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I love wearables !


Oh I do so love wearable items..and my heart goes pittypatter when I find some awesome ones..*squeee* I found this wearable Easter cake on the market place from June Trenkins…pretty huh? Great pose…and very well made , cost 0L !

Id been looking for ages for a low prim dolls house for our little girls room…joy of joy..June made a wearable one..so zero prims used hurrah! Incredibly made..with so much detail..this was just 1L…

and thennn I spied thisss…if you have a hankering to be a grocer..heres your chance..a wearable store ! I was blown away by the amount of work on this piece…so much to see…and all sorts of candy, fruit etc on it, again just 1L…thanks June ..

June Trenkins on the market place