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Just for the Guys (Free & cheap)

Player raided the sYs market place store – everything is around the $1 – 10 L mark, some great guys stuff included. These are the “Chester” jeans @ $1L – great fit ! Fits included are: Signature

He also found this vest top which has a cool tucked in and layered feel to it from Umbrellafun for just $19L. Fits included are:

 FitMesh Body for Slink Physique

– FitMesh Body for Signature Gianni



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Dont get your knickers in a knot


I have this lovely little saying, that I use often as I’m cheap as hell when I buy day-to-day knickers (I splurrrrge on my fancy smancy ones though). This is it –  “I paid a pound for these and I’ve got 50p’s worth up my butt”, classy huh?! Well, as you can see above – these gorgeous knickers don’t ride up at all – infact Id go as far to say they are best fitting mesh knickers I’ve ever had.

Ayiki geek kitty

Lovely details all over and a big range of slogans and colours to choose from – of course I was drawn to the ones with a kitty cat on the front. You also get arm & leg warmers in the pack – they don’t really work so good with Slink hands and feet – which is why I was lazy and didn’t show them. These are by new-to-me store Ayiki, pretty place to wander around with some sooper retro lingerie and also modern sets on offer. My hair is by Clawtooth, “hang it up”, currently on sale at Collabor88 – love it !

Ayiki Bikini group gift FREE! Clawtooth hair hang it up Collabor88

Join the group (free by the way) and you can get your paws on this rather nautical looking mesh bikini as a gift. Again brilliant fit for mesh !

Ayiki Ame dress

While I was there I couldn’t resist treating myself to this dress. Its called “Ame” and has such a fantastic linen look fabric. Sweet print and a slightly wrap-a-round feel to it. It comes with a HUD which means you get six dress for the small amount fo 99L ! Did you spot my new shoooooz yet ?

Reign Sovereign wedges 100 Block

These are by Reign, another new store for me. I finally managed to get into the 100 Block event to grab them up – totally in love with them ! I did also head over to the mainstore to take a gander, other lush shoes are on sale from between 200 – 300L a pop. These are 400L a go, but I really felt it was worth the outlay. Lotsa colours to choose from, I might have to go back and get the red ones toooo! (They are for Slink high feet btw)


100 Block



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I’ve got bunches to share with you today…two new Stores to welcome to the blog, even.flow and estatica ! Above I’m showing you the Enviro vest from even.flow in the scrummy earth shade…I teamed it up with a handy dandy layering tshirt from Jane…et voila. I’m going to play around with this vest later and see what else I can wear it with…got a feeling its going to become a firm fav…the super good news is its available for just 69L at the moment in the Acid Lily Gallery…dash to grab yours ! (There is also a lovely blue scarf that sits so well with the vest on offer for only 1L)

The bench I’m sat on, is from estatica…suhc a classic shape and realistic shade of stone…just one prim and 47 poses I believe…his, hers & friends yay! This is the round version…149L…great price…photo one above is the straight style…same prims, same great price….

You all know I’m rather passionate about decor..and estatica is my kinda place..not only superb looking pieces but low low lowwww prims and really lovely animations…I just will not say something is fabulous..unless it truly IS ! I was genuinely astounded by how good looking these pieces are..this is the desk and chair from the Bertram range…again a very traditional style, yet it still works in my shabby chic boathouse…the whole item is just TWO prims ! Couple that with some seriously cool poses…this is something you don’t want to miss…totally adore the couple arguing poses !

