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S@bbia to the rescue.(Freebie).

Just as I was about to think today was a washout Jury Gothly the owner of S@bbia has yet again saved my bloggers behind with this new Group Gift.

A simple shirt dress, 1 size fits all.  You all know I have a soft spot for S@bbia clothes and this one is no different.  I just think her clothes are so wearable and to get such good freebies just makes my day.



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The Dream, The Reality, The 10Ld Giftie.

You know it’s not a good sign when as soon as you arrive at your longed-for beach break destination and the first thing you have to do is dive into a charity shop in the hopes they have a cheap brolly to keep the worst of the rain off you….and yes they did.

Fortunately, were made of hardy stuff and although there was no way in Hell I was going to squeeze my cossie on in the freezing weather we still had a fab time walking for hours up and down the beaches, eating too much, going crazy at the Crazy Golf, doing the Pirates Maze and yes getting tapped so  we had to follows some kids! and lots more of those simple things which give you good memories and that is priceless.

So I’m back I’ve managed to warm up my cold bones, drink enough of my coffee to perk me up and my first find is this simple slip dress.  This dress has one of the features I like esp in my simple cotton shirts in RL and that’s a dropped back.  The dress also comes with a really big 20 colour hud plus ALL the mesh body sizes inc all those newer ones.

This is a gift grom the Teleporthub Group and so it costs 10Lds to join this group but this is one I’ve been using more and more over the past few weeks as they seem to have some nice stuff out I think the reason a lot of people may miss these gifts is that the boards they’re on are quite small and aren’t as obvious as other gifts but once you know what you’re looking for it’s so easy.

I did notice when I did a quick TP in to grab this that the shop they’re in does also have an awful lot of GG’s out but I believe this one costs 100Lds to join but from the quick glance I gave there was some nice stuff.  Nothing that I with a bloated invent could use but check the whole lot out for yourself before you leave.


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Falling leaves


Super news from Neve – a squillion bundles of new pretties yay! My absolute favourite is above – the “off kilter” outfit – YES an outfit , we don’t get many of those do we?! Whats truly remarkable about this outfit, is those clever little Neve elves have made it possible to wear this as above orrrrrrr without the snuggly turtle neck – just use the Hud et voila. It’s totally flexible and of course there are heaps of different packs to choose from. I plumped for the “plaid” pack – four colours per pack don’t forget.


Such a rich Autumnal berry red to harvest my apples in – delicious. Mesh bodies catered for plus standard avatar sizes: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M – Maitreya Lara Fitted – Belleza Isis and Freya Natural Fitted – Slink Physique and Hourglass Fitted.


The second new release is the “careless dress”, its wonderfully easy to wear and so slinky. Sensual and casual all-in-one! Lovely array of colour packs to choose from, everything from plaid to plain – demos available instore and on the market place. Thanks you neve team ❤

neve store

neve market place

neve blog (for all info)

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Cafe days

Circa garden set NEW Love this new set by Circa , “Spring cafe” it’s so evocative of vacations past and hours spent in sidewalk cafes, supping espresso and nibbling almond biscotti . I’m pretty rubbish at reading notecards that come in the box – sooo I haven’t got the topiary planters out and I missed the fact that the flower in the vase is colour change – forgive me? The seat pad and the vase are colour change too (but I happened to notice that all by myself). Circa garden set NEW! You can rez a table with all the goodies already placed – which I did because I am the “anti-blogger lazy supreme”, or you can pick and choose which bits you want out. Lovely animations in the chairs for both males & females. rEBEL hOPE SHOES - ELEKITIRA HAIR NEW- NYU DRESS SALE Ohmaiiii – so last night I got a notecard from e l i k a p e k a  t i r a m i s u *faints*, yesyes the ” e l i k a t i r a” hair lady !!! Its been so long since we had news or new releases, but BINGO, there are gorgeous new hair-do’s – I was so excited I had to dash right over and take a peek. I nabbed “hilary”, quite a retro style for me, you’d be more likely to see Zan wearing it really – but its my namesake – so hey ! I also treated myself to a new frock from NYU, it was on the sale rail whispering “buyyyy meee” and at just $120L I did. Simple little shirt dress with a belt. Slipped it on and I was good to go. Stupidly I also decided to visit Rebel Hope as I hadn’t since 2007 for my wedding ! Upon discovering the fantastico shoe department , before I knew what was happening, boooom I had new shooz . These are “glam slam” and come in a large array of colours. I really really hope she makes more shoes & boots, I will be stalking the store for new releases, uhm or I could just sign up for the subscribo I suppose. Circa Rebel Hope NYU


85% Off Sale is Sweeter Than Candy

STC Lena Taupe 18L

*squeal* ohmaiiii Sweeter than Candy are remodelling their store and they have an 85% sale on! It lasts until Thurs 4pm…so get your skates on! I was in a beige mood so the Lena dress really comes with two versions of the skirt, short n frilly or snug like I’m wearing.

STC Lya Slip Dress Taupe 18L comes with shoes!

The Lya outfit comes complete with some dahling shoes (they have fluffiness on them!) Its got a sort of crinkly hem line which  is super pretty, and has some sheer thick topped stockings to top it all off. Just 18L *gasp* Heapsss of other colours available.

STC Amy Jo Plaid Brown 7L

Last minute scooped up this perfect plaid top..for just 7L! Lots of other colours prim fiddling required and we like that..dont we ? Handy for tossing on over shorts, jeans,leggins..a real steal.

Wondering where my sooper new poses are from? New-to-me store “hate me eat me” is where I found them, fantastic prices for some different & unusual poses, prices start at 2L per pose and rise to 25L per pose..triffic value, thank you riri Bazar for the lulliness!

Head over before the sale ends and snaffle up those bargains …I’m rather excited also to see what the store revamp brings us too!

Go get candy: STC    go get posed : hate me eat me

Credits: Hair Liriope,all jewelry chuculet,skin curio,lip gloss glamorize