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I’m British.(NEW Mina & Dollarbie & Mention of FREE Mina)

Being British means I can and WILL moan about this heat! OK, I won’t as I think many of us are in the same position but with the help of Sudocreme and one of those metal water bottles filled with ice cubes I’ve managed to cool my sorry ass down.

I often go to Mina’s and click on the new boards even if there is no picture up because sometimes she loads up the new items well before their release date and that’s how I got my mitts on this AMAZING HAT/HAIR demo last week, even before she put it out for us bloggers to grab.

Now that it’s out for everyone to grab here it is but don’t bother.  This is only available at Uber which has just opened its doors today and it’s like a fat dog in this heat, HEAVING, so not worth the stress.  As always LM to Mina’s to check out the demo.

The wicker on this hat is not only so fine but if you look closely you will see you can actually see through it.  A good example of it is the shadow on the wall to the right, you can see the line of the shadow through the fine wicker.  It’s the same with your AV face, you can see my forehead and part of the eyebrow etc.

As always, which seems pretty standard with Mina’s you get a decent-sized hud for the hat and hair but of course you get a “style” hud which as you will know allows you to change the way the hair hangs, plus you get a boob option so big or bigger we have you covered.

I didn’t want to put this in the title as I didn’t want you to think this is it BUT there is a FREE Mina hair also at Uber!  I will wear that hair in my next post and I won’t be surprised if you recognise it as this isn’t just an old thing dusted off and put out as a token gift.  Hazel is one of her pretty new hairs but I will show you and tell you more about that in my next post.

As for the Dollarbie, it’s the pants, I wasn’t going to reblog them but damn they’re too good not to.  You can only get them off the Majestic Marketplace shop and not only do you get this plain pair but also a patterned pair and I love both of them.  One thing to note is that the plain pair is darker than shown in the MP picture but that’s nowt!  There are only Dollarbies in this shop but sadly only 11 but you will see there are other pants some tops etc.

PS.  The picture of this hair/hat hasn’t been uploaded to the new release board but simply click on the empty frame next to the other new hair and you can pick up this up.  BTW it’s called “Carian Sunhat”.

Mina’s Main Shop

Majestic (Marketplace)

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Bathing beauty

Candymetal Free gift - mesh swimsuit, bag , necklace, shoes & skin FREE!

CandyMetal has once again stunned me with the generosity of their gifts! I was bowled over by this set that’s out at the moment and totally free ! In the box you receive a summer skin that’s really sweet and delicate (I added a makeover from MOCK, just to add a little more colour in the face) , you also get a mesh bathing suit…lovely shape and fit…plus two necklaces one white one navy blue…thats not all….

Candymetal Free gift - Mesh swimsuit,skin,necklace,sandals, & bag FREE!

You also will find a brilliant pair of sandals and a bag ! Just pop over to the main store and collect, brilliant – thanks Emychan <3. Btw incase you’re wondering, my gorgeous hat is by Eclectica, it’s a recent release and has hardly been off my head since I received it. Sooo many options for hat colour, flowers colour etc its a MUST for summer !



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Something about Jane…

Jane in bloom - mesh- NEW! Sleeping Koala oversized sunhat 10L

I’ve been wearing clothing made by Janie Marlowe since 2007…and a big chunk of my inventory belongs to those items. They tend to be my go-to-pieces. Things I wear consistently, over and over again. I feel “at home” in those clothes and relaxed , they make me smile. When Jane released a selection of new dresses after a longggg time passing without any updates I was sooooo delighted…Jane’s clothing fits me, always..without fail. I don’t have to check, it just does….everytime. I showed a couple of items yesterday, and here’s a few more ! Above is “in bloom”, rah-rah inspired sundress, with thin shoulder straps…and ribbon trimmed layers of frothiness. Gorgy colour range in this item…totally adore the blue with apricot accents. Zan showed me these hats yesterday, she alwayssss finds good bargains. Oversized hat , with texture change from Sleeping Koala, such a great buy at 10L…theres a few designs so take a peek.

Jane  day trip - NEW!

Something slightly more sultry this time is the new “day trip” by Jane…dipped shape hemline and a simple vest style top to this dress. So perfectly made it’s really quite stunning, not fussy, not over done…just perfect. I added a choker from Ganked (which sadly now seems to have closed its doors)  a pair of heels, lip gloss and I’m ready to roll…

Jane dainty darling - mesh- NEW! Posh book purse FREE!

Last up for today is “dainty darling”…LOVE this frock. Antique lace effect on the fabric…with a broad satin ribbon accent on the bust area…I’ll be holding onto this pretty until you rip it from my clenched fists! Other colours available too , but isn’t this teal blue just divine?! My bag is from Posh…gawd LOVE these…its a book-as-a-bag kinda deal…this one is Pride and Predudice…and in this colour free on the market place currently…I bought a few others too (naturally!) , for 10L great deal. Thanks Janie ❤

Jane inworld store

Jane Blog (to see all colour ranges and designs)


sleeping koala


June gifts

Tra la la la lahhhh…I love the start of a new month…and those generous designers who give us a gifty! Inde Rose has sent VIP Group members this deelightful tube top dress (join fee applies) Its got a  sweet knitted or crochet look to the fabric, splendid turquoise edging and coffee & latte stripes. Yes, the hat comes with it..Im big into head gear lately and this straw affair is sooo pretty! Like my wedge shoes?…

They are my latest find from HOC, gawd I adore that shop (so do the members of Pure as they voted them one of their fav shoe stores in the 2011 awards !) These are the “Yay wedges” and are totally get 7 colours of the shoe,4 trim colour options anddd 3 different wedge fabrics, plus if you’re a group member and wear your tag BEFORE wearing the get a bonus 5 more shoe colours ! Durrr me..I forgot and didn’t get them *pout*. Anyyywayy..175 is all these will set you back..go check out the store, guys you too! My all time fav lowtops are from here and at 50L they are thee bargain of all time.

Subscribo members were treated to the Marilyn Tankini..shocking pink (love it!) and white bottoms…great for the beach..

Go get gifty: Indie Rose       HOC