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Back to School

Jane NEW!!! Sydni top, scholar skirt - mesh pug - satchel FREE! - Shoes by Karin 50L with HUD

The shops here are full to busting with last-minute uniform shoppers, people going off to Uni, back to school etc, its crazzzzzzylegs out there! When I saw the new sydni sweater & scholar skirt from Jane, I immediately thought of “comfy” wear, something cute and practical with an added dash of whimsy. The skirt comes in various colours and pattern, all have the fat happy bow at the waist. The sydni sweater is actually rather stylish and could be worn with some natty pants or an Autumnal length skirt – other colours in store. Like my pug dog? Gawd I want one soooo bad I almost choke thinking about it (seriously!), for now I’m making do with this free mesh one I found on the market place – info below. The satchel is adorable, just $1L on the market place. I’ve used it as décor but it does come with an inbuilt pose to hold.

HUD for Karin shoes

This is the HUD for the sweet pumps I’m wearing, only 50L and you get ALL the colours. Strangely they are not for Slink feet, just ordinary avatar feet, but I didn’t get the bulky ankle thing happening yay! Tried them with my slink flat feet, yes it would work, no I couldn’t be bothered to fiddle. The shoes are at a tiny little store called Karin, seems to be a sale on as most everything was 50L, also lucky boards!

Jane store

Free pug

Dollarbie satchel

Karin shoes


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Summer shorties

Jane NEW! Shimmy shorts & ruffle top infiniti bird prop Fantasy carnival gacha NEW!

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree for props lately, and couldn’t resist playing with them. So I’ve taken the chance to share a couple more Jane pieces from the new collection. I’m wearing the new ruffle top and also the shimmy shorts. Don’t forget you now get quite a few size options in the new gear some for the most popular mesh bodies (I’m wearing the one for the Slink Physique), plus of course the usual standard mesh sizes too.

Jane - New - tulip dress

This is the tulip dress, covered alllll over  in dainty tulip outlines and is available in various colours. I’m sooper happy about the Physique size as it makes me even MORE lazy, I keep the one size and don’t even have to fiddle with my alpha HUD – your mileage may vary depending on your shape type.

a Jane deity dress & Pink Acid crown Fantasy Carnival Gacha

This is deity by Jane, and wearing it made me come over all angelic *wink* – its such a girly shape with its frilly hem and neat pulled in waist . Topped off with my “good witch” crown from Pink Acid, part of a gacha collection at the newly opened Fantasy Carnival Gacha event.

Jane store

Fantasy Carnival Gacha

poses & props: Infiniti, exposeur

Jewelry: Secret Love

Hair: Tableaux Vivant & Argrace 

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Lickity Split ! (inc Free gift)

Jane FREE top with HUD - Argrace hair&hat - Chez Moi ice cream

I thought Id give you a small preview of some more of the new Jane pieces and show you an adorable ice cream set from Chez Moi. Its ben SO sunny here today I could’ve done with the ice cream cart for sure. Here I am enjoying the rays with my enorrrrmous bowl of ice cream. Chair and table are part of the new “Breeze” bistro set from Chez Moi. The seat pad has colour change and the table rezzes bowls of the frosty stuff and banana splits yum! My top is from Jane and if you peek to left of the photo you can just about see the HUD that comes with it. This was sent out as a gift to the Jane group subscribers, I’m pretty sure if you go join up now and look in the history you should be able to get your paws on it. I’m also wearing my delicious new hat/hair combo from Argrace. Various lengths of hair available with the hat plus you can also buy additional HUD’s to alter the textures.

Chez Moi ice cream set NEW! - Jane scribbles dress - Fate Step Janie Shoes NEW!

There is also a cart in the Breeze set (you can also buy the parts separately) this dispenses a gazillion types of ice cream and goodies upon touch. My dress is another new release from Jane “scribbles”, it comes with an add on bust ruffle, I’m wearing it without. Various colours or of course – treat yourself to a greedy pack. My shoes are called “Janie” and are by FateStep – you get an awesome HUD with these that enables you to colour every.single.part of the shoe individually. These are for SLink Mid feet.

Jane scribbles dress NEW! Chez Moi ice cream set NEW!

Closer look at the décor on the Chez Moi collection and of course me slathering over another ice cream! Dont forget Jane clothing now caters for an array of mesh bodies, including Slink Physique which please me hugely of course.

Jane store

Chez moi store

Chez Moi market place

Argrace market place

Argrace store

Fate Step market place

Fate Step store



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How long is “soon” ?

Jane - New polka puff dress

You know, when people say “see you soon”, how long is that? Could be a couple of hours, few days maybe – well in this case Janie Marlowe of Jane meant two years ! Yes indeedy its been two longggg years since we’ve had something new from Jane. I’m so pleased to announce that Jane is back, with new pretties and everything ! So on with the show, what can you expect? Plenty of girly stuff, flouncy hemlines, polka dots and halter necks – plus of course some brilliant workhorses for your wardrobe that you will turn to time and again. I’ve had the giddy pleasure of  taking a peek and strutting about in as much as my hot little paws could stuff onto my body. This dress above is “polka puff”, thrilling dots spilling about a flared skirt and big bold stripes at the hemline – so summery. The fabric is  kinda washed out cotton, real shabby feel to it, single colours or a greedy pack. Ohhhh check out the packaging the pieces come in, handy-dandy lunch box, the HUD’s are also new and they will save you so much inventory space – hurrah!

