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Totally Wearble.(10Ld Wearable Demo).

I swear once I click “Publish” I will be logging out of SL and logging into RL as I do have work to do but damnit when something as good as this drops into your shopping cart for just 10Lds what is a girl supposed to do?

This is a “Wearable Demo” with a price tag that matches the birds on the ground, CHEEP!

Lots of fits inc.  As you can see it’s a Maxi Dress with lots of folds and attention to detail.

I don’t know if this is the same price in the ShuShu inworld shop but for now it will be easier to log into the MP and get it from there.

ShuShu(Marketplace only, I think).

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A Hot Quick Freebie!

I decided to spend some time over at  Cynful Clothing and so I parked myself in front of their many LB’s and started to sift through my notes and maybe score myself an outfit or two at the same time, but then I spotted I’d completely missed their new, but now old, GG!  So since this has been out since December I thought I’d do a very quick post because as always superb quality.


Vanity shot of my bum plus I’ve been wandering around 2 super wintery sims snapping away, more about that in another post, but I decided my poor AV needed some sunshine on her old bones.


Don’t I look like Faith in this piccie! Anyhow as I said a superb long dress, comes in 2 versions with or without straps but both versions have very cheeky almost nip slip cleavage-baring hardly there top half.

There is a hud and I can’t remember how many options you have but I’m pretty sure they all have the same pattern it’s the colours that change and for once the pink/pastel ones are the ones I adore.  All mesh bod sizes etc etc.  As I said this beauty could be gone by the time I click “Publish” but even if it is I bet it’s replaced with an equally as good New GG or you could park yourself in front of the LBs which are fully packed with shop quality outfits and have a quick turn over.


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I’m wired

Chez Moi - Wired patio set - Luxe Paris NEW!

The Chapter Four flings open its doors on the 4th, you will find this delicious patio set called “Wired” from Chez Moi there. As is usual with pieces from Chez Moi – youve got options Bebe! Eight colours for the table and the chairs (independently) and nine for the seat cushions. I went with classic white but was sorely tempted by the rusty iron! My new frock is from Luxe Paris and is called “Grapelicious” – beautifully cut around the waist with a sweet trim on the edges. Would be perfect for evenings with heels or the day time with flats no?

Deets for the wired set:

♥ 28 single poses (female and male)

♥ 20 animations for couples in love

♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animations is chose (wine, book, newspaper)

♥ Texture-change options – Tap to display colour menu (8 different colours for the wired chair/table and 9 textures for the chair cushion)

♥ Chair Simply Wired: 2 LI
♥ Table Simply Wired: 1 LI
♥ Apple Bowl: 1 LI

The Chapter Four (opens on the 4th Sept)

Luxe Paris

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Enticing you with fantastic news !

EB awareness Event - Entice

Great news lovelies ! The EB awareness event has been extended yippeee! Its been such a great success this past week, really has been on a roll – however because of the issues in SecondLife effecting log ins, teleports etc, its been decided to have another whole week *squeeee*. The original location is already pre-booked for a wedding (aww LOVE weddings – I may gate crash!) So, the lovely Ray Burdeyna has given the event a new home for another week at Myth. Landmark below for you. Anyyyywayy, more news is a brand spanking new store has joined in called Entice, they have several items on offer – all of which give a staggering 75% of all sales to the charity. I’m wearing the butterfly maxi dress above, totally adore the bright turquoise tone, so summery with all the flutters spiralling over the fabric.  The back has a low cut which is very sensual.

EB awareness Event - Entice NEW!

I also wanted to show you this little frock from Entice, again the butterfly theme but this time on a much shorter sassy style. Beautiful rusty orange tones, it made me feel like “I” am a butterfly !

EB awareness event – NEW location from Tuesday 6th May

EB awareness event – Location till Monday 5th May.

Eb awareness blog

Debra of America – to donate directly

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Yes, I am beautiful, not rich, slightly dirty?


Beautiful,Dirty,Rich…or otherwise known as BDR, is rapidly becoming a store I keep my peepers on. The latest releases are such good fun and so very wearabubble! Above I’m wearing *some* of the “sunrise” set…the maxi dress is super sweet and comes in a huge array of colour combo’s. I am sooo into browns right now (yes, at last my white fetish has finished!) So this set is right up my alley. The wide floppy hat is also included, result!

