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Welcome to Summer

coldLogic NEW! - Exile NEW - dark Mouse NEW

Today has been glorious weather wise, so it was a lovely surprise to get home from my day out and find new things from coldLogic to show you. The latest release is all about sunshiney dresses ! This is “sura” with a little silhouette of tropical palms at the hemline, a wave curling up and lazy birds drifting its really perfect for a day at the beach. Its counterpart is called “carlson”, an all over fabric pattern in one colour – go grab some demo’s and try them on ! Lots of colours available plus a juicy big quantum pack if you can’t decide. My hair is at collabor88 and is by Exile, it’s named “full of grace”, and it really is. Messy up do with a hint of glamour.

coldLogic NEW - Exile NEW - rear view

I took a snap of the back of the dress to show off the sweet detailing on the straps, plus a peek at the hair form the rear.

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Jewellery by Dark Mouse

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Keep your cool

coldlogic NEW duffy papaya - Kalopsia table set 100L

o.O another batch of pretties out from coldLogic for the heat wave we’re having! I think I’ve found a new colour in the coldLogic wardrobe that I’m going to lussssst over, its called Papaya and is so deeeelicious. This fetching little dress is called “duffy”, button up front and a perfect fitting halter, simple but classy and cooooool for the summer. I’m wearing it over my Slink physique body with an Anna shape called Sarah, works really well, as do all of coldLogics clothing to be honest. (The only thing I seem to be unable to wear with my mesh body easily are Capri type pants really.) The table and cups are from Kalopsia ” The Mesh Wonderland party”, you get the table, cups, and stools, plus topiary trees all for 75L . (It can be bought currently at The Gallery Gift Shop btw.) My hair is also new (to me anyway) its from Analog Dog and is called “smitten”, beautiful casual curly style – love!

coldLogic - goodwell in smoke NEW! Argrace  YUI NEW!!


One of my favourites from this release is “goodwell”, naturally it comes in an array of colour choices but this smoke version is a big hit with me. Timeless and classy. The belt is an add on which you can add, or not if you don’t fancy. Hair is another new release from Argrace, SO glad to see Rika putting out lots of pretties as I am an addict ! This is called YUI, you get a pack of colours plus hairbases and a HUD to change the colour of the hair-band. (I always go for the light blondes)

coldlogic NEW !! AD hair smitten

Last up for today is “hilton”, I chose the buttercup colour as its sooper sunshiney. Same style as “duffy” but with a plaid pattern. I so love the button detail down the front, sorry about the messing about with windlight settings I couldn’t resist.  Demo’s freely available instore or on the market place, check out the blog to get a peek at all the colour & pattern options, its mindboggling! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic Blog



The Gallery Gift Shop – when you land, look for the lit up corridor leading away between the stores – I spent agesssss looking for it !)

Analog Dog

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On and off….On and off…

coldlogic burset strawberry NEW - SAX Shepherd Designs necklace FCG - Pink acid lip tattoo - nantra poses shes so sweet (comes with bags) Cosmopolitan sales room

coldLogic had a summer release before I went on holiday and I’ve been rummaging through it since I returned. My favourite look so farrrr is this outfit. Above is burset and I’m wearing the dress on its own. The sooper cool thing is, it’s actually a complete outfit ! You get the dress (available in various colours), you get the jacket, and you also get the whole thing all-in-one, brill huh?! As you can see it fits superbly over my Slink Physique body as well as with my usual SL body. My glossy lips avec toothypegs are courtesy of Pink Acid, love love LOVE their lip glosses ! The pose and bag are from a set by Nantra, bag is colour change and a fabulous price of just 70L for the whole set at This round of Cosmopolitan Sales room.

coldLogic rocha ivory - jacket & dress -

Heres the plainer version called rocha, same as the patterned one above but looks so very different somehow. I dress it up with a long scarf from miel and a hat hair combo from Clawtooth which I just adore and keep on wearing.

coldLogic rocha ivory - dress worn separately - clawtooth hair glamazon

Heres rocha without the jacket, its such a pretty little dress with its gauzy layers at the bottom. All materials and mesh, demos freely available on the market place or instore. I’m still wriggling in and out of the  rest of the new release, so more later ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

pssssst btw, check out my necklace its newwww and gorgeous and I will be blogging it soon.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

collabor88 (clawtooth hair)

Cosmopolitan Sale Room


Pink Acid

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Ice cream & beach weather

coldLogic NEW ! Label Motion magazine pose pack 50L NEW!


One day  till my holiday ! Allegedly its going to be hot hot hot, so I’m planning on lots of ice creams and beach wandering. I wish I had enough room in my suitcase for some of coldLogic’s new releases, so summery, so sweet and all so blissfully cool to wear. This is “gann” and comes in 4 colour options. Cool and composed, with some sweet raised fabric detailing over the material. It’s very easy to wear  and although I’ve opted for the neutral colour, some of the others are verrrrry juicetastic!


coldlogic NEW! Indyra bangles - Eclectica necklace & earrings - Label Motion magazine pose pack 50L !

