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Group Love

Bubblez Group gift dress - $5L necklace

I had this gorgeous little dress come through from the Bubblez group as a gift yesterday. It’s ever so girly and swirly and slightly pinky-peach in colour. You also get a delicate hair-band to wear with it which is sooper lovely. I’m wearing the fitted mesh version and it goes nicely over my Slink Physique body – which is quite unusual to be honest. If you want to nab this you’ll need to join the Bubblez group and look in the notices. Thanks milo ❤

This outfit is available in Bubblez Style group notification for a limited time.
Type this in world to join group: secondlife:///app/group/9b180824-09c5-2a24-05d8-825f97619712/about

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Gift & Luckyboard

Dench Designs - Group gift free

Couple of astonishingly good items to snap up for you. Above is the Thanksgiving gift from Dench Designs. It’s totally lovely and rezzes a boat load of food. The thing I liked most is that you can rez as much or as little of the food and decorations as you wish. If your prim budget is lacking just a few items or if you’ve got heaps – rez it all ! The chairs have some lully poses in them for both males & females. Ohhh btw this set uses that system where the props appear without having to get them out of your inventory, a permission pop up arrives to say yes or no – it might get obscured under the blue menu so keep an eye out for that.

Bubblez Lucky Board free gift

Feeling lucky? Bubbles has this funky sweater/dress in their lucky board. Not a long wait for your letter to come up so give it a whirl. While you’re there you could have a stab at that 10L a pop gacha machine !


Dench Designs


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Bubblez kate sweater,scarf,shorts & boots plus specs - coldLogic Jessop leggings in taupe

I was bowled over with this new release from Bubblez. I hadn’t really thought about wearing shorts for a winter outfit but I have to say – it kinda natty ! This is “kate” and is a new release , in the box you get the sweater which is a fantastic nubbly type of knit with a contrasting hem and cuffs. There is also a scarf in two colour options and different sizes. The shorts are camo pattern and look to be made of a thick denim type fabric. The boots are in the box too ! Cute knitted ones that fitted perfectly, there’s also  pair of geeky specs to complete the look. I added a pair of coldLogic Jessop leggings, they were a perfect match in taupe. I must say I tend to use my coldLogic leggings as thick woolly tights this time of year – gotta layer up!


coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

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Santa Baby (freebies)

Bubbles free gift

I had a note from milo bubble of Bubblez today, a new group gift is out and she has been beavering away making her store look at wintry ! This little tartan outfit is majorly cute, I’m not 100% sure but I think its fitted mesh as it came in one size fits all kinda deal. It fitted perfectly over my Slink physique body and my non mesh body. You also get a darling little Santa hat with it. Soooo as I had a little time to wander I took the opportunity to walk around Bubblez land, there’s a lot to see plus some adorable items with poses in them to prance about on. Photographers dream! I noticed a little white door and clicked on it…it revealed a TP – whats a girl to do?! Went up to another snowy area and found a gift! I’ll leave it to you to find out what and where it is.

Bubblez 1 prim decor gacha 10L a pop !

Uhm I also have an admission to make, inside the Bubblez store, right by the Christmas tree is a gacha machine. I had noticed this little doll around the place and saw it was just 1 prim, thennnn I saw it was inside the gacha machine – ohmaiii! I went on a bit of a gacha bender to be honest. I won some gorgeous winter decor items a tiny fir cone Christmas tree and finally won the dolly yay! Everything seems to be mesh and 1 prim, at 10L a pop give it a whirl. All the prizes are transfer so would also make brilliant gifts to give to friends. Thanks Milo ❤


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Sunny days and Rain clouds

Bubblez Framed collage - musical ! and animated !

Something a little different from Bubblez today, and its something that I now have installed in my SL bedroom. This framed picture is animated and musical ! Just touch the little black cat and select a tune from the two available, or choose the sound of rain softly falling. It’s quite a large piece but you do have the option to resize it – I kept mine big and it sits beautifully on my bedroom wall, a real talking point and the lullaby music is very peaceful. Thanks milo ❤


Bubblez Blog

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Batik & Bionic


Bubblez  batik beach dress NEW! Anthony Gartner Rocking boat with poses 10L - necklace DUH dollarbie -Cheveux hair NEW

Well hubbidy hubba Bubblez has released a sweet little dress for a day at the beach. Its got an all over batik print and is all sorts of greens & blues. Lovely ruched bodice which really is a top trend for summer 2014 ! Must mention this dear little boat that’s right behind me, I placed it on our home sim when we moved here, and it hasn’t gone since. By Anthony Gartner and is only 15L. It has a rope to tie it to a dock and happily bobs on the water (you can turn this off if you wish) Complete with poses, a real steal. He recently made it up in mesh, slightly more expensive at 80L, but I might treat myself to it !

Bubblez NEW_005


I’m rubbish at taking photos of eyes as you can see. I always look starey or cross eyed, but anyway. These are from the Nexus Event that’s running at the moment. Made by Foresight and part of a gacha machine – only 50L per play! There are twelve common and four rares BUT – the uber cool thing is these aren’t just pretty eyes, they are BIONIC *faint*. Seriously, they do all sortsa things – such as – scan avatars, scan bionics & scan location. Great fun !


Nexus event

The Dreamer Creations (for boat)

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Sweet Memories

Bubblez FREE musical bicycle and  Vika outfit - shoes,dress,hair bow & umbrella

Got a few things to tell you about that you really shouldn’t let pass you by. Miss Milo has been feverishly beavering away on a new sooper pretty location for a Bubblez Store. As you’d expect it’s ever so lovely, and to celebrate there is this gorgeous musical bicycle on the lucky board. Its 6 prims and plays a heavenly music box tune when you touch the words “Love is”. Also new out is the Vika outfit, charming mesh sundress in black and white, with a spotty bow at the neck, you also get a hair bow & shoes to match and an umbrella to protect you from those sharp summer showers !

Bubblez FREE skybox

I also picked up this rather scrummy sky box as a gift. The rezzing method is a bit different than usual, so pay attention ! The rez box, when touched, produces four other boxes. Each box rezzes its own part of the build. This means you don’t have to have the whole thing out, you can pick and choose which parts you want – clever huh? Outside is a little bank of grass, complete with butterflies that gently dance about. Inside is brilliant white, fresh and cool for this time of year. The walls are decorated with a stylish design, there’s a “bunker” which is a platform for a bed or couch, and underneath a space for utilising as a study. On one window there are side blinds, the other sheer white drapes hang lazily down – perhaps they are waiting for a soft breath of air to make them flutter?. While you’re there don’t forget to collect the darling set of dragonflies that s out as a gift too – they are such slippery lil suckers I couldn’t catch them to take a photo! Thanks Milo ❤

Bubblez @ Decay Moment