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Call me Christine

21 Shoe  Ingenue Christine Corkie wedges

Today’s the day – yesyes its time to scamper about picking up all those two for one deals on offer in the 21 Shoe MAD 24 hours! Ingénue have these scrummy little wedges for you called “Christine”, just right for pottering about in but gorgeous enough to wear with just about anyyyyything. Love the cork effect on the wedge, the bow at the front is eye-catching.

21 Shoe Ingenue Cristine Corkie wedges Tangerine

You get two pairs for the price of one, so in the box is Tangerine and the Turquoise, seriously, can you resist?! These are for the Slink Mid feet and also the Maitreya body.

21 Shoe Blog


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Cafe days

Circa garden set NEW Love this new set by Circa , “Spring cafe” it’s so evocative of vacations past and hours spent in sidewalk cafes, supping espresso and nibbling almond biscotti . I’m pretty rubbish at reading notecards that come in the box – sooo I haven’t got the topiary planters out and I missed the fact that the flower in the vase is colour change – forgive me? The seat pad and the vase are colour change too (but I happened to notice that all by myself). Circa garden set NEW! You can rez a table with all the goodies already placed – which I did because I am the “anti-blogger lazy supreme”, or you can pick and choose which bits you want out. Lovely animations in the chairs for both males & females. rEBEL hOPE SHOES - ELEKITIRA HAIR NEW- NYU DRESS SALE Ohmaiiii – so last night I got a notecard from e l i k a p e k a  t i r a m i s u *faints*, yesyes the ” e l i k a t i r a” hair lady !!! Its been so long since we had news or new releases, but BINGO, there are gorgeous new hair-do’s – I was so excited I had to dash right over and take a peek. I nabbed “hilary”, quite a retro style for me, you’d be more likely to see Zan wearing it really – but its my namesake – so hey ! I also treated myself to a new frock from NYU, it was on the sale rail whispering “buyyyy meee” and at just $120L I did. Simple little shirt dress with a belt. Slipped it on and I was good to go. Stupidly I also decided to visit Rebel Hope as I hadn’t since 2007 for my wedding ! Upon discovering the fantastico shoe department , before I knew what was happening, boooom I had new shooz . These are “glam slam” and come in a large array of colours. I really really hope she makes more shoes & boots, I will be stalking the store for new releases, uhm or I could just sign up for the subscribo I suppose. Circa Rebel Hope NYU

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21Shoe – sYs goes Wedgetastic

21Shoe sYs Opyum wedges

Only a few more days until you can slide your trotters into some amazing shoes on a very special offer . Yes yes yes 21Shoe is almost upon us and I’ve got some treats to share with you to get your juices going! These wedges are called Opyum and are super stylish. 21Shoe is on for 24 hours ONLY, so get prepared to dash around snapping up those bargains my lovelies. The idea is for the 21st of each month a group of designers offer two pairs of shoes for the price of one, mmhmm that’s right – you can’t miss it !

21Shoe sYs Opyum Wedges - two for the price of one !

So onto the goodies from sYs, for 24 hours you can grab up two pairs of the Opyum wedges, red & black which is rather chic and a sweet pair in gold & straw. These will fit with the Slink high feet and included is  a pair for the Belleza high feet . Bet you can’t wait huh? I know I cant, this month is the biggest yet so put it in your diary.


21Shoe Blog

outfit: coldLogic knight leggings, coldLogic parker sweater – hair by Loque

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coldlogic NEW! Sarin mesh dress

Oh you’re in for a big fat treat, but not the type that adds inches to your derriere…the sort that makes you twirllllllll around, barefoot on the sand. Pretties to dress up in. A big bundle of dresses has hit the coldLogic store…such beautiful tones…seasidey colours. No no no not deckchair stripes…think of seashells, rockpool blues, and windblown grass. I’m wearing “daines” above, with its bustier top and split front that flowsss down to your hells at the rear –  it’s a real eye catcher. The clever thing about this style is that you can be casual in it, or go the whole hog and dress it up.

coldlogic NEW!

