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Swallow this!(Clickbait Dollarbie).

The main problem you have when trying to clear the clutter from your invent is  when you come across something that’s so good you have to TP over to the place you got it from to see if it’s still there or there is something new so inevitable instead of just concentrating clearing the clutter out you end up clearing out very little.

Which brings me to “Swallow”.

The gift is 2 simple skin and this one as you can see it is a pale and young skin with a glow.  By “simple” I also mean NO HUDS! Nothing, nada, zilch and all you get is the same skin with different brow colour options and I think the same light basic make-up as well.

Since I’m a mesh body addict I’m not sure if I will have shown you this skin before as I usually don’t bother but it’s actually just too pretty not to and of course you may not have a mesh addiction or if you do you have the time to be able to use the hud that comes with your mesh body bits to make your own match.

Or you can wear a high collar and hide the miss matched neck LOL.  This is the same skin as the top picture.  I simply and quickly slapped on some basic tattoo layered make-up inc teeth, just to show you that sometimes a pretty skin can be enhanced with make-up and there is a lot of free make up out there.

I’ve only checked the MP shop, as I’m naked from the waist down, and these skins plus a couple of other dollarbies are there but check out the in-world shop as well because often there are different gifts in both shop and MP.

PS. If this is a reblog then sorry but if it’s new and interesting to you then not sorry.

Swallow (Marketplace)

Swallow (In-World)

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Big Fat Fail!(Freebie).

I’ve been trying to find a fine and free skin but so far it’s been a struggle, however, a couple of interesting things did crop up and the least of these is this really lovely and yes FREE skin.

Before I start blabbing on I will give you the details first.  A free GG skin from YS&YS(your skin your shape) taken in my Optimums Nams setting with a face light so low I forget I even have it on, it’s like the Touche Eclat for SL skins but with or without this is a lovely skin.

So whats the problem?  It’s just that, a skin and no appliers at all so you can see the dreaded join at the neck!  I’m seriously spoilt and lazy and since I have a PumeC addiction and they come with so many Appliers as standard it’s been a long time since I’ve had to splash out and buy one separate to the skin.  I’m also totally lazy because of course Mesh Bodies such as my SLink do come with a skin matching Hud but “ain’t nobody no time for that” or rather I don’t but of course you just may have.  This skin is to be found in the in-world shop but I was also looking on the Marketplace, that’s a headache in itself, and I grabbed a whole load of the YS&YS demos and they’re gorgeous skin so yes I had high hopes when I TPed over but sadly just the 1 giftie and if you’re not a lazy mare like me it might just be whatcha looking for.

I almost forgot to say that although you get 1 skin you get 5 shades and some shapes and I did slap some of my make up layers on(not in this picture though you get exactly what you see) to see if I could change the look and most of my lips sticks/eyeshadows/blushers etc covered up the original layers so it means 1 skin=several different looks.  The other thing is that although the YS&YS is mainly a skin shop there is a small selection of decor items and there is a really interesting and unique kitchen set up.

Another thing I noticed when scrolling through the never-ending lists on the Marketplace is there is a pretty thriving Gacha resale market and a lot of high-end skins for sale at Gacha prices.  So if you have some Lindens to spare but can’t afford the shop prices then the Gacha prices might just be what you want and because you don’t have to take a chance then you can find something you like but you won’t be able to try the demo and BE CAREFUL to read the description of what it is you’re buying.  I’d hate to see someone buy a skin only to find it was an eyeshadow etc.

Stoopid me and of course a lot of people still don’t have mesh bits and this skin is obviously wearable for you.

PS The hair is one of the Mina gacha hairs.  Chantal is one of my favs as although on the surface she’s a simple and unfussy look the hair is swept back into a big loose bun at the base of my neck.


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My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Lady Humps.(Freebies).

Basically, I ended up binning all the decor items I was planning on showing you because the just were a bit too basic and OMG I actually paid Lindens for them but don’t worry I waste my money so you don’t have to lol (ok they all came to just 22Lds so it was hardly a fortune).

So then I went to “The Designer Circle” event which isn’t an event I go to often but it turned out to be perfect timing as there are GOODIES as it is an anniversary event.  So lots of the stands have a giftie for us.  As always a selection of the small things ie jewelry, clutch bag etc but I spotted a few “ooo not bad at all” things, inc a pair of cat eye sunglasses.  In fact, in this picture, I’m wearing a rather nice pair of beige heels that came with a trouser/jacket set but I decided to just keep the shoes.

So why am I showing you my arse?  Well, why not it’s gorgeous plus the panties I’m modeling is one of the gifts I’m keeping.  They come in all the mesh bod fits and are snug and TBH I must remember to wear panties inworld more esp when pose shopping!

I’m making this another quickie because I don’t know when this event is over but it’s getting near to the end of the month and so I can imagine that it will be sooner rather than later.

PS Be grateful I didn’t show you my other “humps” as there is a Tango top on offer and so I dusted my boobies off and tried them on for fun.

The Designer Circle


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Princess Violet.(Freebies old n new).

This top from “Sexy Princess” is a keeper.


