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Vintage appeal & New hair

HOC Infiniti Miss C

I’ve got a few stores in SL that I always return to on the off-chance they’ve had some new releases, so I was a happy bunneh when I spotted that HOC had released a new frock. It’s so girly and retro, a sure-fire winner for the warmer weather. The most fantastico thing about it is that you actually get it in THIRY FOUR options for your 200L ! Let me work that out..thats uhm…5.8L per dress, what a deal.

HOC Infiniti Miss C NEW!

From retro florals, to polka dots, all with that darling little collar I so love. Ohhh my poses are by Infiniti, I snapped them up at the pose fair that’s on at the moment. Blowing bubbles and catching bubbles, lots of fun and really unique.

HOC Dress - Miss C hair - Frogstar Journal gacha

I guess you all know by now that I totally adore spotty clothing ..and this sweet bargain has absolutely oooodles of them. My journal is from frogstar, it was super cheap and there’s some really natty designs to win in the gacha machine, only 25L a pop !

HOC HUD - 34 Options !

So, here is the HUD, look at all those patterns and spots and cottons . This dress will become a staple in my inventory, I’ve got bags and shooz to go with alllll of them. (seriously – I really do – my inventory is hovering over 70,000 currently!)

HOC Vintage mesh dress 34 options in HUD NEW! Miss C hair NEW!

Heres a few more, as I really couldn’t decide which to show you. I’m so glad to see some classic black in the HUD, a girls always gotta have some polka dots in black & white right? My hair is another good deal, it’s from this round of Designer Circle, and is by Miss C. Just 100L – and there are four styles out to choose from. I’ve had my eye on MissC for a while, and bought a few before, this one is my favourite by far! In the pack is a huge load of colours, platinum to black – so something for everyone.

HOC mainstore

HOC market place

Designer Circle Miss C

Infiniti poses at the pose fair (forced landing point- its riiiight down at the bottom)




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Bitch FREE! HOC denim mesh skirt NEW!

I went to Rustica this morning, to uhm…check a new product *squirm*…something of an adult nature…anyhoooooo the owner of the place rocked up, Maxwell Graf ! Always nosey, er I mean curious…I profile perved him and found that not only does he create quite possibly the tastiest furniture & decor  & builds everrrr…he has also added a clothing/fashion store ! Off I toodled for a peek and was sooper surprised to find some top notch dollarbies, all laid out.

The cap is one of them, two versions for chicks and the guys, also modify which is just brilliant ! Ohhhmaiii a big fat selection of glasses too , all for 1L. I’m not shy about snagging stuff like this, and boy-oh-boy these shades are SO worth hanging onto. Absolute classics, real little gems that you will wear and wear. A few choices on style, and each comes with varying lens shades. (also a selection, same price, for the guys) I got the bitch tee in a box with some wedged shoes I also purchased (havent made up my mind about them yet, as they aren’t my usual sorta style) Ohhhh btw, my mesh denim mini is from HOC…gawd its fantabulous! Superb fit and the HUD gives you oooodles of colour options, only 175L ! One thing I totally love about it, is you get a wide choice of alphas, top marks HOC !



HOC market place

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Supermarket Sweep

ShuShu free sweater

Friday is always my day to get the weekly shopping in, so I thought Id do the same in SecondLife this week. I’m not one of those chicks that gets all glammed up for it, and I found the perfect comfy sweater to do the job ! This is from ShuShu (the place where I found those awesome free boots). I adore the colours on cheery and good for the season, all standard sizes in the pack and totally free. I swiped the hair from the massive sale on at [elikatira], only 75L, I think its the one and only style I didn’t already own , the sim was packed to the rafters when I went but don’t despair, the sales lasts into Feb yay!

ShuShu free jog sweats, U.One mesh cropped sweater 1L, ArisAris group gift bag

When I find a sooper bargain on the market place, I usually follow it up with a visit to the inworld store, andddd I scored BIG TIME ! The store has plenty of wearable demos, that means…it might be a selected colour (it seems usually to be grey which I LOVE) or it might only come in limited sizes, the group is free join and there are a number of gifts for you to scoop up. I’m wearing the “Good morning Capri pants”, and they are totally fabbo…really good details and so easy to wear, perfect mooching material. My bag is a recent group gift from ArisAris, isn’t it just too cute ? It has a pose, plus one without, epic.  Mustn’t forget my cropped sweater, it’s from U.One and cost me the princely sum of 1L, great store to wander and prices start from 0L up too around 40L….and YES, I’m still in love with my HOC mesh sneakers…so scrummy and have a HUD with ooodles of texture choices…KaChing !

