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Got enough of these.(Dollarbies).

I seem to be growing a fine crop of mushrooms in my RL back garden and I actually LOVE seeing them poking their way through the grass.

So far I’m still floating around in my ghost sheet and I decided to hunt/haunt down where I got it from and it’s a shop called Hanaya but it doesn’t seem to have an inworld shop anymore which is how I ended up on its Marketplace shop.

This little table/chair set is a Dollarbie.

A really good adult AV size and each item is 2 prims. You can mod them and I shrank one of them down to a really small size and then sat on it which is how I found out that if you do that then the mushroom instantly returns to its full size.  So if you shrink these down and scatter them around your home/sim then you have instant secret seats just by sitting on them.

Since I’m already logged into the Marketplace I may have a mooch around there and hopefully I will find something new…and free of course.

PS.  The Ghost costume worn in my last post is for sale in the Hanaya MP shop but it does come with a price tag.

Hanaya Home & Garden (Marketplace)

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A little bit of Decor.(MP Freebies).

Just a quickie for some basic goodies I picked up from the MP(Marketplace).

I slapped em down took a snap.  The table, stool, and book come from an MP shop called [H], yup simple name simple goodies.

The table is labelled as being a coffee table which is why I’m in this picture so you can see the sizing a bit better.  Actually to me it’s a perfect child’s table either for their room or classroom….or you can just use it as a coffee table.  The stool doesn’t have any AO in it and is mod so you can possibly add your own if you wish.  The book on top is another Freebie from this shop and there is also a big bold “Bazinga” sign and a cushion with a dragon fly as gifts.

[H] (Marketplace shop)

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Happy Birthday Fred.

Proof positive that Faith will hop onto any pose ball without question and what a drunken sop she is!

drunkFred, the one wearing the yellow crown, is my little Shetland pony and Faith gave him to me many years ago as a Crimbo/BD gift and I’ve had him out on my land ever since.  I was too busy focusing on Faith and I have drowned out the party boy a little bit LOL.


This is another goodie laidened table from Follow Us and because I chose the Rustic one I decided it was time Fred had a Birthday Party in his stable, you do have a choice of party decor but quite frankly all of them are bright and Summery and guaranteed to make anyone smile when they come inworld and find this scene has been set up for them, you can have it for a Rezz Day or a Birthday.


As usual the heavily laidened table comes all linked which means it cuts down the fiddling with the editing you would need to do to get all of the food and drink set out but with the other decor items you rezz them on their own so that gives you the option of rezzing a little or as much as you want.  Big party balloons with streamers, petals and balloons scattered on the ground, gift bags and boxes.  The Champagne in the glasses have the most perfectly tiny little bubbles that float through your drink but if you’re a boring non drinker like me then the tray of fruit drinks is such a nice touch.  The bales of hay in this party version come with big ribbons and bows and also a pose and non pose version.

This Rustic Version is outside of the shop and you should see it where you rezz but to check out the other options you will have to go into the mainshop and they’re behind the yummie looking Wedding Cakes!


Follow Us is another shop I have to pop into to check out and see if there is any new Group Gifts.  Of course being in the Group notices are sent out but as you can imagine I get so many and that means sometimes a goodie is set out and I don’t know about it because of all the notes and notices I get sent out on a daily basis.  This isn’t a Free to join group but the joining fee is just a token price and there is a whole wall of old Group Gifts so people who have just joined can snag them all and people who have been in the group for a while can grab the latest gift.  But of course if you want to get some bargain priced goodies and you’re not inworld then check out Laurent83Wacos Marketplace shop.  He not only has items started from 0 but lots of shop quality stuff from 10lds and upwards.  I’ve also noticed over the past few months that Laurent has started to put out limited time discounts which are only available from his Marketplace shop.

Follow Us Mainshop

Follow Us Marketplace

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Tea time (freebies).