BDR - bikini set

It’s not just the dress and hat though, you will also get a simply stunning mesh bikini. The tie around the bikini bottoms echoes the tie of the dress, I SO adore it and its fitted like a dream , even with no alpha layer !

BDR - Shoe detail

That’s not all, also included in this set are the dribble worthy sandals, easy to use HUD that allows you to skin match, re-size and choose toenail colours. Sooo the cost of all his prettiness you ask? A surprisingly small 150L *faint*, great value !


I’ve got another set and I have to say this is my absoloot fav. I can rarely resist anything thats stripey ! Stripes are so happy aren’t they? Naturally I plumped for the chocolate pack, that also contains this awesome choc & raspberry version via a nifty HUD. For your 150L you get four different versions of the dress (make sure to try a demo !) There is also a black pack .

BDR - Bag detail

Also included is this splendid bag, brill textures on this, it’s also resizable. Use the HUD and the bag can be fiddled about with to show six different colours !

BDR- shoe detail

These darling sandals are also in the pack, strappy and chic. Pretty simple to fit but I admit I had a small struggle with the leg sheath. (perhaps Zan is right and I DO have chubby legs !) I popped over to BDR to stroll around , it really is a HUGE store with lots in, new releases are near to the entrance, and a few midnight madness boards are opposite.


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A wardrobe full

BDR FREE! Outfit - dress - shoes & hat

I’ve got ooodles of dresses to show you…first up is this complete outfit from B:D:R, it’s this months group gift and the group is currently free to join. you get a fahbulous maxi dress with halter neck, matching toned shoes and the great big floppy hat…really lovely, go grab it up !

BDR outfit with shoes,hat & mesh maxi dress - Gloam Affair skin sale - 100L !

I must mention a skin retirement sale by Glam Affair also…I was in hog heaven ! They are having a sim refurbishment and some of the older skins have been reduced to just 100L each *faint*….if you havent been able to afford a Glam Affair skin before, nows your chance to get your paws on a  few at this small price. I’m wearing Jadis in medium tan, which is a lovely soft skin tone, uhm…if I blogged all I bought we’d be here for a longggg time. Not sure when then sale ends so dash!

CandyMetal NEW! Eclectica NEW!

CandyMetal also have a bundle of pretties released… there are 3 packs of this stylish little frock, all differently patterned and coloured. Sweet mini dress with perfect details, it’s also Lola ready if you’re into that – but looks gorgeous without if you’re not. I’m also wearing the newly released “Lotus” set by Eclectica, last post I showed this I had selected the dark heavier looking setting and metal…this time I’ve gone with the silver tone, it seems daintier and lighter, a great set for a summer look !




Glam Affair Skin Sale

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coldlogic NEW! Sarin mesh dress

Oh you’re in for a big fat treat, but not the type that adds inches to your derriere…the sort that makes you twirllllllll around, barefoot on the sand. Pretties to dress up in. A big bundle of dresses has hit the coldLogic store…such beautiful tones…seasidey colours. No no no not deckchair stripes…think of seashells, rockpool blues, and windblown grass. I’m wearing “daines” above, with its bustier top and split front that flowsss down to your hells at the rear –  it’s a real eye catcher. The clever thing about this style is that you can be casual in it, or go the whole hog and dress it up.

coldlogic NEW!

I love love LOVE  “mehra”, shortie frock with a slanted hemline…the fabric has a very subtle grain in it…and at the bust area it sort of criss-crosses underneath with a slight change in the colour tone for emphasis…this is the Indigo shade,the other three colours are mouthwateringly fresh !

coldLogic NEW! Wertina Shoes - Lina 50L

Above is “sarin”, I especially like the belt on this, it really stands out and offers you a great chance to co-ordinate accessories such as bags and jewelry with it. Naturally, I couldn’t find a SINGLE pair of shoes that I fancied wearing with it…and luckily for me I happened to stumble across this pair from Wertina. Just 50L , come with an easy to use HUD , which I managed to match my skin with pretty simply.

coldlogic sarin NEW!

Ok, so I couldn’t resist showing at least one pink version of the new releases! The rose petal tone is just lickabubbly sweet…it reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream ! I had a thought whilst I was drifting across the beach…these would make absolutely gorgeous summer bridesmaids dresses no? Sophisticated and elegant, and also demure…hint: I’m really greaaaaat at wedddings . (and I have the dress ha!) This is “daines” again, my personal favourite of the collection. Go take a peek, you’re bound to find your hands going all grabby . Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog