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Just for the Guys (Free & cheap)

Player raided the sYs market place store – everything is around the $1 – 10 L mark, some great guys stuff included. These are the “Chester” jeans @ $1L – great fit ! Fits included are: Signature

He also found this vest top which has a cool tucked in and layered feel to it from Umbrellafun for just $19L. Fits included are:

 FitMesh Body for Slink Physique

– FitMesh Body for Signature Gianni



Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Raiding the cheap cupboard – Again

Might be cheap but it sure isn’t cheap – if you know what I mean. As I am a bit broke I thought I would check out the market place store again for sYs. W O W I found some more great deals. Most items are $10L – but one colour from each range is just $1L – I was going to stick with the dollarbies but thennnn I liked some pieces SO much I splashed out a further $9L – last of the big spenders huh! Totally love love love these “mellow” jeans, I nabbed them in all the colours and they should see me through Autumn if not longer – a huge selection of mesh body and fitmesh sizes included. Then I spied the gorgeous “mellow” sweaters. Girl next door style, simple but really nicely done – bought a couple of these. Even my “Dery” sneakers are from sYs – they are SO cute ! Each pair has three pattern options in the colour range, plus metal colours for the ankle chains, options for the sole and strap – again I got the dollarbie but liked them so much I bought a few more.

I also bought this dress “Agate” and in this “perfect for Autumn tone” its just $1L – its in two parts, the dress and two inserts , one black one brown.

Go take a peek at the whole store – you’ll be sure to find a ton of things you like ❤

sYs market place store

Hair by Kuni

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One for me.(New Mina@Salon52 & 10Ld Dress).

This dress is more “me” than the previous ones in the last post.

Again from the sYs Marketplace shop, if you’ve not read my last post then scroll back and check that one out for some exc offers.  There is a Dollarbie in this style but it’s black however there is a lot more colour options and each one only costs 10Lds and I’m wearing the nude shade.

I’m really pleased with it, very pretty, casual and summery.

This is the back of my new Mina, called Serene.

I know and you lot will know that Mina has a brilliant range of plaited hair, short, long, super long etc she has them so as always LM to the main shop to try them all on before you decide which one suits you best.

PS.  Do you remember the “The Walking Dead” dreadlock hair I mentioned a few posts ago?  I saw a male AV wearing that hair in the shop as I LM grabbed and wow he stood out, he looked so different from the crowd.  In a world of cool sexy people, he was cooler than most lol.

As for the hair I’m wearing it comes from the latest round of Salon 52.  I knew Salon 52 was open but like a fool, I couldn’t see it on the Mina sim and it’s because it’s not on the Mina sim lol. I think it’s probably an event which changes location each time so don’t use your old LM or a Mina LM use this new one.

sYs Marketplace

Mina’s Main Shop

Salon 52

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Following Orders.(Dollarbies, Cheapies).

Damn instead of SLing I had to hoover up, dust and basically do boring RL stuff but once I’d done that I did what Faith suggested and logged in to the Marketplace and Bloody Nora would you believe the first shop I found on the Marketplace with decent Dollarbies/Cheapies was one I’d checked out inworld yesterday as I was old LM mooching.

So the “sYs” inworld shop may have gone but the marketplace shop is packed with lots and lots of bloddy good Dollarbies/Cheapies.

This necklace was the most expensive thing I bought, a massive 5Lds lol.  It’s as attractive at the back as it is from the front. The dress is a Dollarbie.

Not a massive fan of this outfit but that’s me and not the outfit, one thing for sure is I’ve not seen this design anywhere else so you will stand out wearing it.  I think us SL addicts can spot a unique look a mile away lol.

And last but not least is this dress and I think you can see it again is just not my style but it’s 100% shop quality, 100% unique and might just be 100% you.

There are demos available just in case but again everything shown, apart from the necklace, are dollarbies.

DOH. I’ve had to scuttle in from the sunshine because I don’t think I made it clear that not only are there these Dollarbies but there are many more, a nice variety to chose from…scuttling back outside to the GLORIOUS sunshine and I hope wherever you are the sun is shining upon you, unless you’re an emo or a Vampire and in that case may the darkness hide you.

Now that I’m actually logged into the MP getting the details for this post I’ve found another dress which does look like my style so for only 10Lds I’ve added that to my basket.  I have a NEW Mina so if this dress is as good as I hope it is then in my next post you will see that as well as the new hair.

sYs (Marketplace)

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I hate Cassy!(Freebies).

I decided to check out more of the WOH3(Women Only Hunt 3) because I’ve not really had the time to give it any justice and when I saw a picture of this gift from Sys I had to go coconut hunting (it’s an open coconut you’re looking for) and the hint is “I Love Cassy”. Since SYS sells everything a girl could need I knew that inc skins so I thought I was clever and walked straight over to skins and Cassy isn’t a skin!  Because I was determined to find this goodie I ended up walking all through this shop and it’s not a small shop but even worse OMG so many nice things! It almost got me buying more Lindens to treat myself but then I remembered all I had spent at the Hair Fair yesterday and controlled myself.

Since the “I love Cassy” is the only hint given I don’t think I should really tell you where this is exactly but I will say is when you TP in follow the red beam arrow on your screen or open your mini map and head towards the dot as you only rez in the area the sim owner has set it to but the LM does take you close to the prize, you will understand what I mean when you get there.

Check out the hair, it’s a gift from Vanity Hair@The Hair Fair.  I had a wonderful time but in the end I was getting too tempted so I just visited the 3 shops I was interested in and then once I’d tried on the demos I treated myself to some fab new hair and then just TPed out.  Lots of shops do have gifts and a lot don’t but all in all, wether you go for the freebies or to treat yourself to a new “do” just go and have fun and if you don’t buy anything feel free to donate a few Lindens to this worthy cause.

PS all mesh bod and standard mesh fits.

WOH3 Blog(Hints)

SYS Design

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21Shoe – sYs goes Wedgetastic

21Shoe sYs Opyum wedges

Only a few more days until you can slide your trotters into some amazing shoes on a very special offer . Yes yes yes 21Shoe is almost upon us and I’ve got some treats to share with you to get your juices going! These wedges are called Opyum and are super stylish. 21Shoe is on for 24 hours ONLY, so get prepared to dash around snapping up those bargains my lovelies. The idea is for the 21st of each month a group of designers offer two pairs of shoes for the price of one, mmhmm that’s right – you can’t miss it !

21Shoe sYs Opyum Wedges - two for the price of one !

So onto the goodies from sYs, for 24 hours you can grab up two pairs of the Opyum wedges, red & black which is rather chic and a sweet pair in gold & straw. These will fit with the Slink high feet and included is  a pair for the Belleza high feet . Bet you can’t wait huh? I know I cant, this month is the biggest yet so put it in your diary.


21Shoe Blog

outfit: coldLogic knight leggings, coldLogic parker sweater – hair by Loque