One of my RL treats is to go for afternoon tea with little cakes and sandwiches with the crust cut off and pretending I am a Lady (ignoring the fact I cannot stand tea) so when I say this sweet and so beautifully done hunt item I had to have it.


Sweet and simple poses, using one in this picture, and if you click on the tea-cup you get a cup to sip from and click the cookies for a treat.  Honestly I rezzed this sat down and only  took 1 picture and although I may have soften the focus a little bit this is just lovely and FREEEEEE.  Of course it’s this elegant because this is one of the (TBATH) The Breakfast At Tiffany Hunt.


To go with the tea time theme is this sweet floral dress.  Yet another great hunt which I have to confess I almost missed and I would have been annoyed if I had.  A perfect example of a perfect hunt.  A small and lovely well landscaped shopping area, not too big but big enough to offer plenty of small ramshackle shops, seating areas, meeting areas, water ways.  Some lovely and not overly priced shops to browse in and some gifts and the icing on the cake is a simple to follow hunt and you even have a board which shows you what the prizes are.  What you’re looking for it a small paper flower but if you click the hunt board which is in the area you TP into you get a hint list which makes it so easy I found everything and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around.

Peachy TBATH Tea Time

Nouveaux May Hunt

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Preppers get prepped.

Another Kismet moment in SL.  I had literally just popped into Follow Us in the hopes that Laurent83 Waco has started to put out Crimbo items (thats Christmas to the unchildish) and sadly apart from trays of scrummy foods and other stuff not much at the moment but then I had spotted this “Fruity kitchen” and it hurt not to either buy it or send  a begging note to Laurent83 Waco asking for a copy to blog because it’s so “preppers” and then out of the blue I received one in my invent the next day.

Kitchen1I rezzed my Woodcutters house and omg how good does this look even  from the doorway.  It also gave me the opportunity to show off the pot belly coal stove which is not included in with the kitchen but its rustic charm compliments it. A lovely replacement for a full cooker as it comes with your meal heating on top and a kettle.  Not shown is the matching coal shuttle and poker set or the colour choices.  The standard black a more unusual white and an even more unique warm cherry colour.

Kitchen2The kitchen isn’t packed with poses but that s not such a draw back especially when the ones included are pretty damned good.  A new one is this ruffling though the pages of a cooking magazine, smooth and very realistic and with the same perfect poses as with some of his other  kitchen sets, mixing food in a bowl, pouring seasoning on food etc all smooth and flowing.

Kitchen 3The reason I refer to this one as “preppers” is because there is a very basic rustic charm to it.  Everything you see comes with it all set out and ready to go so no need to shop around for kitchen accessories and then the fiddling editing them into place you simply rez this as it is (only the cupboard door is separate so rezz in edit mode but if you forget then editing the cupboard door in place is easy peasy).  The shelves are packed with tinned goods, fruit n veg, pots and pans, tray of cutlery and cups and saucers so basically everything that makes a kitchen look complete without all the fuss of buying seperate items and having to fiddle them into place.  The very rustic wood sink is filled with pans waiting to be washed love the added rustic tap.  Click on the door under the sink and there is even a cooler box with trays of sliced meats and cake.  The top is cluttered with kitchen ware and there is a crock pot, sadly I cut it out of the picture, with pots in slowly cooking away.   I just LOVE IT and when I pack up my “winter home” with its inbuilt kitchen then this is the one I will be using.

Kitchen BayBeing a Windlight addict I love to use it but of course it can enhance and sometimes ruin the look of furniture, settings and even how you AV looks so I always like to take as natural but the I loved that warm setting so much I had to use it but when I got this off Baylen I really appreciated how he’s managed to capture the magazine, pose and colouring so I’m going to add this on.  This kitchen looks great in any setting.

Not shown but if you really want to complete the look then go further into Follow Us and check out the “Rural Table”.  This is a perfect compliment to the Fruit Kitchen because it uses a lot of the same texturing.  With the kerosine oil lamp, small milk churn and coffee grinder rustic enough for country living but plates of scrummy looking cakes and sweets, napkins, cups and saucers pretty enough for all.  Chairs come with inbuilt poses, only a couple but both are smooth and very natural flowing.

