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Picking Flowers

A real quickie this morning as I’m off to a neighbouring village to go shopping before work! This is Lyrique by ArisAris a sweet little dress with some nifty details to personalise. The high collar can be removed via the Hud to give a sleeker style and of course you do get a Hud with NINE texture options! All this for just $99L (promo price) Fits:

3-Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus
2-Slink Physique and Hourglass
1-Fitted for Standard sizes

I also treated myself to a new pair of KC Couture summery wedges! These are called Caty, and as is usual with KC you do get a mahoosive Hud so that you can change colours on all parts – even the little tassle! Brilliant price of just £125L.

ArisAris promo dress

KC Couture Caty wedges

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Call me Christine

21 Shoe  Ingenue Christine Corkie wedges

Today’s the day – yesyes its time to scamper about picking up all those two for one deals on offer in the 21 Shoe MAD 24 hours! Ingénue have these scrummy little wedges for you called “Christine”, just right for pottering about in but gorgeous enough to wear with just about anyyyyything. Love the cork effect on the wedge, the bow at the front is eye-catching.

21 Shoe Ingenue Cristine Corkie wedges Tangerine

You get two pairs for the price of one, so in the box is Tangerine and the Turquoise, seriously, can you resist?! These are for the Slink Mid feet and also the Maitreya body.

21 Shoe Blog


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Tick Tock(and some Freebies).

The Tick Tock is because I have such limited time in SL and RL but I just had to show you my new goodies I’m taking an early lunch just to get this done and the it’s back to the grindstone.minaurb

OK first the non free, Mina Nakamura has been working overtime and has so many new hairs out and again nice to see that she’s given as much attention to mens/unisexed hairs so plenty of new hairs but as always as soon as I put this hair on it was WOW.  Now OK a hair with 2 simple plaits whats new? the fact that they’re not fat and bulky mean they have a much more realistic thickness to them and of course you get the boobies sizing.  Actually the boobie sizing (thats what I call it not mina LOL) is more than just to accommodate the different boob sizes in SL it’s also a really good feature for those items of clothing which because of their bulk means you cannot wear long hair because it disappears into the mesh.

Just like Faith I too struggled to get into the Shiny Shabby event, which is a reflection on how popular it has become.  Simply give it a little time to calm down because it certainly is well worth the visit and I know from the previous events there are Freebies to be had.

Speaking of which check out my new shoes.


As I was unpacking them I realised that the delivery packaging would actually make really good items of decor esp for you shoe whores. Can you imagine having a room in your home with nothing but clothes and shoes in it?  At 1 prim for each box you can have a few of these set out on a shelf and even better each shoe you see is a gift from Livalle but just for SLink Frees & offers group, the group joiner is right under the shoes.

OH and Livalle also has a Wayward Hunt item out somewhere and I can’t for the life of me remember if I found it or not because I have so many items from this hunt it’s probably there but if not I’m comming back to find that hunt item.

PS I believe 2 are SLink High and 1 is a SLink Med feet.  Sorry but it’s getting harder and harder to find non SLink, esp free, shoes so if you’ve not indulged then maybe it’s time.

 Livalle (formally L.Warwick

Mina@Shiny Shabby

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Take a seat.

A little bit of a mooch around and I found myself at Faboo.  They still have their large Christmas card out and if you touch it you get these rather good and as you can see from the heels stylish wedges.  Athough the ribbon is supposed to be Christmassy in style I think they’re all year round wearable.  You do have to have SLink High Feet for these but maybe since now you can get so many amazing bargains and freebies for these feet it’s time to splurge and treat yourself to some.


As I was meandering around the shop I spotted my initial on one of the Lucky Chairs so I hopped on and snagged a Bikini.


A simple non mesh little skimpy with prim/mesh bows at the hip, chest etc.  Does come in different clothing layers and is also Tango Lola’s ready.  So it gave me a good excuse to pop over to my beloved beachy sim and pull a few poses.

The group, Faboo, is free to join and once you’ve grabbed the shoes make sure to go inside as there is quite a selection of GG’s and nice to see some for the boys as well.  Special mention to the shorts, I’ve blogged them before and they’re perfect with bikini’s.


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Dont get your knickers in a knot


I have this lovely little saying, that I use often as I’m cheap as hell when I buy day-to-day knickers (I splurrrrge on my fancy smancy ones though). This is it –  “I paid a pound for these and I’ve got 50p’s worth up my butt”, classy huh?! Well, as you can see above – these gorgeous knickers don’t ride up at all – infact Id go as far to say they are best fitting mesh knickers I’ve ever had.