Jane - New Corona top - lass shorts

Also new for this re-opening are the sizes included – you get the usual standard mesh ones but also sizes for the following : freya, isis, lara and Slink physique. This makes my heart smile truly, I’m wearing the Slink physique size and it just fits, perfectly. No messing about, no faffing with the alpha HUD (depending on your shape you may have to utilise your body alpha HUD a little)…gotta love that. Above is the “corona” top and “lass” shorts. This darling little top is my absolute favourite (so far), the pattern is a little bohemian so would lend to all sorts of jeans,trousers,skirts etc and the shorts are divine , super easy to wear! Nice range of colours , also a plain version of the top in store if you’re not into patterns. Again, single colours or a greedy pack with HUD available, demos are free.

Jane NEW! Vivienne

Now for something a  little more dressy. This is “Vivienne” a really lushhhh looking velvet halter neck dress. Plush and rich, a little racy – with an optional ruffle across the bust line. Classic number to keep in your wardrobe, it will take you anywhere. My unusual evening bag is by Shey, I’ve got a bit addicted to their range of $25L bags, they also come with a massive HUD of oodles of colours – brilliant deal. More later today as unpacking continues and welcome back Janie ❤

All jewellery by Secret Love

All clothing by Jane

Jane mainstore



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The Promenade ORQUIDEA Embroidered Black Top & dress NEW

I never thought Id voluntarily wear system clothes again – but I am and I’m loving it ! This dress and top are from new-to-me store Orquidea. What really captured my attention was the quality of the fabric used. It looks like a high-end linen. The skirt is flexified but not toooo swingy – if you know what I mean? Its got a really lovely sway to it as I walk and doesn’t show my knickers ! I’m actually wearing their blouse underneath the dress – something I sometimes miss with mesh clothing – the ability to layer. Obviously you can wear them as separates but I happened to really love the look with them worn together. These items are available at The Promenade Event that opens its doors on the 1st October.

The Promenade - coldLogic outfit amend NEW - B!ASTA  de wilde boots - B!ASTA oak and acorn jewelry

I’ve  managed to squeeeeze in another part of the huge coldLogic release yay! This complete outfit is called “amend” and I totally lurve it. Saves me over thinking my clothes for the day – yes I am lazy . Plaid tight skirt with an utterly top-notch blouse over the top. Check for the fantastical details on the cuffs, so lovely. The range of seasonal colours is so fresh too, sage and peach really rock my boat ! Ohhhh did you notice I even got to wear my Jane piggie tights? A record for me getting them in a shot this early in September huh? ! Gawd I find them so useful, specially with the colder weather closing in, I’m prettty sure Jane still has these wee beasties for sale, link below. My boots are at The Promenade event, from B!ASTA. Non slink, which I know some of you still like to wear. Called De Wilde and some edible Autumn tones to collect – go see ! The bag is another B!ASTA item, I adore big roomy bags – my neck & shoulders hate them but hey – this is Second Life who cares yay.

The Promenade - B!ASTA

Some Autumn feel jewellery from B!ASTA  that I had to share – darling acorn necklace that has matching earrings and bracelet.

The Promenade B!ASTA - Leena Lux shoes (Slink High feet)


Last up for this post is shooooz by B!ASTA – these are for Slink Mid feet and I’m showing you the “desaturated” colours above. There is a huge range of colours, others that are a little brighter. I really liked the softer effect of these though, they look so realistically suede.



Jane market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

The Promenade

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Almost free boots !

London Woo boots coldlogic dress SF Design scarf new!

I found these scrummy boots by [K’s K]for just 10L on the market place, aren’t they gorgeous?! It’s a limited time deal for 7 days and I’m not sure when that began. Sooo if you want them get them NOW ! (After the promo they go to 100L which is still a steal I reckon)

London Woo boots coldlogic dress SF Design scarf

I wore my boots with one of the releases from coldlogic called “zane”, which is a sweet lightweight knit dress, underneath a pair of  the piggies wooly tights from Jane. Dont forget the Jane sale that on at the moment, go grab some amazing deals .

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

[K’s K]


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Stars in my eyes and a free prop to enjoy

StarsFashion Rainbow wave complete outfit PROMO 99L !

Stars Fashion has a load more outfits this week on special promotion ! I think I counted six, all at just 99L ! Above is an outfit called rainbow, it’s a traditional chunky woolen knit with a huge cosy cowl neck that I adore. Fat ribbed hem keeps it all nice and clingy around your thighs. It also comes with the fabbo  leather beige boots andddd the bag – steal for 99L huh?!

StarsFashion Aztec night PROMO 99L includes bag,boots bracelet etc

Totally love this Aztec night outfit, snug knit dress with a really lovely stone covered necklace to set the neckline off just right. It also comes with a colour change HUD, so you get FIVE dresses in one huzzah!

StarsFashion Aztec night - PROMO 99L! Complete outfit, necklace, boots & bag included - Diesel Works Pumpkin Prop FREE!

There is also a pair of ankle boots in the pack plus a bag with options for hand hold or should carrying and some bracelets ! My smashing pumpkin prop is out as a free gift at Diesel Works, suits my mood today ! Ohhhh musnt forget, my wooly tights are from Jane, there is a HUGE sale on everything at the moment , pack of tights for just 25L hurry!

Stars Fashion

Diesel Works