The desk also rezzes items for some animations, such as reading (like I’m doing here) and writing…just perfect. One thing I just loved, was the captains letter that rezzes on the desk..if you touch it, it passes you a copy of the letter that you can wear as a HUD..such a beautiful passage (Im reliably informed it’s from a Jane Austen book) so so so romantic…

If you have time check out the other items in the Bertram range…especially the sky home…its gorgeous…loww prim once again (13) and has a few surprises to keep you entertained ! I opened this door…loks like you can walk right in huh? Well you can’t, it’s an optical illusion ! estatica also has a few gorgeous group gifts out, join fee is just 50L at the moment, definitely one to go for…thanks estatica & Pam and Yingy ❤


Acid Lily


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Well Xmas is coming and unless I tighten my RL belt I will be eating gruel for Xmas dinner.  So being a budget minded Gal I was happy to have a wander around a little shopping area and even happier because I scored some bargain beauties.  First example is this  Gatcha table.  Love the post it holes in the back and for 8Prims and 35 Lds a lot of details for a little amount of money. There is a LB there as well and on the other wall some lovely and interesting homes at such a reasonable price with a TP to the demo area.

Desk Gatcha HSH

Next find was this simple mesh vest top and this is the best I’ve found so far.  The lacing is so delicate it looks like doilys sewn together.  Sheer and cheeky and great stretchibility. 40Lds a bargain and even if you have a load of similar style tops you can make space for this one.  Demo available but I only wish they had a Fat Pack as well because I want all 10 colours and patterns.

Vest Top Outlet Store

And right next door to the sheer vest is  the never-failing Ribbon shop.  How cute is this and how comfy do I look (I’m sat outside one of our newer homes next to Faith ignoring her insane chatter).  This is a LB win or if you can’t be bothered to wait you can buy it for a mere 30Lds.  However if you want droopy bunny ears then for 40Lds you can buy that version. I think between us both Faith and I probably own everything that Ribbon has and it’s one of those shops well worth popping back to as they do add new stuff to their fail safe regulars.


The title of this post is called backlog because I have so much to blogg about so you are warned.

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Really Pink Cherry

I have some newness from PiNK Cherry ….I’m a bit snowed under with reviews to go through at the moment…so forgive me for only showing one version..this is the buttoned vest…it comes in many many totally yummmy colours…naturally I went for pink….the leather leggings also  are available in a rainbow of shades ! Head over and take a peek…the store is chock-a-block with pretties….


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Step inside for Freckles

No photo effects, no trick lighting, just a clean photo taken in the midday sun and how nice is this skin?  Holly is the name of this sweet skin, smokey green eyeshadows, nude lips, light freckles over face, shoulders and chest with great attention to lips, collar bones, boobs, belly button and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Young and fresh looking.  Excellent.

This is Erica and ok a little bit of lightening to this shot but I snuck into one of Faiths photobooths because I also wanted to get the Vest in shot as well.  This is another young fresh faced skin.  More nude in lip and eye make up.  Just plain excellent quality and now here is the “kicker” BOTH skins were won on a Lucky Chair! Honestly as I stood there looking around the shop, checking out the skin demos my initial or a wildcard came up and then to win shop quality skins as well is just damned generous.  Except it didn’t actually stop there because there is a 1ld promo pack on the wall next to the chairs and then at the entrance to the skin department they have offers of skins for 99lds and if they’re the same quality as the chairs then well worth the price.  Now the usual price for the skins are 400lds or 1500lds for the Fat Packs of 10 skins and if you don’t want to hang around for the LC to come up with your intitial at 400lds you could treat yourself to one of their skins and pick up the promo score on the LC and come away smiling. OH and I’m going to drag Steve over there because they have a small selection of mens skins but each of them has a touch of individuality thats not too common in SL and I’m hoping he too will be taken by the skins as much as I am.

Step Inside furniture and skins

Special mention to the “vest” I am wearing.  Group gift from Toki-Doki.  It is  mesh and is worn without the need for an alpha.  Simple long line grey vest with small pockets.  And to think I almost didn’t go to pick it up!


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Never cast a clout….

until May is out…so my mum always says ! I’ve got the perfect little vest for those chilly spring days, its new from Timmy , comes in a few diff colours..and refreshingly is edit yay! Wear it over sweaters…or like moi..with very little at all *wink*…So pleased to see Timmy has a small store open inworld again ! Nice selection of items..pop over and take a mooch…thanks Glasz ❤