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Happiness is the simple things.(Freebies).

I was just meandering in SL when I landed back at Raindale and spotted the GG’s almost straight away.

Not the table though but the rugs, coffee & cake, candles, scrummy orange cake, back panel and more inc a string of lights on the floor that you can’t see in this picture.

The reason I’m stood there is twofold. I wanted you to see how strong the light from one of the candles is, strong enough to light up me and the surround and I wanted to show you the dress but more about that later.  Oddly it’s the smaller candle and not the big one that has the strong light. I love using candles and lamps which give off a glow to enhance my home but don’t worry if it’s too bright for you then you can turn it off as well.

Just grab everything, no one will judge you, then when you’ve grabbed em TP over to NYU for the dress.  This is an old blogged item but it’s still out, as well as other gifts, and it’s still as great as ever and this the one I’ve kept but if I remember correctly it comes with mesh body fits as well as lots of non-mesh bod fits and of course the alpha to match.

PS. If you look at my ankles that’s not stray hairs it’s the stringed light and now I’m back inworld you can mod away to a certain extent which is always a boom for me.



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Something for the weekend?

New Subscriber gift is out at NYU and its a cutie. I mean seriously – whats not to like? Its PINK, not any old pink but “baby” pink *squeee*. Sweet lace detailing on the cuffs and hemline, off the shoulder too – heavenly! This is a free to join subscriber group – I just touched it et voila I got the gifty – so Im presuming at one time or other I subscribed. Check out the fifty Linden Friday offering too while youre there!


Whats next parasol with pose

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Free love

Free gifts - top & skirt - lip glosses - teeth- eyes

Got a couple of free gifts for you that I thought Id share before they get removed . NYU, Umboshi & marukin have opened their stores all together on a beautiful little patch of SL. To celebrate they have some gifties for us yay! NYU have set out this darling little outfit, comprising a skirt with braces and a t-shirt to wear underneath, Umeboshi have some juicy lip glosses and eyes (mesh and traditional), there is a group gift there to collect (free to join) of more glosses. Marukin have two poses as a gift, really really cute ones ! Head over and check out the new stores and collect your pressies.

NYU, Umeboshi & marukin

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MIA but not on FLF.

Missed me I bet not LOL.  Been a lovely but very busy RL for the past week but normal service shall return this weekend.  I did however manage to squeeze a quick pop inworld because of course it’s FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) and I hate to miss out on all of those bargains.

Then I spotted this from NYU and I bet Faith grabs herself this as well because not only do you get excellent quality texturing and fitting this comes in 3 parts! You can wear the shorts and shirt as separates but that should be the plural shirts as you get 2 versions of the same shirt.  The second one has a 2 tone shading on the pin stripe but then SL time ran out and all I had snapped just the 1 picture otherwise I would have loved showing you the shirts on their own, however a demo is also available for you to try before you buy.


Will give the LM to the NYU shop and if you haven’t got the FLF list then slap the group joining board and you can pick up the latest list.


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Cafe days

Circa garden set NEW Love this new set by Circa , “Spring cafe” it’s so evocative of vacations past and hours spent in sidewalk cafes, supping espresso and nibbling almond biscotti . I’m pretty rubbish at reading notecards that come in the box – sooo I haven’t got the topiary planters out and I missed the fact that the flower in the vase is colour change – forgive me? The seat pad and the vase are colour change too (but I happened to notice that all by myself). Circa garden set NEW! You can rez a table with all the goodies already placed – which I did because I am the “anti-blogger lazy supreme”, or you can pick and choose which bits you want out. Lovely animations in the chairs for both males & females. rEBEL hOPE SHOES - ELEKITIRA HAIR NEW- NYU DRESS SALE Ohmaiiii – so last night I got a notecard from e l i k a p e k a  t i r a m i s u *faints*, yesyes the ” e l i k a t i r a” hair lady !!! Its been so long since we had news or new releases, but BINGO, there are gorgeous new hair-do’s – I was so excited I had to dash right over and take a peek. I nabbed “hilary”, quite a retro style for me, you’d be more likely to see Zan wearing it really – but its my namesake – so hey ! I also treated myself to a new frock from NYU, it was on the sale rail whispering “buyyyy meee” and at just $120L I did. Simple little shirt dress with a belt. Slipped it on and I was good to go. Stupidly I also decided to visit Rebel Hope as I hadn’t since 2007 for my wedding ! Upon discovering the fantastico shoe department , before I knew what was happening, boooom I had new shooz . These are “glam slam” and come in a large array of colours. I really really hope she makes more shoes & boots, I will be stalking the store for new releases, uhm or I could just sign up for the subscribo I suppose. Circa Rebel Hope NYU

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I had a busy RL yesterday and only managed to pop into the On9 event which was the first LM that popped up in my inbox, tbh I was so time limited I ran around it, but I will be going back to check it out much better, but being an eagle-eyed Blogger I spotted this freebie, threw it on and did a total of 3 snaps because this is such a lovely looking little silky romper is just quality.

Now I’ve managed to get back inworld to grab the On9 LM I’ve also managed to have another look around, albeit a quick look, there is a mix of decor, clothes, shoes and hair.  Lots of big SL named shops as well and I believe all the stalls have 1 item which is offered at a discounted price.



This freebie is at the back of the shop with another one for the SL Frees and offers group, and I’d forgotten to even unpack that to see what it is.

This sexy silky little romper is just perfect, great texturing and fit but then again it does come from NYU and I not only know this shop but have a few items from here which I’m not going to show you.  The reason I’m not going to show you what I have is because these were picked up at slashed prices.  The NYU shop sometimes has an item set out in the weekly FLF (Fifty Lindens Friday) and I have bought them ALL.  Sadly they don’t come up as often as I would like but if this isn’t a good reminder to people to watch out for the FLF notices and go check them out because all that I have bought it now in the shop back to its full price and although I do not think their full prices are unreasonable I’m a mean biatch LOL.

There is a Free Sub dress available in the shop which I haven’t shown you so once you’ve grabbed this silky sexiness from the On9 Event you can pop over to the NYU shop and check out the quality and grab the free dress.


Gratuitous shot, this is my SL home and again one day I will take ooodle of pictures as even though over the years I have owned many a house/skybox/apartment/shed and landscaped to my heart’s content this is the first time I can’t do anything more to make my SL home any more perfect for me.  LOL As for my RL home it’s an ongoing project!

On9 Event


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FLF – all yours for 50L

FLF - skirt with sweater 50L !!

I had to dash over to NYU this morning bright and early, to make sure I didn’t miss the FLF offer that’s on. For today only you can grab this sweet little outfit for just 50L. You get the loose cotton top and fold over pink skirt, in all mesh sizes. The great thing is they are separates, so you can mingle them in with other pieces in your wardrobe !