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It took me all day to take this one picture, ok I am exaggerating as it actually only took 2 seconds but the rest of the time was chatting with Faith and throwing up a new build on our sim so by the time we’d finished I’d ran out of SLing time and so this is the one and only piccie LOL.

Even though we have shared SL for ooh so many years now we hardly meet up for a good gossip and a building session so it was a nice treat, which non too subtly leads me onto this “treat” from NyDesign.

A simple linked skirt n top and this is when I admit I’m sketchy on the details but I’m pretty sure it comes in all mesh and mesh bod sizing plus a Hud which changes the texture of top and skirt.  There are other free to join GG’s and Lucky Chairs and there is even an Easter Egg hunt going on but today is the last day and I didn’t really have any more time but you might have.



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Spend with me.(Mention of Freebies).

I popped over to Well Made to grab the free stuff but ended up spending Lindens!


A 100Lds to be exact but worth every linden.  So what you get is the jeans, jumper, and shoes (sorry I didn’t spot the thing in the way but they’re good simple flatties) as separates.  What takes this up a notch is the colour Hud, 8 for the jumper, 8 for the jeans and 4 for the shoes.

I didn’t spot a demo but it’s probably there so you may find it.  To find this promo turn to your left just inside the shop and I don’t know how long this promo price goes on for so don’t delay.

In case there isn’t a demo let me just point out a couple of small things.  I’m wearing the SLink mesh bod fit and it don’t as I still had to use my Alpha hud to cover breakthroughs.  I would have preferred a finer knit texture and the shoe hud does’t change them that much.  I’m still 100% happy with this, though, although I’m just showing you the one colour all of them are so fresh and springy you really do stand out from the crowd in these colours and for what you get 100Lds is a super bargain.

The list of the fits, ie Maiteya, Slink is on the board so have a good look first but from what I remember there is a fit for all.

If you’re after FREEBIES then a bit further in the shop is a selection of them 1 for the free to join Wellmade group of a Kawaii jumper/skirt combo and the rest for different but free groups ie SL frees and offers.  I did a quick cam upstairs and there is a couple of LB and 3 camping chairs.  Faith and I remember a time when places used to be packed with these camping chairs so it was a bit like a blast from the past but I did actually notice an outfit in one of the chairs which if you had the 45mins to camp would be well worth it.


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Purty. (freebies)

bye bye

Was doing my daily “OMG I need to clear out some of my invent!” rant and I came across this dress from Soulglitter is OK a pretty standard style in SL now but check out the texturing it’s pretty darn impressive.  As it happens I had the hair on before the outfit and although the fabric patterns are different I thought what a sweet look. FREE from Soulglitter and not only is there some other GG’s but also a shelf packed with cheapies and old hunt items waiting to be bought at a bargain price. .  LM given so you can join the free group and check out Auroris Resident’s inworld shop.


Soulglitter Marketplace

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Ouch (Freebie).

Just like the sun in RL my luck has disappeared both in RL and SL.  I had a day of cuts, trips, spills. sprains and on and on and even when I retreated to the safety of my bed and an early night I wrenched my knee putting moisturiser on!


However a good start to this day finding this gorgeous free mesh dress from Elemiah Design and a new Mina hair from the TDF (will post later) was a good start to today.  A simple strapless, handkerchief hemmed mesh dress in a very rich raspberry/burgundy colour and as you can see it can be dressed up or down.

A mix of things in this shop from pretty spring coloured skirts to long gowns, some shapes and make up, undies, accessories and I did treat myself to some messy mascara however a special mention to the wedding dresses in the back because they are gorgeous and unique.  One of them is so divine I would almost say ‘I do just’ as an excuse to wear this gown.  As it happens the same dress but in green is one of the Group gifts sadly for me, remember I’m sticking to my budget, to join this group is 200Lds because white (400 for this one) or green I love this dress.

Elemiah Design

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Fun and Free

Soft Ice

I know it’s rude of you to stand with your back to people but I wanted to show off the details on the back of the dress (front is shown in second photo).  Now that I have blown most of my monthly SL budget I’m on the hunt on some great freebies or cheapies and I’ve started on a roll.

Dress comes from u.f.o, stands for ur favorite one, which is a shop I think I may have blogged before but I didn’t want to look around too much because I knew that upstairs are the cutest mesh frilly bikinis I’ve seen and I would cave in and buy them  but even though they are reasonably priced I need to keep a hand on my Lindens but at the end of the month those cuties are mine.  Till then this lovely dress is their Free to join Group Gift. A simple mesh dress but with some lovely detailing which makes it more than the standard freebie.  Some good-looking gifties on the LBs as well and some are for group members and some are not.

Stall SoftI can already hear the squealing off Faith but when she finds out this is a wearable she will go into over drive.  It’s a good thing it is a wearable because it’s a massive prim allowance (yup I rezzed it on land to see how many and then promptly forgot) but with all the detail it’s no wonder it’s so many but of course as a wearable that doesn’t matter.  What makes it even nicer is a really excellent AO.  A simple one of you sorting and serving but it’s smooth and understated.  Some lovely freebies on her MP as well as items for sale.


Krafties MP

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Last Jumper For Winter New Jumper For Spring

JumperQuickest post ever because as soon as I logged inworld and went through my notices and spotted this I had to run and get it.  Thank Goodness Leri Miles was away for a few days which means she was late in placing out her Lazy Sunday item so she’s kept it going for a couple more days. A lovely knitted cropped sweater, great texturing and a great look for spring.  Not sure how long she is keeping it out or how much it will be full priced but if your quick you can grab it at the bargain price of 75Lds.  Right next to it is another offer of a slashed hemmed top for 60Lds with a great choice of fresh colours.

If it wasn’t for the fact this is “poverty week” in RL, that means payday isn’t till the end of the week, I would have picked up a couple  of items for my own personal use as even in my overstuffed invent I can see things I could wear often.  OH! and join her Group because at 50Lds the dress you get is worth it and who knows what other goodies you may get in the future.

Leri Miles Designs