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Together time…

Jane & fatewear_005

At last…time to wander and explore together, and fool around with balloons ! We strolled along a windswept beach, perhaps a little toooooo windy…Im wearing one of the new releases from Jane called “Tender shoots”. Yes indeedy the sweet little elf at Jane has had her nose to the grindstone and made bunches of seriously sweet dresses…this one has a double layer effect (which can also be seen in the “carolina” version)..its my personal fav of this set…easy to wear with heels or flats, and has a brilliant fit around the armholes (my bug bear mostly!) It also gives your cleavage a big boost …well so player informs me *winks*…speaking of Player, he’s recently got into guys mesh clothing, so I showed him FATEwears collection. Hog Heaven ! He snapped up the subscribo gift “Carter” which comprises of  some tasty cargo shorts and a greaaaat shirt…and then I treated him to the Andy Jacket combo and the Marty pants…hes wearing the gift shirt here and the Marty pants…

Jane & fatewear andy jacket marty pants

andddd here we are, dawdling in the bedroom, seriously..its SUCH a performance when we go out ! The thing Player loved about FATEwear are the many many variations you get of the pieces, he was boggled by them ..different pant lengths, different fits and more…Oh and yes..Im wearing the tender shoots dress againnnn, this time in a delicate oh-so-girly baby blue….isnt it just darling?

Jane NEW!

Soooo we eventually got out and about… I decide to slip into yet another change of clothes…this time its the “jayden” dress from Jane, in a bright dazzling poppy tone. Big bold flowers loop the loop across the front…and again that lovely cleavage enhancing cut neckline…my hat is from echo and handily matched perfectly.

fateWEAR - Carter shirt & cargo pants - subscribo gift FREE!

Player got all dizzy with my whirlwind changes and had to find a seat…so I took the chance to take an off-duty snap of him relaxing in his FATEwear subscribo gift outfit…the shirt is an awesomesauce fit , you can just see the camo pattern on the shorts…doesnt cost a bean to join so go DO IT ! Btw if you join the Jane subscribo there’s also a gift for the girls, a beautiful little meshy dress..

Jane Grace dress (3 colours) - FREE

Its called Grace….and its a simple classy little frock…you get three colours apricot (which I’m wearing) khaki and navy blue , so slap that subscribo button and get all prettified !  I’ve got a couple more pieces to share from Jane later hoohah! Thanks Janie ❤ Ohhh btw I got to see some fabbo poses from Eternal Dream Poses..the one above is from the beat 2 pack…great collection ! Had a look around the main store, some great offers on, especially for the guys with some 49L deals atm.

Jane (inworld store)

Jane Blog

FATEwear (inworld store)

FATEwear blog

FATEwear (market place)

Eternal Dreams Poses

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In the pink (and white)

Nothing makes me happier than receiving something newww to wear…especially when it involves the colour pink…. Bubblez has this new outfit, called Le Seed…it comprises of the pink trousers…in all standard sizes…beautifully tailored for a truly perfect fit…and a darling camisole….topping it all off are a pair of sunnies that have colour change and can be resized…love it ! Thank you milo-licious ❤

My shoes are also new, from ArisAris…called “Odamae”..I adore them..great detailing with the stitching…HUD is easy to use so you can select the skin tone and pedicure colour you want…four colours available, white, red,beige and black..250L a pair or  a fat pack of all for 799L !



ArisAris market place

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Monday Monday

I’m never blue on Monday..its a cause for celebration…cause Mondays are Mania day ! Mmhmm Monday Mania hits SF Design today..and for us gals there’s a wonderful striped tee…I’m a biggg stripe fan, it figures hugely in my real life wardrobe too…for just 25L, and only for today from the Monday Mania board, you can snaffle up this little beauty. As if that isn’t good enough…you actually get two versions of the with sleeves, one without !  While you’re there, check out that new upper level with the meshy goodness – I’m wearing the stripiness with a pair of SF Design mesh trousers…totally fahhhbulous…and have become one of those pieces that Im constantly choosing to wear, huge selection of colours in these and just 130L… Thanks Swaffette ❤  (for a full length photo of the pants, see corset post below)

SF Design

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Your favourite shirt

When I tried on this new shirt from reminded me so much of one I used to have , many many summers ago. A little faded and oh-so-soft…it makes you feel comfy but still feminine…ahhh those were good days when I had that shirt ! This little gem is only 75L…and well worth gently flares out at the hemline, which would suit skirts or pants. I found that the new mesh trousers from SF Designs worked wonderfully with it…especially this adorable salmon shade …(these have been blogged below for a better photo of them)

Sorry about the sunnies..I bought them a week ago at the dressing room..popped over to see if they are for sale in the glow studio store..but they aren’t boooo, cause I love them.


