lovely voice and watch her living a pretty interesting life then check out Alicia Chenaux on youtube BUT if you want to listen to an equally as lovely voice with a clipped posh English accent but who is a wicked and witty troll then check out Lavender Storydel.  She is so wickedly funny.  I don’t like trolls on the whole as they’re usually just unfunny and are deliberately making people’s SL horrible, even though sometimes the person being trolled is just taking it way too seriously, but when they’re done in such a humorous way I love it.

I use Firestorm so the instructions are for that viewer but I should imagine that it will be just as easy to find out how to do it with the official SLviewer and I do believe the Firestorm one is laid out very similar to the SL one.

Top left-hand toolbar, click the tab “Avatar” scroll down to “Chose Avatar” and a window opens with a slider and you simply click the one you want to try on and let the magic start.



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Guilty!(Fun FREE Stuff).

Yup I’m guilty of time wasting on the Marketplace but I’ve downloaded a whole load of mesh head demos to try out and then this lot of pure randomness!


This cover all allows you to be out and about and at the same time enjoying one of you fave hobby, KNITTING of course.  Actually, you can’t make me out but in SL if you look closely enough you can see the perv inside is emm “spanking the monkey” as we say sometimes in the UK.  You could wear this outfit when forced to go shopping inworld with your significant other or simply plonk yourself next to an innocent passerby or shopper and see how quickly your ass is banned from that sim.


Yup, they’re back the scammers and begging bots!  You get 2 signs, the pose comes with it but that gurning face is mine.

This is an oldie and a classic, both Faith and I at some stage has owned it but it’s still cute.


I have a feeling this is for kids but since the movements you get with this are pretty good I’m not sure.  A wearable only because I know that this rezzed is pretty primtastic and I think the next wearable I’m going to show you will probably be just as primmy but it’s a wearable so it doesn’t matter.


One way to cart your drunken ass and the rest of your booze home lol.  You’re sat on crates of bottles in this cart.  Again comes with this pose but the open mouth is mine.


This one is older than time itself…ok a bit of an exaggeration but blimey those balloons are prims not mesh or even scuplties, at least I think they’re prims LOL.  Worn as a train/skirt.

Last wearable is this Christmas scene.


You sit at a full table with a whole Christmas scene in front of you.

And this is where I’m kicking myself because I forgot to unpack and take pictures of a wall building kit.  The stuff I’ve shown you is just for a laugh but the wall kit has potential and seems to be low primmed.  So I will be spending the rest of the day unpacking and trying on heads but I will also check out the wall.  If none of the above tempt you there is oodles of free and low prices goodies in this shop.

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