ShuShu market place

ShuShu inworld store





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This is what friends do


I’ve met some people in SL , who when you ask “ooo where did you get that from”, wont say…whats that all about eh? Not so with my friend Fey…she delights in passing on info and sharing where she gets some great buys from …She was wearing this fantabulous plaid skirt the other day…and as always eagerly shared with me where it was from…I had NO idea that one of favs stores had started making mesh clothes ! Yes yes yes HOC is offering this mesh skirt…and whats more…its pattern & colour change by using a HUD…24 choices !!! Theres plaids, plains and a selection just for group members (free join, wear the group tag BEFORE attaching the HUD and the VIP extras will appear on the HUD) You also get choice for the belt colour…fantastique. Fey wore her skirt in a black & white plaid..I choose a traditional houndstooth pattern…there is also a demo to try before you buy…great price for this item it’s just 175L…brill. Fey is also wearing a top from new-to-me store d o l l l e*, very crisp styling but also sooper feminine…oooo btw my boots are from LaRoo..”Liberty”, they come in stacks of colours…go take a peek. My top is from coldLogic (naturally!) its called tallen and is available in singlepringle tones or delishhh quantum packs…

HOC use 2

Fey had another top from d o l l l e that I Soooo loved, it’s a new release and is available in a few tones…I thought the pure white looked gorgeous with the HOC plaid skirt in bright pink…love how it exposes your arms and shoulders…group join is free of charge and there are oooodles of gifts for you to collect PLUS some lucky chairs (that I won something on yippeeeee!) If you like the furniture in these snaps…its from Lisp Bazaar…the whole lot for just 10L ! Its called “Medium Wood Fireplace Set”, perfect for this time of year and such an amazing bargain…

d o l l l e *


Lisp Bazaar market place store



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Cheeky Mesh @ Jane with added SALE action !

I’ve got two cheeky little frocks for you from Jane today….I was all  hoppidy skippidy when I wore them, and thought I looked the bees knees ,  flouncing about with my basket ! The one above is called “Rachel”, it comes in a variety of colours (even truffle, which I adore but I’m weaning ,myself off ) Love its wide & low peter pan collar and gentle plaid stripes…

I changed into “shasta” next, such a happy dress with its hemline flowers sprouting up towards you….this blue and white combo felt so fresh and summery…slipped into my HOC maryjanes et voila , I was grabbing my scooter to dash off !

Now for important news from Jane, there is currently a sale on..mmhmm…all the old sizing is being reduced to convert over to the standardised range..a whopping 50% off *faints*…so if you were wanting anything from the older mesh range – go grab it up now….Thanks Janie ❤



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Dottie … jewels…and sleepless over boots…

Polka dots hooohah! They always make me smile…so jolly ..coldLogic have this darrrrling little camisole out as their spring also receive it in black dots too…love love LOVE the way it wrinkles over the tummy…gorgeous sweetheart neckline..I teamed mine up with a mesh skirt from Jane…”prissy”..useful little thing that it is…also I still have my newwww HOC “chinese take out” box bag superglued to my hand *grins*…5 colours and only 50L..o.O its spotty dotty too ! To get your spring gift, head over to coldLogic and touch the subscribo…simpledimple.

Incase you spotted my divine necklace & earings…and wanted a closerrrrrr peek..its by Addiction Jewelry…”antique blossom”, Im a great fan of this designers work , attention to detail…and incredible promotions mean you can look a million bucks for not-a-lotta pennies ! This particular set was on offer for just 49L for a weds deal..but I popped over to check it out and the offer is still on – not sure for how much longer (and theres another set with lavender stones – same price) Dashhhhh and grab it up ! Thanks Atiya ❤


ohmaiiigod…Swaffette Firefly of SF Design is the reason I’m not in my bed..*shakes fist*… at approx 1.00am GMT time …she verrrrry casually mentioned that she had made some…MESH BOOTS…yes indeedy…and who could go to sleep without trying them on?!!  These are my first ever pair of high heeled meshy type boots *squeee*…they are a pair of  “take you anywhere”  boots..classy…sleek..high slim heels…and FIFTEEN preset colours to choose from, plussss tintable…the HUD is sooper easy to use…I used the medium size and they fitted perfectly, also included is large & small…can you believe they are just 300L? (When you land at SF Design, use the teleporter board to go to the shoe & boot department – or as Swaffette just told me, theres a board righttt by the Monday Mania bit- DOH!) Demo available…thanks Swaffette ❤

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic on the market place

SF Design

Addiction Jewlery



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Shades of grey

!Glitterati !  have a great deal on this mesh sweater dress at the moment..not sure how long it will last for so hurry along if you want to nab it. For just 49L you get a big pack of this dress in three shades of grey…lovely floral pattern winds its way down the front…bargain ! My natty bag is from HOC, it’s a chinese takeaway box…cute-as-a-daisy..five colours in the pack..for only 50L …love it.