SF Design

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Get your Hippy chic on

I have more more more from coldLogic…Ive spent 24 hours playing with all the newness…and frankly..I really can’t decide which is my favourite …I kept wriggling innn and outtt of the new tops…fooling about with colours….fondling the textures with my over excited sweaty paws ! Above Im prancing around in the new “gassel” pants..which are about as chic & stylish as you’re ever gonna find..slim fitting..choice of cuff style and a multitude of sizes so they fit purrfectly. I chose scarlet to go with the next new kid-on-the block the “gilbert” blouse…wrap over front…blouson effect (howww do they do that?!) Plenty of colour choice for the pants and heaps of patterns & shades in the blouse..

Onto the “somers” sweater-come-shirt-come cami…gorgeouss draped front on this makes it so so girly… the knitted body has a really darling hand knitted look about it…it was hard to pick just one colour to show you…they are all so deelish! This would not only suit the new gassel pants…but also try it with  short skirt, or over jeans…fahhhbulous.

If  I was forced to choose a desert island item…it would have to beeee…uhmm….errrr…can I have two?…call it an outfit and count it as one? yeah !!! The  brooks capri’s and side tied shabby-washed-out “flynn”  tshirt…love em! Such a fabbo range of colours in the shirt..all equally drool worthy..hit it all up with some HOC mesh sneakers, and voila …one happy meshbunny…

If you like the flynn shirt..youll lurrrve the “larsen”..more chic than hippy…beach wear..sandals..the smell of coconut in my suncream..ahhh…this will be my tee of choice…tied at the side to expose your oiled up belly…sling on the latest gifty from Bubblez, a cute necklace that plays you  a song awww…and Im ready to get mellowww…*ohm*

Last up for today, another tone of the gassel pants..a sage green that’s just so easy to wear…and one of the new “anderson” shirts..split seams on the upper arms is a beautiful touch, very feminine…long dangling ties from the flopped apart neckline…deep vee cut…yumm…just adored this happy bunch of yellow shades…with a hint of ruby grapefruit across the middle…zingy!

As always check out the quantum packs of these items..darned good value, but all available in single colours too…demos freely scattered on the market place and instore…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic : Mainstore

coldLogic: Market place

coldLogic: website

Skin : Hush

All makeup by : Mock Cosmetics

group gift necklace: Bubblez

Heart choker: 10L sale Dark Mouse (back of the main store and enter the red tent)

Sneakers,pumps & suede wedges: HOC

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Yush! Its Monday..not usually a cause to celebrate..but in SL it means only one thing..Monday Mania at SF Design ! The chance to get your paws on something cool for very few lindens …this week its a pair of crisp white pants..mesh ones.( Dont forget youll need to be using a mesh compatible viewer to see them correctly).Really fabtastic shading on these…the small size fitted me a treat…I teamed them up with one of my old favs from SFD, the soft cardigan in dove grey (other colours available) Head on down and snap these pants up for only 25 L on the Monday Mania board justtt inside the ladies dept. Thanks Swaffette xx

SF Design

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Everyday Chic at coldLogic

Have you, like me, been looking for that pair of pants that are kinda “effortlessly chic”? Yeah…its not easy to find that…a pair that will go with anything..casual,classy…pretty…well I have some news ! I’ve found my pants nirvana ! mmhmm coldLogic have some mesh newness..and I was champing-at-the-bit  to unpack it and toss it all satisfy even the most hardened of shoppers..there are two styles of pants..I’m wearing the “mazza” ones in crisp ohmaigod-its-almost-spring white…sooper fresh.(250L singles/ quantum pack of six 1000L)..two types of cuff…yummy huh? To carry on the freshhhh theme..I teamed it up with this  zingy lime top called “wright”. (225L singles, quantum pack of four 600L) can wear it with or without the sleeves…I know I’m a mesh hound lately but seriously…when you wear this’ll zoomperv yourself to death ! It’s all the tiny details..the wrinkles..creases..shading..*squeee*…o.O fabbo necklace is by Dark Mouse..I think it totally popped with the green in the blouse..made for project Themeory and just 75L until midnight Sunday…

Onto more pants..and this is the outfit I havent taken off for two days ! Click on the pic..get in reallllll close…and check out that shirt..Iam sooo loving the cuffs ! I was wearing this while working around the resort today..and Steve was stoked by the cuffffs ! The collar also..great shadowing..If you look at the arms, you’ll see how the fabric has been made to look like it’s stretching slightly…pulling as you move..its called “lane” heaps of colour options.(200L singles or six pack for 800L)..snagged it over a pair of the “dailey” pants.(250 singles, six pack 1000L)..pinstriped…of course I was chuffed to find a *truffle* like colour that I SO love !

Last up (for now)..classic pinstriping for me…(Im English and we do LOVE pinstripes- so shoot me!) and another new release shirt..this deep rich red looks scrummy with the charcoal grey pants..”segal” is the shirt name…it comes in some sooper rich jewel tones (SO on trend right now) quantum pack of six shades for 900L, singles 225L  (the fat packs are SUCH good value) Head on over…Ive only had time to show a few items from the new haul…theres plentyyyy more to see… Noticed that coldLogic has a board out for a hunt that starts on the 1st March..I will keep you updated ! Thanks coldLogic gang ❤

Clothing: coldLogic

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

All furniture (apart from the office desk) is from the Lisp 10L bazaar: Lisp bazaar