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Midnight shopping spree.

I can’t sleep and it’s almost 3am there is nothing on TV and my Kindle needs to be recharged so that just leaves QVC or SLing.

My first visit was to the Siss Boom shop as I knew there is a sale going on. This hat is not in the sale and cost me 225LDs.

Yeah you can guess what I’m going to say next, I actually have a LOT of hats in my invent. Most really should have been trashed a long time ago but a few of them and now this one are so lovely and often were bought with the outfit they’re going to be teamed up with in mind. This one with it’s slightly oversized crown has a hint of steampunk but with the wicker weave and the fruit, flower and leaves on the side makes it very coutrified.

To find this you veer left as you go onto the shop then turn left into a room with “Bespoke” over the entrance. To find the sale items you have to use the TP as they’re at a different location.

Siss Boom.

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Making a splash.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

A super quickie.

A simply fab gift for the TeleportHub Group which is why it costs the 10Lds.  Only a Maitreya fit but not too shabby on my SLink frame and it fits over my boobies very nicely so don’t let that put you off buying it.  This is a strapless dress and I now wish I’d worn a different hair to show you that but then again look at that hair colour/hat colour.

This dress comes from the “Thalia Heckrock” shop.  When you TP in it’s sorta behind you lol.

Thalia Heckrock.

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KERRCHING (100Ld Promo & New Mina).

This dress is the 100Ld Promo from Wellmade that I mentioned in my last post.

This outfit comes as separates which I didn’t know so that was a really lovely surprise as both items will team up perfectly with other items of clothing as well. You get a really big hud of colours, I forgot to count how many but you can change a total of 8 parts of this outfit.

Lots and lots of fits as well.

Now for the icing on the cake AND the cherry on top which is this NEW Mina hat/hair.

This is the second version of this “wickerwork/mesh”? hat.  It comes with a really big hud of 12 hat shades, 12 ribbon shades and a massive 70 shade pack of hair which all of her new hairs have as standard.  This super fat pack of hair colours goes from the palest of pale to the darkest of dark and a few ombres n stuff thrown in for fun. I’ve also mentioned that now there are new shades and a shade slider for you to have fun with.

BUT you need to go to Mina’s main shop for the usual reasons.  This new hair is only available at the Summerfest event which has just opened it’s doors which means it like the other big ones will be busy so try the demo out in Mina’s shop first and while you’re there check out “Carian”.  This is the same hat but styled differently.


Mina’s Mainshop.

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Finally! (freebies).

Honestly we like to mix things up on our blog but lately is seems to have been a little bit of a struggle to find some real quality clothes esp free ones and then VOILA check this out.


A great summer straw hat.  I’ve put the behind picture first because as you will see from the next picture from the front this is a lovely and natural looking straw hat but the back shows off the texturing and attention to detail I just love it and of course it’s FREE, you do have to join the Amiable group and this and another group gift are the small pictures placed on the set of drawers in the shop.


The front brim frames the face really well  and I’m chuffed that this hair from Exile (not free) fits it beautifully because I think it makes a great look.  There is also a Marketplace shop where you can see the same items as her inworld shop and you must check out the A line tutu dress which is adorable! grab the demo because this one costs 250 so try that first which I did and it’s so sweet (but I’m on a budget so I’ve given it a miss, sadly).

nodoka Vella’s shop is set in a shopping sim which has to have existed inworld for a life time.  When I walked out of this shop to check out what else is here it was such a blast from the past.  I have fond memories of loitering around this sim just waiting for one of the many Lucky Boards in the numerous shops to come up with my name.  What little time I’ve spent here grabbing the GG, demos etc I’ve managed a quick look and there is so many low primmed, cheapos, clothes, decor items, transport and on and on.  Not going to say everything is great but a really good place to kill some time have a chuckle and maybe like me when I pop back inworld later to kill some time pick up some fun freebies,

Special mention to the jeans and top because they too are free and top top quality because they come from Cocoa.  Since cocoro Lemon had that massive clear out of all her non mesh clothing so she can devote her whole shop to mesh I’ve not been over.  I just can’t afford to be tempted at the moment so I TPed in grabbed the Free to join GG’s and TPed out with out looking at anything else.  Even if you don’t need another top or jeans she has other GG items out one of which is a simple linen dress which I still have as it’s such an easy to wear item of clothing.


 Amiable Marketplace

Coco Designs


June gifts

Tra la la la lahhhh…I love the start of a new month…and those generous designers who give us a gifty! Inde Rose has sent VIP Group members this deelightful tube top dress (join fee applies) Its got a  sweet knitted or crochet look to the fabric, splendid turquoise edging and coffee & latte stripes. Yes, the hat comes with it..Im big into head gear lately and this straw affair is sooo pretty! Like my wedge shoes?…

They are my latest find from HOC, gawd I adore that shop (so do the members of Pure as they voted them one of their fav shoe stores in the 2011 awards !) These are the “Yay wedges” and are totally get 7 colours of the shoe,4 trim colour options anddd 3 different wedge fabrics, plus if you’re a group member and wear your tag BEFORE wearing the get a bonus 5 more shoe colours ! Durrr me..I forgot and didn’t get them *pout*. Anyyywayy..175 is all these will set you back..go check out the store, guys you too! My all time fav lowtops are from here and at 50L they are thee bargain of all time.

Subscribo members were treated to the Marilyn Tankini..shocking pink (love it!) and white bottoms…great for the beach..

Go get gifty: Indie Rose       HOC

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June Sun

June is shaping up to be a great month: hunts galore and today you can get your Summer outfits started off right at SF Design. Since it is the start of the month, not only do I have a Monday Mania item to show you but I’ve also got SF Design’s monthly gift!

Todays monday mania gives you the chance to pick up these wicked ‘cargo cut offs’. They come in a great shade of navy blue. With their fantastic creases and details, these cargos are perfect for walking along the beach. They also feature sculpted pockets and cuffs. The cuffs come with either a scripted resizing or non-scripted version and have cool little ties hanging off the bottom of them, just brilliant.

This month’s free gift is the fabulous sunhat. The straw texture on this is just gorgeous and it also comes in two different versions. One with the hat by itself and one with hair. It is resizeable via script and the band on the hat is colour changeable with six to choose from. If that wasn’t good enough, the hair is colour changeable with six different shades to choose from there too!

What a great way  to start off June! Two brilliant items to pick up from SF Design and it will only cost you L$25 for the whole lot if you go today. Just remember, as always, that you can only get the cargo cut offs at this price from the Monday Mania board just located inside the casual men’s section and you can pick up your free gift just across the aisle.

Get the gear here: SF Design

Skin by Sacred
Tattoo by Para Designs
Poses by Exposeur


Ribbons for your hair

If you know me, you’ll also know how Iam addicted to gatcha machines…I scooted over to RibboN earlier and had a go on the hat one..only 10L a pop and such prettttty hats..last week group members were treated to a mini sample of the new bag thats out in store now (Im holding it). I struck lucky on the unlucky board today and won a full size red one yay! As I was leaving I noticed this top for just 10L..has the option of short or long sleeves, looks soooo dainty & lacey I had to show it off…

Go get ahead,get a hat: RibboN