FreeIf all of that isn’t enough then check out this FREE Group Gift from Follow Us.  OK I’ve now been a member of Follow Us for so long I can’t remember if there is a joining fee I promise to drop Laurent a note and ask but even if there is a fee this is one group that actually does put out not only a regular monthly group gift but also a sub gift, he also has special offers out all the time usually in the form of a large discount on certain items which when they go they go so at the moment the easels that have the discounted items on are blank, but I know that soon there will be another offer up there.  All the special offers, discounts, group gifts are in the entrance area so easy to find but make sure to check out not just the shop but outside where he has his outdoor items.

This cooker is perfect for the smaller home, just for fun I rezzed it into a closet LOL but it fits my AV perfectly well and with a couple of poses in it very sweet and I know because one of my secret addictions is small homes that finding  a cooker than can fit in is a real find.  Check out the carbon on the bottom of the frying pan and yes thats what mine looks like in RL!

Check out his Marketplace because there photos are excellent and you can see that there are some brilliant Dollarbies and 10Lds items but also that his prices are more than reasonable.  Nice to see that his blog is also updated on a regular basis so check that out as well (and it has a much better picture of this Group gift).

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Blog

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Well Xmas is coming and unless I tighten my RL belt I will be eating gruel for Xmas dinner.  So being a budget minded Gal I was happy to have a wander around a little shopping area and even happier because I scored some bargain beauties.  First example is this  Gatcha table.  Love the post it holes in the back and for 8Prims and 35 Lds a lot of details for a little amount of money. There is a LB there as well and on the other wall some lovely and interesting homes at such a reasonable price with a TP to the demo area.

Desk Gatcha HSH

Next find was this simple mesh vest top and this is the best I’ve found so far.  The lacing is so delicate it looks like doilys sewn together.  Sheer and cheeky and great stretchibility. 40Lds a bargain and even if you have a load of similar style tops you can make space for this one.  Demo available but I only wish they had a Fat Pack as well because I want all 10 colours and patterns.

Vest Top Outlet Store

And right next door to the sheer vest is  the never-failing Ribbon shop.  How cute is this and how comfy do I look (I’m sat outside one of our newer homes next to Faith ignoring her insane chatter).  This is a LB win or if you can’t be bothered to wait you can buy it for a mere 30Lds.  However if you want droopy bunny ears then for 40Lds you can buy that version. I think between us both Faith and I probably own everything that Ribbon has and it’s one of those shops well worth popping back to as they do add new stuff to their fail safe regulars.


The title of this post is called backlog because I have so much to blogg about so you are warned.

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A little of this…a lot of that

It’s not just clothing that changes with the seasons…its your decor too…Im not talking about pumpkins and candy buckets..but the colours of your home. If like me, you like to use a few accent pieces scattered about, you’re gonna love this collection from Prism Furniture..its vast! Its called the “Indian Summer” set…the tone of the wood gives it such warmth, coupled with the gold brocade fabric for a lovely autumnal feel. There is a big collection of pieces in this new range..I especially liked the love seat…and the end tables are super stylish..I prefer a low table like this to the higher more Victorian ones…its modern yet…not overly so.

These pieces will sit comfortably inside most homes…they dont shout class they just oooooze it ! You can purchase this as one collection or, pick and choose which pieces you’d like, depending on prim budget & space…(I SO love the coffee table and its striped satin runner)..As is usual with Prism Furniture, the animations are just beautiful…couples and solo poses provided…you can even get an accent pack of vases etc to go with it all…as the designer Lilly Juno says , ” turn your living room from yawn to WOW!”, it certainly will…thanks Lilly ❤

Prism Furniture inworld store

Prism Furniture Blog

Prism Furniture on the Market Place