I love love LOVE  “mehra”, shortie frock with a slanted hemline…the fabric has a very subtle grain in it…and at the bust area it sort of criss-crosses underneath with a slight change in the colour tone for emphasis…this is the Indigo shade,the other three colours are mouthwateringly fresh !

coldLogic NEW! Wertina Shoes - Lina 50L

Above is “sarin”, I especially like the belt on this, it really stands out and offers you a great chance to co-ordinate accessories such as bags and jewelry with it. Naturally, I couldn’t find a SINGLE pair of shoes that I fancied wearing with it…and luckily for me I happened to stumble across this pair from Wertina. Just 50L , come with an easy to use HUD , which I managed to match my skin with pretty simply.

coldlogic sarin NEW!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist showing at least one pink version of the new releases! The rose petal tone is just lickabubbly sweet…it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream ! I had a thought whilst I was drifting across the beach…these would make absolutely gorgeous summer bridesmaids dresses no? Sophisticated and elegant, and also demure…hint: I’m really greaaaaat at wedddings . (and I have the dress ha!) This is “daines” again, my personal favourite of the collection. Go take a peek, you’re bound to find your hands going all grabby . Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog


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In the pink (and white)

Nothing makes me happier than receiving something newww to wear…especially when it involves the colour pink…. Bubblez has this new outfit, called Le Seed…it comprises of the pink trousers…in all standard sizes…beautifully tailored for a truly perfect fit…and a darling camisole….topping it all off are a pair of sunnies that have colour change and can be resized…love it ! Thank you milo-licious ❤

My shoes are also new, from ArisAris…called “Odamae”..I adore them..great detailing with the stitching…HUD is easy to use so you can select the skin tone and pedicure colour you want…four colours available, white, red,beige and black..250L a pair or  a fat pack of all for 799L !



ArisAris market place


Sheer Madness

Hot off the press and ready for whats set to be a sultry summer, there’s a coupla sooper pretty releases from Jane! Meet “Jillie”,a cup-cake sweet dress…with wide belt to cinch in your waist,strapless bodice to bare those shoulders and a perky double hemmed skirt…so summery…deceptively simple but also rather elegant. Heels or flats would suit day to evening…just perfect!

Then there is “mary lou who”…I just lurve this shade,its called Marine and has touches of truffle in the embroidery & hem. A gorgeous owl sits jauntily on the skirt ! This dress has a halter neck (which I adore-so flattering) and also a wide soft leather look belt…The REALLY fantabulous thing the moment (and I can’t say how long this will last so rushhh) both dresses are a sheer madness deal..what does this mean? Wellll…usually they are priced at 150 per colour tone..sheer madness deal means you get a fat pack of all three shades for 150L *zoink-faint*…this prolly wont last too long…so roller skates at the ready and get over there! Thanks Janie x

I matched both dresses up with some fine newness from one of my favourite shoe stores HOC, the “country wedges”,casual enough to wear with denim but feminine enough to team up with your summer frocks! Superb textures on these little darlings,suede fabric appearance and a gorjusss wedge ! Only 175L, with a colour change HUD that allows you to pick from 8 different shades,4 different tones for the metal buckle etc also.

The colours range from black,a gentle worn green,delicate old rose ,silvery white and more! Thanks Guu xx

Go get summery : Jane   &   HOC


June gifts

Tra la la la lahhhh…I love the start of a new month…and those generous designers who give us a gifty! Inde Rose has sent VIP Group members this deelightful tube top dress (join fee applies) Its got a  sweet knitted or crochet look to the fabric, splendid turquoise edging and coffee & latte stripes. Yes, the hat comes with it..Im big into head gear lately and this straw affair is sooo pretty! Like my wedge shoes?…

They are my latest find from HOC, gawd I adore that shop (so do the members of Pure as they voted them one of their fav shoe stores in the 2011 awards !) These are the “Yay wedges” and are totally get 7 colours of the shoe,4 trim colour options anddd 3 different wedge fabrics, plus if you’re a group member and wear your tag BEFORE wearing the get a bonus 5 more shoe colours ! Durrr me..I forgot and didn’t get them *pout*. Anyyywayy..175 is all these will set you back..go check out the store, guys you too! My all time fav lowtops are from here and at 50L they are thee bargain of all time.

Subscribo members were treated to the Marilyn Tankini..shocking pink (love it!) and white bottoms…great for the beach..

Go get gifty: Indie Rose       HOC