Love the drape, sexy with lots of skin showing but not slutty and when you turn around some real attention to detail.

slskinuse3The other GG is not a keeper for me BUT that’s not because it’s not quality.  It’s a staple SL design of a mini skirt with a belt, comes in all standard and mesh bod fits which is the same for the top but it’s simply a case of I already have a lot of this design so I simply don’t need another one. I was going to show it to you with this top but I knew the ttop would look so much better with casual jeans, shorts, bikini bottom etc.  A small shop of skimpy undies and I almost bought a sweet and yet slightly slutty little number till I realised it cost

Sexy Princess is a small shop of skimpy undies and I almost bought a sweet and yet slightly slutty little number till I realised it cost 180Lds not 80Lds and although well worth the price tag, since no one gets to see me in my skimpies it’s not worth me buying them, but if you like to dress sexy for yourself or someone else there is some nice stuff here.


As a side note, I’m also wearing a FREE skin from one of the only other skin shops I would buy skins from if I bought skins lol (Pink Fuel is also another skin shop but sadly doesn’t do many freebies but it might be an idea for me to check them out).  Lara Hurley is a free to join group and there is sill some free skins set out and some are for mesh heads but I do believe that on the whole, these skins don’t come with appliers as standard.  You could, of course, use the Hud that comes with every mesh body bit and get a nice match but appliers have made us lazy but I love the free skins I’ve gotten from there so much so I bought the appliers which are not only pretty reasonably priced but the appliers contain every skin shade in the Lara Hurley range.  The only word of caution is make sure you buy the applier pack to suit your mesh so I wear SLink and I bought the SLink Applier pack but if you use Maitreya then you need to buy that pack.  Again very reasonably priced or you can just use the hud you get with your mesh bits n bobs.

PS I forgot to take my eye shadow tatt off but the lipstick and teeth come with the skin.

Sexy Princess

Lara Hurley

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Say Goodbyeeee.(Freebie).

Just a quickie because I’ve already got my beady eye on a freebie which I hope is as good as I think it is.  Anyhow, I managed to bin some more and came across this gray skin from Lure and since I’m not 100% sure if I did a post about it and it’s still out as a Free Group Gift her it is.

I will admit that I will be binning it but that’s only because I have the amazing  Elven skins from PumeC but they come with a price tag and this one doesn’t and it’s pretty darn good.


Remember of course all skins will look different on different AV’s and under certain lights but this is a really lovely pretty one and even better comes with many Appliers for not just bods but mesh heads as well.


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Useless blogger! but I still come with FREEBIES!

I put this skin on added all of the Freckles and then checked to make sure I didn’t already have a copy in my invent and woo hoo I didn’t…..execpt I did I just didn’t spot it but by then it was too late and I had taken this picture so I thought “what the heck, just do it” and here she is.


Eirtae comes from Lumae…that rhymes lol.  You get all the Appliers you need and even better FRECKLES,  not only system layer freckles but also freckles in an applier and I love freckles I even love the word freckles, freckles and even FRECKLES…is that word now stuck in you head?

There are other gifts set out a box of lipstick and a whole big box of body shapes from curvey to femboy, using my own shape here.

To redeem myself here is a TRUE NEW FREEBIE.


This top comes with a Hud and in that Hud you have 8 Texture options, this polka dots, stripeds, plain, lace bottom, etc BUT you will see that there is not just a massive colour option hud but also sliders so you can colour this top anywhich way you want.


This is just one shade I selected but you have every shade you could possibly want.  I also just wanted to show off the great details in the zip etc.

I’ve just remembered that one of these groups/gifts costs 1 Linden but thats also returned to you.  I just can’t remember which shop or gift it was.

Wispers, freckles.


KOM (Kiara Origional Mesh)

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I’m torn. (Freebie skin).

Something is borking RL and SL and it’s driving me borking mad.

So I escaped RL mainly because I knew I had this skin to show you but this morning was the first time I tried it on and now I’m torn as to whether to show you it or not……so I tossed a coin and Voila!


The actual skin is a lovely sweet, pale, simple, peachy freckled skin and I ADORE freckles but the reason I’m wearing gloves and slippers, sorry both now unavailable, is because although you get a Hud with this and it has the Omega Hud which worked on my SLink bod it didn’t on my hands and feet.

The other little thing that made me go “hmmm” was the top lip, there is just a hint of texture stretch I think you will know what I mean when or if you pop over to “Dark of the Moon” to snag it for yourself.

So why am I showing you this if I’m having “hmmm” moments?  OK, firstly the omega issue might be just me not clicking the right layer option, trust me I’ve had a bad attack of STOOOPID for the best part of this morning and anything is possible,  as for the lip I usually add lipstick to my AV in any case the only time I’ve not got a lippie on is when I’m showing you a skin but in every picture I can guarantee I’m either wearing a lippie or teeth tattoo .  So I tried on a couple of lipsticks and they cover that little flaw up a treat.  The last things is this is a really GOOD base skin, as I’ve said this is a “lovely sweet, pale, simple, peachy freckled skin” and it’s really hard to find a good free freckled skin and with blush/eyeshadow and lippie layers you can create endless looks.  So with a little bit of effort to SLink match your hands or of course if you’re wearing clothes and shoes any difference between hand/feet colour won’t be noticeable and of course your omega or there was other Mesh Bod Huds inc in the pack may work for you.

OH and PS check out the adorable box it comes in, I actually keep a folder full of the delivery boxes that are not only cute but low prim because these make great decor items.  Although this one isn’t mod it’s only 2 prims so once I get back inworld I’ll be tucking that box into that folder for future use.

Dark Of The Moon