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Easter Treats

June Trenkins- wearable cart - FREE!

Found a couple of lovely Easter Treats on the market place from June Trenkins…I just love wearable items…and this little cart is one of them. Super detail with all the bottles of what looks like beer inside…and a great pose !

June Trenkins wearable Easter Egg - Free!

For Easter grab yourself this darling wearable Egg..its also from June and is totally free …such a wealth of pretty details, can you see the bunny over my shoulder?!

[HUIT] R2 Free Skin

One more before I head out to work this morning…[HUIT] R2 sent out a notice last night about this skin I’m wearing…its out instore as a free gift..not sure for how long so dash and grab it ASAP. It’s quite a delicate skin tone but not overly pale, gorgeous facial features. My outfit in these photos is from the new Spring range at coldLogic, vale sweater and walsh capri pants…havent taken these two items off since I received them…to-die-for !

June Trenkins market place store



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Pee break !

I’ve been sooper busy today…and just HAD to dash for a quick toilet break….Iam on my new SL “throne” from Cedar Bay Furnishings…its SO cool… you even do a little wriggle to shed those panties or boxers before you sit to do your uhm..”business”…and for those unlucky enough to get a blockage…dont despair..theres also a handy plunger animation ! Animations for both males and females…its won a place in my home…great value also at only 125L ! Whilst I was sitting , decided to try on the group gift I found while hunting at [HUIT]. isn’t it a cutey? Really lovely demure face…lush lips…a cleavage and non cleavage version is included, group join is freeee yippee!

As I was looking for the Pimp my Hunters prize…I also won a few items from the luckyboards, eye makeup,lipstick and some lovely light coloured eyes – go stalk those boards girls. Above I’m wearing the prize skin, and what a beauty… I chose to wear the cleavage version…whoa gives me a good rack *wink*…a nice blush on the cheeks lends it a windblown wintry look…very wearable…one thing I especially like is the eyebrows…I find many skin makers tend to give no option and the brows are dark and heavy…not a great look for a blonde. However these are well-shaped, and not overly dark…just right.


Pimp my Hunters blog (hunt runs from November 10th till December 10th, absoloootly heaps of great stores in this)

Cedar Bay Water Closet