On to “channing”, a rather sophisticated little number – halter neck with fine stitching emphasising the vee shape at the top of the bodice. Bold fat stripes against a plain background, very chic. Four colour options and I cant quite believe I didn’t show you the pink one ! Black and white is refreshing, and can also give an outfit a totally different appeal. I got the bangles from one of the many events that are cropping up, by Indyra – worth a look at their mainstore to see if they are on sale there also.

coldLogic NEW mewes neopolitian - tram hair collabor88 - abuleux shoes for Slink flat feet - Label Motion free gift ice cream poses

I love love LOVE this dress ! Its called “mewes” and I reckon it’s a total scene stealer for summer. Bands of three colours that sort of bleed into one another ever so gently – no harsh lines, just softness. Four tones in this and ALL of them are gorgeous. I adored this one “neapolitan” – all my fav shades in one dress ! Big shout out for my flat sandals from fabuluex – they are a recent release and are SO affordabubble ! I swear if you go to the store you just wont be able to resist the gacha machines – you have been warned !

coldLogic mewes Neapolitan NEW

One thing I do suggest you do with all your coldLogic purchases, is check out the back view! Those naughty designers are fond of hiding treats and surprises there *nodnodnod* , and they alwaysss catch me out ! I’m usually trotting about some place, then BOOM..I catch a glimpse of my rear view and voilà – cheeky details stashed away. See what I mean?!

coldLogic NEW !!

Last up for today (and from me for the coming week as I’m on vacation yay!) is “valeri” – four colours again or of course in all cases you could strike out and grab a quantum pack. (such good value). This dress is quite demure and very me me me. Sweet floral pattern al over and spaghetti straps , it’s a bit chintz and I like that. Pop over and grab some demos that are freely available in the store or on the market place, and have a great week ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic main store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store



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Its a Shiki Summertastic

I skipped over to Shiki to claim my prize in the Platinum hunt, which is this refreshing white shift dress,stunning ruffle collar completes the look, so summery ! It’s a cool little number..hence the name “Icy White”…love it…then I decided to head over to the group members area and make sure I hadn’t missed anything from the gifts given out…and boy-oh-boy…

I just hadn’t realised just how many summer dresses Shiki had given us….and they are all deserving of a place in your wardrobe..the Tapa dress above is striking blue & white pattern with a navy bold belt and jaunty scarf…

The Hawaiian Dress in kauai blue is a sweety with vintage print appeal, huge corsage of tropical flowers sit on your hip to accentuate the delicate fabric..

I also scooped up the zingy blossoms dress with its wide bright yellow belt and mouth watering floral print..adored the wrap of flowers across the bodice..

I couldn’t leave without slipping this adorable bright blue babydoll dress into my bag…with its layers and layers of frothy netting and cute bodice bow…its a scene stealer for sure !

Last into my swagbag I collected this months group gift..the grunge denim jacket. Its got boy bits in the box so its unisex yay! Really fabbaliciously detailed…with paint splatters and rough worn denim,the prims are modify but I didn’t have to fiddle with a bit of it , it just fitted straight outta the box…thanks Shiki I feel loved ! All of the above can be yours for free – or 10L if you add in the Platinum hunt that IS a deal..just join the group and go crazyyyyylegs !

Go get the summer goodies: Shiki

All poses used by Magnifique poses

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Pretties round up

I have some pretties..oh yus I do ! Bubblez has this striped snug dress just released, its called “Annie”, simple little number and perfectly detailed…I adore the colour palette,great to wear with flats ,espadrilles or even shorty boots & sneakers..just 150L…Lotsa luckyboards in Bubblez with some amazing goodies to win ! Thanks Milo xx

I’ve been slouching around in this new outfit from Arisaris for a coupla days now..sweeeeet cami top and denim shorts…easy peasy to fit and looks fahhhbulous ! Dont forget to join the group and head up the stairs to collect all the wonderful gifties !

Poised have some bundles of summeriness on offer …and I love that its mix & match heaven…above Im wearing one of the cream collection skirts & tanks..lovelovelove these tones ! Darling flared skirt (with resizers for the perfect fit) in heaps of colour ways, with tanks to co-ordinate

Had to show you the pink option didn’t I ! Skirts are just 100L and the tanks only 50L…the store is literally stacked with luckyboards if you’re a bit broke till pay day…join the group and snaffle up the latest group gifts…

Theres another new release from Poised this week also..”Hit wave” three juicy lucy colour get a skirt,tank & tshirt..with nipply options yay! Great detailing on the shirts as always from Poise and the skirt fabric are just adorabubble…thanks Poise xx

Saved the zestttttiness for last…this is the sheer tank (as if you hadn’t noticed) great value,you get the tanks, the cropped top (not shown) and skirt for just 150L ! All poses in this post are by “Magnifique Poses ” great store for all your posing needs, couples poses,model poses and some props too, prices begin from 20L up! Thanks Scarlet xx

Go gettum: Poised   Bubblez  Arisaris

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Tea dress…thats SO quaint!

If you’re not English, you may not be familiar with the term “tea dress”…hmm how to describe it…I suppose it’s really a posh frock for day time, something you’d wear when you visit someone for afternoon tea..or a tea dance…anywayyyyyy its a cute way to describe the new Monday Mania item from SF Designs ! Id be happy to stroll around at any time of day in this…its rather classy and I soooo adore the thick suede belt, layers upon layers of girly frothiness and sweet puffed sleeves…its a scene stealer. As is usual with all SF Design gear, you get several layer options,prims with resizers or not…simple dimple to fit…thanks swaffette xx. You can collect this only from the Monday Mania board in the ladies section ,priced just 25L for one day only….dashhhh and snaffle it up.

Another dress you might classify as a “posh frock” is the new release from Elemiah Designs. Called “Touch”, its such a delicate shade of peachy cream. You can make the bodice more or less sheer depending on what layers you choose to wear..but its not overtly nipply so one or two layers works for all situations. One of the things I really enjoy about dresses from Elemiah…is how the skirts are finished…not toooo swirly..not toooo rigid…just right. This can be yours for just 150L..make sure you wander..theres quite a few really amazing deals on at the moment…I noticed some real pretties for just 19L ! Thanks Elemiah xx

Go get happy: SF Design    Elemiah Design

Necklace is from Dark Mouse “anzac”, hair by truth, poses by Dare