Ayiki geek kitty

Lovely details all over and a big range of slogans and colours to choose from – of course I was drawn to the ones with a kitty cat on the front. You also get arm & leg warmers in the pack – they don’t really work so good with Slink hands and feet – which is why I was lazy and didn’t show them. These are by new-to-me store Ayiki, pretty place to wander around with some sooper retro lingerie and also modern sets on offer. My hair is by Clawtooth, “hang it up”, currently on sale at Collabor88 – love it !

Ayiki Bikini group gift FREE! Clawtooth hair hang it up Collabor88

Join the group (free by the way) and you can get your paws on this rather nautical looking mesh bikini as a gift. Again brilliant fit for mesh !

Ayiki Ame dress

While I was there I couldn’t resist treating myself to this dress. Its called “Ame” and has such a fantastic linen look fabric. Sweet print and a slightly wrap-a-round feel to it. It comes with a HUD which means you get six dress for the small amount fo 99L ! Did you spot my new shoooooz yet ?

Reign Sovereign wedges 100 Block

These are by Reign, another new store for me. I finally managed to get into the 100 Block event to grab them up – totally in love with them ! I did also head over to the mainstore to take a gander, other lush shoes are on sale from between 200 – 300L a pop. These are 400L a go, but I really felt it was worth the outlay. Lotsa colours to choose from, I might have to go back and get the red ones toooo! (They are for Slink high feet btw)


100 Block



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Plastik Fantastik with added Gos !

Ya know…somedays Iam just astounded by how people just “are”..good…bad…inbetweeny…The good news is…today I found somebody behaving in a totally “hurrrah” style..and that would be aikea rieko of Plastik ! Lordy…I had heard on the Pure grapevine that I should reallllly go an slap the subscribo there…and oh-my-stars was I in for a huge surprise…I received this m a s s i v e box of goodies as a gift for joining…I mean..totally..H U G E.

There are dresses,jeans,capri’s,shorts,skinsss galore,eyes…and and and more !(yes boys EVEN something for you) I lurved the shorts I’m wearin above…slung on one of the dress tops with them which is pretty handy dandy to use as a tank…

Showing another of the dresses in the Plastik gift box here along with my newwwww totally rocking GOS boots ! They are called ” Curvaceous” and are the fifty Linden Friday item *faintsdies*.. the FLF pair are white…but the SO cool thing is you can  add colours by buying little pots of “polish” for just 300L (the boots are usually priced at 695 a pair) soooo I couldn’t resist and I bought the camel & black polish. (how obvious was it Id do that huh lol)

Soooo anyway I havent told you about the cool other features on these pretties…not only can you add colours..but they are whats known as “heel shift”, meaning you get a choice of a wedge heel,stiletto orrrrr chunky heel…plussss as you see above, you can mix & match your polishes to get a fahhhbulous effect..(you can also choose leather or suede for the finished effect).I used camel & black…awesome right??!! Mister Gos did goood!

Not sure how long the Plastik subscribo gift lasts so do hurry along and collect it while you can..obviously the Gos boots are JUST for dashhhhh…

Go get the goodies: Plastik   GOS


Sheer Madness

Hot off the press and ready for whats set to be a sultry summer, there’s a coupla sooper pretty releases from Jane! Meet “Jillie”,a cup-cake sweet dress…with wide belt to cinch in your waist,strapless bodice to bare those shoulders and a perky double hemmed skirt…so summery…deceptively simple but also rather elegant. Heels or flats would suit day to evening…just perfect!

Then there is “mary lou who”…I just lurve this shade,its called Marine and has touches of truffle in the embroidery & hem. A gorgeous owl sits jauntily on the skirt ! This dress has a halter neck (which I adore-so flattering) and also a wide soft leather look belt…The REALLY fantabulous thing the moment (and I can’t say how long this will last so rushhh) both dresses are a sheer madness deal..what does this mean? Wellll…usually they are priced at 150 per colour tone..sheer madness deal means you get a fat pack of all three shades for 150L *zoink-faint*…this prolly wont last too long…so roller skates at the ready and get over there! Thanks Janie x

I matched both dresses up with some fine newness from one of my favourite shoe stores HOC, the “country wedges”,casual enough to wear with denim but feminine enough to team up with your summer frocks! Superb textures on these little darlings,suede fabric appearance and a gorjusss wedge ! Only 175L, with a colour change HUD that allows you to pick from 8 different shades,4 different tones for the metal buckle etc also.

The colours range from black,a gentle worn green,delicate old rose ,silvery white and more! Thanks Guu xx

Go get summery : Jane   &   HOC